About Fuzion

Fuzion is a unified set of roleplaying rules combining the best of the Hero System™ (Champions) and Interlock™ (Cyberpunk®, Mekton Z™). Not only can Fuzion™ be adapted to cover nearly every time, place, or set-ting, but it also has the ability to utilize existing Hero™ and Interlock™ rules and materials—if it’s marked Fuzion™ Capable, it can be used as part of the Fuzion™ system.

HardCore Fuzion

HardCore Fuzion is a collection of Fuzion materials mainly dedicated to Babel, a hard sci-fi setting. But it could be used to any space opera campaign.
Besides Core Fuzion Rules, you 'll need Atomik Alienz and Atomik Psioniks, two plug-ins developped by Mark Chase (http://www.meta-earth.com).


  1. Character creation
  2. System rules addenda
  3. Combat rules
  4. Gear:
    1. Weapons
    2. Armors
    3. Computers

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