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Updated on 12th July 2005  (See new DVD/DVDR Section)

Limited Edition CD and DVD with the first genuinely NEW material by Buddy Holly (over 75 mins.) in more than 20 years! Includes his earliest recordings, unreleased studio OTs and alternates, jingles, promos, interviews and rare live cuts. DVD contains the lost Buddy Holly performance on Ed Sullivan (the complete show!) plus rare backstage footage from Portland, OR in 1957 -- all with a poster, slipcover and a 36-page book!
PRISM RECORDS - 1 CD & 1DVD...$75 for info

Various Artist - One Generataion 4 Another (3CD) Royal Albert Hall, United Kingdom. 15th March 2004 featuring Eric Clapton, P. Green, B.Wyman's Rhythem Kings, Zombies, etc. (AUD) RD-001A/B/ for info

A WALK DOWN ABBEY ROAD - TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES (2CD) Live at Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 29th June 2002. Mainstream Label

10CC - Play and Let Play (2CD) Live at Koseinenkin-Hall, Tokyo, Japan. 4 Oct 1977 (AUD) Private Master-009/ for info

101er's, The (Early Clash)  - Smokey Joe's Cafe (2CD) Demos and outtakes from 1976 + Live from Derby Cleopatras, 12th Dec 1975. (SBD) for info

21st Century Schizoid Band - In the Live of Crimson King (2CD) Wolverhampton, Robin 2. 19th Sept 2002 (AUD) Highland620-621

Various Artist (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page) - Arms Concert USA (3CD) Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA. 9th December 1983 (SBD) Hercules-002/3/4 - $ for info

ARMS' (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page) -- Dallas 1983 (2CD) Live at Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas, USA. 28th November 1983. HB-947-1/2 - $ for info

Various Artist - The Very Best and Rariest of "SHINDIG" (1CD) performances from the Who, R.Stones, Yardbirds, Kinks, the Byrds, Donovan, the McCoys, The Turtles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, the Beatles. (SBD) for info

Varios Artist / Beatles - THE COMPLETE APPLE SINGLES COLLECTION EXTRA VOL.1 (2CD) The beatles solo in the 1970's promotional singles, 39tracks (SBD) Fresh Apple AX-01/2
Various Artist - Every Songs the Beatles Gave Away (1CD) Compilation Of The Songs Composed By The Beatles (SBD)
Various Artists - Songs Your Mother Should Know (1CD) The Original Song Compilation By The Great Artists Who Covered By Beatles (SBD)
Various Artists - The Songs We were Singing (4CD) Compilation Original Of The Cover By Beatles from the Woolton To The Reeperb, the BBC Years, the EMI Years and Go Back Where you Once Belong era (SBD) - $80

Various Artist - Lavender Tablets - Nineties Power Pop Rarities (SBD) POP-011 - $ for info
Various Artist: Eric Clapton, David Sanborn, Joe Sample, Marcus Miller & Steve Gadd - Legends at the North Sea Jazz Festival 1997 (2CD) 11 July 1997
10,000 Maniacs - In the Garden of Eden (1CD) Kinks Music Theater, Toronto Canada & Mountain Stage, Charleston WV, 1993. Nikko-009
10,000 Maniacs - Eat for Two (1CD) Los Angeles, USA. 07-10-1993. (SBD) Pluto Records 9404
A.B.W.H - A Young Person's Guide to YES music (3CD) Edinburgh 21 Oct 1989 + Stockholm 8 Nov 1989 (SBD) Highland 235/236/237

ABBA - More Archives More Tracks (1CD) rare tracks (SBD) for info

ABBA - The Archives (1CD) rare tracks (SBD) for info

ABBA - To All Fans (1CD) rare tracks (SBD) for info

ABBA - The Lost Live Album (1CD) Live Europe 1979 (SBD)

AC/DC - Going Dutch (1CD) Live from Njmegen, Netherlands. 23rd Oct 1978 + Bonus tracks from April 17, 1977. Holy for info

AC/DC - Back in Melbourne (2CD) Live at Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia. 27th Feb 1981 + bonus tracks from Tokyo, Japan. 5th Feb 1981 (SBD) Bondage Music 312/ for info

AC/DC - Live in Berlin 2003 (2CD) Berlin columbiahalle, Germany. September 6, 2003. BC-962003-2

AC/DC - Milestones of Dynamite - The Rarities Volume 2 (1CD) rare, rarer, rarities, the volume 2

AC/DC - The Devil Rocks (1CD)live in Hurstville Civic Centre, Sydney, February 77 + bonus radio interview on 20 Feb 1989. DIGIPAK.

AC/DC - Return of the Phoenix (2CD) Live in Phoenix, American Arena. 13th Sept 2000 (US Radio show) + bonus tracks : b-sides from cd single "Save in New York City" / Stiff Upper Lips sessions + Live at Canal Studio, Paris, France 30th Oct 2000 and various rare live tracks from Europe 2000 tour. (SBD+AUD) FAAB-0004-2. Digipak.

AC/DC - Rarities V (1CD) Recorded in Melbourne, Australia in 1988 + unreleased demos and rare live tracks (SBD+AUD) PH-005 - digipak

AC/DC - Rarities VI (1CD) all tracks recorded during the "Fly on the Wall" tour in 1985 and where never released before (SBD) PP-006. Digipak

AC/DC - We Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll (2CD) Paris, France on November 2000. EB-67/2

AC/DC - A Giant Dose Of Rock 'n' Roll (1CD) Hobart, Tasmania. 7th January 1977. Digipak..out of stock
AC/DC - Madrid 1996 (2CD) Live in Madrid at Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, Spain. 10th July 1996 + bonus tracks, Fun Radio studio, France. 13th Sept 1996. Digipak FAAB-0010/2
AC/DC - Parisian Nights (1CD) Canal+ TV show, Paris, 30 Oct 2000 + Pavillion, Paris, 9 Dec 1979 + Marc Bolan TV Special, London. 28 Aug 1977 (SBD)
AC/DC - Electric Frankenstein! (1CD) Live in Budapest, Hungary. 22nd Aug 1991. - 1 copy only
AC/DC - Brian in White (1CD) rare tracks, b-side, dance mix, remix, & demos (SBD)
AC/DC - She's Got Balls! (1CD) Towson, Maryland, USA. 16 Oct 1979 + Bonus tracks "Lost in the Valuts". (SBD) BT-CD 7879-2
AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip Live (2CD) Munchen, Germany. 14 June 2001 (SBD) + various live and rare bonus live tracks. Digipak. FAAB-0002/2..out of stock
AC/DC - Rock N Roll will Never Die (1CD) Netherlands, 23 Oct 1978 + Amsterdam, 12 Nov 1979 + Cape Town 5 Dec 1976 + bonus track Bon Scott Jamming with Trust Live Scorpio Studio London, 13 Feb 1980. the very last recording of Bon Scott. - CD-single case ..out of stock

AC/DC - Earthquake Shock (2CD) Spektrum, Oslo, Norway. 24 April 1996. RZCD 086/87

Aerosmith - UK (2CD) Donnington Park 18th Aug 1990 (AUD) A-9008...$ for info

Aerosmith - Donnington 1990 (1CD) Live at Castle Donnington, England. 19th August for info

Aerosmith - Honkin' On Odessey (2CD) Live at Yokohama International Stadium, Yokohama, Japan. 24th July 2004 (AUD) GR-003/ for info

Aerosmith - Let the Music Do the Honkin' (2CD) Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan. 20th July 2004 (AUD) GR-001/ for info

Aerosmith - Back to the Roots (1CD) Live at Mama Kins Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA. 19th December 1994. Flashback. Digipak

AC/DC - The BBC Tapes (1CD), Live London 1986 and 1980 (SBD)..out of stock
Aerosmith - Lord or Dude (2CD) Tweeter Center, Tinley Park, IL, USA 9/7/02 + Suny studios, CA 4/14/02& "Sunshine" radio remix, promo cd only (SBD) Bondage 283/ for info

Aerosmith - A Grip of Aerosmith (1CD) Brussels, Belgium. 31st Oct 1993 + Bouns tracks from Philadelphia Specturm, 20th Jan 1990 (SBD) RLCD-39
Aerosmith - Come Together (2CD) Pacific Amphitheater, Costa Mesa, CA, USA. 14 Sept 1988 (SBD) Shamrock 202038/ for info
Aerosmith - Lord of the Thighs (2CD) Live at Great Woods, Mansfield, MA, USA. 25th August 1988 (SBD) Shamrock 202036/ for info
Aerosmith - The Other Side (2CD) Live at Savannah Civic Center, Savannah, GA, USA. 9th May 1990 (SBD) Shamrock 202040/ for info
Aerosmith - Lightning Strikes (2CD) Live at Great Woods, Boston, MA, USA. 26 June 1990 (SBD) Shamrock 202042/ for info
Aerosmith - Listen to this Joe (2CD) Live At Budokan 1990 From Mixing Disc. (SBD) PB-024/ for info
Aerosmith - Stroll on (1CD) Tracks 1-6 with Jimmy Page - Live at Marquee Club, London, England. 20th August 1990. Tracks 7-15 - Rehearsals in Kansas City, Missouuri, USA. 9th August 1990 for MTV Unplugged. (SBD) Bondage 246

Aerosmith - The Last True Document (2CD) Pennsylvannia Tower Theatre, PA, USA. 26 March 1978 + bonus (SBD) PB-109/ for info
Aerosmith - Just Push Play Loud (4CD) Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 2/2&3/2002 + Soundcheck at Tokyo Dome,Tokyo 2/3/2002 (AUD) for info
Aerosmith - Rocks & Toys in the Attic (1CD) "ROCK"and "TOYS IN THE ATTIC" Defferent Mix (SBD) Def-01
Aerosmith - Beyond All Things (1CD) Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL. USA. 14 Jun 2001 + Foxboro Stadium, Boston, MA. USA. 26 May 2001 (SBD) 
Bondage for info

Aerosmith - Just Push Sapphire! (1CD) Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL. USA. 14 Jun 2001 for info
Aerosmith - California Jam 1978 (1CD) Live at california Jam, 18th March 1978. FP-0052..out of stock
Aerosmith - Boston 1973 (1CD) Live in Boston, 20 March 1973 (SBD) for info
Aerosmith + Black Crowes - Profitable Emotion (2CD) Waldbuhne, Berlin,Germany July 6.1999 (AUD) TRO 70699-1/2
Aerosmith - Back in the Saddle (2CD) Monster of Rock, Donnington Park, UK. 4th June 1994. Banzai 024/25 - 1copy only

Aerosmith - Chain Reacton (1CD) 1 Remake '91 2 "Less Than Zero" Soundtrack 3 Mtv Music Awards 4 B-Side Of "Eat The Rich" 5 Demo Version 6 B-Side Of "Falling In Love" 7 B-Side Of "Livin On The Edge" 8 Alternate "Club Mix" From Us Promo Ep 9 "Beavis & Butthead" Soundtrack 10-13 Aborted Rick Rubin Lp Sessions '87 14-16 Saturday Night Live 2/17/90) (SBD) for info

Aerosmith - Just Buy Play (2CD) Fidder's Green Amphitheater, Englewood, CO USA 7/23/2001 + Conneticut, USA 6/6/2001+ bonus (AUD+SBD) Bondage 240/241
Aerosmith - Welcome Back Joe (2CD) Live in Bakersfield 1984 (SBD) Z-2020001/ for info
Aerosmith - Saratoga 2001 (2CD) Saratoga performing arts Center, Saratoga. NY. 8 Jun 2001 (AUD) Z-20103301/2..last set
Aerosmith - Mankato 1998 (2CD) Live in Mankato, MN. USA. 7 Nov 1998 (AUD) HB-930-1/ for info
Aerosmith - Taste of Rarities (1CD) Rarities 1987~1999: Remixes, Unreleased Tracks, Advance Mix, Live 90,97,98,99 (SBD) BON 173...out of stock
Aerosmith - Take Your Bra Off (1CD) Orlando, FL. USA. June 14, 2001 + RFK Stadium Washington DC, USA. Oct 21, 2001 (SBD) PB-106
Aerosmith - Complete Mama Kin 1994 (2CD) Mamakin Music Hall, Boston, MA. USA.Dec.19th 1994 + Foxboro Stadium, MA. USA.Sep. 6th 1993 etc.(AUD) MK-01/02
Aerosmith - Laid Back?, F**K Off Baby!! (1CD) Masonic Hall, Detroit, MI, USA. 14 April 1974 (SBD) PB-101
Aerosmith - From the Attic of '75 (1CD) Boston 1975 + New York 1975. PB-073
Aerosmith - Just Sorted Enough, but.. (1CD) Veteran's auditorium, Columbus, Ohio. 24 march 1978 (SBB) PB-061
Aerosmith - Offenbach Rocks (1CD) Offenback, Germany. 24 Oct 1976. (SBD) STTP 121
Aerosmith - Road to Heaven - Paves in Hell Part 1 (1CD) live in Europe 1993, Part 1
Aerosmith - Road to Heaven - Paves in Hell Part 2 (1CD) live in Europe 1993, Part 2
Aerosmith - The Other Side (2CD) Live in Europe 1993 (SBD) JR003 A/B
Aerosmith - Out Of Control (2CD) Live Europe 1994.  NIKKO 010/11 
Aerosmith / Kiss - Two Kings In Germany (1CD) Rock Im Park Festival 5/16/18 + Rock Am Ring Festival, Germany. (SBD) Bondage 116 
Al Green - The Gospel Of Love (1CD) Live in 1973, WNET Studios, New York (SBD) BF-009
Alan Holdsworth - Live in Japan 1985 (1CD) Recorded Live in Japan 1985. 
Alanis Morisette - The Hands of Love (1CD) Koln, Germany at "GLORIA" on 5th Feb 2002
Alanis Morrissette - Thank U For UR Invitation (1CD) Live In Toronto Canada 1 Nov 1998 (SBD) NW-008
Alanis Morisette - Hard To Swallow (1CD) Live California, 12/11/95 + Germany 11/95 + Amsterdam 10/95 (SBD) KTS 515
Alanis Morisette - The Girl Can't Help It (1CD) Baden Baden, Germany 95 + Rehearsals (SBD) KTS 550..
Alanis Morisette - Light My Fire (1CD) Roseland In New York February 1996 (SBD) KTS 570...out of stock
Alanis Morisette - You Can Kiss It (1CD) Live Germany And Holland 1996 (SBD) KTS 591
Alanis Morisette - Something To Share (1CD) Recorded 'Live' At Various Venues And Dates (SBD) KTS 625 

Alcatrazz - No Parole from Alcatrazz (1CD) Instrumental Demo sessions for "NO PAROLE FROM ROCK N ROLL" (SBD) Bondage-309

Alcatraz - Too Hard To Be Home (1CD) Shinjyuku Tokyo, Japan, Oct 10, 1984 (SBD) STTP 099
Alcatraz - Nevada Desert (1CD) Reno, NV, USA. 26 March 1984 (AUD) 
Almighty, The - Wild and Wonderful Demo (1CD) Compilation Demo + Alternate Take (SBD) 
Alice Cooper - Camelback Kids (1CD) compilation of various rarities. (SBD) Tendollar Label
Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Demos (1CD) Billion Dollar Babies demos. MQ003
Alice Cooper - Live in NY City (1CD) Live in New York City, USA. 13 Sep 1991. Onstage 2394
Alice Cooper - Nobody likes Alice Cooper Live (1CD) Live Early Recordings. GFS071
Alice Cooper - Goes To Chile (1CD) Recorded 'Live' In Santiago, Chile 7-09-1995 (SBD) KTS 512 

Allman Brothers Band - The Allman Joys (Japanese Pro-made 1CDR) Early Allman tracks feat. Duane and Gregg Allman + bonus tracks from 1966.

Allman Brothers Band - Keep On Pushin' (2CD) live soundboard recording from Fillmore West, San Francisco, 28 Jan 1971 in excellent quality and a killer performance. Great color Duane cover pic and another inside, plus 2 vintage b&w pics.....vintage Brothers as follows: Statesboro Blues/Trouble No More/Don't Keep Me Wonderin'/In Memory of Elizabeth reed/Midnight Rider/Dreams/You Don't Love me/Whipping Post. Previously uncirculating reel-reel line recording (SBD) NightHawk-01007/8....out of stock

Allman Brothers Band - Another Fillmore East Part 1 (1CD) Fillmore East, NY, USA. 11th Feb 1970 Evening show. Vague-056

Allman Brothers Band - ANother Fillmore East Part 2 (1CD) Fillmore East, NY, USA. 14th Feb 1970 Evening show. Vague-057
Allman Brothers Band - Good Morning (2CD) Live at the Cow Palace, San Francisco, USA. 1st Jan 1974 (SBD) Digipak
Allman Brothers - Jamming with Last Night (1CD) Last recorded show with Duane, Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 15th Oct 1971. Vague 078

Allman Brothers & Grateful Dead - The Longest Day (6CD) Live At RFK Stadium Washington DC June 10, 1973. Disc 1-2 Allman Brothers Band Disc 3-5 Grateful Dead Disc 6 Allman Brothers And Merl Sauders (SBD) LD-1-6...$120.

Allman Brother Band - You Don't Like Ramblin' Jam Part.1 (3CD) RFK Stadium Washington DC, USA. June 9, 1973 (SBD) Vague 048/49/50
Allman Brother Band - You Don't Like Ramblin' Jam Part.2 (2CD) RFK Stadium Washington DC, USA. June 10, 1973 (SBD) Vague 051/52
Allman Brother Band - Long Way From Home (1CD) Leonard Gym American University, Washington, DC. 13th Dec 1970 (SBD) RS-21007
Allman Brothers Band - In Memory of the Weekend July 3,1970 (2CD) Atlanta Pop Festival Middle Georgia Raceway, USA. 3rd July 1970. (SBD) Vague Records
Allman Brothers Band - In Memory of the Weekend July 5,1970 (2CD) Atlanta Pop Festival Middle Georgia Raceway, USA. 5th July 1970. (SBD) Vague Records
Delaney & Bonny + Allman Brothers - Bramlett & Whippy Brothers (1CD) A&R Studio, NY City, USA. 22nd July 1971 (SBD) Vague Records
Allman Brothers Band - The Best of The ABB LIVE (1CD) 
Allman Brothers Band - Central Park 1971 (2CD) Central Park, New York. NY. 21 July 1971 (AUD) Z-20103201/2.
Allman Brothers Band - No Exit from the Road (3CD) Warehouse New Orleans, USA. Dec 31, 1972 (SBD) WWD-008/9/10
Allman Brothers Band - No Way Out (1CD) Syria Mosque Pittsburgh, USA. Oct 15, 1971 (AUD) WWD-011
Allman Brothers Band - Stormy Monday (1CD) A & R Recording Studios, NYC. 26 August 1971 (SBD) - WatchTower 2001001 -
Allman Brothers Band - Brothers in Arms (2CD) Fillmore East, New York, 13 March 1971, bonus   fr. stereo mix from discrete quad tape (SBD) WatchTower 2001005/6
Allman Brothers - Superstar in Concert (2CD) Homedale, New Jersey, 16 Aug 1994 (SBD) 
Allman Brothers - Jamming in Midnight (2CD) Stoneybrook, NY. USA. 26 Jul 1970 (SBD) PB- 099-100
Allman Brothers Band - LIVE 1990 (3CD) Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, Birmingham, Alabama. 4 July 1990 (SBD) MD 2014131/2/3
Allman Brothers Band - Live in New York 1971 (1CD)
Allman Brothers Band - Last Serenade (1CD) Fillmore East, NYC, NY, USA. 27 Jun 1971. SS9901
Allman Brothers Band - Pittsburgh 1971 (1CD) Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA. 17 Jan 1971 (SBD) DP-008
Allman Brothers Band - My Brothers Keeper (2CD) Syracuse, New York, March 27th 1972. (SBD) DP-00-4-1/2
Allman Brothers Band - All Or Nothing (2CD) Various Live From 1991 US Tour. BIG 068/69 
Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Riding (2CD) Live In St. Louis, USA 23/7/94. KTS 508/09 
Andrew W.K. - The Zen of Positive Partying (1CD) Live Compilation 2002 (SBD) WB-060

Angel - White Heroes (1CD) Fresno, CA, USA. 10th May 1978. Gypsy EYe...1copy for info
Ani DiFranco - Not a Pretty Girl (1CD) Sony Music Studios, NYC 1997 + World Cafe, 20 Sept 1997 + El Moeambo, Toronto 18 Sept 1993 (SBD) Sun-004
Ani Difranco - Hell Yeah (1CD)  Live Canada 19/1/95 (SBD) KTS 657 
Annie Lennox - Golden Lady (1CD) Live On Tour 1995 (SBD) KTS 433 
Archives - It Sound Good to Us (1CD) rare compilation of German, french promos, remixes an singles (SBD) Filou-027 Digipak
Archives - Gangsters (1CD) Track 1-5: Reservoir, Paris, 2002 + track 6-8 recorded at Belfort 2002.
Various Artist - Arms Concert USA (3CD) Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA. 9th December 1983 (SBD) Hercules-002/3/4 - $50

Area - La Mela Di Odessa (2CD) Trino.Italy.'77 : 9 tracks + Siena. Italy.'76 : 7tracks. "Il Massacro di Brandeburgo numero, etc (AUD) Black Hole-001/ for info

ARMS' - Dallas 1983 (2CD) Live at Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas, USA. 28th November 1983. HB-947-1/2 - $30

ASIA - Last Original (2CD) Pine Knob, Detroit, Michigan, USA. 10th September 1983 (AUD) Highland 149/150
ASIA - Alcheringa (2CD) Boston, MA, USA. 29th April 1982 (AUD) Highland 515/16
ASIA - In Paris Night (1CD) Bataclan, Paris, France. September 19th 1992 (AUD) Highland 461
ASIA - 28-IX-90 (1CD) Nakano Sunplaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan. 28th September 1990 (AUD) Highland-375
Asia - Arica (1CD) Ontario, Canada. 19th feb 1993 (SBD) Highland 517
Asia - Midnight Sun (2CD) Chicago, IL, USA. 17 Jun 1982 + bonus : unreleased performances and radio interview. (AUD) AL-003/04..$30
Asia - Stone Pony 1992 (2CD) Stone Pony USA Nov 15, 1992 (AUD) AMS 736
Asia - Your Eyes Will Tell (1CD) Live At Budoukan, Japan. 7th December 1983 (SBD) STTP 007
Ash - Win the Ashes (1CD) Roof Top Triple J Studios Sydney, Australia. 18 Jan 1999 (SBD) WB-008

Avril Lavigne - F**Kin' Sk8er Girl (1CD) track 1-19: BBC Radio 1, November 2002 + track 10-16: live in 2002. (SBD) WB-065

Avril Lavigne - Unprotecetd (1CD) Soundboard compilation. AOL Studio Session, April 8, 2002, track 5, Leno Show track 6, David Letterman Show track 7, MTV Video Music Award 2002 track 8-9, Bands To Best On Performance track 10, Retains America Music award 2002 track 11-12 & 14, Rock n? Roll Hall Of Fame track 13, TRL TV track 15, Radio City Music Hall track 16 Teen Nick Concert track 17, XL106.7 FM (SBD) NW-025

Band, The - Academy Of Outtakes (2CD) 33-tracks outtakes from Dec 28- 31/72 + terrific 8-song rehearsal UltraSonic Studios, Long Island, in Dec 1971. Magnificent stuff. Wildwolf Label. $50..out of stock

Band, The - Central Park in the Dark (1CD) Wollman Skating Rink, Central Park, NYC, USA. 30th June 1971. DeepSix Label - $25..out of stock

THE BAND - CARTER BARON AMPHITHEATER (1CD) Live at the Carter Baron Amphitheater in Washington August 16, 1976. One of their last performances recorded for an (unreleased?) King Biscuit Flour Hour. (SBD) Scorpio related released. - $20 click for info

Band, The - Across the Endless Highway (1CD) Roosevelt Stadium, New Jersey, USA. 1st Aug 1973 (SBD) Polar Bear - 076
Band, The - Roosevelt Stadium (1CD) Recorded at Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. 1st August 1973. (SBD) Deep Six 20...out of stock

Backyard Babies - Spotlight the Babies (1CD) Fran Tonhallen, Sundsvall, Sweden 2/13/99 + Fujikyu Highland, Yamanashi,Japan 8/9/'99 (SBD) Bondage 180

Bad Company - Rock N Roll in Florida 1999 (2CD) Hard Rock Live Theatre, Orlando, FL, USA. 21 May 1999 + Live at BBC Nvo 1974 + Boston, MA, USA. 1974 (SBD) 
Bad Company - Silver, Blue and Gold (2CD) Toronto, 1976 + bonus tracks from the Gorum, 1975 (AUD+SBD) Gypsy Eye 72/73
Bad English - You Wanna Put a Message (1CD) San Jose, Ca. ,USA 1989 (SBD) Gypsy Eye 245

Badfinger - Apple Demos 1970-1972 (1CD) Superb soundboard demos from Badfinger recording sessions at Apple Studios 1970-1972 (SBD) Cannonball-2003010


Badfinger / Joey Molland - Japan 1991 (2CD) Live in Japan 10 & 11th Feb 1991. - $30
Badfinger - Friday Night in Laredo (1CD) Live in Laredo, Texas, USA. 15th June 1979 (AUD) Delta Tone 11005. Selist: 1. Look Out California 2. The Winner 3. Lost Inside Your Love 4. Love Is Gonna Come At Last 5. Come Down Hard 6. Suitcase 7. Get Away 8. Blind Owl 9. Without You 10. Give It Up 11. Come And Get It 12. Baby Blue 13. I've Been Waitin' 14. Andy Norris 15. Rock Of All Ages 16. Better Days 17. Johnny B. Goode

Badfinger - 1976 (1CD) Track 1-6: The Dodgers LIVE BBC 1976, 7-16: Natural Gas Studio Album 1976, 17: Natural Gas Rehearsal 1976 (SBD) RS-21008..

Badfinger - Would the Real Badfiner Please Stand Up (3CD) Bloomington November 1982 + Minneapolis November 1982 + Newark Dec 6,1982 (AUD+SBD) WW-014/15/16

Badfinger - Lost Treasure (1CD) Head First Unreleased Album 1975 + Unreleased Live Recording In Ny City 1971. (SBD) BB 016 ...sold out
Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - Papagayo Club 1972 (1CD) Live at the Papagayo club in 1972. PR-01

Beach Boys - Archaeology (5CD Boxset + Gorgeous 24 Pages booklet) Lost Studio Recording 1963-1968 incl. Smile Sessions (SBD) ...$ for info

The Beach Boys - Goodbye Surfing, Hello God! (5CD) in Sessions, On TV and in concert from 1963 to 1972 (SBD) Original Vigotone discs. Reprinted for info

Beach Boys - Aloha from Hawaii (and Hollywood) (1CD) - Live at teh Honolulu International Center. 25th August 1967 + Live in the studio rehearsals, Hollywood, CA, USA. 11th September 1967 (SBD) for info

Beach Boys - Mike Love Not War (1CD) Michigan State University, October 1966 + Sweden, November 1964 + Sydney January 1964 (AUD) SPANK-108...$30...1 copy for info

Beach Boys - Live at Carnegie Hall 1972 (1CD) Carnegie Hall, NYC, NY, USA. 23rd Nov 1972 (SBD) for info

The Beach Boys - Smile. Good Vibrations (2CD) click for info
Beach Boys - Live In Sacramento 1964 + London Palladium (1CD) TDM CD131
Beach Boys - Surf's Up in Prinston (2CD) Live at Prinston University, New York, USA. 13 Nov 1971. Barrier 002/3. Limited Edition with slipcase
Beach Boys - Meets Grateful Dead (1CD) Live at Fillmore East 1971. (SBD) Five Power 9039B
Beach Boys - Harmony Friends (2CD) 51 outtakes, oddities, and alternatives 1967-1969 (SBD) BB-676869-1/2
Beach Boys, The - Knebworth The Concert (2CD) Knebworth The Concert, 20th June 1980 + bouns from Philadephia Spectrum, 18th April 1980. (AUD) SAM-008
Beach Boys, The - Knebworth The Rehearsals (1CD) Track 1-7,10: are rehearsals, 8-9: Adrian Baker recordings, made on request by Roger Scott. 11-18 are roughly mixed live recordings (SBD) StoneAge Music 007
Beach Boys - Wild Honey Stereo Version (1CD) Originally released as LP record and Open Reel Tape...$ here for more info
Beach Boys - Smily Smile Stereo Version (1CD) Originally released as LP record and Open Reel Tape...$ her for more info
Beach Boys - Live in Belgium 1987 (1CD) Knokke-Heist, Belgium. 21 July 1987 (SBD) Yellow Cat 075
Beach Boys, The - Our Favourite Recordings (2CD) Rare and Unreleased Tracks From 1962 - 1998 (SBD) BB 055/56
Beach Boys - 26 Big Ones (1CD) 1-9 Soundtrack for Knebworth '79 10-19 Knebworth UK. '79 20-26 "The Flame" Lp Featuring Blondie Chaplin & Ricky Fataar (SBD)
Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be nice Downunder 1978 (1CD) Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne. 3 March 1978 + Unreleased Studio recordings (SBD) SW003
Beach Boys - Help Me Tampa (2CD) Tampa, FL. USA. 4/12/1974 + various live and TV Show '60-'80s (AUD) BB5-003/4
Beach Boys - Trader Goes to Nassau (2CD) Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New Yorok 14 Jun 1974 (SBD) BB 7401/02
Beach Boys - Keepin' the Summer Live (1CD) New York 1980 (SBD) BB025
Beach Boys, The - On the Beach (1CD) Live At Enosima Beach, Kanagawa, Japan Aug 4, 1979 (SBD) 
Beach Boys, The - Deep Sea Treasures Volume 1: Studio Treasures 1963-1973: Studio Compilation Of The Higest Quallty Include Unrealeased Material. PB-062
Beach Boys, The - Deep Sea Treasures Volume 2: Live Treasures 1961-1974: Never Released Rarities Of Live Performance + Reheasal (SBD) PB-063
Beach Boys, The - California Girls (1CD) Civic Auditorium, Sacramento. 8 Jan 1964 + Palladium, London. 12 Jan 1968.
Beach Boys, The - Pet Sounds Rehearsals (1CD) Yellow Dog 029.
Beastie Boys - Demos and Outtakes 2 (1Cd) demos, outtakes and mixes (SBD) PRIMADONNA-128 - $15
Beastie Boys - Bone Crush (1CD) Live at Roskilde Festival, Germany. 27th June 1998 (SBD) 62798
Beastie Boys - Oh No! It's the Beastie Boys (2CD) Lorely Festival, 20th June 1998. (SBD) WB 002/3
Beatles - (See Beatles ONLY section)
Eddie Vedder & Beck - Keep On Setting Free (2CD) The Concert For Artist RightsWiltern Theater LA, USA. Feb 26, 2002 (AUD) Vague 037/38

Beck, Bogery & Appice - Atomic Fusion (2CD) Pink Pop Festival Holland, 11 June 1973 + Rainbow Theatre, London, 1st and 2nd Show. 26th Jan 1974 (SBD) MOONRAKER-007/ for info

Beck - Them Changes (1CD) KCRW Dec 24, 2002 w/Flaming Lips + KCRW Sep 24, 2002 (SBD) for info
Beck - Cool as F**k (1CD) Glasgow Corn Exchange. 30 Mar 2000 + MTV Studios, NYC, 7 Nov '99 + Saturday Night Live, 4 Dec '99 (SBD) WB-032
Beck - Christmas Voltures (1CD) KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, LA Dec 11, 1999 + Ventura Theatre, CA Sep 16, 1996 (SBD) WB-029
Beck Bogert Appice - Why Should I Care (1CD) Live in Frankfurt, Germany. 8th October 1972 (AUD) HB-2051 - $15
Beck, Bogert & Appice - Get Ready (1cd), City Hall, Sheffield, Uk 1/22/74 (Aud), S 038.
Beck, Bogert & Appice - Hollywood Deluxe (1cd), Hollywood Palladium, Ca, Usa 5/73 (Aud) S 045
Beck, Bogert & Appice - Manchester Boogie (1cd), Manchester, England 1/4/74 / (Aud) S 036
Beck, Bogert & Appice – Triangle Boogie (1cd), Hofstra Univ, Ny 10/28/1972 (Aud) S 007
Beck, Bogert & Appice - Very Superstition (2cd), Detroit, Michigan, 4/8/73 (Aud) S 047/48

Bedlam - The Beast Within Live (1CD) West Palim Beach, CA 2/4/74 (AUD) Gypsy for info

Bee Gees - Merchants of Dream (2CD) A delightful collection of acetates, alternate mixes, demos, live performances and outtakes (SBD) PB-124/125
Belly - Live And Hungry (1CD) Live At Glastonbury FestIval, In London And In Holland (SBD) KTS 459 
Ben Folds Five (1CD) Domo! Ben-Cahn Desu (2CD) Live on 20 May 1997 + 19 May 1997 (AUD) GAMBERETTO 008/9 - 1 COPY ONLY
Ben Harper - Acoustic Again (1CD) Live in Aspen, CO, USA. 30th December 1997 + bonus tracks (SBD) Ganja 43
Billy Bragg - Big Mouth Strikes Again (1CD) Town & Country Club, London in 2 Nov 1991. KTS-060
Billy Idol - Live without a Face (1CD) Recorded Live during the 1987 USA Tour. GZCD-1133
Billy Idol - Re-Generated (1CD) Recorded Live On Tour In 1993 And Usa In 1986. KTS 232 
Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (1CD) Live in USA. Pacific Theatre, Costa Mesa, CA. 1990. 1 copy only

Billy Joel - Long Island 1981 (2CD) Manhasset, Long Island, New York, USA. June 1981 (SBD-FM) AP-008/9...$ for info
Billy Joel - Man Gets Lonesome (2CD) Recored Live In Wemley Arena,London, Uk.5/26/1990, (SBD) MG 003/04
Billy Joel - The Storm Arena '90 (2CD) Wembley Arena Lonodn May 26, 1990 (SBD) Soily-005/006
Billy Joel - Songs in the East (2CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 17 April 1981. (AUD) PM021/22
Billy Joel - The Bridge Tour [Special Gig] (1CD) Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan. 24 July 1988 (AUD) PM051
Billy Joel - Last Pianoman Night (2CD) Continental Arebna, Meadwland , NJ Apr 20, 1999 Last Live! (AUD) STTP 030/31 
Billy Joel - Glass House Demos (1CD) (SBD) MAST-025.
Billy Joel - Halloween Eve Night (2CD) St. Petersburg, Florida. 30th Oct 1978 (AUD) STTP 001/2
Billy Joel - Storytellers (1CD) Studio Live (SBD) St-986011
Billy Joel - New Year Live 1991 (1CD) Tokyo Dome, Japan 3rd Jan 1991 (SBD) STTP064
Billy Joel - Like Ray In New York (2CD) Bottom Line, New York, NY June 10,1976 + Live 1971-1972 (SBD) PB 070/71
Billy Joel  - New Year Live 1991 (1CD) Live At Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Jan 3, 1990 (SBD) STTP 064
Billy Joel - Temptation (1CD) Live In Various Venues (New York & Boston) And Dates. BIG 090 
Billy Joel - After The Flood (2CD) Live In Europe 1994. KTS 326/27 
Bill Wyman's The Rhythm Kings - Groovin' Time (1CD) Jazz Festival Switzerland July 2001 (SBD) GT-017
Bjork - Orchard Hall (1CD) Bjork with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, conducted by Simon Lee. Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan. 5th December 2001. Bjork2002
Bjork - Royal Albert Hall (2CD) Live in London, UK. January 2001 (SBD) BRAH2001
Bjork - Bjork in Paris (1CD) Live at the Sainte Chapelle, Paris, France. 25 Aug 2001 (AUD) Bjork2001
Bjork - Acoustically Happy (1CD) MTV Unplugged + manchester académy, 14th Sept 1993 (SBD) Digipak
Bjork - Tappi Tikarrass Miranda (1CD) Early Pop-rock masterpiece of Bjork with a strong independent influence.
Bjork - Beauty And The Beast (1CD) Recorded Live At The Warehouse, Toronto, 7/08/1995,. (SBD) KTS 600 
Bjork - Los Angeles 1993 (1CD) Recorded Live at the Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA. USA. 19th Nov 1993. RA-1579

Black Crowes - Sister Luck (1CD) Live in the Studio, LA, USA. 25th May 1990 (AUD) for info
Black Crowes - Amorica...another session (1CD) Amorica Sessions (SBD) BC-004
Black Crowes, The - The Dawn of the New Millennium Session (1CD) Lions Session + Sweet Pickle Salad (SBD) BC-003
Black Crowes, The - Tall...the Band Session (1CD) Tall Session 1995 (SBD) BC-001
Black Crowes, The - The Band...unreleased Album (1CD) Unreleased Album 1997 (SBD) BC-002
Black Crowes, The - Something to Crowe About (1CD) Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, 6th Feb 1993 + Marquee Club, New York, 21st Jun 1990. RLCD-25
Black Crowes - A White Crows (1CD) rare Demos tracks and b-sides (SBD) DeltaTone here for more info
Black Crowes featuing Joe Perry, & Aerosmith - A Rave with the Aerocrowes (1CD) WBCN FM Stereo Broadcast "River Rave" Foxboro Stadium, Boston, MA. 26 May 2001. (SBD) SR-202029

Black Crowes, The - BC the 2nd Night (2CD) Mean Fiddler, London, England. 31 Oct 1994 + 1 Nov 1994. HR6026/27
Black Crowes - Alive in Atlanta (2CD) Atlanta Apr 4 1999 (SBD) PB-041/42 
Black Crowes - Boogie With Crows (2CD) Secret Gig On Air East Tokyo Japan Jan 27 1999 (AUD) STTP 023/ for info
Black Crowes, The - High Head Blues (1CD) Live On Tour 1/95. KTS 414

Blackmore's Night - Live in Athens 1998 (2CD) Live in Athens, Greece. 22nd Septembe 1998 (AUD) HB-811-3/4 - $30

Blackmore's Night - Self Portrait (2CD) Stadtthalle, Haslach, Germany. 3rd Oct 1998 (AUD) LUNA-007/008

Blackmore's Night - No Electric Night (2CD) Musik-Und Kongresshalle, Lubeck, Germany. 5th Oct 1998 + BONUS (AUD) LUNA-009/010

Blackmore's Night - Ritchie Spice or Candice Spice (2CD) Stadhalle, Olseberg, Germany. 4th Oct 1998 (AUD) Luna-010/11

Blackmore's Night - Minstrel Castle (2CD) Riedenburg-Obereggersberg, Schloss Eggersberg, Germany. 28th Sept 1998 (AUD) LUNA-013/14

Blackmore's Rainbow - Detroit 1975 (2CD) Detroit, Michigan, USA. NOvember 1975 (AUD) DP-00-2-1/2 - $30
Blackmore's Night - The Last Time with Good Company (2CD) Albrechtsburg, Meissen, Germany. 18 July 1999 + Wester Burgruine, Polle, Germany. 16th July 1999 (SBD) LUNA-015/16

Blackmore's Rainbow - Time Standing Still (1CD) Live in Japan, December 1976 + bonus track, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 24th March 1976. DS2000R025 - $15
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Sonic Vibrations (1CD) Live at Razzmalazz, Barrelona, Spain. 4th March 2002. Shout to the Top 216

Black Sabbath - First Purposes (2CD) Live at the Sting, New Britian, Connecticut, USA. 8th Feb 1994 (SBD) Bondage 320/ for info

Black Sabbath - Let Slip The Pigs of War (1CD) Convention Hall Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA. 5th Augu 1975 (SBD)

Black Sabbath - The Fundamental Church of Rock (1CD) Astoria theatre, London, UK. 5th December 1999 + Pacific Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, USA. 15th Nov 1992.

