Electric Torch

Johny Showanga was born in Kansess City, Kansess. He is the olders of three brothers who all lived, and help to run the familly farm. He always wanted to be the best he could, and be better then any of his brothers. He was an alstar football player in highschool, as well as being a great wrestler. Johny had always been intorested in the stors, he would sit outside and look up at the stares for hours. This interest brought him to become part of the space program. He was one of the astonuts that was to go into space on the Space Shuttle Columbia. But two days before he would have gone into space on his first trip he became sick, and could not go. When he heard of the great tragity with the shuttle he blamed himself for the death of what was his crew. He left the program, and went home. His father was disapointed that he quit, and left his dream behind. His father had never wanted him to become an anstonot, saying it was a waist of time. With his return, Johny felt that his father was right, and Johny began to drink, and travel. When he was in some dive in New York he got his first taist of Crystal Rose. He became addicted almost instantly. The more he took, the more he became unstable. Johny then took to crime to try and pay for his habbit. Johny had always been a mutant, but never used his powers, untill now. With being a mutant he was able to pull of his crimes more easly, but he was captured, and in the prossess of transfering him to a higher security prison desined for mutants, he escaped, and has been on the run ever sence.

In a recent encounter, team Beta.Six.Two discovered a alternet virsion of Johny in some other dimension. The year was 2072, and the man, who called himself Johny Showange, was part of a gang of so-called freedom fighters. His team managed to steal a hover car from the group. as well as some rifles.

Real Name: Johnny Showanga
Alias/Code Name: Electric Torch
First Appearance: It Fell from the Sky
Alignment: Anarchist
Hit Points: 40, S.D.C. 143
Weight: 210, Height:6'1", Age: 34
Attributes: I.Q. 12, M.E. 19, M.A. 12, P.S. 24, P.P. 17, .E. 31, P.B. 14, Spd. 19
Disposition: He has become insane due to Crystal Rose. He is suffering from mindless aggression, and can barely keep it under control. He fears that people are trying to take him back, all he wants to do is return home. He will steal what ever he can that he thinks might help him on his way, or get him more Crystal Rose.
Experience Level: 2
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand Basic
Attacks Per Melee: 6
Bonuses: +3 to Strike, +9 to Damage, +9 to Parry, +7 to Dodge. +11 to Roll, +5 vs. Psi Attack, +11 vs. Magic and Toxins, +31% vs. Comma/Death. In Addition when flying he gains a total of +6 to Strike, +13 to Parry, +11 to Dodge when gliding, & +13 when in full flight.
Other Bonuses: When Johnny is high on Crystal Rose he gets a total of 7 Attacks, +4 to Inish., an additional +4 to dodge, a +6 vs. Horror Factor & a total of 183 S.D.C.
Super Power Category: Experiment
Major Super Abilities: Alter Physical Structure Energy
Minor Super Abilities: Flight Wingless, Power Channeling, and Healing Factor.
Side-Effect: Whole Body Glows
Educational Level:Three Years of College
Scholastic Bonus: +15%
Skills of Note:Electrical Engineer 70%, Surveillance Systems 65%, Computer Repair 65%, Robotic Electronics 15%, Navigation: Space 88%, Navigation: LAW 85%, Read Sensory Equipment 65%, Weapon Systems 69%, Pilot: Space Shuttle 73%, Pilot: Combat Helicopter 75%, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Boxing, and Acrobatics.
Secondary Skills: Pilot: Car 88%, First Aid 60%, Wilderness Survival 50%, Computer Operation 70%, Pilot Helicopter 68%, Prowl 50% and W.P. Auto Pistol
Appearance: An average looking man with blond hair. He will try to change his close whenever he can get the chance. If he is on Crystal Rose, then there will be crystal shine on his forehead from the drug.
Occupation: Criminal on the Run
Weapons: None. Uses his natural Powers.
Vehicle: None. Uses his natural Powers.
Body Armor: None.
Money:Very Little, only what he can steal, almost all his money is used to buy more Crystal Rose.