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"The chair is on fire"

"Im working on it, im working on it!"  

"Fortune and glory, kid..."  

"That belongs to a museum"  

"Snakes...why do it have to be snakes"

"All I have to do is squeeze"

"That's why they call it a jungle, sweetheart!"  

"If you don't let go Dr. Jones then we'll both die..."

"Give me the whip.../trhow me the idol"

"Fly, NO"

"And this is how we say goodbye in Germany"

"And my mothers ears, but the rest belongs to you"

 "What's this one?..."

 "I like Indiana..."

 "Dad, they come in through the doors..."

"I told you....dont call me Junior!..."  

Raiders March (3 sec.)  

"Im from the Confidential Committee of moral abuses"

"Deckard, blade runner"  

Have you ever retired a human by mistake?

 "Im a police officer..."

"This is great..."



"Get off my plane!"

"Im the president of the United States"



"Reach for it...please!"

"When they banged on your head, they must've mushed your brains!"




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