Black Sabbath - Tomorrow's Dream (1CD) Live at Tucson Arizona, USA. 16th March 1972. Cannonball-2003012

Black Sabbath - The Road of TYR (2CD) Milan, Italy. 1st October 1990 + Wolvehampton, England on 1st Sept 1990 + Hammersmith Odeon, London, England. on 8th Sept 1990 (AUD) Bondage 281/282

Black Sabbath - Live in USA '80/'83 (1CD) Live in Hartford, CN, 1980 + USA 1983. Karma-0011
Black Sabbath - Come to the Sabbath (1CD) Recorded Live in concert 1970. Living Legend 061
Black Sabbath - On the Seventh Day (1CD) London, Astoria Theatre. 5 December 1999

Black Sabbath - Feigh Death Black (2CD) Disc 1 + Disc 2, tracks 1-3 Live in Offenbach, Germany. 18th September 1983. Disc 2, tracks 4-10 Live in Montreal, Canada. 21st Oct 1983. (AUD) Gypsy Eye 101/102

Black Sabbath - Martin Years (2CD) Disc 1 + Disc 2, track 1-3 Live at Sporthalle, Boblingen, Germany. 18th October 1990. Disc 2, tracks 4-8 Live at K.B.Halle, Copenhagen, Denmark. 15th September 1989, tracks 7 & 8 with Ian Gillan. Disc 2, track 9-11 Live at Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany. 25th November 1987. tracks 12-13 Eternal Idol Outtakes. (AUD+SBD) Bondage 229/230

Black Sabbath - Megalomaniac Architect (2CD) Disc 1 + Disc 2, tracks 1-3 Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, England. 13th January 1976. Disc 2, tracks 4-12 Live at Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. 1st February 1974. (AUD) Bondage 214/215

Black Sabbath - Heaven & Earth (2CD) unreleased complete soundboard live recording from the Sabotage tour 1975, Convention Hall, Ashbury Park, New Jersey, USA. 6th Aug 1975 (SBD) Bondage Music 269/270...out of stock

Black Sabbath - Sabbath Finally Sabbath (1CD) Reunion show, LA Forum. 6 Jan 1999. (SBD) STTP 091
Black Sabbath - Sabotage on Route:666 (1CD) Swing Auditorium, National Orange Showground, San Bernadino, CA, USA. Sept 1975. (AUD) Bondage 245
Black Sabbath - Star of India (1CD) Seventh Star Demos and Rehearsals 1985. (SBD) Bondage 231
Black Sabbath - The Last Sacrament (2CD) Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan. 21 Nov 1980 (AUD) Bondage 258/259
Black Sabbath - Text Mix Quadraphonic Sabbath Bloody Sabbath & Sabotage (1CD) (SBD) DFF-03
Black Sabbath - One For the Nose (1CD) Selland Arena, Fresno, CA. USA. 22 Sept 1978. 
Black Sabbath - San Jose 1999 (2CD) San Jose, USA. 1999 (SBD) 99-C-032-A/B
Black Sabbath - Fresno 1978 (2CD) Live at Selland Arena, Fresno, CA. 22 Sept 1978 (AUD) Z-2016001/2
Black Sabbath - "LIVE" (1CD) Paris 1970 & Ontario 1974 (SBD) CDDV5522 - 1 COPY ONLY
Black Sabbath - Reunion Two Years After (1CD) Astoria, London, Dec.5th'99 + Danny Saber Remix Edit & Remix Only Available On Promo (SBD) BONDAGE 185 
Blind Faith - Sunshine Milwaukee (1CD) Milwaukee Community College. 26th July 1969 (AUD) MF1001 - $25
Blind Faith - Rehearsals (2CD) Rehearsals At The Morgan Studios, London During March/May 1969 (SBD) PGCD 001/002 
Blind Melon - From Nowhere To Somewhere (1CD) Europe June, 6, 1995. Banzai 023
Blondie - Restored (1CD) Live In Lyceum London December 1998 (SBD) STTP 014
Blue Angel (Cyndi Lauper) - Maybe He'll Know (1CD) NewYork, February 14, 1981 (SBD) 

Blue Murder - Murter (1CD) Live in New York, "L'Amours", 30th April 1994. Tall-119
Blur - Unlucky for Some (1CD) Live At B.B.C Hippodrorne Theatre. 15 March 1999 (SBD) WB-012
Blur - Beetlemania (1CD) Astoria, London. 2.10.1997 (SBD) DH-003
Blur - Secret Gig (1CD) Depot, London. March 1999 + bonus tracks from David Letterman Show (AUD) SO-99-07
Blur - Blur Show (2CD) Astoria Theater, London 2/10/97 & Live Session 2/4/97. HE 9004/5 
Bob Dylan - See Bob Dylan Section
Bob Marley - Live in Studio '73 (1CD) Recorded Live in studio during Jan & Feb 1973 + National Stadium, Leeds, UK 1973.(SBD) Ganja 028
Bob Marley - One Day of... (1CD) Bob's Last Concert recorded in Pittsburgh. 23rd Sept 1980 (SBD) Ganja-007
Bob Marley - Songs of Freedom (4CD) Official 1992 Limited Edition long box-set released. - $100
Bob Mould - The Calm Before The Storm (1CD) Mccabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, Ca 17 May 1991. (SBD) KTS 272 

Bon Jovi - Praying For Faith (1CD) Live in USA 1991. AAF-001

Bon Jovi - Keep The Faith 93 (1CD) Live in Europe 1993. Onstage 2326

Bon Jovi - Complete Promo Collections (2CD) Compilation of rare tracks (SBD) MAP22005/6
Setlist :


Bon Jovi - Double Score (4CD) Tokyo Dome, Tokyo ,Japan 1/16&17/2003 + Soundcheck at Tokyo Dome 1/17/2003 (AUD+SBD)
Bon Jovi - Do it Again...No MOre (3CD) Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan. 19th Jan 2003 + Soundcheck at Tokyo Dome. 17th Jan 2003 (AUD+SBD)

Bon Jovi - Welcome to the Club Shows (3CD) Disc 1 & 2 - Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK. 18 September 2002. Disc 3 - Live at Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. 11th September 2002. Track 13 - Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan. 9th September 2002. Track 14 - Live at Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA. 5th September 2002. (AUD + SBD) Bondage 273/274/275

Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora - It's My Only Live (2CD) Acoustic Live In The Grady Cole Center, NC, USA. June 23, 2000 (AUD) STTP 116/117
Bon Jovi - Live in UK Wembley 1995 (2CD) Live in London, Wembley. 25 June 1995. 
Bon Jovi - Crush Down Under (2CD) Colonial Stadium, Melbourne, Australia. 24 march 2001 from Radio Broadcast (SBD) MWD-001/2
Bon Jovi - Odds & Sodds (2CD) Rare performances, Live, Covers, Unplugged. (SBD+AUD) SS200036/37
Bon Jovi - Complete Rarities Volume 1 (1CD) Various rare live sessions, Remix non album tracks (SBD) MWD-003
Bon Jovi - Complete Rarities Volume 2 (1CD) Various rare live sessions 1992-1997 (SBD) MWD-004
Bon Jovi - Complete Rarities Volume 3 (1CD) Various rare live sessions 1990-2001 (SB+AUD) MWD-005
Bon Jovi - Complete Rarities Volume 4 (1CD) Roug Mix, rare live sessions, & non album tracks (SBD+AUD) MWD-006
Bon Jovi - Complete Rarities Volume 5 (1CD) Various rare live sessions, Remix non album tracks (SBD_AUD) MWD-007
Bon Jovi - San Jose 2001 (2CD) San Jose Arena, CA. USA. 23 April 2001. 
Bon Jovi - Web Cast 2000 (1CD) Jon's Home Studio, Sanctuary, New Jersey, USA. February 10th 2000 + Linz, Austria June 21st '98 (SBD)
Bon Jovi & R.Sambola - It`S My Only Live (2CD) Acoustic Live In The Grady Cole Center, Nc June 23, 2000 (AUD) STTP 116/117
Bon Jovi - Behind the Glory Days (2CD) Rare Tracks:Promo Remix,Covers,Unreleased Tracks,Live,BBC,KBFH,w/Guest Appearance.(SBD+AUD) BON-194/195
Bon Jovi - One Zurich Night (2CD) Letzigroud Stadion, Zurich, Switzerland, Aug.30th 2000 + Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC.Sep.22nd 2000 + More. (SBD) BON-212/213
Bon Jovi - The Cowboy (1CD) Buens Aires, Argentina 1995 (SBD) SGM9505-5
Bon Jovi - Destination London (1CD) London 12 Jun 97 + TOTP 29 Jun 97 + Wembley 16 Aug 97 (SBD) GV-001
Bon Jovi & Skid Row - Jersey Mates (2CD) Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 11 Jun 1989 (SBD) STTP 090
Bon Jovi - Telling Stories At The China Club (1CD) Live At The China Club, New York City, 20-09-2000 (SBD)
Bon Jovi - Open All Night (1CD) Recorded Live In Japan, May 1995. (SBD) WV-21INS 
Bon Jovi - Unwired Acoustika (1CD) Live Various Location Tour During 1988-1993. (Acoustic) OCTO 101 
Bonnie Raitt - Fundamental Blues Heart (1CD) Shepherd's Bush Empire, London.11 Nov 1998. NW016
Bonnie Raitt - Storm Warning (1CD) Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, Ca, U.S.A. 1994 (SBD) KTS 425
Booker T & the MG's - Green Onions & Yellow Sunshine (1CD) Filmore West San Francisco 1970 (SBD) BF-008
Boston - Stagestruck (2CD) Live at Mankato,Minnesota, USA. 16th May 1995 (AUD) HB-946-1/2...$30
Boston - Land Over Cleveland (1CD) Live at Cleveland, USA. November 1977 (SBD) GE-196
Boston - Demo and unreleased (1CD) Track 1-11 Acetate Demos '75-'76, Track 12-20 Unreleased 3rd album (SBD) DP-003
Boston - More Than a Feeling (1CD) Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, 27 Sept 1976 (SBD) SS-99003
Boz Scaggs - Modern Running (1CD) Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan. 24 July 1988 (AUD) PM-052
Boz Sccaggs - Boz (1CD) Deleted Legendaly Fisrt Album in Sweden Cardboad Sleeve (SBD)
Boz Scaggs - Expo 1985 (1CD) Live At Budokan Tokyo Japan Mar 15, 1985 (SBD) FP 9045
Boz Scaggs - Palamount Theatre (2CD) Live In Paramount Theatre March 1974 (SBD) FP9043A/B
Brand X - Nightmore Patrol (1CD) "Glass Onion" Rochester, 9/28/77 & Stockholm 8/30/78 (SBD) Highland-158
Brand X - Masques Off (1CD) Rainbow Theater, London, UK '79 (SBD) Highland 157
Brian May & Cozy Powell - Back to the May & Powell (1CD) Imperator club, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Nov/9/1992 (SBD) Gypsy Eye 208

Brian Setzer Orchestra - Merry Christmas Mr. Brian (2CD) Live At Shibuya-Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan. November 29, 2004 (AUD) SC-001/ for info

Brian Setzer -  '68 Comeback Special (1CD) Live at House of Blues, Chicago, IL, USA. 28th July 2001 (SBD) for info

Brian  Setzer Trio - Nashville 2003 (1CD) Live at Wild Horse Saloon, Nashville, TN, USA. 18th July 2003 (SBD) for info

Brian Setzer Orchestra - A Girl From Nantucket (1CD) Live at Nantuckets, MA, USA. 27th June 2002 (SBD) King of for info

Brian Setzer Orchestra - Swingin' Around the Boogie (1CD) Paradiso Amesterdam, 11 March 1999 (SBD) PB-079
Brian Setzer Orchestra - The Boogie Night (1CD) First Avenue Minneapolis, USA. Oct 26 1997 (AUD) PB

Brian Wilson - Reincarnation (2CD) Carnegie Hall, New York, USA. 13th Oct 2004 (SBD) GC-CD-001/ for info

Brian Wilson - Live! Listen! Smile! Vibration! (2CD) Royal Festival Hall, London. 22nd Feb 2004 (AUD) Evergreen EGCD-09/ for info

Brian Wilson - Good Elaboration (2CD) Royal Festival Hall, London. 24th Feb 2004 (AUD) Moonraker 009/ for info.

Brian Wilson - Chicago 2000 (2CD) Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL. USA. 22 July 2000. (AUD A) Z 20103001/ for info

Brian Wilson - Saratoga 2001 (1CD) Live at Saratoga PAC, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA. 15th July 2001 (SBD) for info

Brian Wilson - Brian is Back (2CD) First Solo Concert of USA 1999. Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor. USA. 9 Mar 1999 (SBD) Zeus 905001/2

Paul McCartney / Brian Wilson - Open Hearts, Clear Mines 2002 (1CD) the 2nd Annual Adopt-A-Minefield benefit Gala 2002, live at century plaza hotel. LA, USA. September 18th 202. (SBD) Landmine-01

Brian Wilson - Project Wilson (1CD) Gary Usher sessions, Misc tracks and TV live show. (SBD) DP-00-6
Brian Wilson - Brian's Birthday Party including Tour Rehearsals (4CD box) Live at Desert Sky Phoenix, AZ. USA. 20th June 2001 (SBD) WatchTower 2002061/62/63/64 - $ for info

Brian Wilson - Pet Theory in the Summer (1CD) Millwaukee Wiscosin, USA. June 29, 2001 (SBD) PB-105

Brand new....continuation of the series started by the fab "Cork In The Ocean," four more complete, absolutely stunning quality soundboard recordings from Brian's 2001 tour...the quality is astonishing and not to be beat. Four complete shows beautifully housed in a heavy duty color glossy cardboard green box w/stunning cover pic and graphics. Shows are as follows------Santa Barbara June 15, 2001 Little Girl/Dance Dance/In My Room/Sail On Sailor/Cali Girls/I Get Around/Please Let Me Wonder/Wouldn't It Be Nice/Add Some Music/God Only Knows/Don't Worry Baby/Our Prayer>Heroes & Villains/Surfs Up/Do It Again/Help Me Rhonda/Good Vibes/Surfer Girl/Barbara Ann/Surfin' USA/
Fun Fun Fun/Love & Mercy. --Mtn View, CA June 17, 2001: Same set as above. Chula Vista, CA, June 19, 2001: Same as above only Sloop John B/Pet Sounds/Imagination in place of Would'nt It & Don't Worry Baby Noblesville, IN JUly 4, 2001: Same as first two except Til I Die plus Surfer Girl/Desert Drive/Sloop John B/Pet Sounds/Darlin' in place of Add Some Music/ Please Let Me Wonder/Would'nt It Be Nice. Magnificent performances and 4 page booklet w/color pics. Awesome sound! - $90

Brian Wilson - Brian's Birthday Party including Tour Rehearsals (4CD box) Live at Desert Sky Phoenix, AZ. USA. 20th June 2001 (SBD) WatchTower 2002061/62/63/64 - $100

Brian Wilson - Live at the Festival Hall (2CD) London, England. 29th Jan 2002. BWFH1/2
Brian Wilson - Adult Child Millennium Edition (1CD) Unreleased Remastered Stadio Album "Sweet Insanity" With Best Quality Ever! (SBD) HAL-002
Brian Wilson - Sweet Insanity Millennium Edition (1CD) Unreleased Remastered Stadio Album "Sweet Insanity" With Best Quality Ever! (SBD) HAL-001
Brian Wilson - A Dream Come True (2CD) Toyko International Forum Japan. 22 Feb 2002 (AUD) EGCD-05/06
Brian Wilson - The Hollywood Bowl (2CD) Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA. USA. 24 Sept 2000 (AUD) WILDCARD-409
Brian Wilson - Pet Theory in the Summer (1CD) Millwaukee Wiscosin, USA. June 29, 2001 (SBD) PB-105
Brian Wilson & Paul Simon - Mutual Admiration (2CD) Greek Theater LA. CA. USA. June 13, 2001 (AUD) STTP-1170/171
Brian Wilson - Bridge Benefit Unplugged (2CD) Mountain View, Shoreline Amphitheatre, CA.USA. 30th + 31st October 1999 (SBD) Main Stream 003/004
Brian Wilson - Pre-show Jitters (1CD) Pet Sound at QVC, 4 July 2000: Complete Recordings. (Excellent Soundboard) PB-098

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band - A Love Affair (3CD) Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milan, Italy. 21st June 1985 (SBD) Godfather-083/4/ for info

Bruce Springsteen - How Nebraska Was Born (2CD) The Definitive Remastered Nebraska Outtakes (SBD) Godfather-086/ for info

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band - Merry Xmas Baby (3CD) Nassau COliseum, 28th December 1980 + bonus tracks (SBD) Godfather-089/90/ for info

Bruce Springsteen - Summertime in New York City (1CD) Lincoln Center, Damrosch Park, USA. 23 July 1971 (SBD)... click for info

Bruce Springsteen - St Paul Night Vote For Change (2CD) St Paul, MN, USA. 5th Oct 2004 (AUD) Crystal Cat 741/2...$ for info

Bruce Springsteen - Cleveland Night Vote For Change (2CD) Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH, USA. 2nd Oct 2004 (AUD) Crystal Cat 739/40...$ for info

Bruce Springsteen - Meadowlands Night Vote For Change (2CD) Continental Airlines Arena, E.Rutherford, NJ, USA. 13th Oct 2004 (AUD) Crystal Cat 743/4...$ for info

Bruce Springsteen - Milano Night 1985 (3CD) San Siro Stadium, Milano, Italy. 21st June 1985 (AUD) Crystal Cat 747/8/9...$ for info

Bruce Springsteen - Main Point Night (2CD) Main Point, Mawr, PA, USA. 5th Feb 1975 (SBD) Crystal Cat 729/30...$ for info

Bruce Springsteen - Agora Night (4CD) Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USA. 9th August 1978 (SBD) Crystal Cat 731/2/3/4...$ for info

Bruce Springsteen - London is Ready (2Pro-CDR) Hammersmith Odeon, London, England. 24th Nov 1975. Pincher-04/5...$ for info

Bruce Springsteen - Fool's Gold (3Pro-CDR) Civic Arena, Rhode Island, USA. 24th Jan 1985 + bonus tracks. Doberman-281/2/3...$ for info

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Rock for Change (2CD) Live in Cleveland, Oh, USA. 2nd Oct 2004 + bonus tracks from 5th Oct 2004. featuring, REM, John Fogerty & Neil Young. Godfather-78/ for info

Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band - A Night at the Soldierfields (3CD) Live in Chicago, IL, USA. 9th August 1985. PBS-05/6/ for info

Bruce Springsteen & The E Streee Band - The Other Night (3CDR) Original Doberman CDR. Massau Coliseum in Uniondales, NY, USA. 28th December 1980 (AUD) Doberman-194/5/ for info

Bruce Springsteen & The E Streee Band - Runners in the Night (2CDR) Original Doberman CDR. The Allen Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 7/4/1976 (AUD) Doberman-161/ for info

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band - That's Just Not Cricket! (3 Doberman CDR) Lancashire County Cricket Ground, Manchester, England. 29th May 2003 (AUD) Doberman-328/29/30...$ for info

Bruce Springsteen With R.E.M., John Fogerty - Vote For Change Tour 1st Oct, 2004 (2-Pro-CDR) Vote For Change Tour, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 1st Oct, 2004 (AUD) YACD-040/ for info

Bruce Springsteen With R.E.M, John Fogerty - Vote For Change Tour 2nd Oct, 2004 (2-Pro-CDR) Vote For Change Tour, Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 2nd October 2004 (AUD) YACD-042/ for info

Bruce Springsteen With Neil Young R.E.M., John Fogerty - Vote For Change Tour 5th Oct, 2004 (2-Pro-CDR) Vote For Change Tour , St Paul, MN, USA. 5th OCt 2004 (AUD) YACD-044/ for info

Bruce Springsteen - The Definitive Remastered Darkness Outtakes (2CD) Darkness outtakes taken from studio tracks during 1977-1978 (SBD) Godfather-37/38...trifold for info

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band - Singin' Our Birthday Songs (3CD) Passiac, NJ, Capitol Theater, 21st September 1978 + bonus tracks from Atlanta, GA, USA. 30th Sept 1978 (SBD) Godfather for info

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band - Home Of The 76ers (2CD) Philadelphia, Spectrum Arena, USA. 27th Oct 1976 + various live and rare bonus tracks from 1976 (SBD) Godfather for info

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band - Like Young Lovers (3CD) Live in Florence, Tuscany, Italy on Bruce & Patti's wedding Anniversary, 8th June 2003 (AUD) Godfather for info

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band - The Punk Meets The Godfather (2CD) New York, Bottom Line, USA. 15th August 1975 + bonus tracks (SBD) Godfather for info

Bruce Springsteen - The Lost Radio Show, Remastered (1CD) Live at the KLOL FM Studios, Houston, Texas, USA. 9th March 1974 + bonus tracks from Boston, MA, 29th Oct 1974 (SBD) Pablo for info

Bruce Springsteen - Christmas Soul Night (3CD) Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ, USA. 8th December 2003 (AUD) Crystal Cat 664/65/66...$75

Bruce Springsteen & Bon Jovi - Red Bank Rockers 1998 (3CD) Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ. 31 Jan 1998 (SBD) SR201009/10/11

Bruce Springsteen - Last Dance at the Palladium (3CD) Live at the Palladium, New York, USA. 17th September 1978 (SBD) RMC-002A/B/ for info

Bruce Springsteen - The Longest Night (3CD) RDS Main Arena, Dublin, Ireland. 31 May 2003 (AUD) Godfather Records / GR 39-41...trifold for info

Bruce Springsteen - Murder Incorporated (1CD) track 1 to 16 : The Hit Factory and The Power Station, New York City, U.S.A., between March 1982 and April 1984 and track 17 : Hollywood Hills Garage Studio, Los Angeles, U.S.A. (SBD) Godfather-49..trifold for info

Bruce Springsteen - The Last Dance (3CD) Shea Stadium, New York, U.S.A. 4 October 2003 (AUD) Godfather -52/53/54...trifold for info

Bruce Springsteen - Westbury Music Fair (3CD) Live at Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, New York. 23rd February 1975. (AUD) Mainstream 013/014/015

Bruce Springsteen - San Siro Night (3CD) San Siro Stadium, Milano, Italy. 28th June 2003 (AUD) Crystal Cat 709/10/11 - $75

Bruce Springsteen - Stand Before Your Fiery Light (3CD) Recorded live at the Telstra Dome, Melbourne, Australia on 20th March 2003 plus bonus tracks from Brisbane Second night, Austrlia. 26th March 2003 (AUD) AP-007/ for info

Bruce Springsteen - & Steel Mill (1CD) Live in USA 1991. Onstage Records 2378

Bruce Springsteen - 85-75 Outtakes (2CD) Compilation Of `78 To `85 Omitted For Official Album (SBD) PB-001/002

Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band - A Night for the Vietnam Veteran (3CD Deluxe Boxset) Sports Arena, LA CA Aug 20, 1981 + Poster (AUD) Winged Wheel 9408/10...$70

Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band - Johnny 1999 (3CD) Oakland Atlanta Oct 28, 1999 + MSG NY June 2000 (SBD) PB- 064/5/6

Bruce Springsteen - Rising Up in Atlanta 2002 (2CD) Live at Philips Arena, Atlanta, USA. 2nd December 2002 (SBD) Mainstream 46A/B

Bruce Springsteen - Express to England (3CD) Aston Villa F.C, Birmingham, England. 21st & 22nd June 1988 (AUD) MAST-060/61/62

Bruce Springsteen - Feyenoord Stadion Night (3CD) Feyenoord Stadion, Rotterdam, Holland. 8th May 2003 (AUD) Crystal Cat...$75

Bruce Springsteen - Night After Night (3CD) London, England. 27th May 2003 (AUD) Crystal Cat...$75.

Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band - Love of Hope & Dreams (2CD) Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California, USA. May 22nd 2000 (SBD) MAST 021-/22

Bruce Springsteen - Kent State Radio (2CD) NEW source! digitally mastered limited edition. The famous Kent State show in its entirety plus the infamous KLOR live in studio radio performance together for the first time! Kent State University, 19th Jan 1974 _ KLOR Radio Station. Houston Texas. 8th March 1974.

Bruce Springsteen & The Street Band - Route'88 (2CD) Live at Big Egg, Tokyo Dome. 27 September 1988. (AUD) Private Master 060/061

Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band - Palace Theater (2CD) The Palace Theater Waterbury Connecticut Aug 21, 1976 (SBD) WC-8/21/76

Bruce Springsteen - Live 1975-1988 (Live Box Outtakes) (4CD) various live sessions from 1975-88. (SBD) for info

Bruce Springsteen & the E-street Band - Part Of The Show (2CD) CNE Grandstand Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 26 July 1984. BSCD001/02

Bruce Springsteen - Florida Up Rising (3CD) Live at Ice Palace, FL, USA. 24th November 2002 (SBD) Mainstream 48A/B/C

Bruce Springsteen - Peace Mission (2CD) Velodrom, Berlin, Germany. 20th Oct 2000 (AUD)

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - Something Special in the Night (3CD) Bologna, Italy. 18th October 2002 + bonus tracks (AUD) GR-10/11/ for info

Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City 2003 (3CD) Bardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey. 7th March 2003 + bonus track guest Don henley, Dave stewart, bono (AUD) Crystal Cat..$75

Bruce Springsteen - Double Take Night (3CD) the Somerville Theatre, Somerville, Boston, MA, USA on Wednesday February 19th. 2003 (AUD) CRYSTAL CAT...$75

Bruce Springsteen - Midsummer First Night (3CD) the Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden on June 21st. 2003 (AUD) Crystal Cat...$75

Bruce Springsteen - Midsummer Second Night (3CD) the Ullive Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden on June 22nd. 2003 (AUD) Crystal Cat...$75

Bruce Springsteen - London Night (3CD) WEMBLEY ARENA, LONDON OCT. 27, 2002 (AUD) Crystal Cats 677/678/679 -

Bruce Springsteen - Stockholm Night (3CD) Stunning quality recorded live at the Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden. 24th Oct 2002. Crystal Cat 674-76..$75

Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band - You Are Missing (3CD) Giant Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, USA. 15th July 2003 (Excellent AUD) 23001/2/3 - $ for info

Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band - Racing in the Street (3CD) Gillette Stadium, Boston, MA, USA. 2nd August 2003 (Excellent AUD) 23021/2/3 - $ for info

Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band - I'm a Rocker (3CD) Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 9th August 2003 (Excellent AUD) 23011/2/3 - $ for info

Bruce Springsteen - Los Angeles 1990 (1CD) Live in Los Angeles, CA, USA. 16th Nov 1990. RLCD-01

Bruce Springsteen - Will the Real Bruce Springsteen Please Stand Up (1CD) Live in Milwaukee. 22nd Feb 1977 + Towson 19th March 1977. RLCD-16

Bruce Springstee - Live from Sin City (1CD) The "Dress Rehearsal" Concert, Hollywood Center Studios, Los Angeles, CA. June 5, 1992 + Track 12 w/ Little Steven (SBD) RLCD-14

Bruce Springsteen - Peace Mission (2CD) Velodrom, Berlin, Germany. 20th Oct 2000 (AUD)

Bruce Springsteen - New Jersey Rocker (2CD) Live in Atlanta, USA. 2nd December 2002. (SBD) Planet X-003-2

Bruce Springsteen - Are you ready? (3CD) Live at Atlantic City, New Jersey, Boardwalk Hall. 7th March 2003 (AUD) 2 copies only

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - Jukebox Graduate (2CD) Virtually every available soundboard/FM '50's-'60's cover tune performed during the 1974 - 1978 tours. Packaged in a heavy gatefold cover reminiscent of an sixties LP release. The music that inspired the for info

Bruce Springsteen - Straight Time (2CD) Tokyo International Forum Hall "A" Jan 27.1997 (AUD) AMS 724
Bruce Springsteen - Brothers under the Bridges (2CD) Tokyo International Forum Hall "A" Jan 29.1997 (AUD) AMS-725
Bruce Springsteen - Across the Border (2CD) Tokyo International Forum Hall "A" Jan 30.1997 (AUD) AMS-726

Bruce Springsteen - Twist, Shout, Rising and Dream (3CD) Ice Palace, Tampa, FL, USA. 24th Nov 2002 full show in soundboard + bonus tracks rom Miami, FL, 23rd Nov 2002 + Orlando, FL, 21st Nov 2002 (SBD+AUD) Vague 075/76/77

Bruce Springsteen - Berlin Night 2002 (2CD) Velodrom, Berlin, Germany. 20th October 2002 (AUD) Crystal Cat 670/71...$48
Bruce Springsteen - Rotterdam Night 2002 (2CD) Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland. 22nd Oct 2002 (AUD) Crystal Cat 672/73...$48
Bruce Springsteen - Paris Night (3CD) BERCY, PARIS, FRANCE OCT. 14, 2002 (AUD) Crystal Cats 661/662/663 - $75
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - Dancing in the Coliseum (2CD) Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, North Calorina, USA. 15th Jan 1985 (SBD) Mainstream 43/44

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - Runaway American Dream (2CD) All Early Show at Bottom Line,New York City,Aug.14th + 16th + 17th 1975 (AUD) Doberman 185/186

Bruce Springsteen - Surprisingly Long Set in NY (1CD) New York, NY, Rose Center. 29th Aug 2002 (SBD)
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - American Gospel (1CD) MTV Video Music Awards The Planetarium, New York, USA. Aug 29, 2002 (SBD) Vague 062
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - Espanol Night! (2CD) Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain. Oct 16, 2002 (SBD+AUD) Vague 058/59
Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band - Last Show of the Century (3CD) Target Center MN Nov 29,1999 (SBD) Scorpio 112999-A/B/C
Bruce Springsteen - The Genuine Tracks 1972-1996 (4CD) rare live, demos and outtakes from 1972-1996. + 20page booklet. Scorpio Label...out of stock

