Short stories

The Final Cup
The Voice of Evil
Moon Water
To Choose Again
A Meeting
The Dreamer

And three not so short stories...


The Missing Link

In Search of a Dream

The Other Side of the Wheel

This is my latest project, inspired by a long-standing argument on a forum where I post. No specific number of chapters are planned, but it will be fairly long.

Chapter One: The False Dragon
Chapter Two: Awakenings
Chapter Three: The Merchant's Guard
Chapter Four: On the Trail
Chapter Five: Cats and Mice

Sharia and Davian

In the year FY 351, a man named Davian proclaimed himself the Dragon Reborn. He was eventually captured and gentled.
But that isn't the whole story...

The Red Flame
The Dragon Banner
The Paths Of If - Part One
The Paths Of If - Part Two
The Paths Of If - Part Three
The Paths Of If - Part Four


These stories were written mostly for fun, but looking through my story archives for something to post, I found them. They are part of an overall plotline which is nowhere near complete. The first two are set back in the Wheel of Time past; the third somewhat in the future, when the purge of the Black Ajah is underway (and the two heroines have been Aes Sedai for some time). Some more may be posted later.

Living Light
In the Tower
The Black Sister

Threads of Silver

A discovery. A journey. A catastrophe - And a promise. This story was written even before The Path of Daggers came out, so a number of details regarding Seanchan society are inaccurate. I may write a later version correcting those, but have no concrete plans to do so.

Chapter 1: Sul'dam
Chapter 2: Damane
Chapter 3: Escape
Chapter 4: Windfinder
Chapter 5: Voyage
Chapter 6: Landfall
Chapter 7: Whitecloaks


This story is experimental and as yet unfinished. Don't hold your breath waiting for the rest of it.

Star I
Star II

The Hunters of the Horn

Not that these ever made it into the official version of the story...

Jedar Blackcoat
The Rose Has Thorns
Knives at Noon
Knives in the Night
No Word That Is Not True
The Silence Of The Hawk
Stop Thief! 

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