A bright green world, orbiting the star Gimlhai, that has hosted a Human and Neo-Chimpanzee colony for more than two Human generations.  It has extensive oceans.  Unfortunately, salts in the sea water are toxic to Dolphins.  [add link about introducing Kiqui here]  Garth had been all but written off by the Galactic Institutes after the last tenants, the Bururalli, devolved and nearly ruined the ecosystem 50,000 years ago.  It was leased to Humans on the condition of restoring a viable ecosystem.  Therefore, plants from Human and Tymbrimi space (ex: thula great-grass) have been introduced.

The Terragen residents have documented a previously unknown vine, native to Garth, that transports specific nutrients all over the forest to where they were either stored or used by other  plants.  These vines slowly move about the forest looking for new deposits of minerals.  In effect, the transport-vines are middle-men in a natural marketplace.

Garthians have named two constellations in their sky the Sphinx and Batman.  The planet also has more than one moon.  Notable geographical sites on Garth include the Mountains of Mulun with their Yenching Gap and Lorne Pass, Climar & Quintana Islands, the Valley of Sind, the Sea of Climar, Aspinal Bay, and Spring Valley.  Spring Valley was one of the rebel Chim hideouts during the recent war.

Since Garth was somewhat isolated from other colonies it was a good target for the Gubru invasion force.  After the Gubru were removed by the Thennanin, Garth was allowed to keep the new Library Branch and Ceremonial mounds as part of the reparation agreements.  Other Gubru reparations will go toward ecological restorations.

Neo-Gorillas have been given a 50,000 year lease on the Mulun Mountains.


Star of the planets Garth and Tloona. Gives off bluish light.


Red planet orbiting Gimlhai.


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