by D.A.Principe

Description: a large, purple blob with 8 eyes.  Each eye is embedded in a smaller blob on the main blob.  The creature undulates and pulses sickeningly.  8-Eyes prefer subterranean environments as habitats, but have been known to travel to the surface in search of food.  They can also usually be found in ruins of large cities (the presence of 8-Eyes usually means the ruins contain some very deep underground structures, passages or dungeons). 


Body:6     -significantly above human average 
Mind:2     -significantly below human average 
Soul:5     -above human average 

Attack Combat Value:4 
Defense Combat Value:2 
Health Points:500  (reflects 8-Eyes generally difficult anatomy to 
damage, it's basically a big pile of ooze with eyes) 

Energy Points:0 

Special Attributes + Defects 

Life Drain:  the 8-Eye may attempt to drain a victim of Health points every round.  This is a level 5 psionic attack that costs no Energy points to initiate.  The 8-Eye may drain 10 Health points from a victim per round, which are transferred to the 8-Eye's own Health point 
reserves.  The total Health points cannot exceed the 8-Eye's initial starting quota of 500. 

Special Note to GM:  Some 8-Eyes have the ability to go above their initial hit point totals through the use of their Life Drain attacks. These mutants are rare at best. 

The Temple Demon

Buried below every Hoan shrine rests a small chest. Ornately carved and bound with a crimson rope, inside sleeps the demon of the shrine. The reasons for its imprisoned are lost in antiquity, though some see it as a symbol of the destructive side of nature or, the evil in men's souls. Whatever the reason, the holy powers of the shrine will not work unless a demon sleeps below. 
The demon's physical body remains trapped within the chest, and his spirit has no influence within boundaries of the shrine, and yet the demon will go willingly into the chest. For while they sleep within the safety of the temple grounds they slowly grow in power. On the day that the temple falls away, then they can rise, full of power. 
B: 4    M: 10    S: 12 
CR: 9  DCR: 11 
HP/EP: 300.  (They are considered the same pool. So when they caste a spell or take damage, it affects the other.) 

Attributes and Defects 
Flight: Level 3 
Special Defense: Invisibility. Can only be seen when they choose to be, or by magic-users and telepaths. 
Rapid Healing: Regenerates 2D12 HP/EP per round 
Magic: Level 1 

Damage  : 
Can caste a few minor spells that cause pain and discomfort. 
Punch. CV+2 
Horns: CV 

The Gold Eater

These large (5 inches - 10cm long), gold coloured beetles with protruding, oversized pincers, are the bane of merchants, wealthy and poor alike. They have the unique ability to eat soft metals such as gold and silver. While they are usually found alone, they have been known to swarm rich sources of food such as mines and treasuries. 
Rumors of this insect appearing nearby have been known to throw entire cities into a panic. 


Body: 1 
Mind: 0 
Soul: 3 

Attack Combat Value: 3 
Defense Combat Value: 4 
Health Points: 2 
Energy Points: 10 

Level 2: Flight 
Level 2: Special Attack (Pincer Bite) The two oversized, jagged pincers are used for cutting through gold and are extremely strong. If the insect makes a sucesful attack, they will do 5 damage per round . It requires a Body roll (-3) to dislodge the insect and the pincers will continue to dig in even after the insect itself is dead. 
Note: A Gold Eater can eat as much as 2D6 ginku (any coin) per day. They will not eat jewels or Sennyo Petals. 

~Blue Heron~
The Thunder Bird

These large, supernatural birds are most often seen cruising across stormy skies, gliding through thunder heads and dodging between bolts of lightning. They resemble normal herons except for size and the supernatural light that emanates through their eyes and mouth and wings. They seem to feed directly off the electricity that courses through the clouds and can chanal that energy into devastating attacks. Their feathers make excellent electrical insulators and are highly sought after by Cybermonks and TechoSorcerers. 


Body: 7 
Mind: 2 
Soul: 6 

Attack Combat Value: 8 
Defense Combat Value: 7 
Health Points: 40 
Energy Points:130 

Special Attack: Flame Shot: Damage 8 
Special Attack: Intense Heat. Anyone getting closer than 10 feet will automatically suffer 5 damage per round. They will set combustible material on fire. 

Water based attacks do twice normal damage 



by D.A.Principe
Description: a massive, coastal-dwelling monster.  Gargantuas look like huge demonic turtles.  They are usually dark green to brown, and have a maw of jagged teeth. Their eyes glow a with a pale yellow light.  They are easily the size of a small house, and should not be disturbed if possible.  Unable to swim, Gargantua move along the bottom of the ocean, 
feeding on whatever is available.  They prefer to inhabit the shallower areas of the oceans, especially along coastal areas. 


Body:10    -world class ability 
Mind:1     -inept 
Soul:3     -below human average 

Attack Combat Value:5 
Defense Combat Value:3 
Health Points:1600 
Energy Points:0 

Special Attributes + Defects 

Natural Armor: the hide of the Gargantua is extremely thick, thus accounting for it's high amount of Health Points.  In addition, the shell of the Gargantuas also dampens several forms of attacks, most notably magic.  All magic attacks are at -15 to damage due to the 
anti-magical nature of the Gargantua's shell.  As well, all blunt attacks versus the shell are at -25 to damage.  This generally means catapults and similar large artillery weapons are ineffective versus an attacking Gargantua. 

