Glory is a final product of years of development and effort. She is the fist fully functioning anatomically correct android that S.N.A.I.L. has ever created. Her basic programming is that she believes that she is a real normal person, who has been changed, or augmented in some way. She actually believes that she was at one time a student at NHU (New Hope University). She believes that she was brought to this state in life, because she was attacked and left for dead. This gives her a wanting to bring criminals, especially killers to their rightful end, be that jail, or death. Actually Glory is one hundred percent artificial. Her complex programming was developed by Lorax Lightfoot, and his friend Dr. Stan Turner. The two of them have made great advancements for the S.N.A.I.L. organization.

Glory's mind consists of several subroutines that when activated will help to ensure her believe that what she sees in herself has always been there. Given that if she would loose an arm, a program would activate that would make her believe that her arm was always fake. She would gladly let down her life in order to save any member of the team. Her main objectives are to protect her team, and to protect S.N.A.I.L., as well as to protect the world from these strange and unusual creatures.

Real Name: Gloris Barbie Carlson
Alias/Code Name: Glory
First Appearance: Night of the Body Snatchers
Alignment: Anarchist
Hit Points: None, S.D.C. 600, AR 15
Weight: 230 lb., Height: 5'6", Age: Looks 25
Attributes: I.Q. N/A, M.E. N/A, M.A. N/A, P.S. 40, P.P. 26, P.E. N/A, P.B. 20, Spd. 1078 - Mach One
Disposition: True Soldier, will do whatever it takes to serve S.N.A.I.L. and complete her mission.
Experience Level: 4
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand: Basic
Attacks Per Melee: 7
Bonuses: +8 to strike, +14 to parry, +16 to dodge, +25 to damage, +8 to Inish, and +14 to roll.
Other Bonuses: Immune to poisons, psionics, and magic that effects the mind. Trust/Intimidate: 60%, and PER: 90%
Super Power Category: Robot/Android
Robotic Abilities: Reinforced Frame, Micro Fusion Generator, Concealed Micro Hover System; Spd 150 (100 Mph), Alt: 300ft, Self Destruct System, 360 Degree Rotating Body Segments, Touch Sensor System, Artificial Blood System, Cosmetic Enhancements; Realistic Skin, Real Hair Implants, Real Eyes, and Sculpted Facial Features.
Optics: Advanced Optics, Targeting Sight, and Internal Video Recorder.
Audio: Advanced Audio, Audio Recorder, Modulating Voice Synthesizer, and Sound Analysis Computer.
Sensors: Combat Computer, Micro Radar, and Chemical Analysis System.
Weapons: Energy Discharge; Range: 12' Rate of Fire: 1 per Melee
Education Level: Special
Scholastic Bonus: Special
Skills of Note: Mathematics: Basic and Advanced 98%, Biology 80%, boxing, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Prowl 80%, Swimming: Advanced 80%, SCUBA 80%, Athletics, Pilot: Motorcycle 80%, Write 90%, Dance 90%, Computer Operations 90%, Disguise 90%, Demolitions 90%, Demolitions Disposal 90%, Land Navigation 90%, Escape Artist 90%, Pilot: Combat Helicopter 90%, Pilot: Automotive 90%, Read Sensory Equipment 90%, and Pilot: Truck 90%.
Appearance: A Very Attractive young woman, with blond hair and green eyes. (See Images)
Occupation: Agent of S.N.A.I.L.
Weapons: Can use any weapon that is available to her, but has some built in weapons.
Vehicle: None, but can pilot their team van.
Body Armor: Either Light or Heavy Flex-Steel armor. She doesn't really need the armor, and will gladly give her's up for another agent who might need it.
Money: None, as an artificial person she doesn't need to be paid.