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General Voyager
The Fifth Voyager Website - J/C & T/P (new characters: Jessie/James & Morgan/Craig) NEW!
Fan Fiction by Diane Bellomo - Mostly P/T, some J/C, J/P, and f/f slash NEW!
to trek or not to trek - p/t, c/7, k/7, j/c NEW!
Anne's Rose Garden - Janeway/Chakotay, Kim/Seven, Paris/Torres NEW!
Voyager Virtual Season 8 - J/C, P/T, K/7 NEW!
Ezza's Voyager FanFic - Janeway/Paris, Paris/Seven NEW!
Spif's World - mostly JetC with some P/T, BonC, and Imzadi mixed in
Boadicea's Stories - J/7, J/Ka, J/C, J/T, J/C/Seska, Ka/Mark, Tu/Ka, J/P, etc.
Resolutions - Little of Paris/Torres,and alot of Janeway/Chakotay
Jana Sheridan's Voyager Fan Fiction Archive - P/T, J/C and K/7
Nemesiz place of hiding - J/C and J/P relationships
T'Kalara's Homepage - Janeway/Chakotay, Paris/Torres
1001 Voyager Nights - Fan Fiction encompassing all Voyager Relationships
Voyager's Delights
Jean's Star Trek Page - J/C, P/T, and K/7, but covers a little K/T
Fan Fiction Challengers - Offering you the best in Trek Fan Fic & giving writers new ideas.
Star Trek Relationships - Encompassing all Star Trek Relationships
Emallia's Quarters - Voyager & DS9 Relationships
Star Trek Institute for Romantics

Paris & Torres
TP - Tara's Pictures NEW!
USS Loveboat NEW!
Scotty's Omnipotent P/T and Crew Site NEW!
David's Voyager Archive Page
USS Destiny
The Tom Paris Dorm
Trekker Fun
Paris Nights - Everything with Tom Paris (Paris/Torres, Chakotay/Paris...)
JoJo's World
Jane's Paris/Torres Domain
P/T Quarters
Welcome to the World of Star Trek Voyager
Trekgirl's Home Page
A Place Among the Stars
The Chief Helmsman's Quarters
The KRET RATS P/T Home Page!
PJ in NH's Fan Fiction
D'A Green Room - Musings and fan fiction (and a little art, too) by D'Alaire
The Paris-Philes
Journey through P/T
Jen's P/T page!
Maryann's P/T Fanfiction Page
Paris and Torres: Promising Times
P/Tarmingan Page
Star Trek/ and a LITTLE about racing
The Paris/Torres Realm
Synbou's Fan Fiction Page
JanF's Star Trek Fanfic
Ancarett's P/T Fan Fiction
Wanda's P/T Corner: Wishes and Dreams
P/T Teens Homepage
My Spicy P/T and Hanson Page
Tom & B'Elanna
P/Ters Heaven
The Complete Guide to Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres
Are You Saying That I am Impossible to Resist?
P/T Corner
Yet Another Page In The World of Tom and B'Elanna...
Lanna's P/T Picks
Hope and Honor
The P/T Page
Lal’s Fan Fiction Page - Both Voyager & DS9 Fan Fic
Laura’s World of Paris & Torres
Magik's Fanfiction Archive - P/T fan fiction
Paris/Torres Enthusiaists of the Universe
Torra’s PT Page
The Delta Quadrant Resort - General Voyager info + P/T
With Jamelia in the Delta Quad - P/T Fan fiction by J. A. Toner
The P/T Holodeck Suite
PTFever - Updated graphics!
I Enjoy Tom - Dedicated to Tom Paris
DangerMom's Homepage - P/T Fan Fic
Cheile's Paris and Torres Page
To the Moon and Back - A beautiful Paris and Torres Page.
Musings From the Comfy Chair - P/T Fan Fiction & the Rec Room 'O Reviews
P/T :-] - A site dedicated to Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres
The Li'l Piece of P/T Heaven Site
Cyndi's Tom and B'Elanna Tribute Page
Heather's ST Voyager/Paris & Torres Page
My Paris/Torres Page - Lauren's Page
The Paris Torres Resort
The UK Paris and Torres Page
PT Planet
Keikimo's Realm
The Official P/T Collective Archive - Includes a complete listing of the Collective's Fan Fiction.
La-La-Land - P/T, Humor, & Vorik-Land

Janeway & Chakotay
A Romance In The Stars - The J/C site for the romantic in us all. NEW!
Andra's Page NEW!
Voyager Cat NEW!
Jo's Little Star Trek Corner NEW!
Asian Waters NEW!
A J/C Fantasy NEW!
Cassie's J/C Wonderland NEW!
Cloud Nine NEW!
The JetCafé NEW!
Claudia's Nebula - J/C and J/P NEW!
The J/C Story Index NEW!
The JC Cafe NEW!
Gill's Janeway and Chakotay Page
Aquiel's World
The Leola Root Recipe Book
Coral And Becky's J/C Page
Kendra's Janeway/Paris Page
Resolutions:A Janeway/Chakotay Site
Peace Rose
Always On My Mind...
47th Heaven
Kelly's Janeway Fiction
Cam's Heart and Soul Page
Steel Planet J/C
nanda's lament
Fate Works in Mysterious Ways
Jen Ferris' Fanfiction
Janeway/Chakotay Challenge Centre
The J/C Writing Campaign
Captain Kathryn Janeway's Website
Sam's Fanfic
New Earth
Luned's Quadrant
Voyager Fanfic!
The JetC12 Archive
The Writings of the Warped Women of JetC8!
Sr. Mary Kathryn's Irreverent Adventures in J/C Fanfic
The Janeway/Chakotay Shrine
The True Meaning Of Peace - Official Home of JetCjr6
Spif's World
The JetC 14 Homepage
Lady Dameon's Homepage
Another JetC Page
august's archipelago of angst
Opium Garden - J/C Fan Fiction by the Patroness
Delta Story's "Trekker Treats" - Mainly J/C some Paris/Torres, J/Tuvok, etc.
Tamar's Dark Fanfic Realm - The darker side of J/C
Avalon Online - J/C fan fic by Sharon
Melissa's World
Janeway & Chakotay - Extensive listing of J/C fan fiction sites.
TrekLove - Janeway/Chakotay Fan Fic and much more!
Planet J/C
J/C In '96!- A Janeway/Chakotay Page
The JetC - Devoted to the relationship between Janeway and Chakotay
Janeway & Chakotay in '97!
J/C Fantasy Page
Skjtrek’s J/C Fan Fic Page
Homepage of L.R. Bowen - Fan Fiction by L.R. Bowen as well as her artwork
My Home Away From Home - Janeway and Chakotay
Emmy Odd's Fan Fiction Gateway - J/C Fan Fiction

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