All essays here have either been updated following Winter's Heart, or do not need to be as nothing essential in them has been changed. Some of the older essays will be replaced when I have done the work of updating them. Others, alas, are irredeemable.


On what I believe likely to happen in, or relevant to, future books.

The Liar's Game
Players in the Liar's Game
The Brambles and the Cliff
Cyndane Is Lanfear, Another Irrefutable Fact
Taimandred: The Plot Thickens


Which differs from theory, in that it will probably make little or no difference to the course of the books - although, as always, there are exceptions. In a nutshell, "This is what the Pattern will weave" is theory, "This is HOW the Pattern weaves" is speculation.

The How And Why Of Channeling 
The Dragon Preborn
Threads in the Pattern
The Dreamer's Game
Like Oil On Water
A Map Of The Wheel 
The Ending Of An Age
Each Flame Casts A Shadow
The Mirrored Wheel
The Greatest Game
Game Over
Sappho and the White Tower
Strength in the Power


Allity is alternate reality - discussion on what might happen if things worked out a slightly different way. To continue the summaries mentioned above, allity could be defined as "This is what the Pattern MIGHT HAVE woven."

The Dragoness Reborn
The Dragoness Revisited
The Dragoness Is Here To Stay
Or rather, she isn't. It was such a nice theory, but Jordan denied it in an interview. Actually, what he said could be summed up as "Yes. No." but the general consensus is that the yes was a mistake.
Why I Write Fanfic: Alternate Realities
The first 'fanfiction' essay, which does not deal with allity, can be found in the Miscellaneous section below.
A Dragon Named Spartacus

The Books

These are my comments on the books, both as we wait for them and as they come out. Each was written either shortly before or shortly after the release of a new book. You can see for yourselves how accurate some of them are.

Thoughts on the Path of Daggers
A Book By Any Other Name
Waiting for Winter's Heart
Thoughts on Winter's Heart

In Defense Of...

In which I defend unpopular characters or organisations - usually, but not always, seriously.

In Defense of Latra Posae
In Defense of the Red Ajah
In Defense of Elaida
The Decline Of Channeling, or, In Defense of the White Tower
In Defense of Galad Damodred

Elementary Science Classes

Which are anything but elementary - at least I hope so, I never got taught anything like this at school.

#1: Quantum Realities
#2: Schroedinger's SkimSpace
#3: Mind over Machin Shin


These are essays on fantasy in general rather than on the Wheel of Time. They are aimed particularly at people who hope to write fantasy in the near or far future, but don't get the idea that this is advice from a master; I too am still in the 'aspiring' category.

Archetypes of Fantasy
Make Magic

Shadar's Mad Meanderings

These essays were written by my brother, who usually goes by Shadar (yes, the character in Long Live Insanity was inspired by him). The section title was his suggestion.

What Happened To... Asmodean?
What Happened To... Lanfear?
What's In A Name?
Aes Sedai Hall of Fame
Aes Sedai Hall of Shame


In other words, essays that don't fit anywhere else.

First, Catch Your Gholam
Miscellaneous Theories
Why I Write Fanfiction
In Defense Of Roleplaying
Mistakes and Misconceptions - updated

Raina's Hold / Raina's Library