Genogroup versus Ecogroup

Though unacceptably imprecise by Galactic standards, Terragen xenobiologists use the term "genogroup" to refer to any set of individuals (or abstract populations) where all members share a common genetic coding schema and common genes --especially homeobox genes.  Other similarities that Terragens may use to substantiate a genogroup include anatomical and biochemical similarities.  In keeping with primitive Terragen science, the concept of genogroup is closely related to common ancestry and cladistics.

In Galactic ecological contexts, biologists usually adapt and relativize the genogroup ideal-type with the implicit assumption of a common primeval origin by specifying a relatively (putative) common origin.  This simplistic schema requires relativizing genogroup origins because the ideal contrast between genogroup and ecogroup is empirically unsuportable.

Theoretically, an ecogroup is a set of individuals or of population groups distinguished by mutual co-evolution.  An ecogroup is distinguished by interdependencies, adaptations to common stressors (including common microbial and other parasitic challenges, and similar nutritional needs and tolerances).  Terragen scientists consider inclusion or incorporation of genetic and microbial elements as particularly indicative of an historical ecogroup relationship when not attributable to genetic engineering

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