It Fell From the Sky

The group's first mission was to investigate the impact zone of a fallen meteorite. The reason it was important to S.N.A.I.L. was that they detected some kind of life readings inside the object. The meteorite itself was only about 3 feet across as it passes threw the atmosphere. The impact sight was to be near a small town of Paradise, Kansas. It was due to land sometime after sundown. The group was briefed about the mission by there mission specialist, and told that they will be flown over there and there Van will be waiting for them when they arrive on the seen. The group of new members, each having trained for only a short time, are rushed to a chopper and flown to there drop off sight. They are given the cover that they are members of NASA's fallen object division and are here to retrieve the fallen meteor. When they land their van and three other agents are there to meet them. They are given the keys to the van and the group switches places.

The town of Paradise, Kansas was a small backwater town of only about 100 people. Mostly farmers, there was a small town store and shopping area with a bar and a hardware store. The local police force consisted of a Sheriff and his deputy. Their first stop was strait to the Sheriff's station. There where no cars outside of the station, but they entered anyway. When they entered they found the deputy doing paper work at the front desk. Each member was dressed in black suits and dark sunglasses. Only two members left the van, leaving one behind in case of trouble. They identified themselves as members of NASA's fallen object retrieval agency. The deputy told them that the sheriff had gone to investigate the meteor because was landed in the Murphy's cornfields. They asked for a map but the deputy crated a crude drawing on an old napkin for the driver to follow. It was going to take a good half an hour to forty-five minutes to reach the farm by road. The path out there was almost completely isolated from the rest of the town, and was mostly woods and fields. As the approached the house they could see the flashing red and blue lights of the squad car parked near the edge of a cornfield not far from the road.

The group drove the van up to the squad car, and proceeded to investigate the area. Each member began to look around and assess the area. Each member, other then Agthork, had put on a pair of night goggles. From where they where they could see the lights of the farm house, as well as the vast amount of cornfields. One member looked into the car and saw that it was unlocked and the keys where still inside, as well as the officers shotgun had been left behind. Placing his hands on the car's hood he could feel that it was still warm and hadn’t been there very long. Mephisto discovered some tracks and followed them into the cornfield. The tracks led to a large crater in the ground, about 6 to 8 feet across with a burn radius of about twenty feet. Using a Geiger counter they examined the area for radiation, but found only normal back ground radiation. A more intensive search of the area, and the crater, found the remains of the meteor. They gathered samples of the rock when one member found the remains of a leather gun belt and cowboy boots, as well as brass buttons and a police badge all covered in some strange kind of goo. The gun was still in the holster, but the wooded handle had been melted or eaten away by something. There was a six-foot wide path cut threw the cornfield. The ground and the corn stalks had been cut or burned by something. The path grew from six feet to ten feet when it left cleared the cornfield. The burn trail headed toward the house. When the trail finally hit the road it had grown to at least sixteen to twenty feet across. The group followed the trail in the van in case they needed to leave in a hurry or needed any of the heavy equipment. The farmhouse was a basic two level building, with a large barn, and a pickup truck park at the side of the barn. A gravel path lead to the front of the house. There where three ways into the house, a door at the front of the house, a door on the side with a large porch, and a path leading to it, which seemed to be the main entrance, as well as a back door. The group split up here, Agthork went to search the barn, while the other two went to the house. The two at the house went to the main entrance on the side and rang the bell. There where several lights on in the main part of the house, with sounds of a TV. They knocked several times, but still no answer. Mephisto pulled out an automatic lock-pick release gun, and popped the lock. During this time Agthork had entered the barn. He had a flashlight out in front of him to give the illusion that he couldn’t see in the darkness. As he moved threw the barn he saw some kind of movement from that hayloft. He pretended to ignore the movement and continued to look. As he got ready to climb to the loft, a bolt of lightning came from the hayloft and a scream "You can’t take me Back!"

The bolt knocked Agthork down. Standing over him was a man, later to be named Johnny Showanga. He had a strange crystal or shimmer on his forehead. A battle happened with the two, Johnny tried several times to hold onto Agthork, but could never keep a good hold on him. Mephisto, and Viper heard Agthork threw there head sets, and came running. Viper went to the van to get his laser rifle. When Mephisto reached the door, Johnny was on the way out. Mephisto emptied half a clip into him, but he kept on coming, slamming into him. Johnny grabbed Mephisto and flew strait up. About twenty feet into the air Mephisto got himself free, but landed badly and sprained his ankle. Several shots where fired, but Johnny managed to escape Agthork and Mephisto where not hurt that badly. The group went on to search the loft, and found a backpack with two small flat metal containers. Inside they found a total of eight plastic tubes of some white crystal. This was later to be known as Crystal Rose.

