Special Axe

With the development of Flex-Steel the scientist where able to make a very light weight armor, using this same idea they where able to make exceptionally strong and very well balanced blades to be used by the agents.
Game Terms: The use of Flex-Sleel in blades gives them extra damage because they are so sharp, as well as bonuses to hit because they are so light, and well built.
Knife: 1d6+3; +1 to strike, +2 when thrown.
Short: 2d4+4 to 2d6+6, +2 to strike
Large: 3d6 to 4d6+2, +2 to strike
Axes: 2d4+4 to 4d6+2, +2 to strike, +2 with throwing.
Note: The larger the damage, the larger the weapon. Two Handed swords and axes will do up in the 4d6+2 range. When dealing with people with supernatural strength, they are considered to be of fine quality, and are x5 when determining breakage. (See Supernatural Strength). 1