The Mahayana Vow

The Mahayana Vow

Ho, all beings rise and fall in the endless ocean of samsara,
Lured by many illusions like shadowy images
On the surface of a glassy lake;
May they all abide safely in the blissful Mahayana
Of infinite freedom;
With my Four Immesurable Gifts,
I shall offer my Mahayana Vow.

The Vow of sufferungs

I do my sufferings my joy,
I do other' sufferings my own sufferings.

These vows express the mood necessary for Mahayana practice. If you chant them for many (200 000 or more) times, your subconsciousness will become clear. And a noble condition of mind will grow inside your soul: Four Immesurable Minds (Divine Holy Love, Divine Compassion, Divine Praise and Divine Impartiality). This condition of mind will definitely make you and people around you happier in true meaning of the word “happiness”.

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