The group then moved onto the house. This time they took no chances. Agthork was armed with the net gun, and Mephisto and Viper each had a Cold-Pack on. Viper also had his laser rifle. They entered threw the door that Mephisto had unlocked earlier. From here they split up again, Agthork went up to the attic, Mephisto took the main floor, and Viper took the basement. Agthork found nothing but old close and dust in the attic. Mephisto found a dog in the main bedroom, as well as the TV on. Before he could get to the final door Viper called from the basement saying he had found something. In the basement Viper had found that a wooden door had been eaten or burned at the bottom, just like the corn. The group gathered and took some samples of the ooze. In side the room was lot of broken jars and more ooze on the floor and around the bottom of the window. It was guessed that this must be where it came in. There was a fridge next the to door, so Mephisto went and opened it. To his surprise a very blue woman fell out. She had apparently climbed in and was holding the door closed. The look of fear on her face gave them chills. On the floor just a few feet from the fridge were the barrel and other metal parts of a Winchester. The hallway led to a workroom with tools, a workbench, and a large freezer. Mephisto went over and lifted the lid of the freezer. To his shock a large enormous blob was inside! Mephisto jumped back as the blob reached out for him. It missed. The blob moved out of the freezer, it was about thirty feet wide. Mephisto shot it with the Cold-Pack, but it had no effect on it. Agthork used the net gun, but it ate strait threw the net in no time flat. Viper used his laser rifle on it, but their weapons didn’t seem to effect it very well. Viper told everyone to get out, as he threw a fragmentation grenade at it. The blob exploded sending bits and pieces of itself all over the place, one large chunk hit Viper in the Cold-Pack. The pack exploded and Viper was partly frozen. They regrouped at the van and tried to decide what to do net. Mephisto and Agthork went back down into the basement to make sure that the thing was dead. This time they where armed with pistols and incendiary rounds. Viper was still in bad shape from the explosion and waited at the van. When they got to the basement they saw the blob, but now it was only 10 feet across. It was busy eating the old woman. The two started firing on it, do large amount of damage. The blob jumped up and went for Mephisto’s face. He emptied half a clip at it as it jumped at him. He managed to kill it, but parts of its body still splattered on his face scaring him. He quickly found a sink and washed his face off. Mephisto returned to the van, as Agthork continued forward, he saw three more of them eating the wood in the room. He quickly radioed back to the group and told them that he planed on blowing up the house. He put a gas mask on, turned the shut off valve on the gas furnace, and pulled the pipe out, then turned it back on. His plan was to tape the safety down on a grenade and hope that one of the blobs would find it, eat threw the tape and blow up the house.

Agthork had the grenade in his right hand, and with the butt of his gun went to break the basement window. Little did he know one of the blobs had moved to that window and was about to ooze out. When Agthork’s hand went threw the glass, the blob attached himself to it. Agthork freaked! He emptied the rest of his clip trying to kill it, but only managed to make it move farther up his arm. He dropped the grenade and pulled out a knife and tried to cut it off. At this point it had moved up to his elbow. Mephisto took his gun and shot Agthork’s arm off at the elbow in an attempt to kill the blob. Mephisto took the grenade and was going threw it into the open window. When he grabbed it, the blob made a move for him. It managed to attach itself to his hand, but Mephisto was able to cut it off with his knife before it could seriously hurt him. The team drove off fast and headed for home. As they drove off they could see the house explode.

When they returned they where told that the body of a young girl was found in the remains of the house. They didn’t know it at the time, but a young girl had been hiding in the last room of the house, the one Mephisto was going to search before Viper called for him.

Agthork was given a bionic limb to replace the one he had lost, and Mephisto face was permanently scared. Viper suffered no other problems from his experience. The entire group was rewarded for a job well done. Do to the great strain and crazy experience Agthork went threw, he gained a phobia toward aliens. The information that they would gather from the samples they took would be a great help to them in the future. 1