The Master's Message

My disciples from the past lives who live marred by afflictive desires!
The time has come for you to wake up and help me, so that you should not have any regrets when you are dying. If you take a wrong decision it will mean that you were born in this world for no reason at all. It is true that in this life your mind has become impure because of the information it absorbs and afflictive desires. But your True Self can never become impure because you are my disciples from the past lives, and particularly because unlike any other souls you were specially born to help me in Salvation. I am waiting for you to work for Salvation as my arms, my legs, my head. Let us work for Salvation together! And let us die without any regret [when the time comes]!

Get Together, My Disciples from the Past Lives

As a result of your practice in the past lives you probably have a beautiful form-appearance in this life, or were born in a really well-off and happy family or have remarkable talents.
Some disciples might be aware of the impermanence of this Human Realm and they continue to lead a meaningless life.
But the following goes for all my disciples. Even if you are satisfied with your lives at the actual consciousness level you can't be completely satisfied with it at the subconscious level - but it is the subconscious that controls you. And you must be waiting for the Saviour to come, and you do believe that he is to come. The reason for this is the promise you gave in your past lives. You promised to follow and obey me as your spiritual leader, as your king. And you entered your mother's womb and were born in this Human Realm to meet me. That is why you are the special ones.
For instance, a certain child succeeded in getting to one of the best universities in a fierce competition with other talented children. Because of the merits from the past lives he may be satisfied to a certain degree by the results, although he realizes the absurdity of such competition. But when he begins to ponder over human existence he can't accept this attitude to life. And then he starts looking for something that is true, real, such as Light, or Guru, or the Supreme Truth, or Salvation.
You may have a beautiful form-appearance. If so, many people of the opposite sex fall in love with you. But even if you enjoy yourself to some extent you can't be completely satisfied. You may feel miserable, thinking that this is not really the person you are longing for, that the values you are offered are not the ones you are aiming at.
And this is really so, because if you compare the joy a certain person of the opposite sex can give you with the higher happiness you had in your past lives, that happiness was several thousand or tens of thousands times greater.
You might be groping for the Path going round book-shops and reading lots of books. However, whichever book you choose, only 80 per cent seem to be true, but you can't agree with the remaining 20 per cent. And right you are. Because nowadays nearly all books are imitations of other books, they are not based on personal experience.
Being my disciples, you were born in this world having experienced at least a little Enlightenment, a little Emancipation before. And you should be able to understand that those books are imitations, even if they are written using well constructed phrases, and the religious experience is described in fine words.
If you compare these descriptions with your own little experience of Enlightenment and Emancipation in your past lives they will fail to convince you.
Now you have met me, your guru from the past lives, and you have joined AUM Shinri-kyo. And what are you to do? You are to practise the guru's teachings and attain Enlightenment and Emancipation. And then, as you were the practitioners of the Big Vehicle in your past lives, you should work harder and harder for Salvation and save those who have strong karmic connections with you. When you start working for Salvation in this world, you are sure to feel your soul calming down as if you were a bird back in its home nest, you are sure to feel at peace with yourself and acquire confidence that it is just the place for you to live.
Bear it in mind when you meditate with me. Bear it in mind when you read my teachings, when you study them, when you save many souls. Bear it in mind when you start to experience the space of light, the space of gods. Your beauty in this human life, your talents are nothing as compared with them.
My disciples from the past lives who are in doubt which path to choose, bear it in mind. Put aside all the other books! Take refuge in my teachings and practise the Supreme Truth! Due to this your mind (soul) should calm down, then stop and you will attain Enlightenment and Emancipation.
I am very happy that in this life I can be with you and we can meditate together. Get together, my disciples from the past lives!

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