Bruce Springsteen - Rising in the USA (2CD) Live at The Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA, USA on August 21, 2002 (Excellent audience) AP-001/2..more info

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - Asbury Park 2002 (2CD) Public Evening Rehearsal for the Rising Tour. Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA. 30th JUly 2002 (SBD)
Bruce Springsteen - Rehearsal Night (2CD) Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ, USA. 30th July 2002 (evening) Crystal Cat Records - $48

Bruce Springsteen & The E.Street Band - The Rising Tonight (2CD) Live at Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ. 2nd August 2002. Bonus tracks from Broadcast Live from "Today Show" Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ. 30th July 2002. (AUD + SBD) Mainstream 051/52

Bruce Springsteen - Unsurpassed Springsteen Vol.5 (1CD) rare outtakes, demo and unreleased songs from 1973. Yellow Dog 036 - out of stock
Bruce Springsteen - Down in the Bottom (2CD) Live at Bottom Line, New York City, USA. 15th August 1975. (SBD) Mainstream 008/009
Bruce Springsteen - One Night Stand reunion tour 1999 (3CD) Live at MCI Center Washington D.C. USA. 3rd September 1999. (AUD) Mainstream 031/032/033
Bruce Springsteen - Westbury Music Fair (3CD) Live at Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, New York. 23rd February 1975. (AUD) Mainstream 013/014/015
Bruce Springsteen & The Street Band - Route'88 (2CD) Live at Big Egg, Tokyo Dome. 27 September 1988. (AUD) Private Master 060/061

Bruce Springsteen & The Street Band - Runaway American Dreams (2CD) Disc 1 + Disc 2, tracks 1-4 live at The Bottom Line, New York City. 14th August 1976. Disc 2, tracks 5-6 Live at The Bottom Line, New York City. 16th August 1975. Disc 2, tracks 7-9 Live at The Bottom Line, New York City. 17th August 1975. Doberman 185/186

Bruce Springsteen - Live Songs 1975 (2CD) Hancher Auditorium, Iowa City, IOWA. 26 Sept 1975 (SBD) SS200022/23
Bruce Springsteen - Request Night (3CD) Civiv Centre Pittsburgh. 26 April 2000 (SBD) SS 200024/25/26
Bruce Springsteen & the E-street Band - Agora 1978 (3CD) Agora, Cleveland, OH. 9 Aug 1978 (SBD) SS201046/47/48
Bruce Springsteen - Teardrops on the Tower (2CD) Tower Theater, Philadephia, Pennslyvania, USA. 30th Dec 1975 (SBD) WildCard 12/30/75..out of stock
Bruce Springsteen - Masonic Temple (2CD) Masonic Temple Theatre, Detroit, Michigan. 15th Feb 1977. Wild Card 2/15/77
Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band - Greetings from Fleet Center, MA. (3CD) Live At Feet Center, Boston, MA. Aug 22, 1999 (SBD) PB-021/22/23
Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band - Last Show of the Century (3CD) Target Center MN Nov 29,1999 (SBD) Scorpio 112999-A/B/C
Bruce Springsteen - Get Up Stand Up (1CD) Stadio Communale, Torino, Italy. 8 Sept. 1988 (AUD) Winged Wheel - WW-9407
Bruce Springsteen - Boss-A-Nova (2CD) Berkeley Community Theatre, San Francisco, USA. 29 Nov 1995 + bonus from various location. - DIGIPAK
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - Don't Look Back (3CD) Gund Arena, Cleveland, USA. 15th Nov 1999 (SBD) 
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - The Promised Live (3CD) Arnhem, Gelredome, Holland. 20th Jun 1999 + bonus: 19th Jun 1999 + Bremen, Germany. 17th June 1999. PM-05/6/7

Bruce Springsteen - no title (1CD) Max's Kansas City, NY City. 30 Aug 1972 + WBCN Studios, Boston, MA. 10 Jan 1973. (SBD) SAT004
Bruce Springsteen - Spirit in the Night (1CD) various live tracks from 1973. (Label: Fabri Editori)
Bruce Springsteen - Live (1CD) rare italian label cd. Recorded Live. CD GU 1805
Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band - Palace Theater (2CD) The Palace Theater Waterbury Connecticut Aug 21, 1976 (SBD) WC-8/21/76
Bruce Springsteen - Bomb Scare Show (2CD) The Milwaukee Bomb Scare Show Uptown Theater,10/2.1975 (SBD) MM 9226/27 ..out of stock
Bruce Springsteen - Thundercrack (1CD) Main Point, PA on 24th April 1973 (SBD) Great Dane 8916
Bruce Springsteen - NYC Serenade (1CD) Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA. 1973. Italian CD with Japanese Obi Strip. Oil Well RSC-038
Bruce Springsteen - 3 live tracks from Studio 8 (1CD) Saturday Night Live, NY City, 9 May 1992. Great Dane FTD7 - 1 Copy only
Bruce Springsteen - New York City Serenade (2CD) Union College, Schenectady, NY. 19 Oct 1974 + bonus: Trenton, NJ 19 Nov 1974 (AUD A-) Wild Card 10/19/74
Bruce Springsteen - Glory Days (1CD) Giants Stadium,N.J. August 22, 1985 (SBD) BoSS-001 
Bruce Springsteen - Greeting From Fleet Center (3CD) Live At Feet Center, Boston, Ma Aug 22, 1999 (SBD) PB-021/22/23 
Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan & more - Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (1CD) Cleveland, Ohio. 2nd Sept 1995. 
Bruce Springsteen - Down in Jungleland VOl.1 (1CD) The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 25, 1976 (SBD) WW9432
Bruce Springsteen - Down in Jungleland VOl.2 (1CD) Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, Alabama, May 10, 1976 (SBD) WW9433
Bruce Springsteen - Point Blank (1CD) Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California. August 24, 1981. (SBD) Great Dane Records FTD2
Bruce Springsteen - SOS Racisme! (1CD) Anti-Racism Festival, Chateau De Vincennes, Paris, France. June 18, 1988. (SBD) Great Dane Records FTD4
Bruce Springsteen - Good Rockin' Tonight (1CD) live at Various locations, 3 Sep 1978, 2 Oct 1975, 3 Jun 1974. Great Dane Records FTD1
Bruce Springsteen - WBCN Studio 1973 (1CD) WBCN Studio, Boston, MA. on 10th Jan 1973. (SBD) Great Dane Records FTD6
Bruce Springsteen - Acoustic Unreleased (1CD) Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California on November 17, 1990 (Ex. Aud) Great Dane Records FTD8
Bruce Springsteen - Rally for Disarmament (1CD) Central Park, New York City, June 12, 1982 (SBD) Great Dane Records FTD5
Bruce Springsteen - The Ghost Of Woody (2CD) Spektrum, Oslo, Norway on 14 March 1996 - Acoustic Tour. FTCD081/82
Bruce Springsteen & Bon Jovi - Red Bank Rockers 1998 (3CD) Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ. 31 Jan 1998 (SBD) SR201009/10/11
Bruce Springsteen - Omaha (3CD) Oakland Arena. 26 Oct 1999. SS200027/28/29
Bruce Springsteen & the E-street Band - Part Of The Show (2CD) CNE Grandstand Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 26 July 1984. BSCD001/02
Bruce Springsteen - Backstreets Of Philadelphia (12CD Deluxe Boxset) Live At First Uniion Center Philadelphia, PA Sep 13,15,20,25 1999 (Soundboard) $150
Bruce Springsteen - The Lost Gems 1972-1978 (1CD) Compilation of rare demo & studio takes from 1972-78 (SBD) US 38 ...out of stock
Bruce Springsteen - The Boss Is Back (2CD) Live In Los Angeles 1992. KTS 200/01 
Bruce Springsteen - From Small Things (1CD) Live in New Jersey Feb 1988 Tour Rehearsals. KTS 224 
Bruce Springsteen - The Lost Radio Show (1CD) Live In Houston Texas, Klol Fm Studios 9 March 1973. (SBD) KTS 321 
Bruce Springsteen - Loose Ends (1CD) Live At The Power Station, New York, Sept 1979. KTS 406 
Bruce Springsteen - Lost And Live (1CD) Various Locations (1975-1995) KTS 426 $28 
Bruce Springsteen - Lost And Live (1CD) Vol. 2 Various Locations (1975-1995) KTS 477 $28
Bruce Springsteen - Old Habits (1CD) Live Berlin, 31/3/96 + Bonus Live Philadelphia 9/12/95. KTS 566 
Bruce Springsteen - Unsurpassed Springsteen Vol. 1 (1CD) Various Locations (1970-72) Yellow Dog 018 
Bruce Springsteen - Unsurpassed Springsteen Vol.2 (1CD) Max's Kansas City, New York City, New York - January - July 1973 Yellow Dog 019
Bruce Springsteen - Unsurpassed Springsteen Vol.3 (1CD) Cbs Studios, New York City, New York - May 3, 1972. Studio Demos - Outtakes. Yellow Dog 020
Bruce Springsteen - Unsurpassed Springsteen Vol.4 (1CD) Media Sound Studios, Blauvelt, NY - Jun-Jul 1972. Studio Demos -Outtakes. Yellow Dog 021

Bruford - Back To The Edge (2CD) Uptown Theatre,Kansas City 7/11/1980 (SBD) Highland-533/ for info

Bruford - Consider The Bells (1CD) Oxford Polytechnics,England, March 17,1979 (SBD) for info

Bruford - Perfect Beat (1CD) Milouie's Rock City, Detroit, MI 7/19/79 (AUD) for info

Bryan Adams - Guitar Man (1CD) Live in Germany 1999 (SBD) WB-017
Bryan Adams - Los Angeles 1986 (1CD) Live in Los Angles, CA, USA. 1986. RLCD-05
Bryan Adams - Keep On Running (1CD) Live In Europe 1992. KTS 155 
Bryan Ferry - Cirque Royal (1CD) Recorded Live at the Cirque Royal Brussels, Belgium. 9 Feb 2000 (SBD) SO 2001-14-1
Buck Cherry - Whisky & Cum (1CD) The Whiskey In West Hollywood, CA, December 12, 2000. STTP 196
Buckcherry - Who are the Rolling Stones (1CD) Westwood One 31st July - 1st Aug 1999 + San Francisco, 21 May 1999. (SBD)
Buddy Guy feat Eric Clapton - Strange Brew (1CD) Atlanta, 10th September 1998 + London Empire. 28th May 1996 (SBD) Watchtower 2001002 - $25 - 2 copies only

Buffalo Springfield - California Daze (1CD) rare live tracks from 1967-68 (SBD+AUD) DP-00-7
Buffalo Springfield - From Texas '68 to Stampede (1CD) Dallas, Texas 1968 + unreleased studio recordings from Stampede session '66-67 (SBD) SW-002
Buffalo Springfield - Fallin' Bluebird (1CD) Dallas Apr 20, 1968 + Huntington Aug 11, 1967 + LA Jan 1967 (SBD+AUD) Vague 021 
Buffalo Springfield - Sell Out (1CD) Much anticipated release lives up to the hype with five never before released tracks
Buffalo Tom - Spring Floor (1CD) Live At The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, Canada - Oct 15th, 1995. KTS 527 

Byrds, The - Boston Tea Party (1CD) Live on 22nd Feb 1969. Yellow for info
Byrds, The - Mr. Spaceman (1CD) Monterey 1967, Boston 1969, Amsterdam 1970.Fabbri Editori-31

Cactus - Big Mama Boogie (2CD) Live in Bronx, NY, USA. 5th July 1971 (AUD) Screamer-05038/ for info

Cactus - Bogert Tapes (1CD) Rockpile, Long Beach, Long Island, NY, USA. November 1971 + Live compilation 1971 (SBD) for info

Cactus - Slashing ! (1CD) Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, NY, USA. 1971 (SBD) for info

CAMEL - Stockholm 1984 (2CD) Live in Stockholm, Sweden. 28th May 1984. for info
Camel - Day Dream (1CD) San Jose, Ca., USA 1979 (SBD) Highland 567
Camel - Moonrise (1CD) Helsinki, Finland. 20th Sept 1976 (SBD) Highland 537
Camel - Crystal Moon (3CD) Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw, Poland. 6th April 1997 + Utrecht, Holland. 30th March 1997 and more (SBD) Highland 422/423/424
Camel - The Another Factor (1CD) Hammersmith Odeon ,London,UK. 3rd/4th June 1982 (SBD) Highland 570
Camel - Nude in Hammersmith (2CD) Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London. 27 Feb 1981. from Nude Tour. AL 005/6 - $30
Carl Wilson - Live from the Bottomline 1981 (SBD) WS 003 
Carole King - Still Love A Natural Woman (1CD) Royal Albert Hall, London, Uk 1991. (SBD) NW-001 
Cars, The - Learner's Permit (1CD) Old Waldorf, San Francisco, 19 Aug 1978+NYC Same tour (SBD) TDR-101...out of stock
Carpenters - They Long to Sing Once More (2CD) Osaka, Japan 25 March 1976 (SBD) STTP 101/102
Catatonia - Beautiful People (1CD) Live In Wales May 29, 1999 + BBC Session + Glastonbury 1998 (SBD) GH5120
Cathedral - Cosmic Funeral (1CD) Recorded Live On Tour 24 May 1994. KTS 390 
Celine Dion - Command Performance (2CD) Live In Memphis, Usa 1997. (SBD) KTS 667/68 
Charlatans, The - Tellin' Stories Again (1CD) Live in Japan 1997 (AUD) CHTS-14003
Cheap Trick - At Yokohama (2CD) Yokohama, Japan. 20th May 1994 (SBD) Gypsy Eye 120/121
Cheap Trick - Capitol Connection (1CD) Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ, USA. 10 December 1978 + Starley Theater, Pittuburgh, PA '77 (SBD) MASQUERADE-011
Cheap Trick - Found All the Dreams (2CD) Ocean State Arts Center, '80 + "Found All The Parts" Session, LA 1/5/80 (SBD) MASQUERADE-001/002
Cheap Trick - Take it Cheap (2CD) Brighton, Polytech University 2/10/1979 + L.A.Forum 12/31/1979 (SBD) MASQUERADE-009/10
Cheap Trick - Cheap! in Colour! Tonight! (3CD) Live at Philadelphia, PA, USA on 22nd, 23rd and 24th October 1998. (AUD) Gypsy Eye 097/98/99
Cheap Trick - Who Needs Robin? (1CD) Rockfield, IL, USA. 1974 (SBD) Gypsy Eye 161
Cheap Trick - Live at Whiskeyflat (2CD) Whiskey a Go-Go, Los Angeles, California, USA. 3rd and 4th June 1977 (SBD) GE187/188
Cheap Trick - Hello Windy City (2CD) Chicagp, IL, USA. 16 June 1979 + Liverpool, UK 1979 (SBD) GYPSY EYE 181/82
Chemical Brothers, The (1CD) live at Brixton Academy, 22nd March 2002 from FM Broadcast, non-stop mix (SBD) MAP-22002
Cheap Trick - Radio Lover (1CD) unreleased demos and working songs from 1991 to 1972 (SBD) TDR-159
Chicago Transit Authority - in Concert (1CD) unknown date & venue. (SBD)
Chicago  - Live At Budokan 1972 (2CD) Budokan Tokyo Japan June 8, 1972 (SBD) OR 9226/7
Chicago Transit Authority – Texas International Pop Festival (1CD) Dallas Texas, 31 Aug 1969 (SBD)
Chris Isaak - Wicked Messenger (1CD) Live in Chicago. ACS-048
Chris Rea - Dancing Shoes (1CD) Montreux Festival. 1986. 1 copy only
Church, The - Acoustic Sermon (1CD) Live in San Diego, CA. USA. 1994. + 30 Jun 1990. HR-6051-6..out of stock

Coldplay - Wireless in Texas & Clueless Unplugged (2CD) LIve at Verizon Wireless Theater, Houston, Texas, USA. 28th Jan 2003 + bonus acoustic tracks from Martini Ranch Nightclub, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. 8th Feb 2003 (SBD) CP-01/02

Coldplay - Put a Smile on Your Face (1CD) Live at Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland. 5-11-2002 + Rock Werchter Festival, Belgium. 30-06-2002. (SBD) Digipak

Coldplay - Blue Eyes (1CD) Duluth, Atlanta, Georgia, Gwinnett County Civic & Cultural Center, 6th March 2003..featuring Elton John on Piano in one track. + bonus tracks from 17th April 2003 and 8th Feb 2003. Godfather Records
Coldplay - Live at Quartfestival Norway 2003 (1CD) Live at Quartfestival, Kristiansand, NOrway. 3rd July 2003 (SBD) Digipak
Coldplay - Songs for Rainy Days (1CD) Toronto, Canada. 2nd October 2002.
ColdPlay - Life is For Living (1CD) Paris, France. 28th August 2002 (SBD) FAAB-0017-1 - DIgipak
Collective Soul - Motor City's Burnin' (1CD) Live At Various Venues In 1994. KTS 378 
Colossuem II - The Bringer of Jollity (2CD) Complete Live at Audimax. Vienna, Austria. 11th Oct 1978. 14tracks total (AUD) GYPSY EYE-125/126
Colossuem II - Fighting War (2CD) Wig-Gelande, Wien. 17th June 1978 (AUD) GYPSY EYE-241/242
Corrs, The - London in Blue (2CD) Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK. 21 Dec 2000
Corrs, The - Move to Tears (1CD) Live in Japan, 11th July 1996 (SBD) for info

Corrs, The – Wembley Wizards (1CD), Wembley Arena, London 1999 + bonus (soundboard) CR99
Corrosion of Conformity - Wiseblood in the East (1CD) Live Tracks From Wiseblood, Deliverence And Blind (AUD) COC-31697

Counting Crows - Live at Pinkpop 2003 (1CD) Live at the pinkpop Festival, Netherlands, 8th June 2004 + bonus tracks (SBD) for info

Counting Crow - Flying Demos (1CD) Demos from 1991 (SBD) KTS 609 - $28
Counting Crows - Here Comes The Rain King (1CD), Meriweather Post Pavilion, Columbus 1/8/97 (Soundboard) TDR-044
Counting Crows - Adam the Untouchable (1CD) Live on 15th April 1995. Home Records 5992-4. 1 copy only
Counting Crow - Catapult (2CD) Paradiso, Amsterdam, 29 May 1997 + 10 bonus tracks. 
Counting Crows - Carving Out Out Names (1CD) Live At Various Venues In 1994 (London, Amsterdam, Hollywood). KTS 297 
Counting Crows - Children In Bloom (1CD) Live In Europe, 1994. KTS 337 
Cranberries - Thoughts That Linger (1CD) Los Angeles, Ca, 11 & 12 Dec 1993
Cranberries, The - Stories To Be Told (1CD) Live In Usa '94. KTS 317
Cranberries, The - Scream (1CD) Recorded 'Live' At Various Venues And Dates In 1994 And 1995 (SBD) KTS 557
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Rock on the Road (1CD) Oakland Coliseum, CA, USA. 31st Jan 1970 + Woodstock, 16th Aug 1969. MUCD-016
CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revisited) - The Midnight Special (2CD) Madrid Spain. 19 Jun 1996. (AUD) STTP 019/20
CCR - Warsaw 2000 (1CD) Live in Warsaw 2000. Picture disc. SML021..out of stock

Sex Pistols / Clash, The Buzzcoks - Never Mind the Band (2CD) Manchester Electric Circus December 9, 1976 & Leeds, Polyechnic December 6, 1976. 17Production...$ for info

Clash - Agora 1979 Definitive Edition (1CD) Definitive edition of a legendary and explosive performance recorded live at the Agora, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 13th Feb 1979 (SBD) for info

Clash - The Clash Unplugged (1CD) Acoustic Gig from the "Busking Tour" at "The Station Pub", Gateshead, Newcastle, UK. 11th May 1985. for info

Clash - Kingston Advise (1CD) Live in Kingston, Jamaica. 27th Nov 1982.

Clash - Kamikaze Clampdown (2CD) Disc 1: 1-15 + Disc Two 1-7 Live at Shibuya Kohkaido, Shibuya January 24, 1982 Tokyo, Japan Disc 2: 8-21 from Studio Demos & Alt.Mix During 1976-1982 (AUD+SBD) for info

Clash, The - Friday Night Saturday Morning (1CD) York, UK. 9th May 1985 + Interview with York Radio + Station Pub, Gateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. 11th May 1985 (AUD) Snotty for info

Clash, The - Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg (2CD) Experience Combat Rock as Mick Jones recorded it originally. Under the
working title Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg the Clash recorded what was to be Combat Rock. Dissatisfied with Mick's mixes the band went back into the studio and re-recorded or remixed considerably (or ditched completely) those original recordings. With this 2 CD set you can relive the Combat Rock as Mick originally intended it including the previously unheard tracks. Disc 2 contains bonus material of instrumental versions, remixed instrumentals and demos and again is a completely different way of listening to Combat Rock/Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg tracks. (SBD) Snotty for info

Clash, The - Rock For Revolution (1CD) Rare b-sides, alternates, unreleased tracks (SBD)

Clash, The - Rare Single Tracks (2CD) TC-001/ for setlist

101er's, The (Early Clash)  - Smokey Joe's Cafe (2CD) Demos and outtakes from 1976 + Live from Derby Cleopatras, 12th Dec 1975. (SBD) for info

CLASH, THE - Deadly Serious (2CD) Demos and outtakes including The Polydor demos plus from the WHITE RIOT Tour, Leicester De Montfort Hall, 28th May 1977 + Demos and outtakes including the Mickey Foote Demos, plus full gig from the CHALK Farm Roundhouse, London on 5th September 1976, (SBD+AUD)...with giant poster front for info

Sex Pistols / Clash / Buzzcocks - Midnight Special at Screen on the Green (2CD) Screen on the green, Islington, London. 29 Aug 1976 (AUD) PVCD8/29/76

Clash, The - I Fought the Law (1CD) 16 track mobile studio recording...a stunner from the fabulous 03 Jan 1979, London Lyceum. Fabulous show and performance with gorgeous color fold-out poster artowrk w/stunning color pics/text. Magnificent listen!!!! Complete tracklist as follows: Safe European Home /I Fought the Law /Jail Guitar Doors / Drug Stabbing Time/ The City of the Dead/Clash City Rockers/Tommy Gun / White Man in Ham Palais/ English Civil War/ Stay Free/ Cheapskates / Julies I The Drug Squad/
Police and Thieves / Capital Radio / Janie Jones / Garageland /Complete Control/ Londons Burning/ White Riot / Tommy Gun / Clash City bonus:
All the Young Punks demo #2. 22 tracks...essential (SBD) Snotty Snail Label

Clash, The - Rude Boy - the Directors Cut (1CD) FULL – and – UN-EDITED versions from the movie plus tracks NOT used in the movie including the studio demo of Garageland– as well as those in the movie never released on CD before. Beautiful color fold out poster and artwork, identical design style to "This Is Radio Clash." Absolutely fabulous listen as follows...25 tracks: --Rude Boy Advert/Rudie Cant Fail edited demo/Revolution Rock Instrumental/Aberdeen 5 July 78: The Prisoner / White Riot / Glasgow Apollo 4 July 78: White Man in Ham Palais/I'm So Bored With USA/ Janie Jones/White Riot -- Police and Thieves - Birmingham Top Rank -1 May 1978-- Tommy Gun - Dumfermline Kinema - 6 July 1978 -- London Music Machine - 27 July 1978: Complete Control/Safe Euro Home/ What's My Name - London Music Machine - Thursday 27 July 1978 -- London Lyceum - 3 January 1979: English Civil War /I Fought the Law - Victoria Park, London - 30 April 78: London's Burning / White Riot Garageland - Studio demo version- Good Times Roll - film outake - No Reason - film outake - All You Young Cunts - remixed film outake- Stay Free - film outake edited vocal- Interviews with producers pt1 BBC Radio 4 /Interviews pt2. Snotty Snail Label

Clash, The - This is Radio Clash (2CD) Bonds Casino, 9th June 1981 + various TV and Radio edits over the opening days. (SBD) Snotty Snail 2002
Clash, The - On Broadway 4 (1CD) Outtakes & Alternate Compilation ON BROADWAY pt.4 w/foldout poster (SBD)
Clash, The - Burning Tokyo - Live Clash '82 (2CD) Koseinenkin-Kaikan Hall, Tokyo, Japan. January 30th 1982. (AUD) CL A01/02
Clash, The - For all the Young Punks (1CD) Micky Foot Demos 1976 & Give'em Enough Rope Demos 1978 (SBD) ..out of stock
Clash, The - New York City Rockers (1CD) The Paradium NYC Sep 21, 1979 Upgrade! (SBD) cd001
Clash, The - Tokyo Riot (1CD) Live in Tokyo Japan, 1982 (SBD) ..out of stock
Clash, The - From London To Jamaica (1CD) Live at the Bob marley Center, Jamaica. 27 Oct 1982. MD for info

Cream - Reunion First Night (2CD) Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK. 2nd May 2005 (AUD) Kensington-01/ for info

Cream - Reunion Second Night (2CD) Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK. 3rd May 2005 (AUD) Kensington-03/ for info

Cream - Reunion 3rd Night (2CD) Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England 5TH May 2005 (AUD) Whitewood-005/ for info

Cream - Reunion Last Night (2CD) Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England 6TH May 2005 (AUD)  Whitewood-007/ for info

CREAM - All In A Tumble (2CD) Outtakes & Alternates incl. BBC Sessions, 24bit digitally remastered quality. CROSS BORDER
Disc 1:
"Fresh CREAM Sessions" Rayrik Studios, Chalk Farm, London, July/Aug 1966 01. Beauty Queen (J.Bruce) - Rehearsal 02. Coffee Song (Colton/Smith) - Rehearsal 03. You Make Me Feel (Bruce/Brown) - Rehearsal 04. Wrapping Paper (Bruce/Brown) - Rehearsal 1 05. Wrapping Paper (Bruce/Brown) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate) "Ryemuse Studio, Mayfair Productions, Mayfair, London, September 1966" 06. Cats Squirrel (Ross) - Rehearsal 07. Cats Squirrel (Ross) - Alternate Master (from Acetate) 08. I Feel Free (Bruce Brown) - Rehearsal 09. I Feel Free (Bruce Brown) - Incomplete Master 10. I Feel Free (Bruce Brown) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate) "Ryemuse Studio, Mayfair Productions Studios, London, October 1966" 11. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Rehearsal 12. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Rehearsal 13. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Incomplete Master 14. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate) 15. Sleepy Time Time (Bruce/Godfrey) - Alternate Master (from Acetate) 16. Four Until Late (Johnson) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate) "Ryemuse Studio, Mayfair Productions Studios, London, November 1966" 17. Rollin' and Tumblin' (Morganfield) - Alternate Master 18. Toad (Baker) - Rehearsal 19. I'm So Glad (James) - Incoomplete Master "BBC Radio, 8th November 1966" 20. Intro 21. Wrapping Paper (Bruce/Brown) 22. Intro 23. Stepping Out (Bracken) "BBC Radio, 10th January 1967 (off air recording)" 24. Intro 25. Traintime (Bruce) "BBC Radio 8th Nov 1966 (off air recording)" 26. I'm So Glad (James)

Disc 2: "The BBC 'Fresh CREAM', 10th January 1967" 1. Interview 2. I Feel Free (Bruce/Brown) 3. NSU (Bruce) "8th November 1966" 4. Intro 5. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) 6. Outro 7. Sleepy Time Time (Baker/Bruce) - (off air) "9th December 1966" 8. Intro 9. Cats Squirrel (Ross/arr Splurge) "10th January 1967" 10. Four Until Late (Johnson) "9th December 1966" 11. I'm So Glad (James) "8th November 1966" 12. Rollin' and Tumblin' (Morganfield) "10th January 1967 (off air)" 13. Toad (Baker) 14. Traintime (Bruce) "Wheels of Fire Sessions, July/Aug 1967 - IBC Studios, London" 15. La La Song 16. Singalong 17. Tuba Tune 18. Spike's Theme 19. Blue Moon 20. Polonaise Jam 21. Barrelhouse Blues "1st Master." 22. White Room (Bruce/Brown) 23. Falstaff Beer (Baker/Bruce/Clapton) 24. Falstaff Beer (Baker/Bruce/Clapton) "24th Oct 1967 - BBC Radio, London" 25. Interview 26. Born Under A Bad Sign (Jones/Bell) "Alt Master. Dec 1967 - Atlantic Studios, N.Y." 27. Anyone for Tennis (Clapton/Sharp) 28. Pressed Rat and Warthog (Baker/Taylor) "9th Jan 1968 - BBC Radio Studios London" 29. Polittician (Bruce/Brown) "Oct, Dec 1967, Feb, June 1968 - Atlantic Studios, N.Y." 30. White Room (Bruce/Brown) - single edit. "June 1965 - London" 31. On Top of the World (Mayall) John Mayall's Bluesbreakers featuring Eric Clapton

Cream - Sweets (2CD) live compilation 1966 to 1967 (SBD+AUD) CrossBorder for info

Cream - Acid : The Lost Cream Tapes (1CD) Jam sessions from 1967. Home recordings. Includes Falstaff beer commercial and rehearsals, rough mixes and alternates (SBD) MidValley for info

Cream - Silver Horses Running (1CD) Oakland, CA, USA. 4th Oct 1968. Dandelion...$25...1 copy for info

Cream - Live Scream (2CD) Live at Winterland, San Francisco. USA. 10th March 1968 (AUD) Moonraker 001/ for info

Cream - Bluee: Ancient and Modern (2CD) Deluxe slipcase limited edition Fab vintage CREAM sets including uncirculating private Marquee ’67 performance,housed in color glossy slipcase for jewel case, adorned with mind-blowing, vintage color Cream pics, both live & candid…..awesome visually and just as pleasing to the ear….with a killer 150+ minute, 29-track listen as follows on Japanese HiWATT label: Marquee Club, London, May 23, 1967: previously uncirculating Disraeli Gears preview performance….excellent quality listen from a reel-reel stage mic’d source. Truly blazing 7-song set: Brave Ulysses/World Of Pain/Outside Woman Blues/Dance the Night Away/Sleepy Time Time/Sweet Wine/Rollin’ & Tumblin.’ --Swedish radio Konserthusen, Stockholm, Mar 7, 1967: NSU/Steppin’ Out/TrainTime/I’m So Glad. Terrific stuff……--Klooks Kleek, London, 15 Dec 1966: killer 4-song set Lawdy Mama/Meet Me In Bottom/Crossroads/Steppin’ Out….blazing.--Ricky Tick Club, London, April 22, 1967: Sunshine Of Your Love/Lawdy Mama/Sweet Wine/Rollin’ & Tumblin’/Spoonful/Sittin’ On Top Of The World/Toad…..over the top sizzling!!!! -- Tulip Bulb Auction Hall, Lancashire, UK: NSU/Sunshine…/We’re Going Wrong/Steppin’ Out/Rollin’ & Tumblin’/Toad/I’m So Glad. Worth the price of admission for the Marquee alone……then there’s the Ricky Tick & Stockholm….then Klooks & Tulip Bulb, well….an embarrassment of riches, w/the uncirculating Marquee, fab Stockholm and the others rare and unavailable tracks. (SBD+AUD) Hiwatt - $ for info  out of stock

Cream - Winterland Wheels (2CD) live at Winterland, San Francisco. 8/3/1968 (AUD) RM-011/ for info

Cream - The Real One (2CD) Live at Grande Ballroom, Detroit, Michigan, USA. 15th Oct 1967 (SBD) RM-009/10 - $30 click here for more info

Cream - Lost Farewell Masters (Limited Editin 3CD Box) Live at Alameda County Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA, USA. 4th October 1968 _ Inglewoord, CA, USA. 19th October 1968 + San Diego, CA, USA, 20th October 1968 + Stockholm, Sweden. 7th March 1967 (SBD) WatchTower 2002066/67/68 - $80.

Cream - Ulyssees (1CD) Live at Saule Arena, Montreal, Canada. 11th June 1968. Paper sleeve. KF-98011

Cream - The Light Shinin' Through On (1CD) Chicago Coliseum, IL, USA. 13th Oct 1968 (AUD) Slunky-025
Cream - Farewell Tour Seaching in Dallas 1968 (2CD + Slipcase) Dallas, 10/25/68 recorded from original master, newly found recently (AUD) OPM001/2
Cream - San Franscisco Chronicle (1CD) Fillmore 68 + Winterland 68 ARCHIVE. (SBD) 
Cream - Garden of Electric Lights (1CD) Madison Sq. Gdn. 2 Nov 1968 + Los Angeles Colliseum, 19 Oct 1968. (SBD+AUD) SS99007
Cream - Waltham'68 (2CD) Brandeis Uviv., Waltham, MA. USA. April 1968 + Back Bay Th., Boston, MA. 5 April 1968 (AUD) KF 98001/2
Cream - Big Black Loading Zone (1CD) Winter Tour 1968 (AUD) Mast-011
Cream - Psyschedelic Sunshine (1CD) Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA. USA. 3 Sept 1967
Cream - Dazed And Cream (2CD) Grand Ballroom, Detroit, 8/11/68 +Winterland, San Francisco 3/10/1968. (SBD) BB 012/13 
Cream - Sweet Cream (1CD) La Forum 10/19/68 + San Diego 10/20/68 + Winterland, Oct 1968. (SBD) BB 015 
CREED - In the Shadow of the Olympic Games (1CD) Olympic Medals Plaza, Salk Lake City, UT, USA. 20th Feb 2002 + Atlanta, GA, 16th Jan 2002 (SBD) Digipak. 

