... Andy & Antonio Scenes From OLTL

        Luna Is Shot At The Community Center
        Andy Questions Antonio In Jail
        A&A At The Mountain Sunset Inn
        Andy Studies For Her Detective Exam
        A&A Have Dinner With Carlotta
        A&A Make Love For The First Time
        Andy Sets Antonio Straight After Marty & Dylan's Wedding
        Antonio Shows Andy His New Apartment
        Andy and Antonio Spend the Night at the Diner
        Linda Tells Antonio That Andy Went Out With Kevin
        Antonio And Kevin Meet
        Antonio Is Bothered Seeing Andy With Kevin
        Antonio Tells Andy He Wants To Have His Case Reopened
        Andy Finds Sonya DeSantos
        A&A Talk To Sonya DeSantos
        Jessica & Cristian Crash Joey's Car
        Antonio Gives Andy Keys To His New Apartment
        Antonio Talks To Sonya DeSantos
        Antonio Agrees To Do A Job For Carlo Hesser
        Andy Waitresses At The Diner For Antonio
        Javier Stabs Kevin

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