Last February I visited the town of Dharamsala in India, which is now well known as the capital of the Tibetan refuge-government. I guess many of you know the town, because there has been a Tibetan boom in Japan recently.
At that time I had the good fortune to meet with His Holiness the Dalai Lama who was well known as the chief political and religious leader of Tibet. He is beloved by the people who consider the incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy.
During the interview His Holiness said, "Dear friend, look at the Buddhism of Japan today. It has degenerated downto ceremonialism and has lost the essential truth of the teachings. As this situation continues. Buddhism will vanish from Japan. Something needs to be done, and you should spread real Buddhism there. You can do that well. If you do so, I shall be very pleased and it will help me with my mission." He added, 'You can do that well, because you have a Bodhichitta...," A Bodhichitta means the mind of a Buddha. Since I have been determined to work for salvation as a Mahayana Buddha, it was my great joy that such a great person as His Holiness said to me, "You have a Bodhichitta."
His Holiness certainly has a full understanding of the present state of Japanese Buddhism. "Japanese Buddhism had degenerated into ceremonialism." This words accurately describe today's Japanese Buddhism.
What do you imagine if you hear the word Buddhism? What is familiar to you in everyday life may be ie recitation of scriptures, funeral ceremonies, tombs and so on. Of course, you must know Buddhism is the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, but very few people in Japan, to my regret, understand the true meaning of his.
In fact, Shakyamuni Buddha handed down meditative techniques and the path of enlightenment and emancipation to posterity. They lead our souls to absolute happiness and freedom. I don't know why, but only the words of the Buddha were conveyed to this country while their essence has been lost.
There is a good reason for such a state of Japanese Buddhism at present. That is, there had never been any one who was enlightened and emancipated. How can an imperfect man, namely one who is not enlightened or emancipated, teach others the content of enlightenment and emancipation?
However, His Holiness told me that I could spread a true religion in Japan. He is at such a high level that he Is called the incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy. This might be why he could perceive the level of my spiritual practices and could know that I was emancipated and enlightened.
As those who read my other books know, I made a serious practice in the Himalayas last year, and attained enlightenment and emancipation. At that time, I could have a profound understanding of the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. So, I believe, as His Holiness said, that it is my mission to spread the truth in Japan.
As part of my mission, I have compiled my lectures in the AUM seminars. I believe that when you read this, the path to the truth will certainly become clear for you. This book also has the stories of experiences of those who were once only beginners of spiritual practices. They are now making steady progress and are moving towards high slage. If you also read their stories, it will be very helpful to you in your practice.
In addition, you can have a better understanding of my practice through reading the following works of mine.

Beyond Life and Death

-The process from the awakening of Kundalini towards emancipation.

The Secret Curriculum of Psychic Power

- Health Edition -Secret techniques of Kriya Yoga, for beginners, intermediate students, and sick persons.

The Secret Method for Psychic Power Development

-The method to develop psychic power for worldly success.
Shoko Asahara at the beginning of Summer '87 .

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