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Standing Ovation (1CD) The Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 26th Aug 1969 (AUD) for info

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Good Evening Boston (4CD) Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. August 5 & 6, 1974. for info

Crosby, Still, Nash & Young - Live at the Fillmore 6th June 1970 (2CD) Live at the Fillmore East, New York, USA. 6th June 1970 (SBD) RMC-001A/B

CROSBY, STILLS, NASH AND YOUNG - READ THE AIRPLANE (2CD) Live at the Fillmore East June 4, 1970 with bonus tracks from the 5th June 1970. Awesome soundboard. (SBD) Wild Wolf LABEL - $ for info

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Fillmore Double Nights (4CD) 2 complete stereo soundboard shows taken live from Fillmore East, New York, USA on 4th and 5th June 1970 (SBD) 1020301/2/3/4 - $60 click here for more info

Crosby, Still, Nash & Young - Down by the River (3CD) Compac Center, San jose, CA, USA. 5th April 2002 (SBD) Dr.Label 2002/1-3
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - 7th Inning Stretch (3CD) Ice Palace, Tampa, FL, USA. 14th April 2002 (SBD) Vague 069/70/71
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Love Some Old Guys (3CD) Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Mar 14, 2000 (SBD) Vague 053/54/55
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - A Perfectly Beautiful Stoney Evening (1CD) Masonic Temple Theatre, Detroit, MIchigan. 14 Dec 1969. (SBD) Vague-041

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Another 4 Ways Street (2CD) Live at During US Tour 1970. (SBD) Mainstream 032/033
C.S.N.Y - Sacramento 2000 (3CD) Arco Arena, Sacramento. 9th Feb 2000. (SBD) SS 200017/18/19
Crosby Nash - Feelin' Mellow (2CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 1st December 1975. (AUD) PM-078/79
Crosby, Nash & Young - Waterbrothers (1CD) Prison benefit Concert at Winterland, San Francisco, CA 26th march 1972. (SBD) SS 200020
Crosby, Nash & Young - Kansas City Express (3CD) Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. 26 Jan 2000. Zues 201400-1/2/3 
Crosby, Nash & Young - Opening Night Detriot (3CD) Palace of Auburn Hills, Detriot, Michigan, USA. 24 Jan 2000. Zues  2013001/2/3
Crosby, Nash & Young - Lost & Found (1CD) rare live compilation from 1998-2000. Zues 2017001

The Cross - Half Queen Appearance (2CD) including Roger Taylor : Astoria Thater,London.Dec.7th'90 + w/Brian May : Westfallen Hall II, Dortmund, Germany Apr.23rd '88 (SBD) Gypsy Eye-221/ for info

Crowded House - I Take the Weather With Me (1CD) Live in Chicago, IL, USA. 15th Oct 1991.
Crowded House -  Fleadh (1CD) Live At 'Fleadh' Finsbury Park, London. 11 Jun '94. KTS 322 ..out of stock
Crowded House - The Final Sessions (1CD) Live At Various Venues In London (Acoustic) (SBD) KTS 592 
Crowded House - Don't Scream, Its Over (2CD)  Sydney Opera House, 23rd August 1996 + Var. Locations, SBD. KTS 636137 
Eddie Vedder & Neil Finn - New Zealand 2001 (1CD) St. James Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand. 6th April 2001 + bonus from 5th April 2001 (AUD) 
Eddie Vedder & Beck - Keep On Setting Free (2CD) The Concert For Artist RightsWiltern Theater LA, USA. Feb 26, 2002 (AUD) Vahue 037/38

Cure, The - Drowningmen (2CD) London Hammersmith Odeon. 9th May 1984 + Live Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom. 27th May 1984. for info

Cure - Gothfather (1CD) Paris, France. 30th June 2004 + London 7th June 2004. (SBD) Godfather for info
Cure, The - Swinging Mood of London (1CD) live in a club in Chelsea, London. 7th May 1996 + MTV unplugged sessions. London. 1991. CU9196 - 1 copy only
Cure, The - Homesick (3CD) Brussels, Belgium. Sept. 7th, 2002. Three sets with three different albums. Pornography, Disintegration, Bloodflowers. (AUD) Digipack
Cure, The - A Dream Live (2CD) Olympic Stadium, Rome. 23rd July 2002. CR-21/22
Cure, The - Teardrops And Temptations (1CD) Recorded 'Live' In New York City, 22 May 1994 & London, 3 Mar 1991 (SBD) KTS 554
Cure, The - Out of this World (1CD) Paleo Festival, July 25th, 2002. DIgipak.
Cure, The - Dream Tour (2CD) Paris, Le Zenith, 26th April 2000 (SBD) - out of stock
Cure, The - High in Heaven (1CD) Live During the "WISH" World Tour 1992. Living Legend Records. LLRCD 180
Cure, The - 2Nite in France (1CD) French TV Show, Paris, France. 26 Oct 2001 + Bonus live tracks from 1996 & 1998. Digipak
Cure, The - Don't Forget the Stars (1CD) London Secret gig 7 May 1998 + Germany 2 July 1995. TUCD 004...
Cure, The - Germany 2000 (1CD) Oberhausen Arena 28th April 2000 + Stuggart, 8th April 2000
Cure, The - Ola Barcelona (2CD) Barcelona, Spain. 1st April 2000. EB-57/2
Cure, The - These Flowers will always Die (2CD) Atlanta, USA. 23 Feb 2000
Cure, The - Dr. Robert & Mr. Smith (1CD) Various live from 1977 to 1981. (SBD) 
Cure, The - Lullaby for Rothenburg (1CD) live at the Taubertal 26 Jul 1998 + rare mixes. 
Cure, The - Strawberry Kisses (1CD) Adrenaline Club Show, May 7th 1996 + Various (SBD) KTS 548

Curtis Mayfield - Superfly in the Hague (1CD) live at the Trojan Horse, Holland 1990 (SBD) BigFro-024
Curtis Mayfield Memorial Concert (2CD) Various Artist. First Afrian Methodist Episcopal Church, LA. 22 Feb 20000 & Studio Rehearsals, E.Clapton, S.Wonder, Laulyn Hill etc (SBD) SLUNKY 20A/B

Curtis Mayfield - Keep On Keepin' On (1CD) Live Compilation 1972-1974 (SBD) BF-005

Damned, The - The Captain's Messed Up (1CD) Tracks 1-12 from Birmingham Rebecca's February 17, 1977 + Tracks 13-23 from Birmingham Odeon March 17, 1977. for info

Daniel Lanois - Cool Water (1CD) Live In Toronto, Canada - April 1993. BIG 063 ...out of stock

Darkness, The - Rock N Roll Circus 2003 (1CD) Live in Norwich, UK. 13th October 2003 + Cardiff, UK, 14th Sept 2003 and Later with Jools Holland, UK TV 2002..Digipak

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Private Fourth Alive (2CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 17 Feb 1984. PM-058/59
Dave Matthews Band - The Jam of John and DMB (2CD) Roseland Ballroom N.Y Feb 23, 1995 (SBD) PB-121/22
Dave Matthews Band - Lillywhite Sessions (1CD) Unreleased Studio Album Produced By Steve Lillywhite. Recorded Spring 2000. (SBD) Polar Bear Records 084
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - An Acoustic Conversation (2CD) Live at Weis Center - Lewisburg, PA, USA. 2nd July 1999. (SBD) Polar Bear Records 117/118
Dave Matthews Band - Winter Olympics 2002 (1CD) Salt Lake City, UT, USA. 9 Feb 2002 (SBD) - $10

David Bowie - Plastic Soul (1CD) Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 11/15/1974 (AUD) for info

David Bowie - Ziggy Plays...Velvets And Rock 'N' Roll (1CD) Live at Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 10/1/72 (AUD) for info

David Bowie - I Can't Explain (2CD) Rehearsals 1973 to 1980 tours (SBD) for info

David Bowie - Bowie 1974 (2CD) The Soul Tour, aka 2nd Leg of "The Diamond Dogs Tour, at the Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 5th September 1974 (AUD) BOW-742...$ for info

David Bowie - Ziggy's Final Farewell  1973 (2CD) outtakes, rehearsals from London. Oct 1973. Rattle Snake Label ..$ for info

David Bowie - A Reality Check (2CD) Chance Theatre, New York, USA. 19th August 2003 (SBD)

David Bowie - Bahamas 2003 (1CD) Live in the Bahamas, USA. 20th December 2003 + bonus tracks. Ganja for info

David Bowie - Last Beat (2CD) Hammersmith Odeon, London 3rd July 1973 (last show of the Ziggy Stardust World Tour + London Marquee, 18-20 Oct, 1973. (SBD) STTP 158/ for info

David Bowie - Reality Tour Japan 2004 Act 1 (2CD) Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 8th March 2004 (AUD) Hyercycle for info

David Bowie - Reality Tour Japan 2004 Act 2 (2CD) Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 9th March 2004 (AUD) Hyercycle for info

David Bowie - Deep Reality (1CD) live at Riverside Studios. Reality on Radio show. 08-09-2003 (SBD) Lime-002
David Bowie - Child's Hour Live 1999 (2CD) Live in London, England. 2nd Dec 1999. (AUD) STTP-071/72
David Bowie - The Spiders from Aylesbury (1CD) Aylesbury Friars Club, England. 25th September 1971. Japan released. DBUK-7109

David Bowie - Close to the Golden Dawn (1CD) Aylesbury Friars Club. 25th September 1971. Digipak.

David Bowie - the 1980 FloorshowNBC Midnight Special the 1980 floorshow + Marquee London. 18/19/20 October 1973. 1 copy only

David Bowie - Milton Keynes (2CD) live in Milton Keynes. 5th August 1990. Bow-003/004 - 1copy only

David Bowie - Pinups 3 (1CD) a classic collections of cover versions vol.3

David Bowie - Pinups 4 (1CD) a classic collections of cover versions vol.4

David Bowie - Come Back to Daddy (1CD) Live at the Max Schemling Halle, Berlin, Germany. 22nd Sept 2002 (SBD) DB-Ber2002. Digipak

David Bowie - Radio Hype (1CD) London, Paris Cinema Studio 05.02.70*; Aylesbury, Friar's Club 18.07.72*; Old Grey Whistle Test 08.02.72* & outtakes. (SBD) GS-96006 - 1 copy only

David Bowie - Phoenix at Zenith (1CD) Live at Le Zenith, Paris. 24th Sept 2002 (SBD) Ganja-34. Digipak
David Bowie Ziggy and the Stardust - Cleveland Music Hall (1CD) Cleveland Music Hall Cleveland Ohio Nov 25, 1972 (SBD) Gold Standard
David Bowie - Chronicles Vol.2 (1CD) a collection of BBC recordings (SBD) LLRCD049
David Bowie - Chronicles Vol.3 (1CD) BBC tracks,1969-1970 (SBD) LLRCD050
David Bowie - Total Meltdown (2CD) Live at the Royal Festival Hall. 29th June 2002. Switch On 2002-26-1/2
David Bowie - The Midnight Special (1CD) Live at the Marquee Club, 19/20 October 1973. Switch On 2002-27-1
David Bowie - Wealth & Autholity (2CD) Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, September 5, 1974 (SBD) STTP 126/27
David Bowie, Freddi & The Dreamer - The Arnold Corn Sessions (1CD) 1971 Radio Sessions, studio Outtakes + Mono mix (SBD) SO9904
David Bowie - Access Libre (2CD) Olympia Music Hall, Paris, France. 1st July 2002. FAAB-009-2. Digipak
David Bowie - on Broadway (2CD) Live at the Roseland Theatre, New York, USA. 11 June 2002. DB110602
David Bowie - Cold Station (2CD) Live at the Move Festival, Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester, UK. 19th July 2002. BOW10072002
David Bowie - Some Soul in a Lonely World (2CD) Le Zenith Paris, France. 25th September 2002 (SBD) Shout to the Top 225/226
David Bowie - Love you Till Tuesday (Video CD, playable on DVD player) Includes original version of Space Oddity. - $15. Official release
David Bowie - Toys from the Attic (1CD) BBC Concert 2000 + various rare and unrelease recordings. BOW-2001
David Bowie - Put on your Red Shows and...Dance (1CD) rare mixes. DB8385

David Bowie - An Evening with David Bowie (1CD) Maida Vale Studio, September 2002 + bonus Michael Parkinson show, Sept 2002 + Jonathan Ross show July 2002. (SBD) Boweven2002

David Bowie - Baton Rouge (2CD) Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. 11.04.1978. with 8-page booklet. SO 99-08-1/2

David Bowie & Stevie Ray Vaughan - Dallas Rehearsal (2CD) Las Colinas, Dallas, USA. 27 April 1983 (SBD) DeltaTone 11002/ here for more info
David Bowie - Her Androgynous Majesty Requests & Requires (1CD) By Request Live in the Studio, 15 Jun 2002. New York City, USA (SBD) here for more info

David Bowie - LIVE & DIRECT (1CD) Live in New York, USA. 15 June 2002 (SBD)
David Bowie - Song & Dance (2CD) Live in Hanover Grand, London. 2 Jun 1997 (AUD) DH-017
David Bowie - Suicide Attack (1CD) Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan. 20th April 1973 (AUD) Zues 2009001
David Bowie - Pinups 2 (1CD) rare covers songs sang by D.Bowie on various live sessions (SBD+AUD) BowPU02
David Bowie - Dawn Of The Dog (1CD) Diamond Dogs Tour Rehearsal 8 Jun 1974 + 10 Oct 1974 (SBD) BOW74
David Bowie - Goodnight Vienna (2CD) Libro Music Hall, Vienna, Austria. 17 Oct 1999 + bonus live tracks from 1999. BOWCD 1710991/2
David Bowie - 1974 (2CD) Madison Sq. Garden 10 Oct 1974 + Tampa, 2 July 1974 (SBD) Firepower 0050-A/B - $30
David Bowie - Naked Eyes (1CD) Track: 1-6 NET-AID, 7: GERMAN TV, 8-9: TFI FRIDAY 10 TOP OF THE POPS, 11-15 DIGITAL HIGHLIGHTS NETAID (SBD) S.O. 99-09 - $15
David Bowie - The Forgotten Songs of David Robert Jones (1CD) collection of previously unreleased songs and demos versions of others recorded between 1966-1970. (SBD) SPQE5CD

David Bowie - Ziggy with Soul (1CD) 1 Boston 1/10/72 2-8 London 10/18-20/73 9 Duet With Marianne Faithful '73 10 Bbc "Top Of The Pops" '74 11 Original Full Length 
Version '73 12-14 "Young Americans" Sessions Alternative Versions At Sigma Sound Studios '75 15 Bbc "Top Of The Pops" '75 (SBD) DH-001

David Bowie - Ziggy Goes to East (1CD) Live in Tokyo, Japan. 11 April 1973 (AUD) TR-003
David Bowie - Radio Hype (1CD) London, Paris Cinema Studio 05.02.70*; Aylesbury, Friar's Club 18.07.72*; Old Grey Whistle Test 08.02.72* & outtakes.
(SBD) GS-96006

David Bowie - We Can Be Heroes (2CD) Live at the Stadt Halle, Vienna. 22 May 1978 (AUD) S.O.2001-11-1/2
David Bowie - Vienna (2CD) Stadhalle, Vienna, Austria.May 22nd 1978 (AUD) Main Stream 042/43
David Bowie - God It's Dark (2CD) Parc Departemental De La Courneuve, Paris, France. July 3rd 1987 (AUD) Mast-034/035
David Bowie - American Daydream (1CD) Masonic Auditorium, Detriot, Michigan, USA. 01/03/1973. SO-2001-12-1
David Bowie - Glastonbury 2000 (2CD) Live at Glastonbury Festival 2000. SO-2001-13-1/2
David Bowie - Raw Moon Rehearsals (2CD) Vancouver, Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum. 2nd Feb 1976. SO-2000-09-1/2
David Bowie - The Legendary Lost Tapes (1CD) Trident Studio Session May 1972 + Glasgow, 5th Jan 1973.
David Bowie & Tin Machine - Men Like Us (1CD) Hamburg In 1991. FSC 006
David Bowie & The Spiders From Mars - Boy Could He Play Guitar (1CD) Ultimate Rare Track Compilation 1971-73 (SBD) SO9801
David Bowie, Freddi & The Dreamer - The Arnold Corn Sessions (1CD) 1971 Radio Sessions, studio Outtakes + Mono mix (SBD) SO9904
David Bowie - Wealth & Autholity (2CD) Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, September 5, 1974 (SBD) STTP 126/27
David Bowie - The Year Of The Spiders (1CD) Sounds Of The Seventies, 18 jan 72 + Top Gear, 16 May 72 + Johnny Walker Show 22 May 1972 + Sound of the Seventies 23 May 1972. SO9903
David Bowie - TVC 1990 (2CD) Live At Tokyo Dome, Tokyo May 16, 1990 (SBD) STTP058/59
David Bowie - The Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust Vol.1&2 (2CD) BBC Radio Session 1967-72 (SBD) STTP 086/87
David Bowie - The Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust Vol.3&4 (2CD) BBC Radio Session 1967-72 (SBD) STTP 088/89
David Bowie - The Earthling Chronicles (1CD) TV Broadcast Compilation From 96 To 97. DH 005
David Bowie - PNE (2CD) Rehearsal for Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, canada on Feb 2, 1976 (SBD) STTP 084/85
David Bowie - Paradiso `97 (1CD) Pardiso Club Amsterdam Oct 6 1997 + Jack Doherty Show 1997 (SBD) DH 014

David Bowie - Adventure In Cyberspace (2CD) Cybercast From The Orpheum Theatre, Boston Oct 1 1997. (SBD) DH 020
David Bowie - Divine Symmetry (1CD) Radio 1, Jan 8, 1997
David Bowie - Save the Children (2CD) Madison Sq. Garden, NY City on 9th Jan 1997 for his 50th Birthday Benefit Concert
David Bowie - Speaking in Tongues (1CD) Rare songs non-english tracks
David Bowie - 1. Tokyo Japanese Tour '96 (2CD) Nihon Budokan, Tokyo 4 June 1996 (SBD)
David Bowie - Christane F/ Baal/ Rarities (1CD) Rare soundtracks (SBD)
David Bowie – Dead Dreams (1CD) Various live in 1999+ 1997 (SBD) Ganja008
DAVID BOWIE - Musique plus Canada (1CD) Canada 22/11/1999 + bonus. (SBD) KTS734
DAVID BOWIE - RARE AND WELL DONE (1CD), Rare Compilation : Demos, Sessions, Studio Outtakes '68-'72. (SBD)
David Bowie – Still Hunky Dory (2CD), Roseland Ballroom, NY City 19 Jun 2000 (soundboard)
David Bowie – Unreleased Stuff (1CD) demos, live and rare compilations. US002
David Bowie - Live Inside (2CD) Live From The Mixing Desk On The Usa Tour With Nine Inch Nail.  (SBD) KTS 502/03 
David Bowie - Lust For Life (1CD) Live In London And Germany '95-96. (SBD) KTS 601 
David Byrne - A Head Talks Alone (1CD) Brooklyn's Church of Saint Ann & the Holy Trinity, New York. 24th March 1992 (SBD) RLCD-28
David Byrne - Girls on my Mind (2CD) Theatre Nazionale, Milan. 3 Jun 1994 (SBD) SGCD 021/22

David Coverdale and Jimmy Page - Two Days in the West (4CD) Live at Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan. 20th and 21st December 1993. Canonball 2003-003-006

David Crosby - Everybody Here Can Be In The Band (1CD) "If I could only remember my name…" sessions, recorded at Wally Heider's studio, San Francisco 1971 (SBD) for info

David Crosby - Naked In The Rain (1CD) Recorded Live At The Whisky, Los Angeles, Ca. December 1993. KTS 330 
David Gilmour - Acoustically Pink (2CD) Guest:ROBERT WYATT & RICK WRIGHT live at Royal Festival Hall, London, UK..January 16th 2002 (AUD) Highland 602/603
David Gilmour - Sing Me Kate! (2CD) Guest : KATE BUSH Live at Royal Festival Hall, London. UK. January 18th 2002 (AUD) Highland 604/605

David Lee Roth - In Search Of Paradise Lost (2CD) Skyscrapper World Tour 1988 (AUD) 8-10031/2....$ for info
Deacon Blue - On New Year's Day (1CD) Live In Glasgow, Scotland, New Years Day, 1992. KTS 044 
Dead Can Dance - Gothic Spleens (1CD) Radio Broadcast show live from Hamburg, Germany. 25th October 1990 (SBD) Digipak
Deborah Harry / Elvis Costello - Fire at Keatons Bar & Grill (1CD) live at the Royal Festival Hall, London. 14th November 2000 (SBD) Swith-On 2001-17-1

Deep Purple - Definitive 1973 (3CD) Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA 5/24/73 + Munsterlandhalle, Muster, Germany 1/23/73 (AUD) Bondage 330/1/ for info

Deep Purple - Purple Sunshine (2CD) Sunruse Theatre, Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA. 3/4/1995 + bonus tracks (AUD) One copy for info

Deep Purple - In Your Trousers (2CD) Live in Copenhagen, Denmark. 12th Nov 1993 + bonus tracks from 13th Nov 1993, Stockholm. Crystal Cat Records...$ for info

Deep Purple - Rarities (2CD) track1-4 Studio Live '69, track 5-11 Live '68. track 12 Studio Live '68. track13-14 Studio Live '71. track15-16 Live '71. track 17 Live '73. track 18-19 Live '74 (SBD+AUD) for info

Deep Purple - Live from the Seventh Heaven (2CD) Pompano Beach, South Carolina. 7 Dec 1997 + Phoenix, AZ. USA. 2 Feb 1998 (AUD) Bondage 149/150

Deep Purple - with Purple from Russia (2CD) Olympia Stadion, Moscow, Russia. 22 Jane 1996 + Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland. 9 July 1996 (SBD) Bondage 108/109

Deep Purple - Autumn of 1971 (3CD) Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, England. September 29th 1971 + Stadhalle, Vienna, Austria. 4th September 1971 (AUD) Bondage 247/8/9

Deep Purple - A Band on Tour (2CD) karlsruhe, Germany. 17th June 1998. CLV-16112997

Deep Purple - Louder Harder Hammersmith (2CD) live in Hammersmith, London, UK. 06/09/2002. 060902A/B..1 copy only

Deep Purple - Cold Spring Essen (2CD) Live in Essen, Germany. 12th Feb 1972. DTB-001

Deep Purple - Lve in Banana Republic (2CD) live in Stuttgart, Germany, 4th November 2003 + bonus tracks from Karlsruhe. 13th June 2003. CLV-04112003

Deep Purple - Poland 1991 (2CD) Poznan, Poland. 23rd September 1991 (AUD)
Deep Purple - Edge of Insanity (2CD) Live in Berlin, Germany. 27th September 1974.complete and uncirculated live recording of "MARK III" (AUD) EOI-001/002
Deep Purple - Mary Lose Gear in Fire (2CD) Emst Merck Halle, Hamburg,Germany 1/17/73 + Boblingen 12/16/72 (AUD) Gypse Eye 042/43

Deep Purple - Live in Italy (2CD) Rome, Italy. 26th May 1971 (AUD) Gypsy Eye 017/18

Deep Purple - Deepest 1973 (2CD) Nuremburg, Germany. 19th Jan 1973 + Vienna, Austria. 14th March 1973 + New York City, USA 1973. (AUD+SBD) Bondage 160/161

Deep Purple - Progressive Pop Festival (2CD) Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany. 4th April 1970 + Knzerthaus, Vienna, Austria. 6th April 1970 (AUD) Bondage 298/299

Deep Purple - Live at the Olympia '96 Rehearsals (1CD) Olympia theater, Paris, France. 17th June 1996 (SBD) Gypsy Eye 100

Deep Purple - Really Hate the Another Life (1CD) Sporthaal, Boblingen, Germany. Feb. 16 1972 (AUD) Gypsy Eye 140
Deep Purple - They'll Be The Masters (2CD) Stadhalle, Freiburg, Germany Feb. 22 1991 (AUD) Bondage 217/218
Deep Purple - Miss Molly at University (2CD) Heidelberg, Germany. 28th Nov 1970 + TV Studio Live, Amsterdam, Holland. 15th Jan 1970 (AUD+SBD) Bondage 165/166
Deep Purplse - Square it Up (2CD) Live in Japan 1973. with ticket replica (AUD) ReelMaster-011/12
Deep Purple - The Return of the Knebworth Fayre (2CD) Knebworth Park, England. 22nd June 1985. GSCD-2008 - 1 copy only
Deep Purple - Black Night (1CD) various live from Europe 1970/72/73. rare italian label. FABRI EDITORI - 1 COPY ONLY
Deep Purple - No Encore Tonight (2CD) Live in Hamburg, Germany. 30th March 1975 DTB-002
Deep Purple - Stormbringer Quadraphonic Mix (1CD) Quadra 4 Channel Mix (SBD) Quad 001
Deep Purple - LIVE (1CD) rare italian label cd. Recorded Live CD GU 1790

Deep Purple - Feel Live Screaming (2CD) Live at Reading Rivermead, UK. 16 Feb 1996 (AUD) HBM-9620..out of stock

Deep Purple - Drifter (2CD) Koseinenkin-Kaikan hall, Osaka. Japan. 11 December 1975 (AUD) OW-01AB

Deep Purple - Purple Rose of Hanau (2CD) Live in Hanau, Germany. 30th March 1996 + bonus: USA, 15th April 1973..out of stock

Deep Purple - Smoke on the N.Y. City (2CD) New York Aug 30, 1972 (SBD) Neptune 46451/2...out of stock
Deep Purple - Star Storm (1CD) Wing Beach Arena, CA. USA. 15 April 1973. STE045..out of stock
Deep Purple - Philadelphia 1991 (2CD) Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 20 April 1991. (SBD) SR-201001/2
Deep Purple - Machine Head (2CD) 2 Channel Stereo Mix & Complete 4 Tracks from the direct Discrete 4 Channel tape (SBD) QuadraDisc

Def Leppard - Live Archive (1CD) Tracks 1-10 Live at Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, UK. 14th November 1996. Tracks 11-14 Live at McNichols Arena, Denver, Colorado, USA. 12th & 13th February 1988. Not included in the Video "In the Round in your Face". Tracks 15 No string Version, Only available onthe US Promotional CD Single. (SBD) Bondage 177

Def Leppard - Miss You Montreal (2CD) Molson Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 13th Sept 1996 + bonus tracks from 1999 - 2000. (SBD) Bondage 271/72
Def Leppard - Wasted In Seattle (2CD) Seattle Kingdom, Washington Aug.3.1983 + 40 principales, Madrid, Spain Jan.21 1993 (SBD) BONDAGE 199/200 
Deftones - Viva Las Vegas (1CD) unplugged Las Vegas 2001 and cover versions + others. DIgipak

Delaney & Bonny + Allman Brothers - Bramlett & Whippy Brothers (1CD) A&R Studio, NY City, USA. 22nd July 1971 (SBD) Vague Records

Delaney & Bonnie & friends - On the Road with Eric Clapton & George Harrison (1CD) Copenhagen, Denmark. 12th Dec 1970 + Fillmore from film archives 1970 + radio Bremen studio, Germany. 26th November 1969. (SBD) Hideaway Records.

Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue (1CD Paper Sleeve) His First Album, not on CD before (SBD) DENN-A010

Depeche Mode - Marcus Amphitheater (2CD) Marcus Ampitheater, Milwaukee, WI. 20 Jun 2001. DM20001.. out of stock
Depeche Mode - Omnisports De Paris Bercy 2001 (2CD) Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy, Paris, France. 10 October 2001. + bonus tracks. DM2001-2
Depeche Mode Personal Devotion Vol.1 (1CD) mixes and remixes best of selection
Depeche Mode - An Exciting Night in Toronto (2CD) Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, Ont, Canada. 16th June 20021 (AUD) EB-104-2 - Digipak
Depeche Mode - Dream On (2CD) XCEL Energy Center, Minneapolis, USA. 19 June 2001 + bonus live tracks from 1982 to 1985 (AUD) Digipak
Depeche Mode - Exciters in Cologne (2CD) Live in Cologne, Kolnarena, Germany. 27 Sept 2001 + bonus from John Peel Sessions 1981 and exiciter remix. PLCD1PR

Depeche Mode - Nurnberg 2001 (2CD) Nurnbery, Germany. 2nd Oct 2001 + bonus from NYC, 28 Jun 2001, Munchen, 30 Sep 2001 + others
Depeche Mode - Exciter Tour Berlin (2CD) Waldbuhne, Berlin, Germany. 6th Sept. 2001. LVCD 100/101
Depeche Mode - Marcus Amphitheater (2CD) Marcus Ampitheater, Milwaukee, WI. 20 Jun 2001. DM20001.. out of stock
Depeche Mode - Mode On The Road (2CD) Recorded Live In Lille, France 1993. CM 018/19 
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Rumours (1CD) Recorded 'Live' On Tour 1993. KTS 206 

Derek & the Dominos - Price of Love (2CD) McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas, TX, USA. 6th Nov 1970 (AUD) CBR-009/ for info

Derek and the Dominoes - Live at Santa Monica (1CD) Live at Civic Auditorium Santa Monica, afternoon show. 20th November 1970 + bonus track. Watchtower 2004117...$ for info

Derek & the Dominos - Anyday (1CD) Live at Pavillion Bournemouth, England 1970 (AUD) Killing Floor 98015 - $15
Derek and the Dominoes - Live at the Fillmore - Complete Edition (3CD) Fillmore East, New York, USA, October 23 and 24, 1970 (SBD) Slunky 17A/B/C

Derek and the Dominoes - Everyday We Play the Blues (2CD) Classic Derek upgrade in very, very good sound of a previously circulating show of much inferior quality. This is a very substantial upgrade and a whale of a listen of the 26 Nov 1970, Cincinnati Music Hall, Ohio show. On Japanese HiWatt Label...$50

Derek & The Dominoes - The Final Act (1CD) Suffolk Community College, Seldon, New York, USA. 6 Dec 1970 (AUD) Zues 2024001 - $15
Derek & the Dominos - The Beat Goes On (3CD) New York, USA. 5th Dec 1970 + Early and late show from Buffalo. 29 Oct 1970 (AUD) ZEUS, Z-2023001/2/3 - $50
Dimmu Borgir - Spiritual Dimensions (1CD) live in Europe + bonus (Soundboard), DEMIN24
DIO - Spokane '84 (1CD) Spokane Coliseum, Spokane, Washington, USA. 24 Jul 1984 (SBD) Bondage 143.
DIO - Holy Birthday (2CD) Summerfest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. 10 July 1994 + Municipal Auditorium, California, USA 11/8/1996 (SBD) Bondage 234/235
Dire Straits - San Antonio '85 (2CD) Majestic Theatre, San Antonio, Texas, USA. 16th Aug 1985. Living Legend Records LLRCD 097/98 - 1 copy only
Dire Straits - One World (3CD) CD1: Philadelphia, 3rd March 1979 + CD2 & 3: USA 1985 (SBD)
Dire Straits - On Every Stage (2CD) Live in Europe 1992 (SBD) OHM 10A/B
Dire Straits - Heavy Fuel (2CD) Place And Date Unknown (SBD) ONSTAGE 2308

Dodgers, The - Lost at Ebbetts Field (1CD) track 1-11 from "the Dodgers - love on the rebound" 1978 LP, track 12-18: BBC with Tom Evans on Bass and Terry Williams on Drums, track 19-21: NON LP single cuts (SBD) POP-007

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart (Monkeys) - Out Of Print Ex-Monkey`s Members Album (1CD) Soundboard recording. WWD-007

Don Henley - The Voice of the Eagles (1CD) Foxboro Stadium. 6th Sept 1993 + bonus tracks (SBD) RLCD-37
Don Henley - Live by Request (2CD) Live from Dallas Texas - The Music Hall at Fair Park. Originally broadcast on A&E, 25th May 2000. (SBD) DP-0010-1/2 - $30

Doors, The - Down the Rivers and Highways (1CD) Swing Auditorium, National Orange Showgrounds, San Bernadino, CA. 16th Dec 1967 + Continental Ballroom, Santa Clara, CA. 9th July 1967 + Family Dog, Denver, CO. 3oth Sept 1967 + Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 6th Feb 1970 (SBD) Coloseum

Doors,The - Absolute Live Outtakes (1CD) Various live from 1969, 1970. 10 tracks. Digipak
Doors - Light My Fire (1CD) San Francisco, CA. USA. 10 March 1967 + Vancouver Jun 1970. rare italian label. FABRI EDITORI - 1 COPY ONLY
Doors, The - No Limits (1CD) various live recording in USA on 1967-1970. rare italian label. FABRI EDITORI - 1 COPY ONLY
Doors - Objects of Desire (1CD) Rarities, B-sides and Demos. (SBD) Darkside DP00-1 - $15
Doors, The - When the Music's Over (1CD) live at unknown date and venue. rare Great Dane Label - 1 copy only
Doors, The - Aquarius - First Show (2CD) Los Angeles, CA, USA. 21st July 1969 (SBD) FLU-0014
Doors, The - Destroyer (2CD) Detroit, Michigan, USA. 8th May 1970 + bonus from CA, USA. 21 Aug 1970. Digipak
Doors, The - Again (1CD) Concerthouse, Stockholm, Sweden. 20 Sept 1968. SR-025
Doors - Roundhouse Blues (2CD) Round House London 7/8 Sep 1968 + Seattle, 5 Jun 1970 + others. (SBD) SYYP 154/155
Doors, The - Black Angel's Death Song (1CD) various rare live tracks from 1967-1970. BA597604
Doors - Touch Me (1CD) 6 live tracks from 1967 - 1968.
Doors - Complete (1CD) Classic live Covers tracks, S.F., March 1967, Seattle, 7 Jun 1970, etc. Great Dane 003
Doors, The - Live at the Matrix (1CD) Los Angeles in March 1967, NR3541
Doors, The - Moonlight Drive (1CD) San Francisco, CA, USA. 7 March 1967. (SBD) RSCCD 115
Doors, The - Shattered (1CD) Seattle Center Coliseum & Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Canada, 6 June 1970. (SBD) KTS 350
Doobie Brothers, The - Reunion Recorded Live At The Concord Pavilion - Concord Ca, Usa 1994. (SBD) KTS 402
John Petrucci (of Dream Theater) - Shredfest (1CD) Celebrity Theater, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 26th June 2001 with S.Vai & J.Satriani. MME02-05

Dream Theater - Beyond Reality (2CD) live bospop fest, holland, 07-09-2000 + bonus tracks from 29 Sept 1999. MME02-03/04 ..2 copies only

Dream Theater - 1987 "Instru-Mental" Complete studio session (SBD)

Dream Theater - 1986 Demo (SBD)

Dream Theater - When Dream & James Unite (2CD) compilation of varous live tracks recorded in EUrope/USA in 1993 and 1994 + studio rehearsal for a show with Iron Maiden in 1992 at the Ritz in NYC, live on the Bruce Dickinson BBC Radio show on 29th Jan 1995 + ultra rare studio version of the Deep Purple classic "Perfect Strangers" with Bruce Dickinson on lead vocals. (AUD+SBD) -

Dream Theater - Rotterdamned (3CD) The Complete Ahoy Performance, Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland. 11 March 2002 (AUD) CDMFN66A-C
Dream Theater - Dream of the Beast (1CD) DT covered the complete "Number of the Beast" album of Iron Maiden on 24th October 2002 in Paris. DIGIPAK

Dream Theater - Forbidden Dreams (6CD) Complete Stereo Soundboard recording from Japan Tour 1992/1993/1995. 19 Nov 1992 + 28 Aug 1993 + 23 Jan 1995 (SBD) Bondage 263-268 - 2 sets only