~Giant Centipede~

This ancient rival to the great dragons tunnels below the earth, swimming through stone and earth ever hungry for the meat of man or dragon. Dark purple, with skin the texture of steel, this monstrocity has two long, jagged pincers jutting from its face and a body made up a thousand segments, each attached to two heavy legs. 

The smallest ever recorded stretched a mere hundred feet long, while legends claim that the largest have no end, just endless coils of steel wrapped segments, forever rising from the churned earth. 

B: 12
M: 5 
S: 3
CR: 6
DCR: 4
HP: 500 
EP: 150 

Attributes and Defects Massive Damage +4
Special Defense: Iron Hide
Special Attack: Pincer Grab
Speed: +1 to initiative. Able to tunnel through earth at running speed
Extra Attack 1

Pincers: 26 
On a critical success, the Centipede grabs the character in its pincers. The character suffers double damage and cannot break free until the Centipede is killed. The Centipede cannot hold more than one character in this manner. 
Body Slam: 31.
The centipede is famous for erupting below opponents and crushing them in a giant dive. 

Type B: Level 5. All damage -20 points 


This small, black bird with a brilliant purple breast makes its home in the Afterland, comforting the souls of the departed by singing tales of the Livingworld. They know the secret paths from the Afterland to the Realm of the Living and they sometimes accompany the souls of the departed back into the world. Intelligent and wise they enjoy gossip and stories that they can take back into the Afterland. 


Body: 3 
Mind: 9 
Soul: 4 

Attack Combat Value: 5 (8 with special attack) 
Defense Combat Value: 6 
Health Points: 50 (see below) 
Energy Points: 100 

Level 3: The Art of Distraction: Storytelling. The Hototogisu can distract people by singing elaborate tales. 
Level 3: Special Attack: “Call of the Hototogisu” this bird like call of their own name “ho-to-to-gi-su” will summon 1D6 Shades that will protect the Hototogisu. 
This ability costs 2D6 Energy points to use. 

Resides in the Afterland: Everyday spent in the Realm of the Living costs 1 Energy Point. This loss is permanent and cannot be replenished unless the bird returns to the Afterland. They cannot heal Health Points while in the Realm of the Living. They can regain Energy points except those lost by remaining in the Realm of the Living. 
On the up side, if their Health Points reach 0 then they are transported back into the Afterland where they begin to heal normally. 


 Made up of human bone, replaced and  intertwined with metal fragments, these Corrupted beasts wander across wastelands and haunt graveyards mindlessly seeking out people to slaughter. Created naturally by the forces of the corruption, the secrets of their creation has been divined by certain powerful mages, who use the shambling creatures as guardians. 

B: 8     M: 1   S: 0 
CR: 5             DCR: 0 
HP: 100         EP: 0 
Attributes and Defects 
Special Defense: Armored Body 
Massive Damage 

Damage   Armor: 
Fist: 8    Iron Body: TypeA:2. All damage -8 points 
or by weapon imployed + 10 


These strange creatures resemble giant-sized, armored jellyfish. Amphibious, they are found in and around every ocean coming out of the water at night to night. There are two know species, the common ocean species and a smaller version is known to inhabit freshwater lakes and rivers. 
Mindless hunters, they can use their armored tentacles as legs to hunt for prey on land. They will attack almost anything, suing their tentacles to entangle and subdue their prey on both land and water. 
Size: Ocean 9feet tall. River 6 feet 


Body: 7 
Mind: 1 
Soul: 5 

Attack Combat Value: 4 (Sting) 
5 (Tentacle) 
Defense Combat Value: 7 
Health Points: 100 
Energy Points: 10 

Level 2: Special Attack: (Sting). Doing 10 damage Level 3: Special Attack: (Tangle) If two attacks (must be declared as a tangle) in a row succeed, then the Jelly has ensnared its victim in its tentacles. Once captured the victim automatically takes 10 points of damage per round. It requires a Body Roll (-4) to break free or 25 damage directly (with an edged weapon) to the tentacles to free a victim. 
Level 2: Special Defense: Their armor is equivalent to Type A:level 2 armor 
Level 2: Multiple Attacks 

Weakness: Must stay moist and take double normal damage from hear based attacks. 

The Corpse Eater

This giant (8 feet), humanoid creature has oversized, gorilla like arms, a huge barrel chest and a small head with tiny eyes and a large, fang filled mouth. The body is covered in thick black hair that makes it difficult to see at night. The creature will feed is insatiable appetite with anything it comes across, but seems to prefer corpses and will seek out graveyards to feast. 
During the day, the Jikininki appears as a small old hermit who may or may not remember his nightly prowling. The only thing that will give the hermit away is the fact that they never eat. 


