S.N.A.I.L. Organization

S.N.A.I.L. is secretly funded by the US Government.
Total Points: 500
Points Spent: 483

Mega Organization
A. Outfits: #5 Gimmick Clothing 30 pts; Flex-Steal Armor, as well as other specialized clothes issued per mission.
B. Equipment: #4 & #5 40 pts; Each Agent and trouper has almost any kind of equipment available to them at anytime, but all equipment is subject to the mission.
C. Weapons: #6 Unlimited Weapons 50 pts; Like with the Equipment, any weapons can be gained for each mission, but the limitation is that the technology has not moved far past laser weapons and some modified Alien equipment.
D. Bionics & Robotics: #5 Bionic Arsenal 50 pts; operatives can be completely converted if it comes from "on the Job" incident. Minor reconstruction is also available. All Bionics or Robotics are subject to approval. Only Agents that show they are worth the expense can receive bionic weapons.
E. Vehicles: #4 Spy Cars 25 pts; Each agent Team is given a special Containment Van, as well as normal vehicles for personal and assignment uses.
F. Communication: #5 Satellite Network 30 pts; Each Agent is issued a special scrambled cellular phone that has a direct link to the agency.
G. Offices & Distribution: #4 Regional 25 pts; There are save houses and places to recoup in almost every major city in the United States, as well as almost the entire city of New Hope Minnesota.
H. Military Power: #4 Private Army 30 pts; All agents can be called at anytime to defend the country, there are over 20,000+ solder type, plus additional special agents.
I. Super Powered Operations: #3 A Few Regulars 20 pts; Several of the Members are super power, but most are Hardware and Specialist. S.N.A.I.L. also has the ability to create super powered beings, but with little success. (See Labs).
J. Sponsorship: #4 Government 10 pts; Secretly Sponsored by the US Government.
K. Special Budget: #4 Large Loans 25 pts; They maybe sponsored by the United States Government, but they can't spent too much or they might draw attention.
L. Administrative Control: #4 Agency Protection 35 pts; Each agent is authorized to break any and all laws in the execution of duty. Murder, assassination, theft, and illegal interrogation are allowed, but subject to investigation, and possible repercussions.
M. Internal Security: #5 Paranoid 35 pts; They fear alien infiltration at all points. Blood screening, metal detectors, retinal scans, hand prints, as well as multiple check points and constant video surveillance through out the entire outpost, and the entire town of New Hope.
N. External Infiltration: #3 Information Source 10 pts; S.N.A.I.L. has agents inside the CIA, FBI, and major Police Forces. The entire police forces of New Hope are S.N.A.I.L. agents.
O. Research: #6 Unlimited Connections 50 pts; Because S.N.A.I.L. is part of the US Government it uses its facilities for gather information. They spend more then half of their funding to unlock the secrets of the alien equipment that they have discovered over the years.
P. Agency Credentials: #2 Unknown 3 pts; S.N.A.I.L. tries to keep the lowest possible profile as possible, but from time to time they have to create a story to cover their agents operations.
Q. Agency Salary: #5 Excellent 30 pts; $2000 weekly, but lodging and food are provided. Food is provided in the base cafeteria, but most agents live within the town of New Hope.