Containment Van

The Van can sit two people comfortably, copilot and driver, as well as 4 other passengers in special flip down seats in the back of the van. It is filled with scientific equipment, cargo space, extra weapons and armor, as well as the cold chamber and other miscellaneous equipment.

Van Armor: A.R. 16, S.D.C. 550
Max. Load: 2000 lb.
Cab Armor: A.R. 13, S.D.C. 300
Note: Windows are made of Plexiglas.
Fuel Compartment Armor: A.R. 12, S.D.C. 200
Speed: Class 13, Spd. 286, Max: 195 Mph, Cruse: 75 Mph.

Weapon Systems:
Vehicle Caltrops: A container of nails, and metal shards can be released by the pilot.
Smoke Screen: The pilot can release smoke by changing the fuel mix in the engine.

Other Systems:
1. Air-Recycling System: Allows for unlimited time in impure air (gas, pollution, etc.). The unit will recycle the vehicle atmosphere so long as power remains.
2. External Fuel Tank: Doubles the amount of available driving time.
3. Loud Speaker: Simply a large speaker/amplifier mounted under the hood. Can be heard clearly over vehicle noise up to 400 ft away.
4. Night Sight Camera/Monitor: A forward mounted camera that sees into the darkness and relays an amplified image to a monitor in front of the copilot, and the passengers in the back. Range 2000 ft, and camera clearly shows ground-based buildings, vehicles and creatures. Imaging is too slow to see aircraft. Any bright lights, including the van's headlights, blind the night sight camera.
5. Search Light: High-powered spotlight. Controlled by the pilot.
6. Theft Alarm System: A tamper-proof burglar alarm. When someone attempts to open the vehicle without the alarm key, a piercing siren will sound out.
7. Theft Proof Locks: The vehicle locks have been modified so that standard pry bars and skeleton keys will not work. A thief is -35% to pick locks.
8. Stereo System: Picks up AM/FM/Short-wave signals and delivers the signals in stereo. Also play tapes.
9. Engine Read Out Package: The instrument panel is modified to include a tachometer, temperature, and oil pressure gauges, fuel mix indicator, and readout on the battery charge. Adds +5% to Auto Mechanics diagnosis.
10. Radar Display: A monitor is mounted on the dash that displays the radar picture for an area 500ft around the vehicle, This shows solid obstacles, other moving vehicles, and moving bodies. It does not show pits, potholes, broken pavement, or bodies smaller then Size Level 6.
11. Radio Locator: Directional locator that lets the vehicle operators fined the exact position of a radio transmission. Useful for finding planted "bugs".
12. Trailer Hitch: Allows a trailer to be attached to the vehicle.
13. Super Fuel Efficiency: The vehicle consumes only 10% of the normal miles per gallon rate.

Other Equipment:
The Van has cargo space for 12 rifles, and 8 handguns, plus four extra clips for each weapon. Standard for all vans are two extra suits of heavy armor, as well as two cold packs. The van also has medical and scientific equipment for analyze and study of things that might found during a mission. There is also about a weeks worth of MREs for 6 people, as well as basic cooking equipment and camping gear (tent, back pack, sleeping bags in case they need to leave the van.).