The Alliance for Progress

The Alliance for Progress (A4P) --not to be confused with the Galactic Institute for the Promotion of Progress and Newness (G.I.P.P.N., also known as the Galactic Institute for Progress) --is an inter-species and inter-clan umbrella organization dedicated to the principle of progress and exploration, the promotion of realistic attitudes toward archival knowledge and received wisdom, and to the promotion of trade and security ties between member species as represented by member polities.
       At present, the member Clans are Kanten, Synthian, Terragen, and Tymbrimi, with all member species in these clans participating in the A4P.

Several inter-species organizations are subsumed under the auspices of A4P or closely associated with organization --including Encyclopedia Project and the Library Data Verification Organization.  Affiliated organizations include numerous academic and professional organizations, treaty organizations for cultural and artistic exchange, the Alliance for Progress Foundation for Research, Science, Newness, and Progress, the A4P Synthetic Studies Coordinating Commitee, the Progress Bank, and the A4P Committee on Intelectual Property.

"Alliance for Progress" is also used in a looser sense to refer to the four member clans and to other ties between these four clans that are not actually within the A4P framework.

(See also: Alliance for Progress Charter and bylaws.)

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