Douglas McGathered
Commander of Beta Squads

Douglas McGathered began his life like anyone else, playing, having fun with his friends, and trying to keep out of trouble. Douglas' father was an Irish cop in the city of Chicago in the late 60's. His father was the best of the best, or at least that is what his father would tell him. When Douglas was about 17 his father and several other officers where attacked and killed by some unknown creature during what was thought to be a normal raid. The report was that a group of some kind of wild animals had attacked the cops and killed them. Douglas never believed this, so he sought out to investigate. It took him almost a year to track down what really had happened. What he discovered was a group of demons, or monsters had killed the officers. At the same point when he discovered them, someone else had discovered him. Douglas had been following any and all reports he could find that showed some hint or connection to the incident that took his fathers life. He had managed to track down S.N.A.I.L. as they where investigating an attack on a small town. S.N.A.I.L. took in young Douglas for questioning, and when they learned who he really was, and that he had been able to track them down so well, they offered him a chance to stop the creatures and protect the rest of the world from such things.

In the early days of S.N.A.I.L. Douglas was an up and coming solder, as well as a good investigator. His hatred for the things that had killed his father often lead him to doing crazy, as well as extremely brave things. It because of this Douglas lost his left arm to a demon who toar it off at his shoulder. This creature went threw killing and maiming the rest of his crew. Without taught for himself, he took a grenade, in his one good hand, and jumped on the back of the monster, holding the bomb to its chest, when it exploded, it killed the monster, and took Douglas's' other hand and arm. Douglas says he owes his life to the psychic healer, which is the only reason he is still alive today.

Douglas was given cybernetic parts to replace those he had lost. On later mission he would come to loose an eye to a vampire bat, as well as having his leg severed when there transport truck would be attacked by a werewolf. And finally the entire lower half of his body would be removed when he stepped on a landmine blowing off both his legs, and part of his lower body. He would somehow manage to live through it all, and come back stronger and even more hateful off what he saw. The leaders of S.N.A.I.L. decided that he would be best used as a mission briefer, because his body was almost totally gone, and they could not risk loosing such a great mind.

Real Name: Douglas McGathered
Alias/Code Name: Full Throttle
First Appearance: It Fell from the Sky
Hit Points: 00, S.D.C. 000
Weight: 000 lb., Height: 0'0", Age: 00
Attributes: I.Q. 00, M.E. 00, M.A. 00, P.S. 00, P.P. 00, P.E. 00, P.B. 00, Spd. 00
Experience Level: 13
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand Basic
Attacks Per Melee:
Other Bonuses:
Super Power Category: Super Sleuth/Cyborg
Educational Level: Special
Scholastic Bonus: Special
Skills of Note:
Secondary Skills:
Appearance: (See Image)
Body Armor: