Heavy Armor

Armored Battle Suit

S.N.A.I.L. Shell
Armored Battle Suit

Shell Armor: This is a special heavier version of the space armor. This suit has been designed with special hydraulics and additions that give the user greater strength and speed. Like a normal space suit, this has a separate oxygen recycling system that allows up to 14 hours of use before it has to be refueled, as well as radiation and temperature control systems. The suit has a special armored skin, that consists of several layers, even if all the main armor is destroyed, there is a secondary "bubble" that will protect the user from the vacuum of space. This suit has also been equipped with several sensors and observation equipment to help the user in the voids of space.

Main Body: 375, A.R.: 13**
Reinforced Shell: 50, A.R.: 19
Head: 75, A.R.: 16*
Arms: 95, A.R.: 13
Hands: 35, A.R.: 13*
Legs: 150, A.R.: 13
Jet Pack: 85, A.R.: 13
Head Laser/Camera: 15*
Lights (2): 5*
Sensor Pods (2): 35, A.R.: 10*
Radio Antenna: 10***
Ammo Drum: 55, A.R.: 14
Ammo Belt: 40, A.R.: 13*
SN-17L: 75

* They are small or difficult targets to hit. There is a -3 to hit these targets.
** If you deplete the main body, will shut down the suit. The internal oxygen supply will last only about four hours. Once the system is shut down a special homing signal is activated so the unit can be retrieved, this signal can be shut off by the pilot. Movment, other then the jet pack is imposible, and even then there is a -40% to the piloting skill of the jet pack.
*** This is a small or difficult target to hit. There is a -4 to hit this target. Destroying the radio antenna will only reduce the range down to one mile.

Note: Destroying the head will expose the pilots head, as well as destroying the optical, audio, and sensor equipment. The pilot no longer gains any of the bonuses gained from any of the optical, audio, and sensor equipment, and must rely on his own eyes and ears. The radio is the only system that can still be used to transmit a signal, but is unable to hear any kind of response.

Height: Adds a foot and a half to the user.
Weight: 400 lb.
PS: +15, PP: +5, Spd: Running: 75 MPH, Flying: 210 MPH

Optics: Advanced optic system, targeting sight; +1 to all attacks, telescopic vision, laser targeting; +3 to strike with a ranged weapon, and video & audio surveillance system (16 hours).
Audio: Advanced audio system, radar signal detector, wide band radio receiver and transmitter, radio signal scrambler system, and Sound Analysis Computer.
Sensors: Motion detector and warning system, bio-scan, medical survey unit, micro-radar, and radar detector.
Other: Two small lights on the forearms of the suit, and a data spike; used to interface directly with computers to download and upload information directly to the pilot.
Bonuses: +7 to inish, +2 parry, and +3 dodge. These are in addition to any physical bonuses the pilot my already have.


SN-17L: This is a special weapon built specifically for this armor. (See SN-17L.)

Head Laser: This Laser is mounted on the right side of the armors helmet, just under the camera.
Range: 550 ft
Damage: 3d6 +5
Ammo: Laser has 50 shots, but recharges 8 shots per minute (2 shots a melee).
Bonus: +2 to strike.

Palm Laser: This Laser is mounted in the left hand of the armor. It is ment to be a cutting tool, and not a weapon.
Range: 2.5 ft
Damage: 1d4, 1d6, 2d6, or 3d4
Ammo: Laser has about 150 shots, but recharges 8 shots per minute (2 shots a melee).

Data Spike: Used to interface directly with computers to download and upload information directly to the pilot. In a pinch it can become a very useful weapon. Located just under the right wrist.
Length: 6 inches long.
Damage: 1d4+2 + PS Damage bonus.

Special: Jet pack flight system; 72 hours of non-stop flight, requires a cooling time of 2 hours if used for more then 10 hours straight (Cooling time is only about 15 minutes when used in the freezing cold of space), life support system, radiation shielding, and pressurized cabin.
Cost: Not for Sale. No one outside of S.N.A.I.L.'s space program has ever seen or heard of it.
Note: The armor has a -25% to prowl because of its size and weight. The AR of this armor is the same as all exoskeletons. A special suit of light Flex-Steel is warn when in the suit. Also the suit can not escape Earth's Gravitational field, but can survive re-entry to Earth. 1