Acknowledgements for the Enlgish version

First of all I would like to thank Jaya Prasad Nepal and Yoshitaka Aoki for their preliminary work of translation. I would also like to thank Naruhito Noda, Tomoko Matsumoto, Minoru Sugiura and Shin-ichiro Kamata for painstakingly identifying errors and making suggestions for precise translation. Special thanks must go to Guy Sedita for his invaluable advise to improve phrasing and structure. All of the virtues regarding translation may be traced to these people; the defects I claim as my own.
I am also very grateful to Mayumi Yamamoto an d Takako Hagisawa for their various kinds of assistance including distribution, and Tetsuya Kibe for his wonderful design, and Kazuko Miyakozawa for preparing for type-setting and Shigeru Sugiura for his work of overall planning and printing, and all other staffers of AUM. I firmly believe that without cooperation of any of these people, the publication of this book would not be possible.
Finally, I would like to express my hearty thanks to Master Shoko Asahara and Lord Shiva for giving us the opportunity of helping their great work. And I do hope that, initiated by this book, many serious seekers will come to the path to the supreme truth.
Furnihiro Joyu, Editor in April 1988

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