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VirtuaPern MOOPern Online: VirtuaPern MOO Want to play with other Pern fans right on the Internet? It's fun, it's free, it's the place to be!

Little Bronze Dragon

Xanadu WeyrXanadu Weyr on VirtuaPern! The Final Frontier of the Southern Continent. See the sites, the people, the faces of the folks who call this place home!
Debunking the Dragonrider Myth A look into some of the more popular stereotypes and some misconceptions about dragonriders, not to mention some unkind truths. So you want to be a goldrider? The Gold Pages Also known as "What are you nuts?" The most popular site for aspiring Weyrwoman, players from many Pern M*s use this as a really really behind the scenes look at what it's like to play a goldrider on the games! The Books of Pern: Listings and summaries of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders series. You can even purchase the books right on the net!
DragonCon! This year members of VirtuaPern and other Pern M*s invaded the Weyrfest at DragonCon and made quite a showing! More photos and plans for next year's possible MOOfest will be available soon!

Riding Straps! How they fit, what they're made of, how to make them, and more!
Knot Chart - A listing of the variations of the shoulder knots of the Pernese ranking system. Interviews with Anne McCaffrey! The info straight from the Dragonlady herself! Coming Wingleader's Guide!
Coming Soon! Mating flights! What to do and not to do! How to make it more IC, how to make it more snazzy, how to make them fun for everyone without taking the game past a PG rating!

Coming Soon! First Flights! A sort of 'first person' vantage point of what a weyrling's first moments airborne with their dragon might be like!
Coming Soon! Whatever Pernese should know. A interpretation of the sociological and psychological make up of the average Pernese. Other Perns Online! here's more out there than you think! Currently only referencing the Pern MOOs, but I'll be updating it soon to include other types of Pern games. If you wish to add your game, please email me! Coming Soon! Color Guide: Behind the Hide look at what a dragon of a particular color is all about.

Sabria's Sanctum
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About the Author: No, not the books, this webpage! Sabria's Sanctum  My Characters: Background Information on the people I am and have been around the various Perns!  They've got a life of their own and they want to share their story with you!
Awards! This site has been recognized by many people.  If you think this site has what it takes, give me another award! *heehee*  Don't forget to Rank My Site down below too! Like breeds like and there are many other sources and interesting sites on the Internet: Rings! 
My main site, I just had to register my own domain name, not to mentiont here's more to Sabria than just Pern. Yeah, yeah, I know it's blasphemy, but here it is: Dragonsinger Inc! Links to other Pern pages and cool stuff! If you want to be linked, just email me!

Other Resources!

I won't claim the credit here, these are some of my favorite links to other Pernese references on the Net!

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Anne McCaffrey's HomePage
   Does this need explanation?  News, books, behind the scenes stuff about Anne herself!  Pictures from her own photo album too! It's been greatly revamped by Alec Johnson!

All The Weyrs ListAll The Weyrs List: A collection of all the Dragon Names used Online. It's a fantastic reference plus more!
Before there was anything like Netscape or heck, colors, this site was the top of the line reference to Pern in the internet!  Consolidated from the newsgroups, here's the The Pern FAQ! Get it from the source!  Random House Publishing set up their own Pern site in 1997 for the 30th anniversary the series!  Lots of inside information, contests, previews of upcoming books!
RPer's Anonymous! Created by my friends and cohorts from VirtuaPern, Tam and Arial! Just about everything you'd like to know about role-playing on Pern from the basics to impressing firelizards!

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