Cirix Corporation

The Cirix Corporation is a major chemical and medical researching and manufacturing company. They are also a great provider of special medicines for the government. They where the company that developed Agent Orange, as well as the anti-toxin chemicals used in Desert Storm to counter act the effects from chemical weapons. They are a billion dolor company with ties to hundreds of smaller chemical and manufacturing companies.

The Cirix Corporation is also provides the major funding for the Brotherhood. The founder of Cirix, Robert Bishop, was introduced to the Reverin Thomas Barton at a special finical gathering. This was during the early 50's when the company was first getting started. The Reverin knew that he needed to get finical backing if he was to continue with is dream. The Reverin was very influential, and Robert believed in what he was saying, as well as the fact that with the help of the Reverin and his mystic friends, he was able to give the Cirix corporation the boost that it really needed. S.N.A.I.L. knows that the Cirix corporation is involved with the Brotherhood, but there is nothing they can really do about it, because the company makes special drugs that help to cure, as well as prevent some of the worlds worst diseases. No other corporation can recreate the medicines because Cirix uses magic to create the drugs.

The Cirix Corporation has found a way to manipulate human as well as animal DNA. They have dedicated a large amount of there funding to the development of mutant generation. They currently have the ability to create super powered humans, but there success ratio is so small that it has become very impractical to make them. The best results is taking a known mutant and recombining his/her DNA to form a new mutant. They have been the most successful with the creating of mutant animals. With the creation of the animals it became evident that they needed to control them in some way. Sence each mutant animal is under constant observation, and it not aloud to leave there complex, no mutant animal is aloud to bread. They are genetically created by mutating normal animal DNA. The mutant animals are also have a genetic flaw that causes them to create a toxic chemical in there body. This was a side effect not intended, but has been used to their advantage. Each animal requires a monthly injection in order to have the toxins removed from there system. If an injection is given before it is scheduled, then the animal will go into toxic shock, and will most likely die. it is believed that if the animals where aloud to breed then they might find a natural way around this genetic flaw, and then they would become a problem.

With the mutant animals as there foot soldiers, they would need people to lead them. The people used to control the "pack" are the handlers, they are a group of specially engineered humans who are very loyal to the cause, and who's psychic powers enable them to communicate and know the location of their pack. (See Handler R.C.C. for more information).