Referee's Stuff


Files and Charts

Small Arms Damage Chart to speed up those combats.

Small Arms Critical Failure Chart. What to do when they roll a 20.

"Special" 12 Gauge Rounds to liven up any party!

Ashley McKay's Excel Character Sheet. 2nd Edition hit capacity.

Ashley McKay's Excel Character Sheet. 1st Edition hit capacity.

Web Sites

Urban Legends and Folklore Web page - The real thing, not the movie.
This page has on more than one occasion inspired a gaming session. Check it out, lots of useful information and just plain cool stuff.

The Art Bell Web Site.
Conspiracies, UFOs, ghosts, and just plain weird stuff. You have got to check this site out!

Pick 'n Mix Spirituality Web Page
Are your cults losing their luster? Need a new group to liven up the game abit? Go here for good info about the fringe.

Tomorrow's News Today
Fantastic resource about the possible near future.

Rosemary West's Weird Web World(TM)
You may never need another resource!

Warning: Possible annihilation of the USA!
See what happens when crazy people get WebTV. If you need background for a conspiracy crazed NPC, this is the place.

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