Pete Smith started his life out as a normal teenager with dreams of becoming something great. He had a great skill in computers and the insight to want to know more about what was going on around him, and to learn all he could. Pete is from Detroit, and spent a good deal of his time learning things on his own. Pete graduated high school like his parents wanted. He spent a year at college taking all science classes. Pete felt that college was a waist of time, and spent all his time studying, reading, and "surfing the net." Seeing that college was a waist of his time, he felt that he could learn more just trying to do things his way, rather then there way. The next few years he would read every book he could find on science. He gained extensive training in forensic medicine from a good friend of his, whom was the coroner for the police in Detroit. It was this skill and devotion that got him picked for S.N.A.I.L., as well as the fact that he was caught breaking into the FBIís computers. What impressed S.N.A.I.L. the most was the fact that this wasnít his first trip into there computer systems, the only reason he got caught is because someone just happened to be looking at the system at just the right time. When Tom Nipple came to see Pete to get him to use his skill in helping the United States defend itself from an alien invasion. Pete jumped at the chance. He hadnít gone threw the years of special training most of the agents go threw, he was skilled in one thing and one thing only; information. His extensive studies of science and surveillance are a great asset to any team.

After Peteís first mission into the alien spacecraft (See Crash Landing), he knew he wasnít physically, or mentally strong enough to handle this kind of work. He volunteered himself for experimentation, in the hopes it would give him that mussel edge that he wanted. He got more then he asked for. Peteís strength nearly tripled. His mental endurance became greater then anyone had expected. His ability to teleport came as a surprise to Pete as well as to the scientist. He was trying out his new strength to see exactly how much he could lift, when the weight he was using split in half and came crashing down on his head. One minute he is about to be crushed the next he is on the other side of the protective glass.

Pete has become a great asset to team Beta.Six.Two, and is their main source of information as well as mechanical skills. Pete feels that he has finally found his calling and would gladly lay down his life if it mean saving one of his teammates. Pete is shy by nature and even with his great strength, he will still stay in the back and keep quiet and only talk when he feels that he can offer some kind of assistance.

Real Name: Pete Smith
Alias/Code Name: Hacker
First Appearance: Crash Landing
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hit Points: 33, S.D.C. 46
Weight: 185 lb., Height: 5'11", Age: 24
Attributes: I.Q. 21, M.E. 26, M.A. 23, P.S. 24, P.P. 24, P.E. 22, P.B. 18, Spd. 17
Disposition: He tends to stay in the back of the action, but will not hesitate to jump in and help one of his team mates.
Experience Level: 2
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand Basic
Attacks Per Melee: 4
Bonuses: +5 to strike, +7 to parry and dodge, +9 to damage, and +4 to roll,
Other Bonuses: +5 to save vs. all chemicals/toxins, +7% to skills, +6 vs. psionics/insanity, 75% trust/intimidate, and Per: 70%.
Super Power Category: Super Sleuth/Experiment
Major Super Abilities: Teleport
Minor Super Abilities: Extraordinary M.E., and Extraordinary P.S. He is considered to have supernatural strength. Damage: 2d4 S.D.C. on restrained punch, 3d6 on a full strength punch, or 6d6 with a power punch (counts as two melee attacks).
Side Effect: Chemical Resistance.
Educational Level: Special Training
Scholastic Bonus: Special Training
Skills of Note: Cryptography 62%, Laser 72%, Optic Systems 82%, Radio: Basic 82%, Radio: Scrambler 72%, Radio: Satellite 57%, TV/Video 72%, Read Sensory Equipment 72%, Mechanical Engineer 67%, Locksmith 72%, Computer Repair 72%, Robotic Mechanics 22%, Computer Operation 98%, Computer Programming 96%, Math: Basic & Advanced 98%, English 98%, Russian & Spanish 96%, Pilot: Car 96%, Chemistry: Analytical 87%, Criminal Sciences/Forensics 82%, Disguise 82%, Forgery 52%, Intelligence 77%, Surveillance Systems 92%, and Basic Electronics 82%
Secondary Skills: W.P. Auto Pistol, Escape Artist 47% Navigation: LAW 77%, Wilderness Survival 57%, Acrobatics, First Aid 67%, and Prowl 79%
Appearance: He looks like any guy off the street. He doesn't look extremely strong or muscular. (See Images)
Occupation: Agent of S.N.A.I.L.
Weapons: His weapons of choice are Korimyr w/ Explosive rounds and Stomper w/ A.P. rounds, but he can get almost any weapon that the mission might require.
Vehicle: None.
Body Armor: Either Light or Heavy Flex-Steel armor.
Money: Standard S.N.A.I.L. pay; $2000 Bi-Monthly.