What is a Glamour Bomb?

Glamourbombing is people doing little things around them to spread the awareness of both magic and the kincommunity, as well as doing little things to raise the magic levels on this world. This is usually achieved with creating pockets of magic by doing small guirrilla type magical stuff...good ones mentioned on one of our mailinglists list were making litle scrolls with glitter and little messages written into them , or glueing pennies to the sidewalk in an arrangement. Glamour bombing started a few years ago by several individuals as a way to raise the ambient magic level of this world. Since then there have been several campains of different sizes, where several individuals or small groups hit their areas with glamourbombs. Please do not let languege deceive you for there is no violence involved, yet rather spreading of messages of hope, creating happyness and touching people's life with magic. This campain planned for Beltaine 99 is probably one of the largest ever attempted, if not the largest and it is our goal to have several communities getting involved with this, both online and offline.

As we are still in the planning phase of this one more info would be added along every several days until after the campain is done.


List of Glamour Bombs

Glamour location list....

List of participants and areas getting hit, some e-mail addresses for contact people, some web page addresses.

Glamour stuff

Essays, poems and other treatsies concerning Glamour bombing and Glamour.

Glamour Reports

Reports handed in by people on progress...

Results of the campain:).

Glamour Links

Links to further ideas, resources, essays, and webpages of participants.

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