Dream Theater - The Covers (1CD) all covers tracks from Rehearsal Studio, studio demo, and live tracks from 1995/1998. (SBD) 1D-01
Dream Theater - Dream of the Beast (1CD) DT covered the complete Number of the Beast album of Iron Maiden on 24th October 2002. (AUD) 6-paged foldout Digipak
Dream Theater - Listen to this Larz (1CD) Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA. 28th March 2002. TNSP-01
Dream Theater - The Number of the Beast (1CD) Paris France. 24th October 2002. Calvary-001
Dream Theatre - Antagonist Views (2CD) Heineken Musica Hall, Amsterdam, Holland. 2nd April 2002. MME02-06/7
Dream Theater - Wake the F**k Up.. (1CD) Denver, USA. 13th August 2002. FAAB-0018-1. Digipak

Dream Theater - Forbidden Dreams (6CD) Complete Stereo Soundboard recording from Japan Tour 1992/1993/1995. 19 Nov 1992 + 28 Aug 1993 + 23 Jan 1995 (SBD) Bondage 263-268 - last set

DREAM THEATER - INFINITE DREAM (1CD), Waldrock Festival, Bergum, Holland 6/27/98 (SBD) BON 157
DREAM THEATER - Precious dreams (1CD) Grenada, Spain 05-04-1998 + 1997 Falling into Infinity demos. KRCD 42
Dream Theater - Dream Out Loud Recorded Live In N.Y., Usa 18-05-1993. KTS 243 
Dream Theater - Lords Of Sound (2CD) Live' In Milwaukee 1993. KTS 282/83 
Dream Theater - Mind Control (2CD) Recorded Live In Japan 1995. KTS 416/17 

Duran Duran - You Can Touch The Sunrise (1CD) London, Hammersmith, UK. 13th January 2005 + bonus tracks from 2nd Feb 2005. for info

Duran Duran - Acoustic World (1CD) Live in USA 1993. (SBD) KTS 269
Duran Duran - Return Return (1CD) Recorded Live From Hollywood & Buenos Aires, Argentina In 1993. BIG 071 
Duran Duran - The Big Bang Concert (1CD) Recorded Live In Walt Disney World, Fl On 1/19/1998 + 93 Las Vegas. (SBD)

Eagles - Mid-Summer Music 1975 (1CD) Live At Wembley Stadium, London, UK. 21st June 1975 (AUD) for info

Eagles - Boston Music Hall 1975 (2CD) Live at Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA. 14th May 1975 (AUD) Screamer-04016/ for info

Eagles - Heartache Tonight 1979 (2CD) Expo Park, Osaka, Japan. 22nd September 1979 (AUD) Screamer-04014/ for info

Eagles - Farewell East 2004 (3CD) Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan. 26th October 2004 (AUD) EAG001/2/ for info

Eagles - Flying in the East (2CD) Live at Nagoya Kokaido Hall, Nagoya, Japan. 9th Feb 1976 (SBD) Mainstream for info 
Eagles - Eagles from the Desk (2CD) Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnosota, USA. 25th Feb 1995 (SBD) Dr.Label 2259/01-2
Eagles - California State of Mind (3CD) Earls Court Arena, London. 13th June 2001. (AUD)
Eagles - Flying First Time (2CD) Budokan, Toyko, Japan. 7 Feb 1976 (AUD) PM 036/37
Eagles - Flying Again (2CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 9th Spe 1979 (AUD) PM 038/39
Eagles - Break Through the Limit (2CD) Nagoya, Japan. 9 Feb 1976 (SBD) Westwood 001/2
Eagles - The Eagle Has Landed (1CD) Live in the USA, summer 1994. ARR 94.081
Eagles - Alive (1CD) Recorded Live In Usa, 1993 (SBD) Q10008

Earth & Fire - Storm and Thunder (1CD) Zur Grille, Minden, Germany. 21st March 1974 (AUD) Match Box Design Paper Sleeve packageing. DH 001

Echobelly - Greatest Things (1CD) Studio Live Session 1995 (SBD) 3D-Reality-034
Echo & the Bunnymen - Rescue Me? (1CD) London Improv Theater Jan 4, 1999 (SBD) 

Egg - Step Back To The Egg (1CD) London. England. Mar.'70:4 track s+ BBC Live.'73 : 5tracks. "Long Piece No.3 (part 4)" etc (AUD+SBD) for info

E.L.O. - Hold On Tight (2CD) Live at Wembley Arena, London, England. 1982. (AUD) TRYSTAR-010/11 - $30
Elton John - The Only One (1CD) Live in Lausanne, Switzerland. 3rd June 1992. Living Legend 178
Elton John - Greatest Hits Show! (1CD) Sony Music Studio, New York City, USA. June 3, 2002 (SBD) PB-123
Elton John & Billy Joel - Face to Face 2002 (3CD) Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT. U.S.A. 8th Feb 2002 (Excellent Soundboard Quality)..$60..more info

Elton John - Tantrums Tiaras, the Director's Cut (Video CD, playable on DVD player) This video , which includes interviews and footage not included on TV, is an initmate and personal account of the mand behind the celebrity - on and off stage + Rio De Janeiro concert. 120 minutes - $18. Official Release

Elton John & Billy Joel - Face To Face Japan Tour 98 (Paper Sleeve) (3CD) Tokyo, Japan, 30 March 1998.Complete Show (AUD)
Elton John - Satuday Night's Alright for Fighting (2CD) Hammersmith Odeon. 22nd Dec 1973. - one copy only
Elton John + Billy Joel - Beatles Songs (1CD) Beatles covers songs (AUD) Z2018001
Elton John - Rocket Man Over the Rainbow (2CD) Rainbow Theatre, London, England. 13th May 1977. (SBD) MSBR-37/38
Elton John & Billy Joel - Face to Face (2CD) Tokyo Dome, Japan 3/30 & 3/31/1998. (SBD) JJ 98031/32
Elton John - Early Sessions - Lost BBC and Live (1CD), Bbc Session 5/70 +"17-11-70" Outtakes, WABC Studios, NY 11/17/70 (SBD) BB 052
Elton John - Only Seventy Minutes (1CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. February 1st 1974 (AUD) Main Stream-012
ELTON JOHN - A SINGLE MAN IN FRANCE, (1CD) Giannde Studios, France. October 20th 1978 (SBD) BB057 
ELTON JOHN - SIMPLE IS PIANOMAN (1CD), House of Blues, New Orleans, USA 9/19/97 (SBD) BB023 
Elton John - Return of the Century (1CD) Century Plaza, Los Angeles, CA. USA. 1978. (SBD) STTP 125
Elton John - Music Masterpiece Vol.1 (2CD) Collection of B-sides, remixes and live songs (SBD) GONO-01/02
Elton John - Music Masterpiece Vol.2 (2CD) Collection of B-sides, remixes and live songs (SBD) GONO-03/04
Elton John - Broadcast and Demos (1CD) 15 Radio broadcase tracks and demos (SBD) SAM-003 - $24
Elton John - Return of the Century (1CD) Century Plaza, Los Angeles, CA. USA. 1978. (SBD) STTP 125
Elton John - Daniel (1CD) Live in Newcastle, May 6, 1973. RSC 022
Elton John - 'Live' (1CD) Hammersmith Odeon, London. 22 Dec 1973. TDM CD126
Elton John + Billy Joel - Beatles Songs (1CD) Beatles covers songs (SBD) Z2018001
Elton John & Billy Joel - Face To Face Japan Tour 98 (Paper Sleeve) (3CD) Tokyo, Japan, 30 March 1998.Complete Show (AUD)
ELTON JOHN - JOHN WEST OF THE ROCKIES (3CD) Coliseum,Portland,Oregon,USA 10/14/1975 (AUD) BB041/42/43 
Elton John & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Concertstuck (1CD) Royal Festival Hall, March 3, 1971. (SBD) SS20012
Elton John - A Truly Great Rocker (1CD) Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA, 13th Nov 1970 (SBD) SS99009
Elton John & Ray Cooper  - Russian Bullete (2CD) Russia Hotel Concert Hall Moscow 3/28.1979 (SBD) EJRC001/02
Elton John  - Final Melodies In Millenium (1CD) Woburn Abbey, Uk, May 27. 2000 + Live 2000 (SBD) PB 056
Elton John - Story Teller (1CD) House Of Blues New Orleans Sep 19, 1997 (SBD) DE001
Elton John - Rudolph The Red Nosed Paper Sleeve (2CD) Hammersmith Odeon Dec 22, 1973. (SBD) WS 005
Elton John - Fine China (1CD) Recorded Live At The Wembley Pool, In London 3 November, 1977. BIG 092 
Elton John - World Class (2CD) Live On Tour 1993. KTS 270/71 
Elton John - Dick James Demos Vol. 1 (1CD) Unreleased Studio Tracks. Yellowg Dog 023 
Elton John - Dick James Demos Vol.2 (1CD) Unreleased Studio Tracks. Yellowg Dog 024
Elton John - The Unsurpassed Dick James Demos Vol. 3 (1CD) Unreleased Studio Tracks. Yellowg Dog 43
Elton John - Leather Jacket Demo (1CD) Leather Jacket Demos +Hammersmith Odeon, London 12/24/82. Masq 012 
Elton John - Tumleweed Collection (1CD) Demos For "Tumbleweed" And "Mad Man". SCEI 001 
Elton John - West Of The Rockies (3CD)  Coliseum,Portland,Oregon,Usa 10/14/1975. (AUD) BB 041/42/43

Elvis Costello & the Imposters - Anybody Wanna Swallow Me? (2CD) Central Park Summer Stage, New York City, NY, USA. 8th June 1994 (SBD) AP-011/ for info

Elvis Costello - Forbidden Playthings (2Pro-CDR) Live in Stockholm, Sweden. 5/1/1999, Late show. Doberman-187/88...$ for info

Elvis Costello And Steve Nieve - Expect The Unexpected (2Pro-CDR) Royal Court Theater in Liverpool, UK. 14th April 1999 + bonus tracks from Birmingham, UK. 16th April 1999 (AUD) Doberman-199/2000..$ for info

Elvis Costello And The Attractions - Back With A Vengeance Volume 1 (2Pro-CDR) Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK. 26 July 1996 (AUD) Doberman-043/44...$ for info

Elvis Costello And The Attractions - Back With A Vengeance Volume Two (2Pro-CDR) Various live tracks taken from 1996/95 UK. (AUD) Doberman-045/46...$ for info

Elvis Costello And The Attractions - Political Action (1Pro-CDR) Logan Hall in London, UK. 9th March 1985. Doberman-115..$ for info

Elvis Costello - The Little Hands Of Concrete (2Pro-CDR) Brentford, England. 29th March 1987 + bonus tracks from London, 28th Nov 1986 (AUD) Doberman-104/5...$ for info

Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Don't Ask Me to Apologize (2CD) Various live and rare tracks from 1977 and 1978. (SBD+AUD) BTZCD-014-/1/ for info

Elvis Costello - Episodes Of Elvis (2 Doberman CDR) Astoria, London. 16th April 2002 + bonus tracks from 17th Jan 2002 and 6th Nov 2001 (AUD+SBD) Doberman-310/311..$ for info

Elvis Costello And The Imposters - Mood Swings (3 Doberman CDR) Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA, USA. 22nd September 2002 + Bonus tracks from Birmingham, England on 12th September 2002 and Portland Oregon, 24th Sept 2002 (AUD) Doberman-316/17/18...$ for info

Elvis Costello - Every Day I Write a Book (1CD) Live at the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, USA. no date given. Living Legend 120
Deborah Harry / Elvis Costello - Fire at Keatons Bar & Grill (1CD) live at the Royal Festival Hall, London. 14th November 2000 (SBD) Swith-On 2001-17-1
Elvis Costello with Steve Nieve - Heartful of Songs (2CD) Live in Japa. 10 Feb 1998 (AUD) BB-047/48
Elvis Costello & Steve Nieve - Two's Company Vol.2 (1CD) Newcastle City Hall, 12 Nov 1999 (SBD) PB-048
Elvis Costello - Majesty on the Night (1CD) BBC Radio 2, London, UK. 28 April 2002 (SBD) PB-113
Elvis Costello & Steve Nieve - Majesty's Pleasure (2CD) Her Majesty's Theatre, Sydney, Australia, 19 Feb 1999 (SBD) PB-039/40

Elvis Costello - Italian Memory (2CD) Dizzo Congress, Bologna, Italy. 22th Nov 1984 + bonus: the Coward Brothers set with T.Bone Burnette + Warfield Theatre, San Francisco. 29th April 1984. MAST -021/22

Elvis Costello - On the Road Again (2CD) Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, June 16th 1999 (SBD) MSBR-012/013
Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Maybe the Last Time (2CD) Glastobury CND Festival, England 20 June 1987 (AUD) MSBR 038/39
Elvis Costello - Majesty on the Night (1CD) BBC Radio 2, London, UK. 28 April 2002 (SBD) PB-113
Elvis Costello & the Imposters - The Man in Time (1CD) London, England. 28 April 2002 + Later with Jools Holland, 1 May 2002 (SBD) MAP22004
Elvis Costello - Daze of Glory (1CD) Heatwave Festival, Toronto. 23 Aug 1980 + Sydney, Australia. 1982 (SBD) TDR-119
Elvis Costello - Fatal Attraction (2CD) Royalty Theathre, London. UK. 23 Nov 1986 (SBD) POP-021/22 - 1 COPY ONLY
Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Orpheum Theater (2CD) Live in Minneapolis, USA. 18 Aug 1996. (SBD) HIWATT 96A/B
Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Superlative Live (1CD) Track 1-13 Essen 7/2/78. Track14-20 Montreau Jazz Festival 7/12/80 (SBD) NRCD-46030
Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Maybe the Last Time (2CD) Glastobury CND Festival, England 20 June 1987 (AUD) MSBR 038/39
Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Radio Sweet Hearts (1CD) BBC 1977-83 + 4 Ackers Club, NY 1977 + B-sides of "Alison", etc. (SBD) MSBR-020
Elvis Costello - Youth Elvis (1CD) Live at the Foro Italico, Rome, Italy on 19 July 1994 (SBD) HR5975/76
Elvis Costello & Steve Nieve - Two's Company (1CD) Newcastle City Hall, 12 Nov 1999 (SBD) PB-038
Elvis Costello & Steve Nieve - Two's Company Vol.2 (1CD) Newcastle City Hall, 12 Nov 1999 (SBD) PB-048
Elvis Costello – Plugging the Gaps Vol.2 (1CD) Previously unreleased compilation. TONE2CD003
Elvis Costello – The Flip City Demos (1CD), Demos recorded live in the studio 1975 with the “Flip City” (SBD) HAM011
ELVIS COSTELLO & ATTRACTIONS - SOME LIKE IT HOT (1CD) The Hot Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 7th 1977 (SBD)...out of stock
Elvis Costello - This Is Tomorrow (2CD) Recorded Live In Europe 1986. BIG 012/13
Elvis Costello - Under The Influenza (1CD) Live On Tour 1994. KTS 386 
Elvis Costello - Jesus, This Is Elvis (1CD) Live In Europe 95. KTS 454
Elvis Presley - Having Fun with Elvis on stage (1CD) Rare talking album vol 1
Elvis Presley - Having Fun with Elvis on stage (1CD) Rare talking album vol 2
Elvis Presley - Having Fun with Elvis on stage (1CD) Rare talking album vol 3
Elvis Presley - Green Green Grass of Home (1CD) International Hotel Las Vegas 20th Aug 1975, Dinner show.
Elvis Presley - Little Darlin (1CD) Niagara Falls/ New York Convention Centre, 13th Jul 1975, Matinee.
Elvis Presley - Down in the Alley (1CD) International hotel Las vegas, Nevada 19th AUg 1975 opening show
Elvis Presley - I Don't Wanna Sing these Songs (1CD) Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas. 12-08-1971 midnight show
Elvis Presley - Perfect for Parties (1CD) Souvenir edition especially made in celebration of the elvis festival
Elvis Presley - Come and Get Me (1CD) Rare fanclub shape cd 
Elvis Presley - Special Christmas Package (1CD) Christmas CD with 22 Alternate songs, + 5 full color postcards
Elvis Presley - Unsurpassed Masters Vol.1 (1CD) Rare And Unreleased Demos And Studio Outtakes. Yellow Dog 025
Elvis Presley - Unsurpassed Masters Vol.2 (1CD) Rare And Unreleased Demos And Studio Outtakes. Yellow Dog 026
Elvis Presley - Unsurpassed Masters Vol.3 (1CD) Rare And Unreleased Demos And Studio Outtakes. Yellow Dog 027
Elvis Presley - Unsurpassed Masters Vol.4 (1CD) Recorded Live At The Las Vegas Hilton, Dec 13, 1975. Yellow Dog 028
Emerson, Hughes & Bonilla - Wizard of Three Faces (2CD) Live at Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA, USA. 15th May 1998. DP-00-15-1/2 - $30

Emerson, Lake, Palmer - Born of Evil (2CD) Rotterdam, Holland. 25th May 1974 (AUD) Highland 563/64

Emerson, Lake, Palmer - Stomping Encore (2CD) Gaelic Park, NY 9/1/71 & Birmingham, UK 12/17/71 (AUD) Highland 085/86

Emerson, Lake, Palmer - 21st Century Schizoid Tarkus (2CD) Flynn Theater, Burlington, VT, USA. 2nd August 1998 (AUD) Highland 227/228

Emerson, Lake, Palmer - Aquakarn #10 (2CD) Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 12/7/1973 (AUD) Highland 350/351

Emerson, Lake, Palmer - An Obligation "Works" (2CD) Civic Center, Hartford, Ct, USA 7/10/1977 (SBD) Highland 352/353

Emerson, Lake, Palmer - The Great Gates of Nurnberg (2CD) Nurnberg,Germany 6/11/1971 (AUD) Highaland 557/558

Emerson, Lake, Palmer - At Hollywood Bowl (1CD) Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, USA. July/17/71 (AUD) Highland 556

Emerson, Lake, Palmer - Fanfare for the Kingdom (2CD) Kingdom Festival, Switzerland 7/25/98 + K.Emerson, Venice Beach,CA 7/7/96 (SBD+AUD) Highland262/263

Emerson, Lake, Palmer - The Dust of Time (2CD) Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charotte, New York 8/10/74 (AUD) Highland 361/362

Emerson, Lake, Palmer - The Courts of Three Kings (2CD) From New Master Tape: Richfield, Cleveland, OHIO, USA. September 23rd 1986 (AUD) Highland 394/95

Emerson, Lake, Palmer - There's No End to Our Live (2CD) Knzerthaus, Vienna, Austria 6/3/1971 (AUD) Highland 595/96

Emerson, Lake, Palmer - The Velvet Coast of "Pirates" (2CD) Madison Square Garden, New York,USA. 7/8/1977 (AUD) Highland 306/07

Emerson, Lake, Palmer - Ganton 9 (2CD) Ludwingshaven, Germany 4/10/1973 (AUD) Highland 550/51

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - C'est La Vie (1CD) Live in Anaheim 1973. Fabbri Editori-32
Emerson Lake & Palmer (1CD) Newcastle City Hall, UK> 26 March 1971. Rare italian release. TDM CD 54 - out of stock
Emerson Lake & Palmer - Rock Explosion at Korakuen (2CD) Korakuen Stadium, Japan. 13 Jul 1972. PM-043/44
Emerson Lake & Palmer & FREE - Complete Performance in the Stadium 1972 (3CD) Korakuen Stadium Tokyo Japan July 22 1972 Complete Live (AUD) KF 98025/26

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Slippin' On a Fanfare (2CD) Live in New Heaven. 30th Nov 1977. (SBD) HL-401/2..out of stock
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Historical at an Exhibition (2CD) Live at Obsas Sanitarias Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 5 April 1993 (SBD) Highland 448/49
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Rondo (2CD) Black Moon World Tour, September 1992 (AUD) 
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Pirates (2CD) Recorded 'Live' On The European Tour 1992. KTS 134/35 

Eminem - Unreleased and Uncensored (1CD) unreleased rare and cover tracks (SBD) Tri-fold Digipak

Emitt Rhodes - Rhodes Less Travelled (1CD) rarites compilation (SBD) POP-003 - $10

EmmyLou Harris - Orphan Girl (1Pro-CDR) Sheperds Bush Empire in London on 23 Nov 1995 (SBD+AUD) Doberman-124..$ for info

Emmylou Harris - Natural Beauty (Japanese Pro-made 1CDR) Hartford Civic Centre, CT, USA. 19th December 2003 (AUD) YACD-002 - $15

Emmylou Harris with the Hot Band - Feeling Single Seeing Double (1CD) Outrageous early Emmylou, stunning pre-broadcast Source recording from The Boarding House, San Fran, Nov 1975 (14 tracks) plus equally fab add'l tracks. Deep Six-44...out of stock

Erasure - Welcome To The Glitter Dome (2CD) Recorded 'Live' In Europe 1992. BIG 050/51 

Various Artist (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page) - Arms Concert USA (3CD) Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA. 9th December 1983 (SBD) Hercules-002/3/4 - $ for info

ARMS' (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page) -- Dallas 1983 (2CD) Live at Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas, USA. 28th November 1983. HB-947-1/2 - $ for info

Eric Clapton - Festival Hall 1977 (2CD) Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan. 1st October 1977 (AUD) for info

Eric Clapton - To Be Your Woman (2CD) Live at Kyoto-Kaikan Daiichi Hall Kyoto, Japan. 24th Oct 1975 (AUD) for info

Eric Clapton - Slowhand Far East (2CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, 6th October 1977 Defenitive New Master Edition (AUD) CrossBorder for info

Eric Clapton - Blues In The Night (2CD) Live at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan. 6th November 1974 (AUD) Destroyer-003/ for info

Eric Clapton - Badge (2CD) Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 1st Nov 1975 (AUD) Destroyer-001/ for info

Eric Clapton - Splendor (2CD) Live at the Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. 25th June 1975 (AUD) EC-001/ for info

Eric Clapton - Superstar Concert Series 1990 Part 1 & Part 2 (2CD) 1990 European Tour (SBD) Click the Parts for info

Eric Clapton - House of Blues Triple Nights (6CD + 1DVD) House of Blues Los Angeles, CA, USA. 11th, 12th and 13th November 1994 (AUD) Paddington Label...$150
6CD housed in 6CD jewel cases and a separate DVD in a clampshell DVD case. DVD: Live at The Fillmore 7th Nov 1994 for info

Eric Clapton - Fillmore Double Blues Nights (4CD)  From the Cradle Nothing But the Blues USA Club tour, Fillmore 2 days, 8th and 9th November 1994. (AUD) Paddington for info

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight on Stage 1978/83/85 (6CD) Live at the Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA. USA. 11th Feb 1978 + Bremen, Germany. 20th April 1983 + Richmond, Virginia, USA. 22nd April 1985 (SBD) Swingin's Pig. TSP-196-1-6...$ for info

Eric Clapton / Santana - F.I.L.Y (3CD) PNE coliseum, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. 3rd August 1975 (AUD) Slunky-37A/B/ for info

Eric Clapton - TV Appearance Collection (5CD) CHRONICLE OF EC'S TV PERFORMANCES AFTER 80'S...Paddington-008-012...$ for info

Eric Clapton - Trouble On My Mind (2CD) Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany. April 20th 1983 (SBD) Pgcd003/ for info

Eric Clapton - Bad Love (2CD) RAH, London 1990 (AUD) EC-901/2..$ for info

Eric Clapton - Divinity (2CD) Statenhal, Den Haag, Netherlands. 6th July 1989 (AUD) CDR-004/ for info

Eric Clapton - Delicate Beauty (1CD) International Center Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. 9th October 1977 (SBD) for info

Eric Clapton - A Drunkard's Night (1CD) Hampton Road Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia, USA. 28th September 1974 (SBD) for info

Eric Clapton - Give Me One More Day (2CD) Boston Garden, Boston, MA. USA. September 30th 1974 (AUD) Slunky 05A/ for info

Eric Clapton - Lookin' Back American Tour 1974 (2CD) Mapleleaf Garden, Toronto, Canada. 2nd October 1974 (AUD) Slunky-12A/ for info
Flying Burrito Bros - Steel Burrito (1CD) Seattle Pop Festival July 27, 1969 (SBD) for info

Eric Clapton, SANTANA, JEFF BECK, BB KING  & Various Artist - Crossroads Guitar Festival (3CD) Live at Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas, USA. 4th, 5th and 6th June 2004 (SBD) Slunky-36A/B/ for info

Eric Clapton - Same Old Blues Definitive Master (2CD) superb soundboard source Live at Madison Sq. Garden, NY, USA. 27th April 1987. (SBD) PM-003/ for info

Eric Clapton - Happy Birthday Eric (2CD) Live at Schleyer Hall, Stuggart, Germany. 30th March 2004 + bonus tracks from 12th April 2004, Netherlands. (AUD) Slunky 35A/ for info

Eric Clapton - Judgement Nights (9CD + 1 REAL DVD SET)  COMPLETE 6 NIGHTS OF THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL. 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th 10th and 11th of MAY 2004. PLus complete video from Manchester evening,. 29th April 2004. (AUD) Slunky Label...$ for info

Eric Clapton - Touring Germany 2004 (3CD) 2 complete show from Germany : Live in Hannover, 2nd April 2004 + Frankfurt, 8th April 2004 (AUD) Slunky-31A/B/ for info

Eric Clapton - Belfast Odyssey - Live on Air from BBC 2004 (2CD) Oddysey arena, Belfast Northern Ireland. 24th April 2004 + bonus Hannover, Germany 4/2/2004 (SBD+AUD) RHR-20041/ for info

Eric Clapton - EC was Everywhere (4CD) Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, England. 4th December and 5th December 1974. (SBD) Smile-01/2/3/4

Eric Clapton - I Tried Not to be Anything Else (2CD) No reason to Cry USA Tour. Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas, USA. 12th November 1976 (SBD) Smile-05/6

Eric Clapton - God Was Here (2CD) Live at International Amphitheatre, Chicago, 2nd July 1974 + Live at Congress Centreum, Hamburg, 26th November 1974 + bonus tracks from Knoxville Civic Coliseum, 19th June 1975 (SBD) FAP-012/ for info

Eric Clapton - First Appearance (2CD) Live at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan. 5th November 1974. Watchtower Label...$ for info

Eric Clapton - Driftin' and Ramblin' (2CD) Olympia stadium, Detroit, Michigan July 1st 1975 from the 1975 American Tour (AUD) Slunky 29A/B

Eric Clapton - Got Live to Get Better (3CD) Rotterdam, Ahoy, Holland. 11th & 12th April 2004. Original digital master from audience recordings (AUD) Slunky 30A/B/C

Eric Clapton - Backless Frankfurt (2CD) Backless European Tour 1978 at Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany. 11th November 1978. (AUD) RightStuff-21003/ for info

George Harrison with Eric Clapton & His Band - One Moment in Time Vol.1 (3CD) Live At The Osaka Castle Hall 2nd December 1991 & Press Conference (AUD) Misterclaudel label.  setlist:

DISC 1: I Want To Tell You / Old Brown Shoe / Taxman / Give Me Love / If I Needed Someone / Something / Fish On The Sand / What Is Life / Dark Horse / Piggies / Pretending / ld Love / Badge / Wonderful Tonight DISC 2: Got My Mind Set On You / Cloud Nine / Here Comes The Sun / My Sweet Lord / All Those Years Ago / Cheer Down / Devil's Radio / Isn't It Pity / While My Guitar Gently Weeps / Roll Over Beethoven DISC 3: Press Conference

George Harrison with Eric Clapton & His Band - One Moment in Time II (2CD) Live at Nagoya International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. 5th December 1991 (AUD) Misterclaudel Label MCCD-22/33...with for info

John Mayall with Eric Clapton : Blues Breaker - Primal Seed (1CD) various recording sessions from 1965-1966 (SBD) for info

John Mayall and Friends feautring Eric Clapton - A Tribute to John Mayall for his 70th Birthday (2CD) Live at the Liverpool's Kings Dock Arena.Liverpool,UK. JULY 19, 2003. DISC-1 1.Introduction 2.GRITS AINT GROCERIES 3.JACKS BORO HIGHWAY 4.SOUTHSIDE STORY 5.KIDS GOT THE BLUES 6.DIRTY WATER 7.SOMEBODY'S ACTING LIKE A CHILD 8.BLUES FOR LOST DAYS 9.WALKING ON SUNSET 10.OH PRETTY WOMAN 11.NO BIG HURRY DISC-2 1.PLEASE MR LOFTON 2.HIDEAWAY 3.ALL YOUR LOVE 4.HAVE YOU HEARD 5.HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN 6.I'M TORE DOWN 7.IT AIN'T RIGHT 8.CALIFORNIA 9.TALK TO YOUR DOUGHTER DISC-1 Tracks 2-3 Perform by Bluesbreakers Tracks 4-6 Perform with John Mayall Tracks 7-10 Perform by John Mayall & Mick Taylor Tracks 11 Perform by John Mayall & Eric Clapton DISC-2 Tracks 1 Perform by John Mayall,Eric Clapton & C.Barber Tracks 2-6 Perform by John Mayall's Bluesbreakers & Eric Clapton Tracks 7 Perform by John Mayall Tracks 8 Perform by John Mayall & Mick Taylor Tracks 9 Perform by All Players!! (AUD) Rothmans 015/16 - $35

Buddy Guy feat Eric Clapton - Strange Brew (1CD) Atlanta, 10th September 1998 + London Empire. 28th May 1996 (SBD) Watchtower 2001002 - $25 - 2 copies only

George Harrison with Eric Clapton - Lost Mistral Tapes Osaka 5 Days (10CD Box) Live at Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan, December 1991. (AUD) Frontpage Label...Special Price...$150

Eric Clapton - Slowhand Plays in the Boston Gardens (2CD) Boston Gardens, 7 July 1974 (SBD) KF-98011/ for info

George Harrison with Eric Clapton - Live in Peace (2CD) Live at Hiroshima Sunplaza, Hiroshima December 6th, 1991 (AUD) FRONT PAGE for info

George Harrison with Eric Clapton - Live @ Big Egg 1st Night (2CD) Tokyo Dome, Japan. December 14, 1991 (AUD) Frontpage for info

George Harrison with Eric Clapton - Live @ Big Egg 3rd Night (2CD) Tokyo Dome, Japan. December 17, 1991 (AUD) Frontpage for info

Delaney & Bonnie & friends - On the Road with Eric Clapton & George Harrison (1CD) Copenhagen, Denmark. 12th Dec 1970 + Fillmore from film archives 1970 + radio Bremen studio, Germany. 26th November 1969. (SBD) Hideaway Records.

