Aes Sedai Hall of Fame

by Shadar the Mad

This is a place where I commemorate those Aes Sedai I consider to have been the finest in history, whose accomplishments place them above all others.

Eldrene - the last queen of Manetheren, and an Aes Sedai of great strength. When she heard of the death of Aemon fighting the dark, she struck out with the Power, destroying every Darkfriend, Dreadlord, and Shadowspawn within the border of Manetheren. Both she and Manetheren died in the progress, but the people lived on in what became the Two Rivers.

Rashima Kerenmosa - the Soldier Amyrlin. Rashima died during the Trolloc Wars, her body found later in the center of the battle. Surrounding her were the bodies of her five Warders, as well as those of the nine Dreadlords she had killed in the battle. The whole group was ringed by a wall of dead Shadowspawn.

Caraighan Maconar. A legend among the Green Ajah, Caraighan was credited with many great deeds. On her own, she dragged a False Dragon back to the tower for gentling, after the man had killed both her Warders. She is also credited with single handedly ending a revolution.

Moiraine Damodred. We all know what Moiraine has done to deserve inclusion, but I'll record it here anyway. After the Aiel War, she killed Merean Redhill - a senior Black sister - with a belt knife after being shielded. Later, she fought Aginor in the Eye of the World, killed Be'lal in the Stone of Tear, then fought and killed Lanfear on the docks at Cairhien. Not to mention the countless Shadowspawn killed during her twenty year search for the Dragon Reborn.

Nynaeve al'Meara. Another modern Aes Sedai, Nynaeve has done extraordinary things in her brief career. She fought and defeated Moghedien in Tanchico, and later recaptured her in Tel'aran'rhiod. Most of the credit for the death of Rahvin should go to Nynaeve - were it not for her own attack, Rand would surely have died. Then to top it all off, she discovered how to heal Severing in both men and women - something unheard of even in the Age of Legends. I suspect she's barely gotten started.

Mabriam en Shareed. A woman of peace rather than war, it was Mabriam who formed the Covenant of the Ten Nations after the breaking, a covenant that finally died intact during the Trolloc Wars.

Deane Aryman. After Bonwhin almost destroyed the Tower with her enmity towards Hawkwing, it was Deane Aryman who was raised from the Blue Ajah to save the tower. While the tower was never restored to the influence it held prior to Bonwhin, it was Deane who negotiated with Ishara, the new queen of Andor, to remove the siege Hawkwing had placed on Tar Valon.

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