Assault Fighter

Hawk Interceptor

Hawk Interceptor

The Hawk Interceptor is the first space born attack fighter to be created by S.N.A.I.L., and U.S.S.F. It had been in the works for a long time as a Earth bound fighter, but with the public announcement of the K.A.T. to the world, it became urgent to have it refitted for space combat. The Hawk is not capable of breaking free of Earth gravity on its own, but must be transported/carried into space (See Vulture Transport for more information). It is the primary one man fighter currently in use by the joint forces of S.N.A.I.L. and the U.S.S.F.

Class: Assault Fighter.
Purpose: Primary Defense; Secondary Assault.
Crew: 1, Pilot

S.D.C. by Location:
SN-18 Alpha Rail Gun Cannon: 100, A.R.: 12*
Laser Cannon (2): 85, A.R.: 12*
Forward Headlights (4): 5*
Wings (2): 150, A.R.: 13
Cockpit Canopy: 75, A.R.: 16***
Reinforced Pilot's Compartment: 35, A.R.: 19****
Main Body: 325, A.R.: 13**

* They are small or difficult targets to hit. There is a -3 to hit these targets.
** If you deplete the main body, this will destroy the craft. There is a 85% chance that the pilot might be able to automatically eject. Once ejected the pilot's buster chair sends out a special homing signal so the pilot can be retrieved, this signal can be shut off by the pilot.
*** If you deplete the cockpit canopy, this will expose the pilot to the harshness of space, and making most high speed maneuvers almost impossible.
**** The reinforced pilot's compartment is there to protect the pilot form any damage that may exceed the maximum of the main body. Once this is gone, all remaining damage goes to the pilot. AR of the pilots armor is ignored, and the damage is done straight to his armor.

Flight: The Hawk can fly at a speed of 2676 mph (Mach 4) in an atmosphere and Earth like gravity, with a suborbital ceiling of 60 miles.
Space Flight: In zero gravity the Hawk has good maneuverability and exhalent speed, rocketing as fast as 2950 mph (Mach 4.3).
Repulserlift System: The Hawk can also hover at a max distance of 100 feet above the ground when using only its repulserlifts. It can also move forward at about 60 mph when only using the repulserlifts.

Statistical Data:
Height: 8ft (2.4 m)
Length: 22ft (6.7 m)
Width: 11ft (3.4 m)
Mass: 16 tons.
Cargo Space: Small
Power System: Ion/Fusion Reactor
Range: 12 years of nonstop use.
Defenses: Hardened circuits, reflective armor, and optional weapon systems.
Extras: Landing gear, targeting computer, and sensor cluster.

Weapon Systems

1. SN-18 Alpha Rail Gun Cannon: Mounted just under the noise, this is the primary weapon. The SN-18 Alpha is a heavy duty version on the SN-17 personal rail gun.
Primary Purpose: Defense
Secondary Purpose: Assault
Damage: 2d6x10
Rate of Fire: Equal to the number of melee attacks of the gunner.
Effective Range: 6000 feet (1830 m), double in space.
Payload: 2000 bursts; reload time 1d4 minutes

2. Laser Pulse Cannon (2): Secondary weapon system, one mounted under each wing. Offering more payload, but weaker damage.
Primary Purpose: Defense
Secondary Purpose: Assault
Damage: 6d6 single gun, 1d6x10 double blast.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the number of melee attacks of the gunner.
Effective Range: 4000 feet (1200 m), double in space.
Payload: Unlimited.