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Amber's Videos:
Coqui Frogs Singing
Mauna Kea and the Sea
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Favorite YouTube Videos:
Otah-San on Ukulele
Ironman from the Inside
Short Video Tour of Hawaii
Hula Wahine Sonny Ching
Hula Halau 'O Kahikilaulani Kahiko
Hula Halau Na Pua Me Kealoha - Kane

Our New Blog!
It's much easier for us to update using a blog, so here it is! Click for pictures and updates.

Photos from Paradise:
Our Trip
Our Home in Hawaii
Trip to Kalapana
Trip to Panaewa Zoo
Our Stay at Pohoiki
Snorkeling at Kapoho
Our Trip to Mauna Kea
Isaac Hale
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April's Baby Shower
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Aryquin is Here!
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