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My name is Aidan Cross, aka Mosquitor, and I have liked He-Man and the Masters of the Universe since 1983. And here I explore some things that not many people know about the classic cartoon/toy range, along with several other features- includng a full episode guide!

And not only that, but I have plenty of info on the NEW MOTU toyline and cartoon that is currently airing. I have a section on this site about the new show, with info and episode guides- click here to view it!

If you have any suggestions,questions, or just general comments, E-mail me. So what are you waiting for….. Explore Mosquitor’s He-Man Realm!

I have been promising a major update and redesign for this site for some time, but as yet have not been able to find the time to give this site the major relaunch I've been planning. In all honesty I am so busy with other things that I've decided to stop promising the redesign- that's not to say it won't ever happen, just don't hold your breath as it's quite hard for me to find the time to make such a large update. But I will continue to make regular updates to the site as often as I can, so stay tuned and thanks to everyone who has visited in the 5 years this site has existed, for your support for both this site and MOTU in general.

The New He-Man Series
All the available information on the NEW He-Man cartoon series and toy line, including an episode guide and reviews!

See the results of past polls on this site.

The Lesser Known Characters
A guide to the MOTU characters who not many people know about….. read this page and realise there are more characters than you thought!

The Unknown Facts
Some strange facts about MOTU that you never knew….. like the MOTU sequel!

Episode Guide
A complete list of all 130 MOTU episodes… along with episode descriptions!

Mini-comics & Figures
A rough guide to which mini-comic came with which figure!

She-Ra: Princess Of Power
All the best things about He-Man’s sister!

The New Adventures of He-Man
The good and the bad about Mattel’s first, short-lived attempt to revive He-Man!

Fan Fiction
MOTU stories by the fans- new fanfic coming soon!

MOTU: The Movie
The 1987 Live Action movie has stirred up much heated discussion among MOTU fans... I personally think it’s a classic….. read my opinions here!

The Magic of Grayskull
About the proposed NEW He-Man movie by Edwin Vasquez- check it out!

MOTU/POP Trading Page
If you're based in the UK, Europe, Australia or anywhere that uses PAL videos, I have the whole series of both He-Man and She-Ra that I can sell you or trade! And yes, I also have the pilot for the new series- so if you'd like a copy, check out this page!

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Adam Tyner for letting me use his pics
Busta Toons for his pics!
The Young Prodigy for creating the brilliant movie picture below
Scott White for the pictures from the episode- The Sleepers Awaken.
Miles "Snake Man" Jasem , without whom this site would never have been the same

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