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The Project:

Oni no Sekaino Senzou is own by Yutoshi...

Characters based on the design of Shiro Takahashi and drawn by Yushuke

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Title: Oni no Sekaino Senzou:  Sentaku wa Mikata suru (Wars of The Demon World: Choosing Sides)

鬼の世界の戦争 : 選択は味方する


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Main Plot:

Keiichi Seiji, is the daughter of the greatest leader of Naian history.  Her main goal in life is to make people see her not as her Mother's daughter but as her self...

Kouji Mizuki is the bastard child of the Mizuki family, living with his sick mother, he set of to study the ways of a ninja...using the skills unique to that of the Mizuki.

Soushi Akazuki is the youngest son of The Akazuki main house. Since his father hates him, and his mother was his sister, Miya ( a member of the specials) who had taken care of him...

This three consists of Team Moon Shadow, one of the teams being trained to participate in the ongoing Naian-Oni wars.

Nai always had a special relationship with Makai, having the 15th head married to a youkai, but Keiichi doesnt seem to know anyone from her father's side except his human family and when she finally meets wasn't all as she expects them to be...worse of all...they thought she was her mom...Kouji only wanted to cure his mother and Soushi only wanted to an acknowledgement from his father  it is a war not only against the their enemies but themselves as well..

The three teams Moonlight, Moon shadow and Thanatos were sent to a village to compensate for the loss of people guarding the Village of Eri.