Eric Clapton - Retrospective 1975 Japan Tour (3CD) Various live in Japan 1975 (AUD) Frontpage-004001/2/3



Eric Clapton - Haute Couture (2CD) Live in Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan. 11th December 1990 (AUD) Frontpage-004005/6

Eric Clapton - Further On Up The Crossroads (4CD Unreleased Studio Session Live Recording 1964-90 (SBD+AUD) EC 05/06/07/08

Eric Clapton - Talk To The Boss (2CD) Recorded Live In Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia, Usa 4/22/85. (SBD) BB 009/10

Eric Clapton - Hamilton Last Stand (2CD) Copps Coliseum, Hamilton Ontario, Canada. 8th October 1988 (AUD) Slunky-28A/B

Eric Clapton - Just One Night For You (2CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 29th Nov 2003 (AUD) RED WHITE-001AB

Eric Clapton - Take a Chance on Apollo (2CD) The Appolo, Manchester, UK. 3rd Jan 1987 (AUD) SLUNKY 27A/B

Eric Clapton - Slowhand in Paradise (2CD) Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, Canada. April 9th 1978 (AUD) Slunky 13A/B

Eric Clapton - One Night in Oklahoma (2CD) Lloyd Noble Arena, Norman Oklahoma Nov/16/1976 (SBD) Slunky 14A/B

Eric Clapton - Singing Blues Power (2CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. October 31. 1974 (AUD) Slunky 01a/01b

Eric Clapton - Electric Smile (1CD) Live in Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 29th June 1974 (SBD) OR-9812

Eric Clapton and His Band - Rodeo Man in Paradise (2CD) from North American Tour first leg. Boutwell Auditorium, Birmingham, Alabama, USA. 2nd March 1978 (AUD) Slunky 26A/B

Eric Clapton – Spiritual Home (2CD) Chicago, IL. United Centre. 10th April 1998. (SBD)

Eric Clapton & Friends - Live on Blueberry Hill (2CD) Teenage Cancer Trust Concert recorded Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK. 25th March 2003 (AUD) RM-13/14
Eric Clapton - Blues at the Plaza (2CD) Irving Plaza, New York City. 27th Nov 1994 (AUD) Slunky 24A/B
Eric Clapton - Ole! EC Play Buenos Aires (2CD) Estadio River Plate, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Oct. 5 1990 (SBD) Slunky 23A/B
Eric Clapton - Night of Guitar Magic (2CD) N.E.C. Arena, Birmingham, UK. 23rd Jan 1988 (AUD) SLUNKY 22 A/B
Eric Clapton - Standing at the Apollo (2CD) Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 24 November 1978 (SBD) Slunky 21-A/B
Eric Clapton - Delated Slowhand Tracks Vol.3 (1CD) 1-3 That's The Way God Planned It '69 4-5 Is This What You Want '69 6-15 Doris Troy '69 16-19 Encouraging Words '69 (SBD) CHD-003

Eric Clapton - A Car Maniac (2CD) At Brands Hatch, Ferrari & Maserati Festival, United Kingdom. 8 March 2002 (Ex AUD) RM-007/008
Eric Clapton - Reptile at Ahoy (2CD) Live at the Ahoy Stadium, Netherlands. 25th March 2001. (Ex. Aud - Complete Show)
Eric Clapton - Back from the Edge (2CD) Stadthalle Bremen, Germany. 20th March 1983. Silver Rarities 179/80
ERIC CLAPTON - SLOW DOWN HAND (2CD), Long Beach Arena,La, Ca, USA 7/21/74 / (Soundboard) BB 011/12..out of stock
Eric Clapton - British Lions Coming (2CD) Stadthalle, Wien, Austria. 6th Oct 1979 (AUD) Slunky 18A/B
Eric Clapton - Jesus Coming (2CD) Civic Centre, Springfield, MA, USA. 24th Jan 1975 + 3 tracks from Rhode Island. 25th Jan 1975 (AUD) Slunky 19A/B
Eric Clapton - Roomful of Blues (2CD) Statenhal, The Hague, Netherlands. 6th July 1989 + bonus tracks from Royal Albert Hall, London. 17th Feb 1991. Rattlesnake 110/11 ..out of stock

Eric Clapton - Behind the Rising Sun (2CD) Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan. 5th Oct 1985 (AUD) Rothmans 001/02
Eric Clapton - August in November (2CD) Nagoya, Japan. 11 Nov 1987 with Sp. Guest Robert Cray Band (AUD) Rothmans 003/ for info
Eric Clapton - Wonderful Monday Night (2CD) Rainbow Hall, Nagoya, Japan. 31 Oct 1988 (AUD) Rothmans 005/06
Eric Clapton - Solid Rockupation (3CD) Tuscon, AZ, USA. 17 Aug 1975 + St. Louis, MO, 10 Jul, 11 Nov 1975 + San Diego, CA,. 16 Aug 1975 + Denver, Colorado 12 Aug 1975 (SBD) WatchTower 2002069/70/71 - $75

Eric Clapton - On Tour 1979 (8CD Boxset) 4 live shows recorded live in Japan, 1979. Kyoto, 26 Nov, Hiroshima, 28 Nov, Kokura, 30th Nov and Osaka, 1 Dec (AUD). $150
Eric Clapton - Red Rocks (2CD) Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, Colorado, USA 11th July 1985 (AUD) Slunky 16A/B
Eric Clapton - Steady Rolling Man (1CD) Rhode Island July 10, 1974 + Mississippi July 27, 1974 (SBD) HIWATT 7/74
Eric Clapton - She Loves You (2CD) from Behind the Sun, North American Tour 2nd Leg, Live at the Universal Amphitheatre, LA, CA, USA. 19 July 1985. RS-21005/6

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Spectrum (2CD) Live at Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 29 April 1985. 4 bonus tracks: from Johnny Cash TV show, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN, USA. 11 May 1970, with Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins (SBD) RS-21001/2

Eric Clapton - Royal Alberta (2CD) Royal Albert Hall, London. 18 Feb 1996. ECRA001/2
Eric Clapton - Delated Slowhand Tracks Vol.1 (1CD) 1-2 Angel Of The Future/Past '69 3 Contribution '69 4 Leon Russell '69 5 The Worst Of Ashton, Gardner & Dyke '70 6 Angels Of The Future/Past '70 7-8 Lasso From El Passo '75 9 The Secret Sessions '76 10 Stingrey '76 11-12 White Mansions '77 13 White Mansions '80 14 Lead Me To The Water '80 15 Old Wave '82 16 Bowling In Paris '85 17 Echoes In The Night '85 (SBD) CHD-001...out of stock

Eric Clapton - Delated Slowhand Tracks Vol.2 (1CD) 1-3 Hearts Of Fire '86 4 Back To The Center '85 5 Persona '86 6 Everyone Loves The Pilot '87 7 1988 Summer Olympic Album '88 8 The Corporated World '88 9-10 Some Come Running '88 11-12 City Streets '89 13 Concerto For Saxophone '89 14 Thomas Jefferson Kay '94 15 The Peacemaker '86 (SBD) CHD-002...out of stock

Eric Clapton - Who's Loving You Tonight (2CD) Valbyhallen, Copenhagen, Denmark 12 March 1985 (SBD) Slunky 15-A/B
Eric Clapton - Jazz Fes '97 (2CD) Legends At Umbria Festival Perugia, Italy July 13 1997 (AUD) HB-802-1/2
Eric Clapton - Slowhand Plays in the Boston Gardens (2CD) Boston Gardens, 7 July 1974 (SBD) KF-98011/2
Eric Clapton - Laid Back In Japan (2CD) Budokan,Tokyo,Japan 11/1/1975 Incl.Miniature Replica Of Ticket & Tour Program (Aud) Rm009/10 - $50

Eric Clapton - Maximum Time in 8 Nights (2CD) Budokan, Tokyo,J apan. December 4th 1990 (AUD) MAST 003-4
Eric Clapton - Complete Unplugged (2CD) Bray Studio, Birkshire, UK. 16 Jan 1992 (SBD) SS-201059/60.out of stock
Eric Clapton - The End of Summer Night (2CD) Scope Arena, Norfork. USA. 30 Aug 1975 (SBD) OR-9810/11
Eric Clapton - Reptile Tour Germany 2001 (2CD) Cologne, Germany. 8 March 2001 + Bonus 10 Feb 2001, London. (SBD) ..out of stock
Eric Clapton - Going to Kansas Show (2CD) Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, 10th July 1975 (SBD) SLUNKY 06A/B
Eric Clapton - In Memphis Every Crowd (2CD) Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN. 18 Jun 1975. (SBD) THR 001/2
Eric Clapton Vs Jeff Beck - Guildford 1980 (2CD) Guildford Civic Hall, 18 May 1980. (AUD A) Z 201500-1/2 
Eric Clapton & His Band - Eyesight to the Blind (2CD) Shizuoko, Japan. 29 Oct 1975. Dirty 13
Eric Clapton - Got The Power (6CD) Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 23 Oct 1975 + Kyoto Kaikan, Kyoto, Japan 24 Oct 1975 + Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 1 Nov 1975 (AUD) Slunky03a~D
Eric Clapton - Caught In The Act (2CD) Poplar Creek Music Theater, Hoffman Estates, IL. USA. July 5th 1985 (SBD) Pgcd005/006
Eric Clapton - Trouble On My Mind (2CD) Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany. April 20th 1983 (SBD) Pgcd003/004
Eric Clapton - Give Me One More Day (2CD) Boston Garden, Boston, MA. USA. September 30th 1974 (AUD) Slunky 05a/B 
Eric Clapton - First Day (2CD) Tampa Stadium, Tampa, FL,USA. 14 Jun 1975 (AUD) Slunky10a/B 
Eric Clapton - Singing Blues Power (2CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. October 31. 1974 (AUD) Slunky 01a/01b
Eric Clapton - Mainline Crossroads (2CD) Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan. November 6th 1974. (AUD) Slunky 02a/02b
Eric Clapton - Working On Sound (2CD) Forest National, Brussels, Belgium. February 22. 1990 (AUD) Mast-018/019
Eric Clapton - There's One In America (2CD) Frod Amphitheater, Stanford University, Stanford, CA. USA 8/9/1975 (AUD) Slunky09a/B
Eric Clapton - Previous Day's Night (2CD) Royal Festival Hall,London,England February 17th 1991 (SBD) PGCD007/008
Eric Clapton - Come Back To God (1CD) Coliseum, Denver,C olorado, USA. 7/23/1997 (SBD) SLUNKY04
Eric Clapton - One Of The Hilarious Show (2CD) West Palm Beach, FL, USA. 8/4/1974 + St.Louis,Mo,Usa 7/11/1975 + San Diego, CA,USA 8/16/1975 (SBD) SLUNKY08A/B
Eric Clapton - Sunshine Of Mid-South (2CD) Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee, USA. 6/18/1975 (SBD) SLUNKY07A/B
Eric Clapton - Caught in the Act (2CD) Rotterdam, Ahoy, Holland. 16 Jan 1987 (AUD) EC.003/004 
Eric Clapton - EC is Red Hot (4CD) Live At Olynpic Gymnasium, Seoul Korea Oct 9 & 10 Complete (AUD) HB-927/928 
Eric Clapton - Reptilian Over the Rainbox (2CD) Toulouse, Zenith, France. 26 Feb 2001 (AUD) STTP 151/152 
Eric Clapton - Over Melbourne (1CD) Melbourne, Australia. 23 Nov 1984. (SBD) MAST-027
Eric Clapton with Blind Faith - You can all join in (1CD) Alameda County Coliseum,Oakland,CA..Aug. 14th 1969 + Autumn 1970 , USA Tour.(SBD) 
Eric Clapton - Fourty Four + Live (2CD) Oslo, Norway. 5th April 1995. STTP 053/54
Eric Clapton - Truth (2CD) Long Beach California, USA. 19 July 1974. (SBD) Outrider-9816/7
Eric Clapton - Keys to the New Century (2CD) Royal Albert Hall, London, England. 3rd Feb 2001. AK 9012/13
Eric Clapton - Travelling Road of Drift (2CD) Royal Albert Hall, London, England. 9th Feb 2001. AK 9014/15
Eric Clapton - For Peace (2CD) Royal Albert Hall, London, England. 7th Feb 1991. with Phil Collins. HB-811-9/10
Eric Clapton - Frankfurt 1990 (2CD) Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany. 5th march 1990. Zues 2010201/2
Eric Clapton - Slowhand Down Under (2CD) Melbourne, Australia. 23 Nov 1984. KF-98016/17
Eric Clapton - Wonderul Montevideo (2CD) Centenario Stadium, Uruguay 10/2/1990. HEA-01/2
Eric Clapton - 19th Nervous Breakdown (2CD) Royal Albert Hall, London, England. 3rd March 1991. HB-923-1/2
Eric Clapton - Wanna Make Love To You (2CD) Juan Les Pins Jazz & Blues Fest, Antibes, Hallenstadion , Zurich, Switzerland. 12 July 1986. HB-917-1/2
Eric Clapton - Blues Up Tight (2CD) Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany. March 1st 1990 (Aud) Mast-009/010 
Eric Clapton - Drug And Paris Night 1983 (2CD) Hippodrome De Paris, Paris, France, April 24th 1983 (Aud) Mast 016/017 
Eric Clapton - Laid Back In Japan (2CD) Budokan,Tokyo,Japan 11/1/1975 Incl.Miniature Replica Of Ticket & Tour Program (Aud) Rm009/10 - $50
Eric Clapton - All Inspiration (2CD) Live at The Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI, USA. (SBD) AF010/11
Eric Clapton - Same Old Blues Power (1CD) Live in USA 1985 (SBD) HM028
Eric Clapton - Blues Night II (2CD) Live in Europe 1991 (SBD) Star2
Eric Clapton - No One Else (2CD) Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany. 20 April 1983. GOLD DISCS. (NOT CDRs) BB07/08 (SBD)
Eric Clapton  - San Francisco 1974 (2CD) San Francisco 21 July 1974 Incl. "Match Box" (SBD) OR9818/9
Eric Clapton - The Fifth Element (2CD) Live At Royal Albert Hall Feb 10, 1991 (SBD) HB 922-1/2
Eric Clapton - Change The World (2CD) Live At Paris, France 20-03-2001. (SBD) EB79
ERIC CLAPTON - BOTTOM DOLLAR (2CD), Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA 2/11/78. (Soundboard) BB 005/6.out of stock
ERIC CLAPTON - BRISBANE BLUES (2CD), Festival Hall, Brisbane, Australia 4/14/75 (Soundboard) BB 031/32.out of stock
Eric Clapton – Spiritual Home (2CD) Chicago, IL. United Centre. 10th April 1998. (SBD)
Eric Clapton - The Unsurpassed Clapton (1CD) The Delany Mix Of His First Solo Album + Two Bonus Tracks. Yellowg Dog 022 
Eric Clapton - Tried To Flag (2CD) Royal Albert Hall, London Jan.24,Feb.3 & Feb.10 1990. (SBD) BB 03/04 .out of stock
Eric Clapton - Cocaine And Alcohol (2CD) Recorded Live In Milwaukee Summerset, 10/7/83. (SBD) Imcd-97002-2 .out of stock
Eric Johnson - Eastern Skies (1CD) Track 1-7: Palace of Auburn Hill, MI, USA. 14th Nov 1991 + track 8-14: Savage Hall, Toledo, OH, 16th Nov 1991 (SBD) Watchtower 2001031 - $25 - 3 copies only

Evanescence - Sound Asleep Vol.1,2,3 (3-Pro-CDR) Rare and unreleased tracks (SBD) KSR-001/2/3...$ for info Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3

Evanescene - The Demos (1CD) various rarities and demos (SBD) click for info

Everclear - Confusion (1CD) Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Jan '96 + Various. KTS 558 ..last set
Extreme - Get the Funk Out! (1CD) Houston, Texas. USA. 17 May 1989. Templar Records 36 - 1 COPY ONLY

Faces - Real Good Time (1CD)  Recorded at BBC Early 1971 (SBD) Watchtower-2002506

Faces, The - Strawberry Pop (1CD) Live at the Strawberry Mountain Pop Music Festival in Vancouver May of 1970 with tracks from Santa Clara County Fairgrounds March 3, 1971. (SBD) HIWATT for info

Faces and Rod Stewart - Drunkard Angels (2CD Box) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 20th Feb 1974 with Booklet (in Japanese) and Ticket replica. (AUD) Reel Master 005/006 - $50

Faces, The - A Rock N Roll Party with the Faces (2CD) Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA. 28 Oct 1970. Early show + late show + 1971 Pop2 French Television (AUD+SBD) Hiwatt Label

Faces - Loose Fetters (1CD) Nassau Collseum NY Oct 12, 1975 + Rare Singles (SBD) PB-094
Fairport Convention - London 1995 (1CD) Shepards Bush Empire London Jan 22, 1995 (SBD) 
Family - Strange Band (1CD) BBC,TV,Festival etc. 1967-1972 (SBD) COLOSSEUM-96-C-001 - $10
Fields Of The Nephilim - Festival Of Fire Recorded Live In 1991. KTS 099 
Faith No More - Easy (1CD) Live in Amsterdam & LA, Early 90's. (SBD)
Faith No More -  Hard Rock Caca Recorded Live At The Phoenix Festival, 15 July 1995. KTS 526 
Faith No More - Evidence (1CD) Europe 7/03/95, Phoenix, Ar July '93, And Europe 4/12/92. KTS 424 
Faith No More - Lovers Of The Insane (1CD) Live At The "Paradiso Club" Amsterdam, 21/06/92. KTS 112 
Fat Boy Slim - The Brighton Trip (1CD) Live in Brighton, UK. December 2000 (SBD) Swith-On 2001-15-1
Fionna Apple - Tweeker Body For Christmas (1CD) Kroq Almost Acoustic Christmas, La Dec 11, 1999 (SBD) NW-014

Firm, The - Outtakes (2CD) Outtakes 1984 + "Mean Business" outtakes 1986 (SBD) Midas Touch-73021/22

Firm, The (Jimmy Page/Paul Rodgers/Tony Franklin/Chris Slade) - Double Closer (4CD) Disc 1 & 2: LA Forum, 14 March 1985, Disc 3 & 4: Oakland Coliseum, 15 March 1985 (SBD) Blimp-010-013

Fleetwood Mac - A Votre Sante(1CD)  A 1977 live performance recorded in Paris, France. A Votre Sant蠡meens cheerio or kanpei. A great show with lots of booze
on stage. YELLOW CAT LABEL...$25

Fleetwood Mac - Mean Old World (1CD) Live in Aberdeen. 23rd June 1968. Oil Well RSC-035

Fleetwood Mac - Helsinki Carousel (2CD) Disc 1 and Disc 2 track 1-5: Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, USA. June 1968. Disc 2, tracks 6-18: Helsinki Finland. Spring 1969. (SBD) HIWATT for info

Fleetwood Mac - One More Rumours (2CD) Demo and outtakes (SBD) MAIN STREAM-49A/B

Fleetwood Mac - The Other Mirage Outtakes and Alternates (1CD) outtakes and alternates including previously unreleased songs (SBD) Mainstream 050
1.GYPSY 2.IF YOU WERE MY LOVE 3.SMILE AT YOU 4.STREIGHT BACK5.THAT'S ALRIGHT 6.I'VE BEEN LOVING YOU TOO LONG 7.THE EYES OF THEWORLD 8.GYPSY (early take) 9.GYPSY (slow version) 10.GYPSY (shortversion) 11.GYPSY (long version) 12.STREIGHT BACK (early take)13.STREIGHT BACK (long version) 14.I'M ALRIGHT ( THAT'S ALRIGHT ) (demoversion) 15.THAT'S ALRIGHT (long version)

Fleetwood Mac - Going Back Again Live 2003 (2CD) Worcester Centrum, Boston, Ma.,USA. 27th May 2003 (AUD) MAINSTREAM-073/74

Fleetwood Mac - Dead Bust Blues (2CD) Screaming soundboards from Jan. 30/Feb. 1, 1970 Warehouse performances in New Orleans. 2 complete shows recorded by the Dead's sound crew. Peter Green's final tour. Benefit for the "busted" Dead ("busted down on Bourbon Street") (SBD) for info

Fleetwood Mac - Live in London 1968 (1CD) live in London 1968. rare italian label. ARMANDO CURCIO EDITORE - 1 COPY ONLY
Fleetwood Mac - Who's The New Girl? (1CD) Studio rehearsal, recorded 1975, Trodd Nossel Studios, Wallingford, Connecticut. (SBD) SOBM 001
Fleetwood Mac - Been Down There Three Times (1CD) Oakland, USA. 18 May 1977 (SBD) MSBR-036
Fleetwood Mac - Sausalito 1974 (1CD) recorded at the Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, USA. 1974
Fleetwood Mac - Bermuda Triangle (1CD) Los Angeles, CA, USA. Fall 1974. Alegra CD-9032 - 1 copy only
Fleetwood Mac - Tusk Take II (1CD) TUSK Outtakes & Demos & Rehearsals (SBD) MAST029
Fleetwood Mac - Shine Angel (2CD) Missouri Arena, St.Louis, Missouri, USA 11/1979 + Oakland Arena, Oakland, California 1982 (SBD) MSBR-030/31
Fleetwood Mac - Show Biz Blues (1CD) Live at the BBC 1968-70 + Boston Tea Party 1968 + demos for Kiln House (SBD) TDR-082
Fleetwood Mac - Stage (2CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 12/5/77 + ticket reprica (AUD) PM 017/18
Fleetwood Mac - Connecticut Turning (1CD) Wallingford Connceticut Jan 12, 1976 (SBD) Reprieve-076
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours are Rampant (1CD) RUMOURS demos & outtakes (SBD) MAST-23
Fleetwood Mac - Dancing Again (2CD) Live in California 1998 + New Jersey 1975. (SBD) NW-002/003
Fleetwood Mac - Final Rehearsal for 1979 Tour (1CD) Hollywood Soundstage In Front Of About 200 Guests (SBD) FP-033
Flying Burrito Bros - Steel Burrito (1CD) Seattle Pop Festival July 27, 1969 (SBD) PB-087

FOCUS - At the Koseinenkin (2CD) Live at Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan. 30th June 1974 (AUD) PM-003/ for info
Foo Fighters - The One and Only (1CD) live at Rotterdam 9th December 2002 + rarities, digipack
Foo Fighters - Low Like These (1CD) ULU London England Aug 30, 2002 (SBD) WB-059
Foo Fighters- Christmas Carols + Demos (1CD) Kroq Almost Acoustic XMas, 11 Dec 1999 + unreleased demos '93. (SBD) WB-030
Foo Fighters - Brixton (1CD) Live At The Brixton Academy, London, England 14-11-95 + Various. KTS 518 
Foreigner - Feels Like the First Time (1CD) California Jam! 18 March 1978 (SBD) FP-0053
Foreigner - Dirty Tokyo Boys (2CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 26 Jan 1980. PM-070/71
Foreigner - Long Way from Tokyo (1CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 4 April 1978. PM-011
Fortune - Soldiers of Fortune (1CD) Osaka, Japan. May 21, 1994 (AUD) FOJP-52194
Fortunate Sons - Cyril Says Hi!! (1CD) acetate for unreleased version of their last studio LP + live in Zurich, Germany 1987 (SBD) POP-006 - $10
Frank Black - Black is Beautiful (1CD) live in Houston, TX, USA. 5th July 1993.
Frank Black - No Big Deal (1CD) Live at the Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, USA. 1993. KTS 192...out of stock

Frank Zappa - Tiny is As Tiny Do (2CD) Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France. 17th September 1984 (AUD) GM-002/3...$ for info

Frank Zappa - Crush All Boxes (1CD) 1980 Demos + Bonus from FZ Basement Tapes 1980. for info

Frank Zappa - Thing FIsh Demos (2CD) "T-FISH" '84 & "CHARK PIE" '81 DEMOS +BONUS "FZ" DEOS '81. for info

Frank Zappa & Mothers - EDINBORO (2CD) EDINBOR, PA, May 8, 1974 + others (SBD) for info

Frank Zappa - Lumpy Gravy & Elsewhere (1CD) Demos Outtakes and Live tracks (SBD) for info

Frank Zappa - Two Faces of Zappa (1CD) Live in Philadelphia, PA, USA. 17th November 1974 + bonus tracks from unreleased album "Trance Fusion" (SBD) Be for info

Frank Zappa - Brings Yellow Snow to Buffalo (1CD) War Memorial, Rochester, NY. 14th Nov 1974 and Buffalo, NY, 15th Nov 1974 (AUD) DRIPPING for info

Frank Zappa - Unreleased tracks + Bonus (1CD) 3 unreleased tracks [Solos, Studebaker Hoch / Don't F**K Around / Solos ] from Fillmore East, June 1971 + bonus tracks taken live on stage during the Broadway, the HARD WAY 1988 World Tour from unreleased album "Trance Fusion"

Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention - Pachuco Hop (1CD) Toronto, Canada. August 1969. Gold Standard..2 copies only
rank Zappa - 200 Motels (2CD) Featuring The Mothers of Invention and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, October 1971 (SBD)
Frank Zappa - Songs Einstein Jr. Never Heard (1CD) incl.Joe`s Garage/Love Of My Life/Illinois Enema Bandit/The Meek & more. unknown date/venue.
Frank Zappa / Mother of Invention, The - `Tis The Season To Be Jelli (1CD) Stockholm, 30 Sept 1967 + Dallas 1963 + USA 1967.Living Legend 002
Frank Zappa / Mother of Invention, The - Trick or Treat (1CD) Royal Festival Hall, London, 1968 + California State College,
Fullerton, 11-Aug-1968 + The Beat Club, Bremen,Germany, 06-Oct-1968. Living Legend Records LLR 027

Franz Ferdinand - Parts of Pleasure (1CD) various live from Scotland. 11th Jul 2004 + France, 24th April 2004 + others.(SBD) for info

Frank Zappa - Guitar Player (1CD) Live at Mid Hudson Civic Center, NY, USA. 21st Sept. 1978. Firepower 055...$15
Frank Zappa - A Vegetable By Any Other Name (1CD) Live at the Afternoon Show, KB-Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark 21st Nov 1971 (AUD) Trystar 006
Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Piquantique Sydney 1973 (2CD) Horden Pavillon Sydney Australia July 8,1973 (AUD) KF-99039/40
Freddie Mercury - State of Shock (1CD) Ultra Rare Tracks w/ Michael Jackson w/ Cliff Richard etc (SBD) GPR-001

FREE - At Last Stage (1CD) Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, USA.22nd April 1972 (AUD) GYPSY EYE 040
Free - All Right Now (1CD) London 1972 + Redcar 1973. Fabbri Editori-41
Free - Complete Korakuen Live! (1CD) Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan. 22nd July 1972 (AUD) Private Masters 040
Free - Talking of Heartbreaker (1CD) The Coatham Bowl, United Kingdom. October 1972 (SBD) Gypsy Eye 080
Free - Peace Make Heartbreaker (1CD) BBC London, 22nd December 1971 + Heartbreakers Outtakes + Fort Worth, 19 Jan 1073 (SBD) Gypsy Eye 016
Free - Isle of Wight & Stockholm (2CD) Live at Isle of Wight, 29 Aug 1970 + Stockholm, Sweden on 12 Dec 1970 (SBD) Midas Touch 93621/2
FREE - Stoke 1972 (2CD) Victoria Hall Stoke On Trent UK Feb 20, 1972 (AUD) HB-929-1/2
Free - Liverpool 1971 (1CD) Live in Liverpool, England. UK. 6th Feb 1971. HB-933 - $15
Free - Scotland 1972 (1CD) Edinburg, Scotland, UK. 14th Sept 1972. (SBD) HB-936 - $15
Free - Berlin 1970 (1CD) Live in Berlin, Germany. 27th April 1970. (AUD) KF 99038 - $15
FREE - Rock Me Stealer (1CD) Santa Monica, CA, USA. 22nd Jan 1971 (SBD) RS-21013
FREE - Patrick's World (1CD) Patrick's World, 19 Feb 1971 (SBD) FIRE POWER, FP-9047 - $15    
Garbage - Five Nights Standing Festival (1CD) London Hackney Ocean. 8th April 2002 + bonus, June 2002, France. FLU-020. Papersleeve
Garbage - Amterdam 2002 (1CD) Live at Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Holland. 11 April 2002 + bonus rare and unreleased studio tracks (SBD) GAR 13857
Garbage - Trash & Burn (1CD) Loreley Festival Jun 20, 1998 (SBD) WB-001
Garbage - In The Can (1CD) Live At The Sting, New Britian Ct., U.S.A, 6-12-95 + Various. KTS 513 
Garbage - Live Trash Live At The Dusseldorf Easter Festival, Germany 7 April 1996 + Various (SBD) KTS 541 
Gary Moore - Blues from a Gun (2CD) Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 7. Jun 1992 (SBD) KTS 125/126 - $35
Gary Moore - 1986 Revisited (1CD) Maimarkhall, Mannhen, Germany. June 21th 1986 (SBD) Heritage-006
Gary Moore - The Blues Is Starting Point (2CD) Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, Germany. March 13. 2000 (SBD) GE 150/151
Gary Moore - To the Stormy Blues (2CD) Montreux Jazz Festival Switzerland July 6, 2001 (SBD) STTP 201/202
Gary Moore - At the BBC (1CD) Friday Rock Show 1/84 + Donington, 8/18/84 + Milton Keynes Bowl, 6/28/86 (SBD) Bondage 153
Gary Moore – Around the Next Frontier (1CD) SWF Studio, Germany. 2 July 1997 + bonus (SBD) BON 136
Gary Moore – Falling in Love with you (1CD) Paris Theatre, London. 16 Mar 1983 (SBD) BON131
Gaskin - End of the World (1CD) Very Rare Album (SBD)...$10
Gene - Mayday in NewCastle (1CD) Newcasle University London Oct 29 1998 + BBC Evening Session Dec 1998 (SBD)...$10
Genesis - Double Watchers (2CD) live at Teatro Alcione, Genova Italy. 1972/8/22 + Parasport, Rome 1973/1/22 (AUD) Highland 636/37
Genesis - The Invisible Cage (2CD) Live At Various Locations During Their "Invisible Touch" World Tour. KTS 042/43
Genesis - Three Men at the Corner (1CD) Recorded Live in the USA in 1982 (SBD) Living Legend label
Genesis - German Melody Of 1975 (2CD) Westfalenhalle 3, Dortmund, Germany. April 7th 1975 (AUD) HL 527/528
Genesis - White Mountain Side (2CD) Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada April 1st 1976 With Bill Bruford (AUD) HL 580/581
GENESIS - DUKE'S SOURCE LIVE (2CD), Lyceum Balllroom, London, England 5/7/1980 (SBD) HL511/512
Genesis - Live in Tokyo 1978 (2CD) Nakano-Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan. 2nd December 1978 (AUD) Zues 906001/2 - $30

Genesis - "Willow Farm" in Rainbow (2CD) Live at The Rainbow Theatre, London. 20th October 1973. Disc 2-2 "ORTF" TV Sessions, Paris, France. 6th July 1973. (SBD) Highland 501/502

Genesis - Alternate Calling all Stations (1CD) incl. demos track, alternate take of Album "Calling All Stations" (SBD) Highland 256
Genesis - Coming Down From Houston (1CD) Live at Hofheinz Pavillion, Houston, Texas, USA '79. (SBD) Highland 168
Genesis - Hallam Tapes (2CD) Live at The City Hall, Sheffield, UK. 17th April 1980. (SBD) Highland 509/510
Genesis - Royal Cinema Show (2CD) Live at National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK. 29th Feb 1984. (AUD) Highland 540/541

Genesis - Second Nature (2CD) Disc 1 & 2, tracks 1-4 - Live at Fox Theatre, Atlanta, USA. 13th March 1977. Disc 2, tracks 5 & 6 - Live at Appolo, Glasgow, Scotland. 9th June 1977. (AUD + SBD) Highland 042/43#G6

Genesis - Small Club At Marquee (2CD) Live at Marquee Club, London, UK. 27th September 1982. (AUD) Highland 104/05#G18
Genesis - The Sky We Fly (2CD) Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 13th March 1987. (AUD) Private Master 041/042
Genesis - Through The Ages (2CD) Live at Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany. 12th February 1998. (AUD) Highland 136/37#G22
Genesis - Just a Pool of Tears (2CD) Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada. 2nd April 1977 (AUD) Highland 611/612
Genesis - A Single Lonely Voice (2CD) Point Depot Dublin, Ireland. 8th March 1998 (AUD) Highland 182/83
Genesis - A Scream From Below (1CD) Summerfest Ground, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. USA. 19 July 1978 (AUD) Highland 187
Genesis - Dance on a Berkeley (2CD) Berkeley, USA. 29 April 1976 (AUD) Highland 94/95
Genesis - A Voice in the Dream (2CD) Allen Theater, Cleveland, USA. 29 April 1974 (AUD) Highland 332/333
Genesis - The Steam of the Medley (2CD) Omaha, NB. 3 Feb 1984 (AUD) Highland 327/327
Genesis - Long Ago in the Rome Hills (1CD) Piper Club, Rome, Italy. 18 April 1972 (AUD) Highland 202
Genesis - Voice in the Academy (2CD) Academy of Music, New York. USA. 4 May 1975 (AUD) Highland 189/90
Genesis - Once in a While (2CD) Gothenburg, Sweden. 7 Jun 1978 (AUD) Highland 106/107
Genesis - Los Cage (1CD), Los Angeles, CA. USA. 13 Jan 1984 (SBD) Highland 171
Genesis - Live After Dividing (2CD) BBC, Birmingham, UK. 25 Feb 1998 + Prague, Czech Republic, 2 Feb 1998 (SBD) Highland 283/284
Genesis - Show It Again Peter! (2CD) Madison Square Garden, New York. 29 Jul 1978 (AUD) Highland 321/322
Genesis - Revelations on Broadway (2CD) Frankfurt, Germany. 3 April 1975 (AUD) Highland 267/268
Genesis - Return to Roma (2CD) Live in Roma, Italy. 7th Sept 1982 (AUD) Highland 155/56
Genesis - Wot Gorilla Lilith (2CD) Rainbow Theatre, London. 1 Jan 1977 + Paris, 13 Jun 1977. (AUD) Highland 329/30
Genesis - The Story of Rael (2CD) Hippodrome Theater, Birmingham, UK. 2 May 1975 (AUD) Highland 254/55
Genesis - Twilight Francehouse (1CD) La Ferme, France. 3 July 1971 (AUD) Highland 203
Genesis - The Coastliners (2CD) Piper 2000 Club, Via Reggio, Roma, Italy + Reading Festival, 1972. (AUD) Highland 313/314
Genesis - Small Club at Marquee (2CD) Marquee Club, London, UK. 27 Sept 1982 (AUD) Highland 104/105
Genesis - Moonlit Queen (2CD) Live in Toronto, Canada. 2nd May 1974 (AUD) Highland 101/102
Genesis - Me & Virgil Europe Tour, 1981 (2CD) Frejus, Arenes, France. 29 Sept 1981 + Spain, 27 Sept. 1981 (AUD) Highland 337/338
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Dusseldork (2CD), Phillipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany. 6 April 1975 (AUD) Highland 139/40
Genesis - Six of the Best (2CD) Milton Keynes Concert Bowl. England.Oct.2.1982 :18tracks.with Peter Gabriel & Steve Hackett (AUD) Highland 388/389
Genesis - Master of Chicago Show (2CD) Complete Live at Uptown Theater. Chicago.Oct.13 1978 :Track 19 + "After the Show Phil's Interview" (SBD) Highland 446/447
Genesis - One for the Show (2CD) Vienna, Austria. August 28th 1978 (SBD) Highland 589/90
Genesis - Suppers Ready with a Little Lost Lamb (2CD) Lakeland, Florida. 11 Jan 1975 + bonus 20 Oct 1973. 
Genesis - Los Endos "Bills" (2CD) Loreley Open Air, St Goarshausen, Germany July.3rd 1976 (AUD) HL 396/397
Genesis - Man On The Corner (2CD) Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK. October 28th 1982 (AUD) HL 548/549 
Genesis - Royal Cinema Show (2CD) National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK. February 29th 1984. (AUD) HL 540/541 
Genesis - Echoes Of The Broadway (2CD) Pavillion, Reims, France 15 May 1975 (AUD) HL 403/404 
Genesis - Emperor & Empress (2CD) Tower Theater, Upper Darby, Philadelphia, USA. March.3rd. 1974 (AUD) HL 484/485 
Genesis - Euchre Show (1CD) Town Hall, Watford, UK. June 28th 1972 (AUD) HL 498
Genesis - Izakaya (2CD) Nakano-Sanplaza, Tokyo, Japan. 2 Nov 1978. (AUD) HL 429/430 
GENESIS – “WILLOW FARM" IN RAINBOW (2CD), Complete live at Rainbow Theater, London. Oct.20th 1973 + "ORTF" TV Sessions, Paris. July 6th 1973 (SBD) HL501/502
Genesis - Live in Boston 1974 (2CD) Orpheus Theater, Boston, MA, USA. 24 April 1974. HB 920 1/2
Genesis - (1CD) Live in 1981 (SBD)
Genesis - A New Beginning (1CD) Birmingham, NEC, 25 Feb 1998 (SBD) 
Genesis – A Trick of the Stage (2CD), Syria Mosque, Pittburgh 13/4/1976. (SBD) HL319/320...out of stock
GENESIS - CALLING RADIO STATIONS (2CD), Danish National Radio, Denmark 11/15/97, German Radio SWF3 11/18/97 etc. (SBD) HL064/65
Genesis – Dance Right on through the Night (2CD), Ford Auditorium, Detroit, Michigan, 16/4/1974 HL 317/318
GENESIS - HALLAM TAPES (2CD), The City Hall, Sheffield, UK 4/17/1980 (SBD) HL509/510
GENESIS - IN & OUT OF DARKNESS (2CD), Earl's Court, London, U.K. November 13th 1992 (SBD) HL463/464
GENESIS - LOS CAGE (1CD), Los Angeles, CA 1/13/84 (SBD) HL171
GENESIS - NEVER FORGET JESUS (2CD), Royal Albert Hall, London 11/16/1992 + Knebworth Park 8/2/1992 (SBD) HL315/316
GENESIS - OUTVISIBLE SIDE (2CD), Madison Square Garden, NYC 9/30/86 (SBD) HL335/336
GENESIS - RARE MATERIAL (2CD), Rare tracks, incl.'80's 12 inch remix, non album tracks etc..(SBD) PIG001/02..out of stock
GENESIS - THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON DUSSELDORF (2CD), Phillipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany 4/6/1975 (AUD) HL139/40
GENESIS - THE LIGHT GOES DOWN ON EMPIRE (1CD), Empire Pool, Wembley, London 4/15/75 (SBD) HL271...out of stock
GENESIS - TOUCH TO "SUPPER'S READY" (2CD), LA Forum, California 1986 (SBD) HIGHLAND127/128
GENESIS - TRIANGLE ON DOMINO (2CD), Berlin, Germany 6/8/87 (SBD) HL108/09
Genesis - The Invisible Cage (2CD) Live At Various Locations During Their "Invisible Touch" World Tour. KTS 042/43 
Genesis - Summer Nights (2CD) Recorded Live In 1992. KTS 106/07 

