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Veni, Vedi, Vici
Hello....welcome to my website!!!!   

I would love to make friends with people of any race, religion and nationality - because I believe in the Dot Com era, all those boundaries are slowly becoming prehistoric fossils of the past!  

This site is developed by my dear Papa who believes that I should go online at an early age and subsequently develop the site as I grow older. 

My name is Alyssa Sofea binti (daughter of) Asrul Muzaffar, born on Thursday 16 April 1998 (19 Thul Hijja 1418 Hijri on the Islamic calendar), 10:56pm (Malaysian time), at the Lumut Navy Base Hospital, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia. I am the legacy left by Papa, Asrul Muzaffar bin Mohammed and Mama, Tengku Hazlini binti Tuan Hashim. 


Find out more about me, my ancestors and my family in the Family Tree section. Read about My Life, my birth accounts and much more. Watch me grow from a helpless little baby to a young lady, mother and so on in my Photo Album. You can also hear my 'baby-talk' and words I have learned to say in the Vox section. 

The "Message from Papa and Mama" will be included as and when Papa and Mama have finished writing their "masterpiece" !!  

Feel free to write to me. And please sign my Guestbook !! My Papa will keep all your emails and guestbook messages. When I have learned how to read and understand better,  I shall attend to them.  

February 2000
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