The Hive (Classified document)

Tech Level: They are actually TL 9, But they do not reveal this.
Size: 312 systems
Age: 2,000 years
Military rating: 3000
Economic Rating: The Hive do not trade, but if they did, they would be economically rather poor, since they like Mars-like worlds, which tend not to have much usable minerals. Their genetic engineering prowess is a closely guarded secret, but if they were to trade it they would be phenomenally wealthy.


 765 AD: The Creators come to the Babel sector. The Hive are engineered.
800: The Creators make the Hive queens sentient.
1000: The Hive Queens begin planning a revolt against the Creators.
1010: The Hive secretly steal genetic technology from the Creators, and are now able to clone themselves and engineer new forms. Mass production of Hive soldiers and ships begins.
1307: The Hive rise up and attack the Creators, and steal all of their genetic technology. The Creators are eventually confined to a single star system.
1400:The Creators flee the Hive, but all of their remaining ships (and people) are destroyed in a well-planned Hive ambush.
1776: The Hive begin colonizing Babel.
2765: Now.

The Hive were created by a ancient race known as the Hesh’trak. The Hesh’trak loved to tinker with genes, and they encountered a race of barely sentient insectoids that lived on a harsh planet. They believed these creatures had enormous potential, and engineered them into a communal society. The next step was sentience. The Hesh’trak named them Hive (the word in their language for hive means “many thinking as one”), and allowed the queens to be intelligent. This was to make them more independent. But the hive got too independent. They decided they did not want to be fighting slaves. And they rebelled. The revolution was sudden and swift, as Hive soldiers descended upon Hesh’trak worlds in their newly engineered ships.
Within less than 100 years, the Hive was victorious, and began colonizing their newfound property at a remarkable rate. However, they slowed down, as they encountered other races, and eventually annihilated

Now the Hive are looking toward the future, and are keenly aware that other races in Babel exist. They are prepared for war, and they may be a real threat to both the Empire and the Khans.

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