Mystical experiense
The Stage of Fire

Things and phenomena related to the Stage of Fire:
Manipura Chakra
Bardo (the intermediate state between one life and the next in transmigration)
Amitabha in Buddhism
Brahman in Yoga
Discriminating Wisdom (to discriminate truths from untruths)
Learning and talent
The practitioners in this stage have experiences related to the above things or acquire the above abilities.

Takako Hagisawa

I have always wanted very much to know the meaning of human life. But none of the greatest philosophers and thinkers could answer this question. So I gradually began to have interest in something religious. Until then I thought that religion was ridiculous and ignored it completely.
I thought to participate in the AUM seminar because I wanted to know the truth by getting psychic power and to be saved from life without any dreams or hope.
At first I was half in doubt about the existence of Chakras, Kundalini, etc. In addition, Shaktipat gave me only a vision of something like an axis of a rainbow-colored light and it was not so sensational as I had expected. So I was disappointed a little bit. However, one of the AUM staff said, "Even if you do not feel anything at the first time, you will see its effects as you receive it several times." I believed this words and kept practicing at home. (It was for less than one hour a day, though.)
While I meditated a little everyday and participated in the seminars and received Shaktipat, I became convinced that there certainly exist "invisible worlds," because I myself had a lot of mystical experiences.
First I saw white silver spots, and felt something moving along the spine; I felt the coccyx getting dreadfully hot. After that I experienced "Separation of the Lower Astral Body" (Editor's note: the Lower Astral Body is one of the subtle bodies with which one's soul can travel in the lower part of the Astral World. Separation of Lower Astral Body is that one's Lower Astral Body goes out of his physical body.) and saw the vision of characters that I had never seen in our world. In addition, I talked with a friend of mine in a real dream and, strangely, what I heard from the friend in the dream agreed with reality.
Afterwards I experienced the awakening of Kundalini. (I don't know why, but it was the day when I bought the book of Master Asahara entitled "Beyond Life and Death.") First, I had a slight fever lasting for two days, and had a pain in the throat which made me unable to speak. A few days later, when I was sleeping, I felt my spine become terribly hot. The heat was different from what was experienced in a daily life, and seemed to be due to unknown energy. The heat arose when I slept and disappeared when I woke up.
After a while I felt more strongly that life was painful and wanted to devote myself to the practice rather than seeking for temporary pleasure. I started to have different experiences from before around those days.
I heard the sound of buzzing and the voices which seemed to give me some advice. I also experienced something in the Astral World. (After seeing visions, I heard the voices saying, "1 made you experience that now.") In addition I once saw a spiral white light pouring into my Ajna Chakra, when lying on the bed and chanting the mantra of Guru Yoga (See the Chapter One and glossary as to Guru Yoga).
These experiences motivated me to practice harder, and I decided to attend the complete seminar held in May 1987. I managed to complete the practice and came home. When I was taking a bath at home, I felt my body shaking like a quake. The strongest energy I'd ever experienced started to arise. Surprisingly every time the energy reached the crown of the head, I heard the noise, "Gii, Gii."
Then I ran a fever and felt strong energy rising up around the throat with an indistinct consciousness. Even after the fever dropped, the throat continued to swell for a week. During the week I kept coughing out yellowish green phlegm which seemed to symbolize the world of "Ashura".
I asked the master about the reason for the fever, and he said that persons with many worldly desires sometimes had such an experience. Reflecting upon myself, I thought that there were good reasons for my fever.
When I received Shaktipat after that, the master said to me, "Your energy is getting very strong. You are close to the breakdown of Sahasrara. (Editor's note: the awakened Kundalini reaches the crown and causes the Sahasrara Chakra to break down. See the Chapter One for details) You won't be able to lead an ordinary life soon." I was very glad to hear this.
Recently I became less interested in worldly pleasure and became able to live at ease. I once heard the master in his speech, "External conditions do not make people either happy or unhappy." I indeed believe that the statement is true. I feel I'm beginning to understand the true meaning of my life, which is what I wanted very much to know.
The above is what has happened to me for a little more than one year after joining AUM. It is a great change which I feel equivalent to a change of ten ordinary years or more. I will try to go on and am looking forward to the day when I won't be able to lead an ordinary life.

Points of Practice (By Master Asahara)

She has been making steady progress toward emancipation since she started the practice. Sooner or later split personality will happen to her. (Split personality here is not a kind of sickness but is the state that one thinks with both the actual consciousness and the subconscious.) It is part of the process of emancipation. If overcome, she is very close to emancipation.

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