Spike Cubed
Real Name: David Smith III
Alias/Code Name: Spike Cubed
First Appearance: Plays from the Past
Last Appearance: Plays from the Past
Alignment: Anarchist
Hit Points: 39, S.D.C. 198/248
Weight: 280 lb., Height: 6'7", Age: 22, Sex: Male
Attributes: I.Q. 9, M.E. 21, M.A. 19, P.S. 32, P.P. 18, P.E. 26, P.B. 17, Spd. 36
Disposition: Following in his Grandfather's footsteps. Believes he should be treated with respect, and should get anything he wants.
Experience Level: 3
Combat Skills: HTH: Basic
Attacks Per Melee: 5
Bonuses: +17 to damage, +7 to parry, and dodge, +2 to strike, and +12 to roll.
Other Bonuses: +3 vs. psionics/insanity, +22% vs. coma/death, +6 vs. poison/magic, 55% trust/intimidate, 35% charm/impress, and PER: 49%.
Super Power Category: Mutant
Major Super Abilities: None
Minor Super Abilities: Body Spikes, Energy Redirection, Energy Resistance, Night Stalking, and Power Channeling.
Side-Effect: Tough, Lumpy Skin
Educational Level: Master's Degree
Scholastic Bonus: +30%
Skills of Note: Computer Repair 85%, Locksmith 75%, Mechanical Engineer 90%, Robot Mechanics 35%, Acrobatics, Boxing, Climbing 92%, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Languages 98%: Japanese, Spanish, and Handler, and Math: Basic 98%
Secondary Skills: Basic Electronics 55%, Land Navigation 52%, Wilderness Survival 60%, First Aid 65%, Athletics, Body Building, Prowl 80%, Running, and Automobile 92%
Appearance: He looks a lot like his grandfather, except he is a bit taller, and his lumpy skin.(See Image)
Occupation: Sectional Leader for the Brotherhood on Dark Earth.
Weapons: Any weapon he wants, but he likes to use his natural powers.
Vehicle: Any kind he wants, or is avalable.
Body Armor: Doesn't use any.
Money: If he wants something, he takes it.