The Voice Of Evil

A hole in the Pattern let evil into the world.

Evil was only small at first. But it had a persuasive voice.

Come to me, evil whispered, seductively, insidiously. Come to me. I will show you the weave of the Pattern, the spin of the Wheel. Come to me and you will know more than any mortal before you.

Elan Morin heard the voice of evil, and he set aside his books and his studying and made the journey to the Pit of Doom.

Come to me, the voice whispered, and I shall give you power. I shall give you revenge on all who slighted you and sought to impose rules on you.

Nemene Damendar heard and smiled a cold cruel smile, and left the Hall of Servants for the black rocks of Shayol Ghul.

Come to me, and I shall give you life eternal.

Eval, drinking with companions in Míjinn, heard the voice, and laughed, and left without a second thought.

Come to me, and I shall give you vengeance.

Mierin, nursing her wounded pride, heard the voice in her dreams. And she rose and travelled to Shayol Ghul, and stood in the Pit of Doom to speak her oaths.

Come to me, the voice called, growing stronger with every soul it swayed. Will you be second all your life? Come to me and you shall be first.

Barid Bel stepped out of the shadow of his rival and into a shadow immeasurably darker.

Come to me, it whispered, softly, seductively. Come, what good has your healing done for you? Who appreciates your work? Come, make fools of the fools who never heed your words.

Kamarile Maradim looked with scorn at the world around her, and with a mocking laugh turned and left it.

Come to me if you would have power.

Lillen sought the Shadow to hide her cowardice from the Light.

Come to me if you would have success.

Joar Addam sought acclaim - sooner or later, eternity must hear his music.

Come to me if you envy, and I shall make you the envy of all.

Duram Laddel smiled as he left the Lightís forces to fend for themselves.

Come to me if you hate, and I shall deliver those you hate to you.

Tel Janin heard the voice, and fought the Light with the same zeal he had once fought the Shadow.

Come to me if you would learn.

Ishar Morrad heard the voice and turned his mind to evil.

Come to me, the voice of evil cried, no longer a whisper. Wealth I shall give you, and the fairest of women shall be yours, if you come to me.

Ared heard, and stretched his hands out greedily to the Dark.

Come to me, it cried. Be revenged on those who slighted you.

Saine snatched at the offer, and laughed as she taught her pupils to kill.

Come to me! It was a thunder now, a torrent of sound, a choir of sweetly seductive voices. Come to me. I shall give you power, riches, knowledge, glory in battle, whatever you wish. Come to me and serve the Shadow!

And Lews Therin replied:

Get lost!

Years passed, and centuries, and millennia. And one by one, those who had heeded evilís call died, slain by the servants of the Light. And once again the voice of evil spoke, and it cried, Come to me! All shall be yours if you come to me. Kneel and serve me, and I shall make you first of all who I have chosen.

How many times do I have to tell you?

the reborn Lews Therin replied as he mended the hole in the Pattern.

Get lost!

And the voice of evil was silenced.

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