Gentle Giant - Missing Face (1CD) Ballroom, Cleveland, OH., November 1977 (SBD) Highland 523
George Harrison (See Beatles ONLY section)
George Michael - Unplugged and Live (1CD) 14 live unplugged tracks in excellent soundboard quality. (SBD) Digipak.
George Michael (1CD) Live in USA 1992. ONSTAGE 2224
George Michael - Acoustic (1CD) Recorded Live In Limehouse Studio, East London, Oct 1996. KTS 627 
George Michael - Free For Love (1CD) Live London '96. KTS 638 
George Michael - Unplugged (1CD) Live Unplugged Sessions. TOGAL 
Gipsy King - Sorpresa De Navidad (1CD) Live October 1994 – (Soundboard), CD2400
Glenn Hughes - Biebob Vosselaar (1CD) Biebob Vossellaar, Sweden Oct 22, 1994 (AUD)

Gloria Estefan - Homecoming Concert (1CD) Live in Miami 1988. Onstage-2212

Godfather's, The - Shoot To Kill (1CD) Recorded Live In 1990. KTS 066

Gong - I Am Your Pussy (1CD) Angers, France 11/8/72 (AUD) Highlands) for info

Goo Goo Dolls - Visit Barbie & Ken (1CD) Tacoma 1996 & las Vegas 1996 (SBD) TDR-135
Graham Central Station - Can you Handle This? (1CD) Kezar Stadium, SNACK Benefit, San Francisco, CA, USA. 23 March 1975 + Sinbad Funk Special 1997 + Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction 1997 (SBD) BF-012

Graham Parker - Habit Worth Forming (1CD) rare tracks compilation (SBD) Popmeister POP-23

Graham Parker - The Purple Parker (1CD) rare tracks compilation (SBD) TDR-037

Graham Parker - Unreleased, unplugged & underrated (1CD) live at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia, PA, USA. 21st March 1996 (SBD) TDR-141

GRYPHON - ETHELION(1CD), Live Feb.13.1975 + BBC 1975 (Soundboard) HL 224 #GR1 / SBD
Grant Lee Buffalo - Like A Shot (1CD) Recorded 'Live' On Tour 1994. KTS 320 

Grateful Dead - Radio City Music Hall 1980 (2CD) Live at Radio City Music Hall, 1980. Amsterdam Label--839

Grateful Dead - The Dead PLay Dylan (1CD) various dylan covers taken from 1987 and 1992 shows. (SBD) RLCD-26

Grateful Dead - Earthquake Country, The Lost Album (1CD) Compilation of soundboard recordings from 1993 - 95 for unreleased G.D. album, exc. GDT C2612

Grateful Dead - The Golden Road to Monterey (2CD) Earliest Known show from Feb. 1966 (A+ soundboard) plus a few bonus tracks from the era. Disc two is an uncirculated soundboard from the Fillmore West May 5, 1967 + the never released tracks from the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival (SBD) 66A/67B

Allman Brothers & Grateful Dead - The Longest Day (6CD) Live At RFK Stadium Washington DC June 10, 1973. Disc 1-2 Allman Brothers Band Disc 3-5 Grateful Dead Disc 6 Allman Brothers And Merl Sauders (SBD) LD-1-6...$120

Grateful Dead - Chinese New Year's (2CD) Oakland Coliseum Oakland Feb 27, 1994 (SBD) DM-012/13
Grateful Dead - Dancer in the Dead (2CD) Community War Memorial Auditorium - Buffalo, NY May 09, 1977 (SBD) Polar Bear 074/75
Grateful Dead - God Times for All Time (2CD) Kingswood Music Theater - Maple, Ontario, June 21, 1984 (SBD) Polar Bear 077/78
Grateful Dead - Dead Play Dylan (1CD) all songs written by Bob Dylan and taken from various shows between 1987 and 1992 (SBD) RLCD-26
Grateful Dead - Fillmore West Closing Week (2CD) Live at Fillmore West. 2nd July 1971 (SBD) DP-009-1/2 - $30
Grateful Dead - Watkins Glen, NY July 28, 1973 PART ONE (2CD) Grand Prix Racecourse, Watkins Glen, NY July 28, 1973 (SBD) PB-092/93
Grateful Dead - Watkins Glen, NY July 28, 1973 PART TWO (2CD) Grand Prix Racecourse, Watkins Glen, NY July 28, 1973 (SBD) PB-092/93
Grateful Dead - Trips Festival (1CD) PNE Garden Auditorium Vancouver July 29, 30, 1966 (SBD) Deep Six -41
Grateful Dead - Soldier Field (2CD) Last live at Soldier Field, Chicago, IL. 9th July 1995 (SBD) PB-006/007
Grateful Dead - Here Comes Sunshine (2CD) Live N.C. Usa 2/4/3/93. KTS 190/91 
Grateful Dead - Dawn Of The Dead (2CD) Live Oregon, Usa. KTS 227/28 
Grateful Dead - Another Day In The Sunshine (2CD) Live North Carolina, Usa 25 March 1993. KTS 341/42 
Grateful Dead - Play Dead (2CD) Live Illinois, Usa 29 Oct 1977. KTS 430/31 
Grateful Dead - Southern Comfort (2CD) Live Memphis, Tn 2/4/95. KTS 504/05 
Grateful Dead - Have Some Respect For The Dead (2CD) Live Chicago, Usa 9/7/95. KTS 506/1/7 
Grateful Dead - R.F.K (2CD) Live Washington, D.C., Usa 25/6/95. KTS 522/23 
Grateful Dead - For The Faithful (2CD) Live WV, Usa 16/4/78. (SBD) KTS 528129 
Grateful Dead - At Kaiser's Place (2CD) Live Oakland, Usa 14/2/86. KTS 552/53 
Grateful Dead - Head In The Clouds (2CD) Live California 7/2/94. KTS 614/15 
Grateful Dead - Dead In The Garden (2CD) Live Madison Sq Garden, NY 18 Sept 1987. KTS 620/21 
Grateful Dead - Oregon (3CD boxet)  + Poster Live Oregon, Usa 22/8/93. KTS Bx 008. 
Grateful Dead - Dead In Atlanta (3CD boxset) Live Georgia 30/3/94. KTS BX 011  $66 
Grateful Dead - April Fool's Day (3CD set) Live Atlanta, Usa 1/4/94. KTS BX 012 $66
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - Lost & Found (1CD) Lost Gratefuld Dead Hour Program May 7-May 11, 1992 (SBD) CD201
Great White - Happy Birthday Big Daddy (2CD) Ventura Theatre, CA, USA. 24 Aug 1996 (AUD) 8-016/017
Green Day - Woodstock & Muc More ! (1CD) Woodstock, 1994, 11th August at Saugerties, NY + Club gig live in Tempa, FL March 1994. Ocotopus-051
Green Day - Surprise Gig at CBGB (1CD) Live at CBGB Studio, NY. 26 April 2001 (SBD)...$20
Green Day - Green Daze (1CD) Live in Europe, October 1994. Octopus 102
Green Day - Just Before Bum-out (1CD) Earliest Known Live Show Jan 26 1991 + Various Live 93-96 (SBD) WB-019 
Green Day - Warning on Bridge (1CD) The Bridge School Benefit Oct 30,31. 1999. (SBD) WB-026 
Green Day - Eating my Burger (1CD) Live in Italy 1993. (SBD) RB508
Green Day - Spitting (1CD) Live At The Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, 10th Nov 1994. KTS 394 
Green On Red - Interesting...Dangerous (1CD) Uknown date and venue. Pluto Records 9210

GTR - A Two Headed "Steve" Show (2CD) Birmingham,U.K. 9/12/1986 (AUD) Highland-386/ for info

GTR - Jekyll And Hyde (1CD) Live at Hammersmith Odeon,L ondon 9/14/86 + Mesa, Arizona 7/20/86 (SBD+AUD) for info

GTR - Oh ! How I Love You (1CD) Unreleased 2nd Album Demos & Outtakes.'86:11tracks( feat.Stevie Nicks on Vo.) + Rare 4tracks (SBD) for info

Guess Who - Shaman's Reflections (1CD) rare track compilation (SBD) TDR-096 - $ for info

Gun Club, The - The Las Vegas Story + Ramblin Jeffrey (1CD) Two albums of JL pierce deleted in cds
Gun Club, The - Miami (1CD) from the Maxi LP "Death Party" 1983 + B-side of the "Fire of Love" single + various rarities. (SBD) X2-13065 - Digipak

Guns N' Roses - A Night at the Ritz (1CD) Live at the Ritz, NYC, USA. 17th March 1989 + studio demos recorded betw 1987 & 1988 (SBD) Grandfather-56...trifold digpak
Guns N' Roses - Grapes of Wrath (2CD) live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan December 10, 1988 (AUD) PM 080/081
Guns N' Roses - F***in' Live 91 (2CD) Indianapolis, USA 1991 + bonus tracks from 1988, New York. RLCD-09-2 - $30
Guns N' Roses - Trilogy (3CD) Tacoma, WA, USA. 8th Nov 2002 + Nampa , Id, USA.11th Nov 2002 + Cleveland, Oh, USA, 24th Nov 2002 (SBD) BONDAGE 287/88/89
Guns N' Roses - The Fourth Revelation (2CD) Mellon arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 22nd Nov 2002 + 2 tracks Osaka, Japan. 19th Aug 2002 (SBD) BONDAGE 290/91
Guns N' Roses - Bad Reflection (2CD) The Myriad Arena Oklahoma City OK, Apr 6, 1992 (SBD) Dizzy Disc 005/006
Guns N' Roses - Easy Crime (2CD) Indiana May 27 & 28, 1991 + MTV 1989 (SBD) Dizzy Disc 003/4
Guns N' Roses - Banzai (2CD) Live at Tokyo Dome, Japan. 22nd Feb 1992. BKCD 001/002. Digipak. - 1 set only
Guns N' Roses - Unplugged (1CD) Live in USA 1993. CS 690001. Digipak. 1 set only
Guns N' Roses - Paris 1992 (2CD) Live at Paris "Use Your Illusion World Tour 1992" + Band's solo works. (SBD) Condor 1917/18
Guns N’ Roses – Rock in Rio 2001 (2CD) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 15th Jan 2001 (SBD) -out of stock



Guns N Roses - Free Wheel (1CD) Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo. December 1988.
Guns & Roses - Give Noize a Change (1CD) Perkin's Place, Pasadena. 30 Nov 1987 + London, 1987 + New York 1987. Colt45
Guns N' Roses - Unplugged 1993 (1CD) All Acoustic tracks recorded live in 1993 (SBD) SAX 100
Guns N' Roses - Say Your Prayer (2CD) Live in Europe  1992 (SBD) KTS 084/85
Guns N' Roses - Get in the Ring (2CD) Live at the Dome, 15 Jan 1993 during the "mother F**ker" world tour. Live Storm CD52506
Guns N' Roses - One in a Million (1CD) Rare single CD with outatakes (SBD) TEMPLAR TCD11
Guns N' Roses - Bad Obsession (2CD) live at Uniondale in 1991 (SBD) TEMPLAR TCD30
Guns N' Roses - Silver Bullet, Live & Demos (2CD) Live in Los Angeles 1988, demos and rarities (SBD) LCD 101/2
Guns N Roses - Acoustic Jam (1CD) Acoustic Tracks + bonus tracks from World Tour 1992. SET1015
Guns N Roses - Covering Them (1CD) Live during the World Tours 1988/1992. RA1218
Guns N' Roses - Booze (1CD) Live in USA 1993 + bonus tracks (SBD) BKCD073
Gwar - Germany Must Be Destroyed (1CD), Zeche Carl in Essen, 2 Feb 2000, AGWAR 2000
Hanoi Rocks - Kill City Blues (1CD) Recorded Live In Osaka, Japan, 31st Jan 1983. BIG 036 
Heart - Secret is Still My Own (2CD) Kokuritu-Yoyogi-Field, Tokyo, Japan. 2 April 1988. (AUD) PM-053/54
Heart - Unplugged (1CD) Live In Whistler, Canada - 18 March 1994. KTS 291 
Heart - California Jam 1978 (1CD) Live in California, USA. 18 March 1978 (SBD) FP-053
Heart (Love Mongers) - Happy New Year 1992 (2CD) Live in Seattle, 31 Dec 1991 - 1 Jan 1992. (AUD HB-806-1/2
Heart - Animal Instinct (2CD) Portland Colisium, Oregon, USA. 30 Sept. 1987 + NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan. 25 Jun 1986 (SBD) WO-04/05
HEARTS - Crazy on Texas (1CD) Texas, USA. 1976 (SBD) GE-177
HEARTS - Waltz of the Shreves (1CD) Cleveland, OH. 16 Oct 1976. (SBD) GE-147
Heather Nova - True Mermaid (1CD) Pinkpop Festival Herleen, Holland. 18 May 2002 (SBD) NW-023
Helloween - Keeper of the B-side, the Nippon Visitor (2CD) B-sides and rarities. (SBD) Digipak
Hives - Venus Di Motherfucker (1CD) Live compilation (SBD+AUD) STTP-213
HOLE - Don't Get Mad, Get Even (1CD) Fairfax, VA, USA. 5th Dec 1998 (SBD) NM-014
Hole - Unplugged & Reading (1CD) Live in USA, Unplugged Session, 14th Feb 1995 + 1995 Reading Festival. SY10170
Hole - Penny Royal Tea (1CD) Shrine Auditorium La. 12/11+London Nov 1998 Etc. (SBD) WB011
Hole - Asking For It (1CD) Live On Tour 25/4/95. KTS 456 
Hole - Vengence Is Mine (1CD) Reading Festival, Uk 25/8/95 + London 5/95. KTS 489 
Hootie And The Blowfish - On The Left Coast Los Angeles 1994, San Juan Capistrano 12/11/94 + Acoustic Studio Session. KTS 407 
Hootie And The Blowfish - Acoustic Recorded Live At The Horseshoe, University Of S. Carolina + Others. KTS 549 
Hothouse - Flowers Spirit (1CD) Live Wembley Stadium, London 13/7/91. KTS 009

Humble Pie - Ramble Humble (2CD) Live at Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. 16th May 1973 (AUD) TRYSTAR-004/5 - $30
Humble Pie - On Stage (1CD) Live on 20 Sept 1970 (SBD)
Husker Du - Supernova (1CD) Complete Show From The Final Tour In '87. KTS 309 
Ian Brown - Doing the Business (1CD) Recorded Live at v98 Leeds 23 Aug 1998 + Live At The Park Festival 12 July 1998 (SBD) WB-007
Ian Hunter - Bald at the Station (1CD) rare tracks compilation (SBD) TDR-130

Iggy Pop and the Stooges - Le Bol D'Or 2003 (1CD) Live in France. 13th Sept 2003 + Bonus track Dec,5,2 002 Featuring DINOSAUR JR (AUD) Ganja-58
Iggy Pop and the Stooges (1CD) Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Indio, CA, USA. 27th April 2003. Cannonball-2003011
Iggy Pop - AMerican Nightmare (1CD) unknown dates and venues. SR011CD
Iggy Pop - Metalhead (1CD) Recorded Live At: Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany - 26 Jan 1991. KTS 054 
Iggy Pop - Out On The Streets Again (1CD) Recorded Live In Toronto, Canada And Holland In 1993. KTS 236 
Iggy Pop - Rock Hard (1CD) Live In Phoenix And New York, Usa. KTS 399 

The Ike and Tina Turner Revue - What You See is What you Get (1CD) Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA. 1966 + 1966 LIve TV appearances + PLay Boy after dark 1969 + the Smoother Brother show 1970 (SBD+AUD) BigFro-025

Indigo Girls - In With The Out Crowd (1CD) Live London 11/94 + Glastonbury Festival 24/6/95. KTS 476 
INXS - Kick It In Excess (1CD) Live In San Diego 1988. KTS 003 
INXS - Empty Sun Under Clean Minds (1CD) Live California, Usa 1993. KTS 249 

Iron Maiden - Maiden South American (4CD) 3 complete soundboard recordings from the Dance of Death World Tour 2003/2004. Live in Santiago, Chile, 13th Jan 2004 + Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 11th Jan 2004 + Live in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 17th Jan 2004 (SBD) Bondage 314/15/16/ for info

Iron Maiden - Remeber Nagoya (1CD) Kosei Nenkin Hall, Nagoya, Japan during the KILLER TOUR on 23rd May 1981 + Bonus 4 tracks : BBC Sessions, London, 14th December 1979 + plus 2 more tracks from "TOP OF THE POPS", London, 10th Feb 1980...Godfather-57..trifold digipak

Iron Maiden - Maiden Stockholm (2CD) live at Stockholm Stadion, Sweden 2003/6/28 + live at Download Fes. Donington UK 2003/5/31 (SBD) Bondage 307/308

Iron Maiden - Roskilde Festival 2003 (1CD) live at Roskilde Festival. 27th June 2003 (SBD)
Iron Maiden - B-sides of the Beast Live and More Part 1 (1CD) Digipak
Iron Maiden - B-sides of the Beast Live and More Part 2 (1CD) Digipak
Iron Maiden - Warfield (2CD) Brixton Academy, UK. 21st March 2002 + Bonus live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver, USA. 14th Aug 2002 (SBD) Color Picture Discs 4-Fold Digipak FAAB-0005-2

Iron Maiden - Maiden Ipswich (2CD) Disc 1 & 2, tracks 1-6 - Live at Gaumont Theatre, Ipswich, England. 8th May 1983. Disc 2, tracks 7-10 - Live at UIC Pavillion, Chicago, Illnois, USA. 30th September 1983. (AUD) Bondage 242//243

Iron Maiden - Maiden Brixton (2CD) Brixton Academy, London, England. 21 March 2002 + Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, CO, USA. 14th Aug 2000 (SBD) Bondage 256/57

Iron Maiden - The Number of the Killers (1CD) Manchester England 3/4 1982 (AUD) STTP-011
Iron Maiden - Maiden Dynamo Complete (2CD) Dynamo Open Air, Groffet Park, Nijimegen, Holland June 3 2000 + Bonus fr. Rehearsals, Radio + Demos (SBD) Bondage 207/208
Iron Maiden - Brazil 1996 (1CD) Recorded 'Live' At The Pacaembu Stadium, San Paolo, Brazil August 24, 1996. KTS 612 

Izzy Stradlin & the Ju Ju Hounds - PILLS (1CD) Live in Japan. October 1992...$ for info

Izzy Stradlin - Rocker (1CD) Recorded Live On Tour 1993. KTS 265 

J.J. Cale - After Midnight in St.Paul (1CD) St. Paul, MN, USA. 14th August 1990. Early and late show. RLCD-30
Jackson Browne - I'm Hold Out & Best (2CD) Recorded Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 23 Nov 1980 (AUD) PM-045/46
James Taylor - He's Got a Friend Called Joni (1CD) Mansfield, MA, USA. 1994 + bonus ARR 94.094 - 1 copy only
James Taylor featuring Carly Simon - You're So Vaid (2CD) Live At Koseinenkin-Kaikan, Tokyo Japan. 9th Feb 1973 (AUD) KF-99033/34
James Taylor (featuring Carole King) - Alone Together (2CD) Syracuse Feb 5, 1970 + Berkley Community Theater 1970 (SBD) PB-088/89
James Taylor - Baby James by the Bay (1CD) recorded by Warner Brothers for an unreleased live album in Oakland. 1972 (SBD) PB-107

James Brown & the JB's - An Avalanche of Funk (2CD) Live in Switzerland 1973 (SBD) BigFro-021/22
James Brown - The Godfather Goes to Africa (1CD) Kinshasha, Zaire, Africa. September 1974 (SBD) BigFro-023

James Brown - The Godfather & the Dreamer (2CD) Disc 1 (All Tracks) And Disc 2, Tracks 1 - 10: Live At Boston Garden - Boston April 5, Disc 2, Tracks 11 - 18: Live On European Television 1966 - 1967 Disc 2, Tracks 1 - 4: Sung By Marva Whitney Disc 2, Track 8: Sung By Bobby Byrd (SBD) BF-010/11

James Brown - Soul Train Session (1CD) Soul Train 1973-1977 Live Compilation (SBD) PeepleCD-0968
Jackson Browne - Too Many Angels (1CD) Recorded Live On Tour 1993. KTS 258 
Jackson Browne - Oregon 1994 (2CD) Live in Oregon. 1st March 1994 + Bonus. SS 201043/44

Jack Bruce & Friends - New York 1981 (1CD) Capitol Theatre, New York, USA. 16th Dec 1981. MPH-CD-10
Jack Bruce - Rollin' and Tumlin' (1CD) March 21.1992 (AUD) PLCD-002
Jack Bruce & Mick Taylor - Live in Stockholm (2CD) Live in Stockholm, Sweden. 16 may 1975. Excellent Sound (AUD) KF-98023/24

Jaco Pastorius & Friends - Fretless Pandemonium (2CD) NY 1974 + NY Nov 1985 (SBD+AUD) STTP-217/18

Jam, the - Where's Working? (1CD) Various studio Demos from 1975 to 1978..etc. (SBD) BTZCD for info
Jam, The - Forever and Always (1CD) Track 1-4: March 1975, Track 5-8: December 1975, Track 9-10: May 1976 and track 11-13: unknown 198?. BTZCD-001
Jam, The - It's A Mod Mod Mod World (1CD) Golden Green Hippodrome, 1981 (SBD) BIG 018 
Jam, The - Set The Skies Ablaze (1CD) Live From The Mixing Desk During The Sound Affects European Tour, Nov 1980 (SBD) KTS 387
Jamiroquai - High Time (1CD) Recorded Live at the Rock AM Ring Festival, Germany in 2002 plus bonus. FAAB-0008-1. Digipak
Jamiroquai - Too Young to Die (1CD) Live 1993. Onstage Records - 2310
James - A Strange Day (1CD) Recorded Live In Europe, November 1993. KTS 334 
Jane's Addiction - Down In The Flames (1CD) Recorded 'Live' In 1991. KTS 067 
Jane's Addiction - The Last Fixx (1CD) Recorded 'Live' At The 'Aloha Tower', Honolulu, Hawaii, September 9, 1991. (SBD) KTS 569

Jane Birkin - Lolita Go Home (1CD)..$10 Click for info

Jane Birkin - Di Doo Dah (1CD)...$10 Click for info

Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope Tour 1998 (2CD) Final Show of Janet's Velvet Raope Tour, NY City, Madison Sq. Gdns. 11 Oct 1998. JJ111098-A/B
Janis Joplin - Piece of My Heart (1CD) various live from Monterey 1967, Detroit 196, Toronto 1970, Calgary 1970 and San Francisco 1968. rare italian label. FABRI EDITORI - 1 COPY ONLY

Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz (1CD) Rare Tracks Compiration 1962-1972 (SBD+AUD) OR9920 
Japan - Methods of Tin Drum (2CD) Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London. 23 Dec 1981 (AUD) COM-003/4
Jayhawks, The - Poised For Stardom Recorded 'Live' In New York 1995 & Chicago In 1993. KTS 443.

Various Artist (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page) - Arms Concert USA (3CD) Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA. 9th December 1983 (SBD) Hercules-002/3/4 - $ for info

ARMS' (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page) -- Dallas 1983 (2CD) Live at Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas, USA. 28th November 1983. HB-947-1/2 - $ for info

Jeff Beck Group - Clambake (2CD) Fillmore West, S.F. 7th December, 1968 ORIGINAL MASTER RECORDING (AUD) BDM-003/ for info

Jeff Beck - Avery Fisher Hall 1975 (1CD) Live at Avery Fisher Hall, New York City, New York, USA. 30th April 1975 (AUD) for info

Jeff Beck - Return Of The Axe Murderer (1CD) various rare live tracks from 1967 to 1975 (SBD+AUD) for info

Jeff Beck - Lost Mistral Tape (1CD) Live at Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA. 3rd May 1975 (AUD) for info

Jeff Beck - Live by Power (1CD) Live at Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA. 3rd May 1975 (AUD) Guitar for info

Jeff Beck - Free Way Rice Pudding Jam (2CD) Live at the Palladium, New York, NY, USA. on 8th Oct 1976 (AUD) Be Twisted-18/ for info

Jeff Beck - Cool Night 1999 (2CD) Live at Stephend, Bush, 10th AUgust 1999 (AUD) Scarecrow-100/ for info

Jeff Beck - Dirty Face (1CD) Live at Festival Wiesen, Austria. 22nd July 2001 (AUD) for info

Jeff Beck - Here And Beck (2CD) Live at Kurashiki-Siminkaikan, Okayama, Japan. 9th December 1980 (AUD) Scarecrow-091/ for info

Jeff Beck With Steve Ray Vaughan - Double Shot (1CD) Live at Skydome, Toronto, Canada. 2nd Nov 1989 (AUD) for info

Jeff Beck Group - Like a Hurricane Plimsoul (2CD + Slip Case) Miami, Florida Aug.'68 : 15tracks + Newport Jazz Fes. Rhode Island. July.4.'69 : 9tracks. Upgrade master (AUD) OPM 003/ for info

Jeff Beck - Deep Blue Wave (2CD) Live at Warehouse, New Orleans, USA. 8th December 1976 (AUD) Scarecrow-081/82...
click for info

Jeff Beck & Jan Hammer Group - Live at Boston 1976 (2CD) Live at Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA. 10th October 1976. Watchtower-2004115/6...$ for info

Jeff Beck - Rollin' & Tumblin' (1CD) Japan Tour Rehearsal 2000 (SBD) Watchtower-2004114...$ for info

Jeff Beck & Jan Hammer Group - Wired Up 1976 (2CD) Music Hall, Boston, MA. USA. 10 Oct 1976 (SBD) WatchTower 2001003/ for info

Jeff Beck With Stanley Clarke - Chamel Leonic Style (2CD) Live at Ishikawa, Japan. 11th Nov 1978 (AUD) Scarecrow-093/ for info

Jeff Beck With Stanley Clarke - Double Faced (2CD) Live at Budokan, Tokyyo, Japan. 1st December 1978 (AUD) Scarecrow-087/ for inf

Jeff Beck With Stanley Clarke - The Star Festival (2CD) Live in Vienna, Austria. 7th July 1979 (AUD) Scarecrow-95/ for info

Jeff Beck With Stanley Clarke - The Two Representative Of The Rock (2CD) Live in Nagoya, Japan. 26th Nov 1978 (AUD) Scarecrow-089/ for info

Jeff Beck - The Last Gig, UK Tour 2004 (2CD) Live at Guildhall, Portsmouth, United Kingdom. 28th June 2004 (AUD) Guitar Cycle-002A/ for info

Jeff Beck - Warwick Live 2004 (2CD) Live at Warwick Art Centre, UK. 27th June 2004 (AUD) Guitar Cycle label (from Scarecrow Label) for info

Jeff Beck - Consummate Guitar Craftsman (1CD) Live at Festibal Patrimonio, Corsica. 18 July 2001 (SBD)  STTP for info

Jeff Beck Group - Collector's Edition (1CD) Quadraphonic Mix + Alternate Remix (SBD) SQ-J002

Jeff Beck Group - Rough and Ready - Collectors Edition (1CD) Quadraphonic Mix + Alternate Remix (SBD) SQ-J001

Jeff Beck Group - Like a Hurricane Plimsoul (2CD + Slip Case) Miami, Florida Aug.'68 : 15tracks + Newport Jazz Fes. Rhode Island. July.4.'69 : 9tracks. Upgrade master (AUD) OPM 003/4

Jeff Beck Group - Diamond Boogie (1CD) Shrine Auditorium, LA. 30th May 1975 encore with John McLaughlin (AUD) Scarecrow-072

Jeff Beck Group w/Rod Stewart - Beck to the Future (2CD) The two earliest known shows of the group - Marquee Club 9/26/67 complete and Windsor Jazz & Blues Festival Aug 13, 1967 plus Fillmore West July 23-24, 1968 and an incredible performance of Yardbirds material with the White Stripes from Royal Festival Hall London, England Sept 13/14 ‘02. The ’67 shows are fabulous blues extravaganzas guaranteed to knock you out – in very good audience quality…simply blazing. The Fillmore West tracks are a veritable blues fest from an A+ full-bodied soundboard source. The Yardbirds tracks w/the WS are incredible > and the first time Beck has done them since release...the sound and performances are spot-on. Full track list as follows: Marquee ’67: Stone Crazy/Talk To Me Baby(1)/Talk To Me Baby(2)/ Let Me Love You/I Ain’t Superstitious/I Think I’ll Be Leaving This Morning/Rock My Plimsoul/Jeff’s Boogie/Bye Bye Baby/I’m Losing You/Oh Pretty Woman.Windsor J&B ’67: Some Kind Of Wonderful/Talk To Me Baby/I Think I’ll Be Leaving This Morning/Rock My Plimsoul/Hi Ho Silver Lining.Fillmore West ’68: You Shook Me>Let Me Love You/Morning Dew/Jeff’s Boogie/The Sun Is Shining/Hi Ho Silver Lining. London 2002 w/WS: Still I’m Sad/Train Kept Rollin’/I Ain’t Done Wrong/Heart Full Of Soul/Mr You’re a Better Man/Lost Woman/Evil Hearted You/I Ain’t Got You/Still I’m Sad/Train Kept Rollin’/I Ain’t Done Wrong/Heart Full Of Soul/Mr You’re a Better Man/Lost Woman/Evil Hearted You/I Ain’t Got You. Beautifully packaged w/double interchangeable cover and lengthy “essay” on the tape discoveries and the performances themselves, plus gorgeous color vintage pics and color flier from the Jazz & Blues fest - 4 page color booklet. An amazing piece....blues deluxe!!!

Jeff Beck - Palladium Jam 1980 (2CD) Palladium New York. 10 October 1980 (AUD) SCARECROw-083/84..paper slipcase

Jeff Beck - Opening Shop (1CD) Irwin Center, Austin, TX, USA. 26th Nov 1989 (AUD) Scarecrow-032

Jeff Beck - Jeff's Back in Europe (2CD) Idroscalo, Milano,Italy 7/15/98 + Kongresshalle, Stuttgart,Germany 8/3/98 etc. (AUD+SBD) Scarecrow-064/65

Jeff Beck - Reel Masters (2CD) Classic Beck from 71/72 including disk one completely diff alternate studio versions from the “Rough & Ready” sessions (15 tracks)…disk two live 1971/72. A+ quality sound throughout…line recordings. Full tracklist as follows: Alternate “R&R” Tracks: Got the Feeling/Situation/I’ve Been Used/ Short Business/July 13th/Got the Feeling/Situation/Short Business/I’ve Been Used/Situation/I’ve Been Used/Short Business/ July 13th/Short Business/Raynes Park Blues. Live 8/22/71, Ruis RockFest Finland: New Ways>Train Train/Got To Have A Song/I’ve Been Used/Situation/Jody. Live BBC London 6/29/72: Ice Cream Cakes/Morning Dew/Goin’ Down/ Definitely Maybe/Got The Feeling>Let me Love YoVTM-002u. Live Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, UK, 7/23/72: Jeff’s Boogie Gorgeous color package w/vintage live/candid Beck shots. (SBD) Big Daddy 71A/B

Jeff Beck - Philadelphia Freeway Jam (2CD) The Spectrum, Philadephia, 2nd May 1975 + one bonus track from 1976 studio outtake. (AUD) Hideaway
Jeff Beck - Flash Works (2CD) Flash outtakes complete + Electric Ladyland Studio session 1986 (SBD) Scrarecrow 052/53
Jeff Beck - Freeway Days (1CD) live '78 , studio outtakes '74 & Arm's concert '83 (SBD+AUD) Scarecrow 002
Jeff Beck - Arrow of Lightning (3CD) Deuces Wild Outtakes & 1990 Hammersmith Odeon 2 days. 28 & 29 July 1990
Jeff Beck - Gust of Wind (2CD) Tokyo International Hall, Tokyo, Japan. 2nd June 1999
Jeff Beck & Jan Hammer Group - Wired Up 1976 (2CD) Music Hall, Boston, MA. USA. 10 Oct 1976 (SBD) WatchTower 2001003/4
Jeff Beck - The Blues Place at the Jazz Time (1CD) Montreaus Jazz Festival Switzerland July 21, 2001 (SBD+AUD) STTP 195
Jeff Beck - Guitar in the LIfe (2CD) Live At Paramount Theater Oakland CA, USA. Apr 18, 1999 (AUD) STTP 028/29
Jeff Beck - Guitar Cycle (1CD) Villa Erba Como, Italy. July 18 1998 (AUD) STTP 027
Jeff Beck - Deja Vu State (2CD) Nagoyashi Kokaidou, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan December 15th 2000 (AUD) NL-001/002
Jeff Beck - Blow Your Mind (2CD) Oakdale Theater, Wallengford, CT. USA. 21 March 1999 (SBD) HS-20101-1/2
Jeff Beck - Jellyway Jam (1CD) Amsterdam, 26 jun 1979 + Studio Sessions Feb 1978 (SBD) Scarecrow 026
Jeff Beck - First Fruits (2CD) Live at 9:30 Club Washington, DC. 15 Mar 1999 + London, 8 March 1999 (AUD+SBD) HB-944-1/2
Jeff Beck - Assorted Boogies (1CD) 17 Oct 1998 Free Jazz Festival + BBC Studio Live 1975 + Hawaii 1984 (with SR Vaughan) (SBD) FP-9041 
Jeff Beck - A Day in the Life (2CD) Tokyo aby, NK. Hall, 23 May 1999 (AUD) HB-934-1/2
Jeff Beck - It's a Mad, Mad World (2CD) Kenmin-Hall, Yokohama, Japan. 25 May 1999 (AUD) HB-935-1/2
Jeck Beck with Jan Hammer Group - Oh, Yeah! (2CD) Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia. 1 Feb 1977 (AUD) KF-98018/9
Jeff Beck - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (2CD) The Universal Amphitheater,Los Angeles, CA.USA. February 23th 2001 (AUD) Scarecrow 105/106
Jeff Beck Group - Let's Have a Party (2CD) The Boston Tea Party Boston Oct 24 + 22 ,23 , 1968 (AUD) GS 1069-1/2
Jeff Beck Group - Morning Dew (1CD) Live at Filmore West, 24 July 1968 (SBD) STTP 203
Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love (1CD) Monterey 1967 + San Francisco 1967. Fabbri Editori-26
Jefferson - Airplane - High Flying' Bird (1CD) Live in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 31st Oct 1967. Italian CD with Japanese Obi Strip. Oil Well RSC-037
Jefferson Airplane - Star Track (1CD) Santa Clara County, San Jose, CA. 18th May 1968 + Shrine Exhibition Hall, LA. 17th May 1968. (SBD+AUD) 99-C-037
Jesus and the Mary Chain - Teenage Lust (1CD) New York City, 23 March 1992. DIGIPAK. Pluto Records 9307 - 1 Copy only
Jesus And The Mary Chain - Vengence (1CD) Recorded Live In New York 1992 & 1985. KTS 088 

Jethro Tull - Latin American Tour (2CD) Teatro Gran Rex, Buenos Aires, Argentina 25th March 2004 + bonus track from 24th march 2004 (AUD) BTL-60262/ for info

Jethro Tull - Never Too Old to Rock N Roll (1CD) Sweden Rock Festival, 7th June 2003 + bonus tracks from Montreuz Jazz Festival, 4th July 2003.

