Super Guy

Melvin Cragnist is a week little man that lived his entire life in the shadow of his older brothers. All his brothers did something great with there lives. One was a test pilot for the air force, one fought in the war and died for his country, and the other became an important doctor working to find cures for deadly plagues. While Melvin flunked out of college, and went back home to work in his fathers electronic shop. Melvin was a great disappointment to his father and to the rest of his brothers.

During his days stuck behind a counter working for his father, there shop was robbed. Melvin's father was shot and killed, during the robbery. Melvin was very upset, but there was nothing he could do about it. The years went on and one by one all of Melvin's bothers died, till he was the last of his family. Every night after he closed the shop he would go and visit his family at there grave sights, and tell them how he wished he could do something to stop all the crime, and to make his family finally proud of him. One night a little wrinkled man saw him, and heard what he was saying. He made Melvin a deal that he couldn't refuse. The little man cast some strange magic spell on Melvin and he became the one true super hero he knew could save the city and the world. He became Super Guy!

With his new powers he went on to protect the city. He made a great attraction out of himself, which caused S.N.A.I.L. as well as the brotherhood to become interested in him. (For more information See Super Who?). After this encounter he decided to try and find others who also felt the way he did, and try to form a team of super people. He has yet to be successful in this ambition.
Real Name: Melvin Cragnist
Alias/Code Name: Super Guy
First Appearance: Super Who?
Alignment: Principled
Hit Points: 29/40, S.D.C. 46/206
Weight: 130/260 lb., Height: 5'1"/6'6", Age: 40/Looks 25
Attributes: I.Q. 11/10, M.E. 13/25, M.A. 9/18, P.S. 12/32, P.P. 12/25, P.E. 17/28, P.B. 14/24, Spd. 28/196
Disposition: As Melvin Cragnist he is a week willed, shriveled little man. As Super guy he believes he can protect and do anything, but acts more like a cartoon hero then a real one.
Experience Level: 3
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand Basic
Attacks Per Melee: 4
Bonuses: +2 to dodge, parry, and roll.
Bonuses when Transformed: +17 to damage, is considered to have supernatural strength, 2d6 for resistant punch, 5d6 for full straight punch, 1d6x10 for a power punch, +7 to dodge, and parry, +2 to roll, +5 to strike.
Other Bonuses: +5% vs. comma/death, +1 vs. poison and magic, and PER: 34%
Other Bonuses when Transformed: 50% to trust/intimidate, 70% to charm/impress +26% vs. comma/death, +6 vs. poison and magic, +8 vs. psionics/insanity and PER: 52%
Super Power Category: Magically Bestowed
Major Super Abilities: Invulnerability
Minor Super Abilities: Healing Factor and Extraordinary M.E.
Side-Effect: None
Educational Level: One Year of College
Scholastic Bonus: +10%
Skills of Note: Surveillance Systems 65%, Cook 78%, Sewing 65%, Sign 65%, Electrical Engineer 70%, Computer Repair 65%, and Math: Basic 96%.
Secondary Skills: Basic Mechanics 56%, Running, Swimming 82%, Pilot: Automobile 92%, Pilot: Truck 72%, Math: Advanced 76%, Writing 46%, Computer Operation 65%, and Read Sensory Equipment 60%
Appearance: As Melvin his is a small shriveled little man. As Super Guy he is strong, brave looking, with a chin that could block out the sun. (See Image)
Occupation: He owns and runs an electronics store as Melvin, but tries to be a Super Hero.
Weapons: Doesn't like to use weapons of any kind.
Vehicle: Has a beat-up 72 pea soup green Chevy Nova.
Body Armor: None
Money: Not too much. He make enough to keep his shop going and live from day to day. 1