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For those poor souls who don't know what J/C or JetC is, check out this page:

The JetC Homepage



If you're still stuck then, you may have a problem! It probably helps if you have a passing knowledge of Star Trek: Voyager. If you are really stuck and wondering how you ended up here, may I recommend

So Let's Try To Clarify A Little.

To start with, "J" stands for Janeway. She's the Captain of the USS Voyager. Here she is:

Secondly, "C" stands for Chakotay. He's the First Officer of the USS Voyager. Here he is:

"Et" is the French for And. Hence, JetC or J/C: the two together, preferably romantically. Here they are:

Think that they are the perfect couple? In the words of Chakotay, "You're not alone." There are over 20 JetC groups, 8 JetCJr (under 18) groups and even a 40+ group. And there are even more who aren't part of a group, but still read and write fanfic, or just silently root for the relationship to come to pass!


That's a good question. For some, it's the chemistry. Others are just plain romantics! Check out the Top Ten list below for some reasons:

JetCJr8's Top Ten Reasons We Love J/C (as if we need one!)

The Evidence

Evidence? We've got it!

Try this speech for a start, practically the JetC'ers creed, spoken during the JetC episode, "Resolutions". In it, Janeway and Chakotay are stranded on a planet with only each other for company after contracting a disease that can only be held at bay by the planet's atmosphere. Chakotay and Janeway are becoming increasingly aware of their situation, and Janeway is uncomfortable and wants to define some parameters "About us". Chakotay doesn't think he can, but...


"I can tell you a story, an ancient legend among my people. It's about an angry warrior who lived his life in conflict with the rest of his tribe. A man who couldn't find peace, even with the help of his spirit guide. For years he struggled with his discontent. The only satisfaction he ever got came when he was in battle. This made him a hero among his tribe, but the warrior still longed for peace within himself. One day, he and his war party were captured by a neighbouring tribe led by a woman warrior. She called on him to join her because her tribe was too small and weak to defend itself from all its enemies. The woman warrior was brave, and beautiful. And very wise. The angry warrior swore to himself that he would stay by her side, doing whatever he could to make her burden lighter. From that point on, her needs would come first. And in that way, the warrior began to know the true meaning of peace."

"Is that really an ancient legend?"

"No. But that made it easier to say."

And that, as someone once put it, was the speech that launched a thousand fanfics. Jeri Taylor, the authoress of the episode, was one of the show's original creators, and very much responsible for the creation of the character of Janeway. It's pretty obvious she's a J/Cer - she wrote one of the other "J/C" shows, "Coda". Jeri Taylor left Star Trek: Voyager as an executive producer at the end of the fourth season. Her influence has been sorely missed by many, although her novels "Mosaic" (Janeway's life story) and "Pathways" (the life stories of most of the rest of the crew) are two of the best, and definitely have J/C tendencies!

For more detailed evidence, visit the JetC Homepage, where Celia has compiled a lot of it.

And of course, the most obvious evidence of all: those 30 JetC groups and hundreds of fan fiction pages. Hester and Kira have created the story source for J/Cers in the Official J/C Story Index, which I should imagine requires more than a little work, and has been up and running for nearly four years now.

What's Happening Now?

"It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times."

It probably depends on whether you want the pessimistic or optimistic answer! J/Cers have had to take some serious blows recently, including "Unforgettable", "Counterpoint" and "Fair Haven". On the good side, each non-J/C story inspired a pile of fanfics from imaginative authors! And, for the new J/Cer, there's a lot to read!

The Episodes

Parallax: - (honorary mention) The comment "Would you have served under me?" from Chakotay to Janeway has inspired a lot of speculation from J/Cers!

Cathexis: - (honorary mention) Chakotay's bare chest! OK, so not strictly J/C.

Elogium: - Some twisted dialogue in this one, such as Janeway saying to Chakotay that she now knows where to go for advice on Mating Rituals...

The 37's: - Some odd J/C moments in this one, including Chakotay reassuring Janeway and backing her. The above picture of the two together comes from this episode.

Dreadnought: - Chakotay's reluctance to leave Janeway to die on her ship is definitely touching.

Resolutions: - The J/C episode to end all episodes. Written by Jeri Taylor, Janeway and Chakotay are stranded on a planet together after contracting a disease that requires that they remain within the planet's atmosphere. A monkey, a bath, a boat and tomato plants... and the 'Angry Warrior' speech. Rumours state that a lot more J/C moments were cut from this one - enough to drive a JetCer mental!

Sacred Ground: - Chakotay is again looking out for his Captain... "I'm not moving from this monitor until she gets back." When did Riker display that level of concern for Picard? When she wants to risk her life, he argues vehemently.

Future's End: - (honorary mention) Probably forever remembered for the comment (from Chakotay to Janeway, regarding the possibility of someone being Janeway's Great-Etc Grandmother) "She does have your legs."

The Q And The Grey: - Just watch Chakotay's face when Janeway informs him that Q wants to 'mate' with her. "It bothers the hell out of me", in Chakotay's words.

Coda: - Another Jeri Taylor episode. Janeway is injured in a shuttle crash, and appears to be experiencing a temporal loop. It turns out to be an alien trying to convince her to let go of her life, but Chakotay's anguish at seeing her die... well, I can't put it in words. "No, Kathryn! You can't die!"

Scorpion, Parts I & II: - The "You're not alone Kathryn" speech, followed soon after by one of J/C's major splits. A difference of opinion drives a wedge firmly between the two, and soon after Kathryn is critically injured. Hands up anyone who didn't want to cry went she grabbed Chakotay's collar and made him promise..."get this crew...home..."

Year of Hell, Parts I & II: - Despite, or because of, the big reset button, some J/C moments in this one. Noteworthy is the scene in which Janeway refuses Chakotay's present of a watch, and later, after he's been captured, finds it again.

Hunters: - Yet another from Jeri Taylor. The crew receives messages from home at last, and Janeway discovers that her engagement to Mark is definitely broken and that she no longer has that "Safety net". Chakotay tells her that they both have "plenty of time". To discover how anguishing this is, watch your favourite football team (or hockey, or whatever) miss out on winning the World Cup because someone missed the goal by a centimetre. Apparently a kiss between the two was filmed, but cut... WHY?!

The Omega Directive: - (honorary mention) Brief, almost J/C moment when Chakotay convinces Janeway to let the crew help her.

Hope And Fear: - The first scene between Janeway and Chakotay in the mess hall was definitely promising.

Night: - Chakotay's concern for Janeway is definitely one of those moments. His discussion with her in her quarters was almost there!

The Fight: - Some people have pointed out that, deliberate or not, Chakotay always seemed a little better when Janeway was in sickbay. Nice touch, whoever's idea it was!

Course: Oblivion: - (honorary mention) Definitely some chemistry in these scenes... pity they were only duplicates of the real Voyager!

Where Now?

If you're new to this, but are interested in learning more, try these links:

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Our Groups' Pages:

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I know I could never rival the links lists on these pages, so I won't even try! However, you can check out these stories by us:




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