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News in English from 12nd December 2000 to Current - Go to Maluku67

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina Report no. 105 (11/12/2000) #662
ATTACK ON ARIATE - The christian village of Ariate, West-Ceram, was attacked by muslim forces, enforced by Jihad troops, on Saturday, December 9, at about 11.00 a.m. There is no information available yet about any damage or casualties, but for one christian being wounded. After several hours the assailants were beaten off by local christians together with the security forces that are stationed there.
Watubela Islands 

Obstacles to protection of human rights remain in Indonesia (11/12/2000) #661
The Malukus civil war pitting Christians against Muslims produced the most civilian casualties, it said, noting 5,000 people were estimated to have died from October 1999 to September this year.

Killed when defending Hative Besar

(right) Documentation photo of a 17-year old boy shot dead when defending his village of Hative Besar from Jihad attackers. 26/09/2000 (Masariku Network Photo)

Corpses of Moslem Attackers
Documentation photo of the Corpses of the Moslem Attackers died in Suli Village - 10/10/2000 (Masariku Photo)

A womans struggle to free family from Muslim captors in the Malukus (11/12/2000) #660
JAKARTA, Dec 7 (AFP) - Matilda Idi, 41, says she had come far away from Ambon, the capital of Indonesia's riot-torn Maluku islands, to the tiny island of Kasui to seek the release of her husband and five children, held hostage by Muslim fighters. Matilda, speaking by phone to AFP from Ambon Thursday, said her husband and children were among hundreds of Christian residents who had fled their villages on Kasui to escape a series of attacks by Muslim fighters late last month.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina Report no. 104 (10/12/2000) #659
SMALL-SCALE ATTACKS IN AMBON - Every now and then the security forces come into action to cope with small-scale attacks on christian quarters, such as last nigh at Kapaha/Tantui/Galunggung, at the North-East outskirts of Ambon. When there are no casualties, such incidents are usually hardly mentioned or reported upon, but we notice improvement of the watchfulness and neutrality of the security forces.

Silo Church

(right) Silo Church in Ambon City was burned down on
26th December 1999 

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 103 (07/12/2000) #649
ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS (see Report 102 no. 4) - A spokesman of the Information Department of the Civil Emergency at Ambon, Mr. Marthen Luther Djari, declared to the mass media that the uncontrolled action of the forty christian youngsters, marching down A.Y.Patty Street towards the Al-Fatah mosque, centre of muslim activities, in fact was meant to be a peace march.

Muslim Slaughtered 93 Christians in Maluku's Watubela Island (06/12/2000) #646
Muslims have slaughtered 93 Christians since last week on a small island of the Maluku chain for refusing to convert to Islam, a church activist said yesterday quoting a survivor. "The forced Islamisation of Christians in Kasui Island has been continuing since last week and by Saturday, a total of 93 people have been killed for refusing to convert into Islam,"

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 101 & 102 (06/12/2000) #644
the Jihad warriors of having only one objective: the islamisation of Indonesia. They are provoking christians to continue the conflict, thus destroying both christians and moderate muslims. The Moluccas are sort of barometer for them. As soon as the Moluccas are subdued and its ethnic roots eradicated, the rest of Indonesia will be an easy prey.

The Map of Islam-Christians Areas in Halmahera Island (06/12/2000)

Not Much Left in Ambon (05/12/2000) #643
Life of the Ambonese people both Christians and Muslims that was based on brotherhood vow of pela-gandong seems to have disappeared without a trace. This is a bitter history they left for the future generation. This story ends with the chasing of the Christians out of
Wayame village after they lived side by side for centuries.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 100 (04/12/2000) #637
CHAOTIC DEMONSTRATION - Led by Laskar Jihad, yesterday at about 11.00 a.m., a mass of muslims, including women, came to the Governor's Office at Jalan Pattimura to proffer a list of seven complaints and demands, together with several warnings about things that will happen if their demands are not fulfilled, among others that the large Maranatha church (adjacent to the governor's office) will be destroyed, be it at the cost of a thousand muslim lives.

Rumours of the Attacks around Christmas in Ambon (04/12/2000) #632
With two religious festivals coming, namely Christmas and Ramadhan, rumours and threats after threats have been received in Maluku that there will be more violence. This has cause the Ambonese people live their daily lives in fear. Some of the rumours and threats are:

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 99 (02/12/2000) #631
the christians in the Moluccas up to now have been faithful to the Pancasila; however they are being accused by the jihad leader, Jaffar Umat Thalib, to be separatists. But by proclaiming the Syariat (Islam Law) to be introduced in the North Moluccas (see Report 98 no. 2), Jaffar himself turns out to be the real separatist.

Muslims slaughter 46 Christians in Indonesian Malukus (02/12/2000) #630
An Indonesian Christian activist claimed Thursday that 46 people had been slaughtered on a small island of the Malukus chain for refusing to convert to Islam. "We have received reports that on Kaisiui island in the Watubela island group, four Christian hamlets were razed by Muslim attackers from the surrounding islands earlier this week,"

Joshua: Facts Underlying Ambon Tragedy (02/12/2000) #629
There has been many talks between Moslems and Christians; between the youth organisations, between the local chiefs (cultural chiefs), between both sides and the government and military, trying to come up with the solutions for what so called Ambon Tragedy, but no one seems to have the courage to dig out all the roots of the problems. How can anybody go about healing such a decease not knowing what cause that decease?  

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