David Smith was born a mutant, he was thrown out of his house by his father when he found out that his son was a freak. David lived for several years on the street, using his powers to strong arm people for money and stuff. He was not the smartest man, and dropped out of school seeing that he could use his powers more then he could use an education. As he was on the street is when he found out about the Brotherhood. He didn't much care about there religious beliefs, or their dream of a new future, he just saw it as a chance to gain power and money. When within the group he met the Reverin Thomas Barton. The Reverin saw great potential for him, and convinced him to volunteer for genetic experiment. David went through several strange treatment, and if it hadn't been for his already great physical condition, and his own mutant powers he would not have survived. After the treatment he found that he could now transform into a huge seven foot tall man of metal. It turned out that his DNA had been combined with that of the Reverin Thomas Barton. He felt that this man was more his father now then his real one. He set out to find his first father, and eliminate him. When he arrived at his old home, his father was shocked to see his son, and still hated him for what he had become. David became very angry and tore his father apart. With the death of his real father, he now had nothing left in his past, and now worked toward the future, the new future of the world.

Real Name: David Smith
Alias/Code Name: Spike
First Appearance: Super Who?
Alignment: Anarchist
Hit Points: 33, S.D.C. 72/800
Weight: 230/2300 lb., Height: 6'8"/7'2", Age: 28
Attributes: I.Q. 13, M.E. 15, M.A. 12, P.S. 26/41, P.P. 28, P.E. 21, P.B. 14, Spd. 28/14
Disposition: Cold, unfeeling. He has a high value for his life, and that of his leader.
Experience Level: 4
Combat Skills: HTH: Expert
Attacks Per Melee: 6
Bonuses: +15 to Damage, +12 to Dodge and Parry, +8 to Strike, and +10 to Roll
Other Bonuses: +12% vs. coma/death, +3 vs. poison & magic, and PER: 48%. +27 to Damage in Metal Form. When he transforms he has Super Natural Strength: 2d6 Resistant Punch, 1d6x10 Full Strength Punch, and 2d6x10 for Power Punch.
Super Power Category: Mutant
Major Super Abilities: Alter Physical Structure: Metal
Minor Super Abilities: Body Spikes, Extraordinary PS, and Power Channeling.
Side-Effect: Must Physically Transform
Educational Level: One Year of College
Scholastic Bonus: +10%
Skills of Note: Acrobatics, Boxing, Gymnastics, Math: Basic 98%, Paired: Blunt, W.P. Blunt, and W.P. Target.
Secondary Skills: Computer Operation 80%, Athletics, Body Building, Climbing 91%, Prowl 72%, Running, Pilot: Automobile 96%, and Pilot: Truck 68%
Appearance: He is a very large man, with dark black hair. (See Image)
Occupation: Main Strong arm of the Brotherhood
Weapons: Tends to you his own natural powers, but will use anything he can get his hands on to give him an edge.
Vehicle: None of his own, but will be driven by any number of people.
Body Armor: None
Money: Has no real need for it, he takes what he wants.