The graphics on this web site are linkware and
free for you to place on your personal non-commercial
web sites if you follow the simple guidelines listed below.

1. Save the graphics you want to your own computer.
Do not link to the graphics on this site!!

2. Place a link on the same page you use the graphics back to 
Alta's Web Graphics using this URL.

You may link using a simple line text,
Alta's Web Graphics
  or with a logo.

Choose another from the Logo Page if you like.

3.  Do not alter the graphics except to add text to blank buttons.
Do not place them in graphic collections or offer them as free
downloads from your web site.

If you have questions about usage of the 
graphics please feel free to email me.

The copyrighted graphics on this web site cannot be altered
in any form without permission from Alta. 
They cannot be included in any other graphic collections.
They cannot be offered as public domain.

Please feel free to email me with any special requests!!

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