Body: 9 
Mind: 2 
Soul: 4 

Attack Combat Value: 8 
Defense Combat Value: 6 
Health Points: 99 
Energy Points:20 

Level 2: Focused Combat (night) 
Level 3: Massive Damage 39 
Level 2: Special Defense: Fade into Shadows. The creature can fade into the dark, becoming invisible for a few seconds allowing it to run away or lauch a ... 
Level 1: Special Attack: Leap from Shadows. Have Victim make a (Mind + Soul) roll -1. A failure means that the monster took him by surprise. 

Involuntary Shape Change. As the last rays of the sun disappear, the Jikininki will appear, and will transform back into the hermit at the first rays of the sun. 


Bane of the coastal and river villages and sworn enemies of the Kobito, these amphibious creatures are sometimes referred to as River Goblins. They are a short, hairy humanoid with a tortoise-like shell and scaly limbs. Their faces are somewhat monkey like in appearance and their heads are swollen at the back. This rear section of their skull is filled with an amber coloured fluid that seems to be the source of the Kappa’s powers for if this section of the skull is cut open, the fluid will drain and the Kappa will become weak and attempt to flee. Because of its magical qualities, many mages and alchemists offer handsome prices for a vial of Kappa Fluid. 
They are a quarrelsome creature and fierce fighters, but they are intelligent and seem to enjoy single combat. They will sometimes challenge travelers to one-on-one combat, suddenly becoming formal and issuing a polite challenge. If the challenge is refused the Kappa will disappear, returning later with greater numbers or launching a sneak attack while the person is asleep. If the challenge is met and won, the kappa will perform one request and vow never to harm the person again. 
Kappas will snatch humans and other races as food, usually lurking in rivers and lakes for a unfortunate passerby to stop for a drink or take a bath. Another tactic is to wait under the water and cut at a swimmer’s foot, sucking the blood. The kappas are not known for their cleanliness and such an attack often ends in a bad infection for the victim. 


Body: 6 
Mind: 3 
Soul: 3 

Attack Combat Value: 7 
Defense Combat Value: 8 
Health Points: 50-100 
Energy Points: 60 

Claws 10 
Teeth: 7 (plus a Body Roll +2 to determine if wound becomes infected.) 
Level 2: Special Defense - Shell 

Sense of Honor - will always obey a challenge of single combat. 
Magical Fluid. On a Critical Damage roll, a 4-5 or 6 means that the Kappa’s skull has been cut and the fluid drained. Reduce Health Points to 10 and half the Combat and Defense Value (round down) 

The Mountian Ogre

These giant sized (9 feet) humanoids are covered in long white, shaggy hair and have a thick face with jutting teeth and a heavy brow. With their broad, human-like feet and they traverse the high mountains with ease. They are extremely strong and intelligent enough to have become quite adept at stealing food from mountain villages. Some woodcutters have trained them to carry wood for food and they are very quick to learn. 
Naturally curios creatures, they will sometimes follow travelers and try to steal food, but they will rarely attack unless provoked. 


Body: 11 
Mind: 2 
Soul: 7 

Attack Combat Value: 9 
Defense Combat Value: 8 
Health Points: 200 
Energy Points: 100 

Attributes: Level 4: Massive Damage. Damage 29 

Gluttony. The Kijo is constantly hungry and will sometimes take foolish chances to obtain food. 

The Lion Dogs

Large dogs with blunt, lion faces and a soft mane of hair, these gentle creatures have been adopted by the Hoan monks to guard their temples and accompany them on their long pilgrimages across the Empire. They are fierce guardians, especially when protecting those under their care, but can be faithful and gentle companions to those who earn their trust. 

B: 6     M: 2    S: 8 
CR: 6(8)         DCR: 5 
HP: 30            EP: 50 
Attributes and  Defects 
Focused Combat: While within the boundries of the shrine, they gain a +2 bonus to their CV. 
Special Attack: Stunning Bark. If attack is successful, the target is stunned for 1D6 rounds. 

Damage:  Armor: 
Teeth CV+4   None 


In their natural form, these creatures look like an abnormally large house cat that is about twice the normal size. They are vampiric creatures that use their shape-shifting abilities to kill one member of a family and assume their victim’s form in order to prey upon the rest of the household at their leisure. The Otoyo maintains this illusion by feinting illness and using its powers to make everyone to fall asleep before it begins to feed. 


Body:  5 
Mind:  8 
Soul:  3 

Attack Combat Value: 6/9 (with special attack) 
Defense Combat Value:  5 
Health Points: 30 
Energy Points: 15 

Shape Shift: Level 3. 
Found only in the form of a cat or a human 
Special Attack: Sleeping Gas: Level 3 
A thin, odorless grey smoke that billows out from beneath the Otoyo’s claws/nails. They try to avoid direct confrontation by slowly filling a room with the smoke before attacking. When used as a direct attack they will attempt to rake with their nails. Roll an attack as normal. With a room filled with smoke, three successful “attacks” indicates that the target has fallen asleep. With a direct attack, two successful attacks means that the victim has fallen asleep. When the target falls alseep they are out for 2D6 hours. 
The gas can be avoided for short periods of time if the attempted victim goes to extreme measures to avoid falling asleep. 

1 BP Vampirism 

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