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Between the afternoon of November 10 and the morning of November 11, someone left an offensive message and I got several emails from concerned people about free speech on the web. I think that was going too far, but just to let you know, as much as I will support free speech on the web I am still the webmaster of this site and will decide if I have bad language on it. This site is available for kids to see, so I ask you not to make me get your stupid remarks off my guestbook. Otherwise Ill just take the site down for good.

Following the example of the official I Still Know Web Site, I have improoved the looks of this web page. I hope you enjoy it. There are new sections, powered directly by the official site, like Email Jennifer Love Hewitt and the Screen saver.It is good to see that other great I STILL KNOW fan based websites are updating again. Between the new sections, you can find the SECRETS REVEALED, an unofficial rumor on who the killer is and who gets killed....POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING!
By popular demand, I decided to add a little I KNOW material, its only a small storyline with some pics.

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Julie James hasn't been the same since last summer. 

Still harboring  guilt over her role in the death of fisherman Ben Willis,
 her college  grades have slipped and her relationship with high 
school sweetheart  Ray Bronson is on the rocks. After being turned
 down by Ray, Julie invites a classmate to join her when her best friend
 Karla Wilson wins an all-expense paid trip for four to the Bahamas. 
The moment they hit  the picturesque island, havoc ensues. 
Their romantic getaway turns  into a vacation of murder and mayhem
 that soon has Julie and friends running for their lives. 

Yahoo!'s synopsis

Rated R for intense terror violence and gore, strong language and some drug use

Release Schedule: November 20, 1998

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