Prisoner Restrainment Collar

The PRC or Prisoner Restrainment Collar is a way to help keep really nasty prisoners in check. The PRC can take the meanest blood thursty chrimanal and turn him into a pile of jelly with the push of a button.

The device itself is very simple, a large flex-steel collar is attached to the prisoner's neck, and if the prisoner makes the mistake of trying to escape or attack someone, a signal is sent for a small handheld controller, or from a larger control room version, and that signal will activate a large energy pulse that will shock the prisoner, causing pain, and discomfert.

The collars are used when they transfer prisoners from one place to another, (Most often to Purgatory). If a prisoner managed to get away from the range of the controller, after about two minutes away from the controller the PRC will begin to shock the person untill they are knocked out. Also durring this time it will start to send out a tracking signal that can be followed back to the prisoner. The collars are always receaving special signals that let the PRC know that it is still active. The collars will monitor the life signs of the prisoner and transfer that information back to the controller, that way the controller will always know if the person is just facking that they are unconches.

Inorder to remove the PRC, the contoller has to send a specail compination of signals, as well as an access code. After the codes are sent then a specail "key" must be physically entered into the PRC to unlock it. Without the sigals the slot that the key enters is not even visable. If one uses the key before the signals, the PRC will activate, and send the runaway signal. But in this case, if the device is still being tampered with it will extend the shock feild outward, and try to effect the person tampering with it. In this effect the perisoner will most likly die before the PRC is removed. One the hit points of the prisoner fall below his PE, then he will enter a coma and die. (Example: Johns PE is 14, once his hit point fall to below 14 he will fall into a coma). The person hit by the outward field will suffer only half effects, except duration is still full.

The PRC is often combind with the BPDS. With the two working together, even those prisoners that would normally be uneffected by electrisity or energy would suffer full efects from the PRC.

Prisoner Restrainment Collar
Weight: 3 lbs
SDC: PRC SDC: 45 AR: 16; Controller SDC: 15
Damage: 1d6 direct to hit points, (Also See Special)
Range (Special): Hand Held Contoler: 200 ft. Tracking Signal: 5 miles.
Power: 300 blasts. (Outward blasts coust two as much - one the person wairing the PRC, and one to anyone within 5 feet). The PRC has a small recharging system that will recharge compleately in about 2 hours.
Special: Once the prisoner's hit points reach zero, he will pass out due to shock. This isn't real damage, but stun/shock damage, and the prisoner will recover at a rait of one point per minute. Once they have one hip point, they regain conchesness, even then they will have stiffness of joins, and not want to move. (-10 to PS, PE, PP, and Spd. -8 to strike, parry and dodge untill they regain half their hit points.)

In addition to the damage and effects from the shock, the prisoner must also Save vs. Non-lethal poison or suffer -8 to strike, parry, and dodge, reduce speed to one half, and attacks are cut in half. The effects of the shock are cumulative
Duration: 4d4 melees.
Note: The PRC is a difficult target to hit, and is -4 to strike. The PRC when running on automatic will have 5 attacks per melee.