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Alternative Medicine Acupuncture Herbal Treatment Cure Alzheimer Herbs Medical Treatment Cure Centre
Alternative Medicine Acupuncture Herbal Treatment Cure Alzheimer Herbs Medical Treatment Cure Centre
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Deteriorating memory can be the first sign of a treatable disease. Don't accept the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease before a physician has properly diagnosed it.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia, affecting over half of all dementia sufferers.



Over time, their mental abilities deteriorate, gradually progressing through forgetting important matters, getting confused about where they are and what day it is, to becoming lethargic and withdrawn and starting to neglect personal hygiene.

The sufferer may tend to dwell in the past and mistake friends and neighbors for long-departed family members. Conversation may become repetitive and the personality may alter as people develop odd or uncharacteristic behaviors.

In the later stages of the illness, sufferers lose insight and may not be aware of their plight, which makes the disease particularly hard for carers to bear.


Alzheimer's disease tends to progress, deteriorate and lead to death within 2 to 15 years. However, the progress of the illness varies a lot between individuals. For some, the illness may progress slowly over many years, whereas for others it may progress rapidly.

A number of other treatable medical conditions can mimic Alzheimer's disease. These include thyroid problems, infections, vitamin deficiencies, depression and anxiety. It is vital that any elderly person who is concerned about whether they may be getting Alzheimer's disease sees their family doctor and receives a full medical assessment. This may involve seeing a hospital specialist or coming to Chinese master in KL or can get some herbs over the net before coming to see us.

Never assume that an old person who becomes forgetful will have Alzheimer's disease. For the majority of old people, forgetfulness is simply a nuisance, and some does not develop Alzheimer's disease. But this is the FIRST sign of Alzheimer's disease.


Alzheimer's Disease - Treatment is aimed at supporting patients and carers by providing information about the illness and highlighting potential sources of assistance, which is not for the cure except for Chinese master in KL is for the cure- 4 generations of research in the family of Master.

Depression, poor sleep, agitation and behavioral disturbance can all be helped by herbal medicines.

Support for the carer may also involve respite care to give them a break from their often demanding routine. This may involve the patient going to Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment Centre in Kuala Lumpure for daily Alzheimer's Disease - treatment. Later, it may be helpful for the patient to go into a Alzheimer's Disease - two to four weeks intermittently to allow the carer to revitalize their Qi energy.

Considerable research work has been devoted to Alzheimer's disease in recent years of Chinese master in Kuala Lumpur. Many people knows that it is curable in Chinese master in Kuala Lumpur. When the patient comes in their final stage like playing with their own motions and have to ware dipples or pimples, there are going into the final stage. We can still help them.

The Intensive Alzheimer's Disease - Treatment could various from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on their conditions before coming back to normal life.

So not to worry too much let us guile you.


Alzheimer's Disease - CONCLUSION

All Alzheimer's disease can be cured if they come on time before they gets into very late stages like playing with their own motions and doesn't know what to eat and what is food.

For patients that are more serious they may need more time and treatment to recover.

Name : K. Chin.
Age: 71
Sex: Male.
Address: Melawati.


He said that he can't walk properly for almost 2 years. He has to walk slowly with a lot of help from others and can't walk faster than before. He cannot remember any thing that has happen more then 1 minute ago. He can only remember all the old times even more the 50 years ago. He worries about his condition right now and don't know what to do either meet western doctors or traditional doctors. He believes that he also can walk properly like other people one day if he makes a right decision to do treatment. He also was suffering with insomnia for almost 2 and half year. He can't sleep properly at night and always wake up at midnight. He tries to sleep and close his eyes but he still can't sleep. He can't concentrate with his work anymore just because have tired and not enough sleep at night, sometimes he feels very sleepy at work. He doesn't know the cause of insomnia either the food that he takes or he always gets dizzy easily. Besides that, he becomes more forgetful and can't think properly. He easily forget where he put the things and what has he done before in the same day and the day before that. These is because he also has Alzheimer disease but not too serious. He desperately wants to find a solution for his sicknesses.

He can't wait and see what will happen to his whole life. Everybody besides him always give supports and encouragement to him. He knows that they really concern to him. He will try his best to find the miracle cure for himself.

He surfing the Internet and finally found Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment Centre in KL website. It's about Chinese Master Acupuncture Herbal Treatment Centre in KL, Chinese Master Acupuncturist and Top Chinese Physician in the world. He adoring with Chinese Master in KL capability in cured thousand of people over the world. He set his mind that he wants to meet him and be cured by him.

On the next day he go to Menara Promet and meet Chinese Master in KL. After been diagnosis by KL Chinese Master, he told that his condition is still not serious and luckily he comes early or his sickness can't be cured anymore. Master give him advise on his condition and what kinds of food should he takes everyday. Then he has to do 30 minutes acupuncture for her treatment in Acupuncture Herbal Treatment Centre in KL.

NEURO Alzheimer's Disease - Neuro Acupuncture:

He has to do body acupuncture, Alzheimer's Disease - Acupuncture and leg acupuncture to strengthen back his body, to eliminates his sicknesses from his basic and keep the Qi balance. He also has to take herbal medicine to balancing the Qi in the body. For first time acupuncture he feel more relaxing and his body much better. For the second time acupuncture in becomes very much better for his memory compare to yesterday treatment. After 6 times acupuncture, Master says that almost 80% of his memory has recovered and he can walk properly 50% than before.

Alzheimer's Disease - Conclusion:

After continuing doing acupuncture his body become stronger and healthy. He also takes herbs everyday. After a several times acupuncture he feels than now he can walk properly and its 80% cured. His insomnia totally cured and he can sleep without wake up at night. He doesn't feels sleepy or tired at work. His memory was gain everyday and he can remember better after doing acupuncture treatment. Alzheimer disease that he been suffers also gone with the wind. Now he can laugh, smile and sleep like other people. Finally he found the miracle in Master, The World First Class Physician Awarded by China (1992) traditional doctors and physician. He very happy on what has he done and his life totally change after he met Master and has been cured by him. His families and friends were happy with his improvement and condition right now.

All Alzheimer's disease can be cure if start the treatment sooner, when the patients cannot even different between food and others non-eatable things, its too late. Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment centre in KL has been officiated by Health Minister Y.A.B. Dato' Lee Kim Sai at the opening ceremony on 31st January 1993 (impractical 145 years). Master intended to share his forefather's expertise by conducting a formal training institute for those who interested to learn acupuncture skills.

Alternative Medicine Acupuncture Herbal Treatment Cure Alzheimer Herbs Medical Treatment Cure Centre
Alternative Medicine Acupuncture Herbal Treatment Cure Alzheimer Herbs Medical Treatment Cure Centre