The Law of karma
A lecture delivered by Master Asahara
November the 12, 1994, Sixth Satian

I think you have heard about the Law of Karma? To speak simpler you may consider that the Low of Karma is the theory of accumulation and emission of energy. Accumulation and emission can be divided into two categories.
The first category is Merit. If you make something that brings joy to an object again and again, the object emits energy of joy; you take it inside and store it. Such a "condition of accumulation" is called "the condition of possession of Merit". The more Merits we posses, the more power to move phenomena we have. And if we do not direct our mind into realization of phenomena, our energy of merit will finally transform into the energy of wisdom, in other words, into the energy that makes everything understandable. This is the first category. This is Merit.
Further it is necessary to explain the second category. It is named bad karma. In case of doing something that brings harm and suffering to some object, we get from it malicious thinks, abuse in the mind, thinks about his sufferings and so on. And all of these points accumulate. And the more of these accumulations we have, the more of our suffering increase, and the spite as well as the abuse from other people directed to us also increase.
It is necessary to realize that these two flows of energy are completely independent. For example when somebody has accumulated big amount of Merit but also has accumulated big amount of bad karma, he will get both great joy and great suffering. On the other hand, if somebody has neither accumulated big amount of merit nor bad karma, he will have neither joy nor suffering. There is only joy for a person who accumulated only merit and has not created bad karma. And a person who has not accumulated merit and has been practicing only accumulation of bad karma will experience only sufferings.
Having heard this, you, who are already practicing the Truth, might think in the following manner: "I accumulate only merit and don't accumulate bad karma currently, but I feel only suffering". The point is that realization of merit has different speed. These speeds differ depending on amount of lies you tell in your daily life, in other words, it depends on your working of mind and words that make other people ignorant. And if amount of lies is big, merit that you are accumulating at the moment will not manifest just now but months or years later. So you should wait patiently.
Let's suppose that only sufferings manifest in your life and you say that it is too hard for you, but you are trying to avoid them. In such condition karma doesn't purify that means that energy of suffering doesn't decrease and you will have to suffer for a long time. In such period you must decidedly practice karmic wash off. When I say "karmic wash off", I mean the practice of elimination of bad karma or using more precise Buddhist term, the practice of Patience. It means that you should practice the positive attitude to experience of sufferings, be glad having it and thoroughly purify bad karma that was accumulated inside you.
When bad karma is completely cut off, the condition when you are filled only with Merit comes. If you achieved such a condition, your consciousness surely will be transformed into god's one. I want you to accumulate great Merit and cut off bad karma.

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