Jethro Tull - A-LIVE 1980 (1CD) Checkerdome, St. Loius, MO USA 10/26/1980 original broadcast on air at KBFH 3/16/1981 (SBD) Highland-640
Jethro Tull - By a Benefit of Wight (1CD) Isle Of Wight Festival Aug 30, 1970 (SBD) STTP 227
Jethro Tull - Wein Kurhalle, 2 July 2001 (2CD) Wein Kurhalle, 2 July 2001. LE-500207
Jethro Tull - Back in USA (1CD) Live in USA during 1980 + bonus live tracks from 1987. Digipak
Jethro Tull - Back to the Family (1CD) Live in Stockholm, 9 Jan 1969. Italian CD with Japanese Obi Strip. Oil Well RSC-006
Jethro Tull - East Dreams (1CD) Budapest, Hungary. 2nd July 1986. Typo 01
Jethro Tull - Live at the Los Angeles County Fair 2000 (1CD) LA County Fair, 17 Sept 2000 (SBD) TSE-2006-1
Jethro Tull - Live in Concert '85 (1CD) Recorded Live in 1985. Living Legend 126 - 1 Copy Only
Jethro Tull - Thick as Stage (2CD) NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan. 28 August 1974 w/Ticket Replica (AUD) PM023/24
Jethro Tull - Where's Jethro (1CD) Aragon Ballroom, Chicago. 16 Aug 1970 + more (SBD) TDR-043
Jethro Tull - Wind Up in Dallas (1CD) Dallas Memorial Auditorium Dallas Texas USA July 2, 1971 (AUD) AMS733 
JETHRO TULL - On The Move (1CD) Live Hague 1980, STE-11
Jethro Tull - Farm On The Freeway (1CD) Live In Philadelphia USA. (SBD)
Jethro Tull - Complete Performance 1972 (3CD) Live at Koseinenkin-Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan 19 Jul 1972. (AUD) HB 921-1/2/3
JETHRO TULL - DAYS'OF GIVING (1CD) LA.Colosseum, Los Angels, CA. August 15th 1976 (SBD) HL468
Jethro Tull - A Salmon Farmer (2CD) Live in Wuerzurg. 30/05/93
Jetrho Tull - Trouvadores Cruzaram (1CD) Live in Sao Paulo 8/8/88.
Jethro Tull - Tales From The Crystal Flute (2CD) Recorded Live In Europe 1989. BIG 001/2 - last copy..$50
Jethro Tull - A Slice Of Flute Cake (1CD) Recorded Live In Oslo, Norway 1994. BIG 096 
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - Lost & Found (1CD) Lost Gratefuld Dead Hour Program May 7-May 11, 1992 (SBD) CD201
Jewel - I Walk this Way (1CD) Columbia Hall Berlin Germany Feb 15, 2002 + 2002 Several Performances (SBD) NW-018
Jim Morrison - The Lost Paris Tapes (1CD) Private tapes of Jim Morrison from March 1969 and June 1971. 

Jimi Hendrix - By Night The Blues Album outtakes (1CD)... click for info

Jimi Hendrix - Last Experience in Montreal (1CD) Live in Montreal, Canada. 2nd April 1968. for info

Jimi Hendrix - Vital Signs (1CD) New York Pop Festival, Randall's Island, NY, USA. 17th July 1970 (SBD) for info

Jimi Hendrix with BB King - Like a Roaring Storm (2CD) Generation Club, NYC, NY, USA. 15th April 1968. (SBD) Integral-001/ for info

Jimi Hendrix - Record Plants Jams Vol.2 (2CD) All the tracks recorded and mixed at the Record Plant between 1969 and 1970 (SBD) Watchtower 2004119/20...$ for info

Jimi Hendrix - Record Plant Jams Vol.3 (1CD) Recorded at the Record plant studios. Watchtower-2004121...$ for info

Jimi Hendrix - Crash Landing (1CD) unreleased version of Crash landing. Watchtower-2004118...$ for info

Jimi Hendrix - The VPRO Archives (1CD) live at the Vitus Studios, Bussum Holland at Friday, 10th Nov 1967. for Dutch TV show. (SBD) Watchtower-2004122..$ for info

Jimi Hendrix - L.A. Confidential (2CD) LA Forum, USA. 25th APril 1970. Moonraker 003/ for info

Jimi Hendrix - Jupiter Sulphur Mines (2CD) KPFA Tapes + Voodoo Chile Sessions (Record Plant, New York, May 2nd/3rd 1968) (SBD) Axis-05A/ for info

Jimi Hendrix - Come On and Get Live (2CD) Live at Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany. 13th Jan 1969 + Second show live in Frankfurt, Germany. 17th Jan 1969 + bonus track, Live at "BEAT BEAT BEAT", Germany TV 1967. (AUD) AXIS-04A/ for info

Jimi Hendrix - Box of Gypsys (6CD boxset) Live recordings from New Years Eve of 1969, and New Year's Day of 1970. 2 shows from 31st December 1969 and 2 shows from 1st Jan 1970. (AUD) Marshall Records

Jimi Hendrix - Improvisation at Newport (2CD) Newport '69 Pop Festival. Recorded live at the San Fernanda Valley State College, Devonshire Downs, Northridge, CA, USA. 22nd June 1969 + bonus tracks recorded at the "Tonight show" for NBC TV, New York City, NY on 10th July 1969 including an interview by Flip Wilson. Rattlesnake Label. RS-145/46....$48

Jimi Hendrix - Before and After (1CD) Rehearsal for Woodstock, Traver Hollow Road, Shokan House, New York, USA. 14th Aug 1969 + bonus tracks from The Dick Cavett Show, ABC TV, 8th Sept 1969 (SBD) EZY-003....1 copy only...$25

Jimi Hendrix - The Blues Project Outtakes (1CD) Blues Project Outtakes (SBD) for info

Jimi Hendrix - Hovering in Winterland (1CD) Live at Winterland, 11th Oct 1969 + Cafe A Go Go, NY. 17th June 1968. TuffBite

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Let the Goodtimes Roll (1CD) Sportpalast, Berlin, Germany. 23rd Jan 1969 (AUD) Axis-03

Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys Archives (3CD) NEW YEARS EVE AT FILLMORE EAST 1969. Live at the Fillmore East in NYC December 31, 1969. both first and second shows!. Watchtower 2003108/09/10 - $75

Jimi Hendrix - Her Comes the Sun (1CD) Electric Ladyland Studio sessions July 14, 1970. Complete sessions plus bonus tracks from The Record Plant 5/14/69 and Fat Mattress with Jimi and Mitch in sessions August 27, 1968. Watchtower 2003

Jimi Hendrix - Jimi's Last Visit to Sweden Vol.1 (2CD) Live at Stora Scenen Grona Lund, Stockholm, Sweden. 31st August 1970 (AUD) Watchtower 2003103/04 - $50
Jimi Hendrix - Jimi's Last Visit to Sweden Vol.2 (2CD) Live at Stora Scenen Liseberg, Liseberg Nojespark, Gotenburg, Sweden. 1st Sept 1970 (AUD) Watchtower 2003105/06 - $50
Jimi Hendrix - Electric Church Magic (2CD) Konserthset, Stockholm, sweden. 9th Jan 1969 first & second show (SBD) AXIS-02A/B
Jimmy Hendrix - Freedom (1CD) various live recordings from 1967 to 1970, includes Monterey festival. rare italian label. FABRI EDITORI




Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsies;Happy New Year Jimi (1CD) Recorded in New York City, at the Fillmore East. 31st December 1969. Silver Shadow CD 9103
Jimi Hendrix - Guitar Hero (1CD) Recorded Live 25th June 1967 in Stockholm. DRCD-013
Jimi Hendrix - I Don't Live Today, Maybe Tomorrow (1CD) Los Angeles Forum, 26th April 1969. Living Legend. LLRCD 030

Jimi Hendrix - Protest Songs from Berkeley (3CD) Disc 1: First show. Disc 2 tracks 2-13 soundcheck, Disc 3: second show. Recorded live at the Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA. USA. 30th May 1970. Rattlesnake 107-109

Jimi Hendrix - Enjoy Jimi (2CD) First show from the Cry of Love Tour 1970, Los Angeles Forum, Inglewood, CA. 25th April 1970. Rattlesnake 090/91

Jimi Hendrix - Stormy Tuesday at the Radiohuset (1CD) Radiohuset, Stockholm, Sweden. 5th Sept 1967 + Swedish TV, 24th May 1967 + live from Stora Scenen Gronalund, Stockholm, Sweden. 11th Sept 1967. Rattlesnake 089

Jimi Hendrix - Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky (1CD) Los Angeles Forum. 25th April 1970. LUNA Records 9421
Jimi Hendrix - LIVE (1CD) rare italian label cd. Recorded Live 1967/68. CD GU 1788
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Berkeley Community Theatre (3CD) Berkeley, CA, USA. 30th May 1970 (SBD)..$70

Jimi Hendrix - The Electric Lady Studio Recording (1CD) track 1-8: Electric Lady Studio, NY, 15 May 1970, + (9) Jimi's private reels home recording & (10) Record Plant Studio, 23 Dec 1969. (SBD) WatchTower Label 2001049 - $25

Jimi Hendrix - Record Plant Jams Vol.1 (1CD) Recorded at the Record Plant, New York, USA on 23 Jan 1970. (SBD) WatchTower Label 2001048 - $25

Jimi Hendrix Experience - BBC Archives, from the Original Tapes 1967-68 (1CD) Track 1-5: Live at the Atwood Hall, Clark University, Worcester, 15 March 1968 (Raw Ingenering Tape) recorded by the BBC. 6-10: Saturday Club, BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London 1967. 11-12: for the BBC at Top of the Pops BBC Lime Grove Studios, London 1967. (SBD) WatchTower Label 2001050 - $25

Jimi Hendrix - Master Tapes "Message from Nine to the Universe Sessions" (1CD) Recorded at the Record Plant Studio, New York 1969. (SBD) WatchTower Label 2001051 - $25

Jimi Hendrix - Jimi at the Beeb (1CD) London 1967 (SBD) Jimi-50
Jimi Hendrix - The Fillmore Concerts (2CD) Fillmore East, New York, 31 Dec 1962, 1st & 2nd Show (SBD) WKP-006/7 
Jimi Hendrix - Super Concert 1968 (1CD) Capitol Center Ottawa, Canada. 19 March 1968, 2nd Show (SBD) FP-03
Jimi Hendrix - Spanish Magic Laughish (1CD) Capitol Theater, Ottawa, Canada 2nd Show) March 19th 1968. (AUD) Main Stream -026
Jimi Hendrix - The Supershow '69 (2CD) Lonserthuset Stockholm Sweden. Jan 9, 1969 (SBD) STTP182/183
Jimi Hendrix - T.V. Star '67 (2CD) TV Compilation 1967 (SBD) STTP 186/187
Jimmy Hendrix - If 2 Was 3 (2CD) Paris Jan 29, 1968 + Copenhagen Jan 7, 1968 + Canada Mar 19, 1968 (SBD) STTP 190/191
Jimi Hendrix - Death is not the End (2CD) Royal Albert Hall, London, Feb.24.1969 + Rehearsals (SBD) EZY-001/002
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Pscychedelic Experience 1967 (1CD) Marquee Club, London. Mar.2nd '67 + Vitus studio, Holland. Nov.10th '67 + Saville Theatre, London.Aug.27th '67 Etc. (SBD) AXIS-001 
Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys Rehearsals (1CD) Juggy Studio Rehearsal. Dec 1969 (SBD) WKP-003
Jimi Hendrix - Electric Sunshine Magic (2CD) Konzecthaus, Wien, Austria. 22th Jan 1969 (AUD) Main Stream 040/41
Jimi Hendrix - Are you Experienced? The Session Vol.1 (1CD) Compilated Session from 1966-67 (SBD) STTP-038...out of stock
Jimi Hendrix - Are you Experienced? The Session Vol.2 (1CD) Compilated Session from 1967 (SBD) STTP-039
Jimi Hendrix - The Berkeley Concerts (2CD) Community Theatre. 30 May 1970 (SBD) WKP-0004/5..out of stock
Jimi Hendrix - Gangster of Love (1CD) Set of Blues-based tracks recorded in the Early 1960s. Rare Italian Live CD - 1 COPY ONLY
Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys Rehearsals (1CD) Juggy Studio Rehearsal. Dec 1969 (SBD) WKP-003
Jimi Hendrix - Guest Experience (1CD) Various rare live and demos (SBD) - 1 COPY ONLY
Jimi Hendrix - Unsurpassed Studio Takes (1CD) Unreleased Studio Tracks. Yellow Dog 050 
Jimi Hendrix - The Official Bootleg Album (1CD) Unreleased Studio Tracks. Yellow Dog 051
Jimmy Hendrix - City to the Sticks '68 (2CD) Filmore East, 10 May 1968 + Davenport, Iowa, 11 Aug 1968 (SBD) STTP 166/67
Jimmy Hendrix - Top in Pops '70 (2CD) Atlanta International Pop Festival, Georgia, USA on 4 July 1970 + NY Pop Festival, 17 July 1970. (SBD) STTP 168/69

Various Artist (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page) - Arms Concert USA (3CD) Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA. 9th December 1983 (SBD) Hercules-002/3/4 - $ for info

ARMS' (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page) -- Dallas 1983 (2CD) Live at Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas, USA. 28th November 1983. HB-947-1/2 - $ for info

Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes - Hots on for New York (2CD) Jones Beach, Wantaugh, N.Y., USA. July 10th,2000 (SBD) Celebration Label
Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes - Oh Well (2CD) Roseland Ballroom, New York, USA. 10/12/1999. Flagge Label. $50...1 copy only

Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes - Quiet Please! (2CD) The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 10/19/1999. Flagge Label - $50...1 copy only

Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes - Greek Theatre Soundcheck 1999 (1CD slipcase) track 1-4: Page & Crowes, Greek Theatre souncheck 1999 + track 5-13: Black Crowes live at Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden. 3rd July 2001 (SBD) Watchtower 2002086 - $25 - 3 copies only

Jimmy Page with Safe Sex - San Antonio 1986 (1CD) Ibiza, San Antonio, Spain. 4th August 1986 (SBD) Blimp-005

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant & JP Johns - The Voce, Guitars & Bass of Led Zeppelin (3CD) Compiled Solo Works (SBD+AUD) ask for setlist if interested. Flagge.

Jimmy Page - Wearing and Tearing (1CD) '80-'88 live compilation, '88 APR. KNEBWORTH FESTIVAL w/ ROBERT PLANT BAND (SBD+AUD) Hideaway

Jimmy Page - RobertPlant/Bucharest 1998 (1CD) Live in Bucharest. 1st March 1998. MTV "Live from the 10 Spot". (SBD) Outrider 9813
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Cabala (2CD) St. Louis Missouri, USA. 6th May 1995. Special Can case packaging (SBD)
Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes - Live at the Greek Complete Live Master (4CD) Live the the Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 18th & 19th Oct 1999 (SBD) Celebration CDM-008

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Z.E.P.P.E.L.I.N (2CD) Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, CA. USA. 3 Oct 1995 (SBD) MD83421/2
JIMMY PAGE & ROBERT PLANT – CROSSROADS (2CD), Shepherds, Bush Empire, London, UK 3/25/98 / VARIOUS (AUD) IR1/2 
Joan Baez - Gracias (1CD) 

Joe Cocker - Woodstock 1994 (1CD) Recorded live during the Woodstock Festival on AUgust 1994. RedLine CD-31003
Joe Cocker - Feelin' Alight (1CD) Woodstock 1969 + New York 1970. rare italian label. FABRI EDITORI - 1 COPY ONLY
Joe Cocker - Shut out the Light (1CD) Oklahoma City, 14 Nov 1972. RSC 026
Joe Perry Project - Not Breakin' Blues (1CD) Agola Cleveland April 22, 1980 (SBD) PB-102
Joe Satriani - Always with You (1CD) Washington DC, Bayou Club. 3/2/88 + bonus track, Golden Gate Park 3/11/91. RLCD-20 - $15
Joe Satriani - Bospop 2000 (1CD) Bospop, Sportpark Boshoven, Weert, Holland. 9 July 2000.
Joe Satriani - Surf On this Earth (1CD) Recorded Live in Europe 1988 (AUD) Digipak.
Joe Satriani - Master Of The Art  (1CD) Live In Usa 1993. KTS 182 
Joe Strummer - Germany Calling (1CD) Bizzare Festival Cologne Aug 21 1999 + Summer Festival Aug 1999 (SBD) WB016

John Cale - Solo Performance at Belgium 1983 (1CD) Live in Belgium. 2nd Oct 1983. for info

John Cale - St. Valentive Night (2CD) Live in 14th Feb 1984. for info

John Cale - Cale Street (1CD) Hamburg 7/3/83. Great Dane Records 9217 - 1 COPY ONLY
John Cougar Mellencamp - Like a Rolling Stone (2CD) Recorded Live at the Halle des Fetes, Lausanne, Switzerland on 22nd Jan 1988. Winged Wheel 9411/12 - 1 Copy only
John Cougar Mellencamp - Bad to the Bone (1CD) Music Theatre, Chicago, IL. USA. 27 Aug 1994 Banzai CD-059
John Cougar Mellencamp - Live from Lincoln, Nebraska, 1982. 5 tracks. GREAT DANE 9202/A
John Cougar Mellencamp - Night Dancing (1CD) Live in Bloomington, Indiana, 1984. Great Dane Records 9202 - $25John Lennon - Give Peace A Chance (1CD) various live session from Nov 1971, Aug 1972, Sept 1969. RARE! 930132
John Cougar Mellencamp - Love and Happiness (1CD) Live in New York in 1982 (SBD) Pluto Records 9204
John Cougar Mellencamp - In The Southern Hemisphere (1CD) Acoustic Show 1992 And In Boston, 1989. BIG 066 
John Cougar Mellencamp - Live Rehearsals (1CD) Live Indianapolis 1992. KTS 090
John Cougar Mellencamp - 4th of July (1CD) Live In Indiana - 4th July 1992. KTS 102
John Cougar Mellencamp - Wheels Are Turning (1CD) Live Chicago And Ny, Usa 1993. KTS 234 
John Cougar Mellencamp - Wild At Night (1CD) Live Chicago, Usa 27/8/94 27/8/94. KTS 403

John Fogerty - At the Chicago Theater (2CD) Chicago Theater, Chicago, IL, USA. 21st Nov 2004 (AUD) Crystal cat 745/46...$ for info

John Lennon (See Beatles ONLY section)

John Mayall & Blues Breaker with Eric Clapton - Blues Breaking (1CD) Track 1-3: BBC STUDIO LIVE April 26, 1965, Track 7-12: flamingo club, London, England. November 28, 1965 etc, (SBD+AUD) Paddington Records. setlist:
01. Crawling Up A Hill 02. Crocodile Walk 03. Bye Bye Bird 04. I'm Your Witchdoctor 05. Telephone Blues 06. On Top Of The World 07. (Intro) - Maudie 08. It Hurts To be In Love 09. Have You Ever Loved A Woman 10. Bye Bye Bird 11. Hoochie Coochie Man 12. (They Call It) Stormy Monday 13. Lonely Years 14. Bernard Jenkins 15. On Top Of The World 16. Key To Love 17. Hideaway 18. Little Girl 19. Tears In My Eyes 20. Parchman Farm

John Mayall with Eric Clapton : Blues Breaker - Primal Seed (1CD) various recording sessions from 1965-1966 (SBD) for info

John Mayall and Friends feautring Eric Clapton - A Tribute to John Mayall for his 70th Birthday (2CD) Live at the Liverpool's Kings Dock Arena.Liverpool,UK. JULY 19, 2003. DISC-1 1.Introduction 2.GRITS AINT GROCERIES 3.JACKS BORO HIGHWAY 4.SOUTHSIDE STORY 5.KIDS GOT THE BLUES 6.DIRTY WATER 7.SOMEBODY'S ACTING LIKE A CHILD 8.BLUES FOR LOST DAYS 9.WALKING ON SUNSET 10.OH PRETTY WOMAN 11.NO BIG HURRY DISC-2 1.PLEASE MR LOFTON 2.HIDEAWAY 3.ALL YOUR LOVE 4.HAVE YOU HEARD 5.HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN 6.I'M TORE DOWN 7.IT AIN'T RIGHT 8.CALIFORNIA 9.TALK TO YOUR DOUGHTER DISC-1 Tracks 2-3 Perform by Bluesbreakers Tracks 4-6 Perform with John Mayall Tracks 7-10 Perform by John Mayall & Mick Taylor Tracks 11 Perform by John Mayall & Eric Clapton DISC-2 Tracks 1 Perform by John Mayall,Eric Clapton & C.Barber Tracks 2-6 Perform by John Mayall's Bluesbreakers & Eric Clapton Tracks 7 Perform by John Mayall Tracks 8 Perform by John Mayall & Mick Taylor Tracks 9 Perform by All Players!! (AUD) Rothmans 015/16 - $35

John Norum / Dokken - Heart of Stone (2CD) Ulitimate Live History Of John Norum (SBD) JN-6.19.97-1/2
John Petrucci (of Dream Theater) - Shredfest (1CD) Celebrity Theater, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 26th June 2001 with S.Vai & J.Satriani. MME02-05

Johnny Cash - Live in New York City 1996 (1CD) Stereo soundboard recording from NYC, USA. 1996 (SBD) Wild-west, Scorpio label..$ for info

Johnny Cash - Last Concert 2003 (Japanese Pro-made 1CDR) Cash last performance, 5th July 2003 + J.Cash and June Carter Cash last public performances together, 28th Sept 2002 + J.Cash first performance after June Carter Cash's passing + various bonus tracks. (AUD) YACD-001...$15

Johnny Cash - The Beast In Me (1CD) Rocky Gap festival, Cumberland, MD 25 Aug 1990 (SBD) TDR-153

Johnny Thunders & the Heatbreakers - SOB Lost Live Tapes 1976-77 (2CD) Max's Kansas City, USA. 23rd July 1976 + Birmingham, UK. 12th May 1977 + Portsmouth Polytechnic, UK. 23rd June 1977 + New York, USA. 20th August 1977. BTZCD-016-1/ for info

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Down in the Beat (1CD) Live at the Transbordeur, Lyon, France. 12th Nov 2002. JSBX-121102
Journey - Infinity Departure (1CD) Infinity demo & "Departure" alternate mix (SBD) Gypsy Eye 248
Journey - Live My Life (2CD) Kaido-do, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. 15th April 1979 (SBD) Gypsy Eye 246/47
Journey - Look into the Future (1CD) Monitro Studio, San Francisco, CA, USA September 2nd 1978 (SBD) GE-211..
JOURNEY - RAISED ON RADIOSHOW (1CD) Spectrum, Philladelphia, USA 1986 (SBD) GE1141
Journey - Breakin' All the Rules (2CD) Alpine Valley, East Troy, Sep. 6 1981 (SBD) Gypsy Eye 243/244
Journey - Memory Remains (1CD) JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, USA. 4th Jun 1983 (SBD) Gypsy 236
Journey - Look into the Future (1CD) Monitro Studio, San Francisco, CA, USA September 2nd 1978 (SBD) GE-211
Journey - Resurrection (2CD) Mandlay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. December. 30th 2000 + Los Angeles,CA. April 5th 2001 (SBD) GYPSY EYE 194/195
JOURNEY - MESSIN' WITH THE KID (2CD) Houston, Texas, USA. April 12th 1980 (SBD) GE129/130
Journey - In the Windy City (2CD) Comisky Park Chicago, IL Aug. 9 1979 (SBD) STTP-197/ for info
Journey - Blue Sky Party In Chicago 1981 (2CD) Live In Chicago 5 Sept 1981 (SBD) WS007
JOURNEY - DISTANT EYES (2CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, March 2nd 1983 + Studio Demos 1978 & 1985 (SBD), GE173/174
Journey - Beginning The Lights (1CD) Recorded Live In Passaic Theatre, NJ, USA. 6/10/78.
Journey - Evolution Stage (1CD) Recored Live In Chicago, Il '79 (SBD) GE 070 
Journey - Next Karma (1CD) Recorded Live In Tower Theater, Upper Dabby, Pa 3/78 (SBD) GE 077 
Journey - Original Cut (1CD) Recorded Live In Sausalito, Ca 74 + Frankfurt,Germany 11/26/76 (SBD + AUD) GE 015 

Joy Division - Closer to the Unknown (1CD) Various unknown treasures and studio tracks from 1977 to 1980s (SBD) click for info

Judas Priest - Red Hot Tokyo 1978 (1CD) Live in Tokyo 1978 (SBD) Full Metal for info

Judas Priest - Sweden Rock Festival (1CD) Live at Norje, Solvesborg, Sweden. 10th June 2004 (SBD) for info

Judas Priest - Metal Jaw (2CD) Live at Nippon Budoukan, Tokyo, Japan. September 13, 1984 (AUD) Tigerhook 001/ for info

Judas Priest - Return of the Magnificent Five (2CD) Live at Arena-Treptow, Berlin, Germany. June 8, 2004 (AUD) Bondage 318/ for info

Judas Priest - Demolished Birmingham (2CD) Birmingham Academy, Birmingham, UK. 17th June 2001 (AUD) Bondage 236/237
Judas Priest - The Last Vengeance (1CD) Convention Center, Texas, USA. June 8th, 1983 + Jeepedenhall, Amsterdam, Holland. Nov.12. 1979 (SBD) Bondage 214
Judas Priest - Tyrant (1CD) Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan. August 5th 1978 (AUD) Bondage 255
Judas Priest - Still Worth Fighting For (1CD) Palladium, New York, USA. 23th July 1981. 
Judas Priest - California Burning (2CD) Sports Arena, Long Beach, May 5, 1984 + Concrete Foundations, LA, Sep.13. 1990 + CA.July 12. 1991 (SBD) BON 187/188 
Judas Priest - Heavy Metal Faggot (1CD) Cleveland, Ohio. May9, 1978 + Tokyo, Japan, Feb.10.1979 + New York, Nov.4.1979 Etc. (SBD) BON 183
Judas Priest - Take On The World (1CD) Coliseum Arena, Seattle, Washington, USA. October 17th 1979 (SBD) Bon232 
Judas Priest - Hell Bent for BBC '81 (1CD) Hammersmith Odeon London Dec 21 1981+ Palladium NY Mar 10 1978 (SBD) STTP 040 

Kansas - Symphony of Innocence (2CD) Syria Mosque, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. 31st Oct 1976 (SBD) Highland-660/ for info
Kansas - Grim-Faced Philosophies (1CD) Syria Mosque, Pittsburg, PA.USA. October 31st 1976 (AUD) Highland 475
Kansas - Two for the Stage (2CD) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 16 Jan 1980 + Don Kirshner Show 73,75,76,77 (SBD) Highland 436/437
Kansas - Final Vision (2CD) Palladium, New York, USA. 1980 (AUD) Highland 519/520
Kansas & friends - Crazy Party Nights 1984 (1CD) Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 1984 w/Cheap Trick, Patric Simmons, Pablio Cruise (SBD) GE-139

Keith Richards & X-Pensive Winos - Boston You're Big Enough (1CD) Live at Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MASS, USA. 5th December 1988 (AUD) click for info

Keith Richards - LA Connection (1CD) Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 14th December 1988 (AUD)...$15.. click for info
Keith Richards - Learning the Game (1CD) unknown date & venue. RM002
Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos - Tartar (2CD) Live 1992
Keith Richards - Jamming with Edward (1CD) Featuring:Nicky Hopkins;Ry Cooder,Mick Jagger; Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts
Keith Richards - Time Is On My Side (1CD) Recorded Live At The Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada 1993. KTS 165
Kenny Wayne Sheperd - Three for Kelly (1CD) live in San Diego 1996 & Live in Cambridge 1995 (SBD) TDR-124 - $15
Kid Rock - Cause for the Devil (1CD) Westwood One Nov 6/7, 1999 + State Theater, Detoroit Oct 7, 1999 (SBD) WB-025

King Crimson - Asakusa (2CD) Live in Asakusa, Japan. December 1981 (AUD)....$30.. click for info

King Crimson - The Night Watchers (2CD) Live at University of Texas, Arlington, TX, USA. 6th October 1973 (AUD) WatchTower-2005140/ for info

King Crimson - Nuclear Fusion (1CD) Various live from France 22nd March 1972 + Germany, 17th Oct 1972 + Atlanta, USA, 23rd June 1973. SI-911003..$ for info

King Crimson - The Wide Receiver Live 1972 (2CD) Rainbow Theater Lodon UK Dec 12, 1972 (AUD) Soily 008/ for info

King Crimson - British Heroes (2CD) Stephers Bush Empire London July 3, 2000 (AUD) for info

King Crimson - Old Waldorf (2CD) Old Waldorf `81 Sanfrancisce Nov 28, 1981+Various Location Live (AUD) STTP-148/ for info

King Crimson - Cigaretts and Ice Cream (2CD) McMsaters University, Hamilton, Ontario. 4th May 1974 +"ORTF" Paris, France. 22nd March 19974 (AUD+SBD) HIGHLAND 151/ for info

King Crimson - King of Kings (8CD) Live in Japan on 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th October 1995 (AUD) - $120
King Crimson - Knock Me Out (2CD) Konzerthaus Elzerhof Heidleberg, Germany Mar 29, 1974 (AUD) HB-943-1/2

King Crimson - The Rusted Chains of Prison Moon (1CD) Tampa, FL. 4/19/74 + Midnight Special TV Show 6/12/73 (AUD/SBD) HIGHLAND 303
King Crimson - The Wide Receiver, Live 1972 (2CD) Rainbow Theater Lodon UK Dec 12, 1972 (AUD) SOILY 008/009
King Crimson - Old Waldorf '81 (2CD) Old Waldorf `81 San Francisco Nov 28, 1981 + Various Location Live (AUD) STTP 148/149
King Crimson - Knock Me Out (2CD) Konzerthaus Elzerhof Heidleberg, Germany Mar 29, 1974 (AUD) HB-943-1/2

Kinks - Live Over Japan (2CD) Osaka International Center, Osaka 5/15/95 +bonus Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo 5/11/95 (AUD) Mainstraem-111/ for info

Kinks, The - Live Jive! (2CD) Hamburg, Germany. 22nd Dec 1989 + bonus tracks from New York. 19th April 1990. Bellbottom-039/40

Kinks, The - The Great Lost Kinks Album (1CD) 30 unreleased and rare recordings from 1963 to 1970 (SBD) HTSLP-340016 - out of stock

Kinks, The - Another Great Lost Kinks Album (1CD) Collection of missing BBC sessions and live TV recordings (SBD) Digipak..$25..1 copy only

Kinks, The - Secret Sessions (3CD) Unreleased live BBC radio material, private home recordings, and essential unreleased studio tracks. All recordings in superb soundboard quality recorded 1963-1972. 4-Fold wallet package includes brilliant rare photos, 20 page book, poster with cover art of every Kinks single along with the 3 superb (SBD) Phenomenal for info

Kinks, The - Couch Potatoes (1CD) "Old grey whistle" bbc 1977, Saturday night live, live on "Fryday" & "Tonight show" (SBD) TDR-026

Kinks, The - Merry Christmas 1977 (1CD) Rainbow Theatre, London, England. December 24 1977 (SBD) MSBR-038
Kinks, The - Another One for the Road (1CD) Live at Palladium, New York, USA. 1980 (SBD)
Kinks, The - Top of the Rocks (1CD) Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA. 13th Nov 1970 (SBD) SS-99008 - $15
Kink, The - Friday Afternoon (2CD) Live At Nakano Tokyo, Japan, 12 May 1995 + "Phobia" Tour '93 (AUD) 
Kinks, The - X-Norman : A Soap Opera (2CD) Philadelphia Spectrum, PA 20 April 1975 Include Complete Soul Opera Black & White Covers (AUD) 
Kinks, The - A Raving Rhythm & Blues Sessiion (1CD) First Tv Appearance + Tv Show 1964-1965 (SBD) GS 64/66
Kinks, The - Here Comes The Groove (1CD) Live At Hippodrome, Golders Green, London, Jul 14, 1974 (SBD) for info
Kinks, The - All Night Stand Live Ohio 5/9/85. BIG 008
Kinks, The - Kristmas Koncert Live In Europe 12/77. BIG 099

Kiss - Instant Live (2CD) West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. 30th July 2004 (AUD) for info

Kiss - Psycho (2CD) Dodgers Stadium, LA, USA. 31st Oct 1998. Ganja-003
Kiss - Lost Kisses (1CD) rare live tracks plus demos from "Alive 2".

Kiss/Wicked Lester - Laughing Dogs (1CD) Wicked Lester demos, Kiss first album demos & Academy of music, NY 12/31/73 (SBD) Gypsy Eye 086
KISS - Kings of the Night Time World (2CD) Live at Messegalend, Erfurt, Germany (AUD) HB-931-1/2
KISS - Night of the Living (2CD) Live at Judo Arena, Tokyo, Japan. 21st April 1988 (SBD) for info
KISS - Alive 3 Complete (2CD) Live at Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH. 29 Nov 1992 (SBD) SS-200040/1
KISS - Live at Budokan (6CD) Complete 3 nights of fantastic live concert recorded live at the Budokan, Japan. 11th, 12th and 13th March 2003 (AUD) - $120
KISS - New York Rehearsal '76 (1CD) NY Rehearsa 1976 + Unrelease tracks and demos. (SBD) GYPSY EYE 082
KISS - Farewell Performance (2CD) Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan. 13th March 2001 (SBD) BONDAGE MUSIC 276/277
Kiss - Hotter Than Alive (2CD) Live in Long Beach, California, USA. 31st May 1975 + Live in Miami, Florida, USA. 21 March 1976. (AUD) Bondage 215/216
Kiss - Uh! All Night (1CD) Live at The Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. 28th December 1985. (SBD) Bondage 223

Kiss - What happened in Anaheim (2CD) Live at Arrowhead Pond, Anahelm, California, USA. 18 March 2000 + Live at Desert Sky Pavilion Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 11 March 2000. (AUD) FireHouse Records 001/2

KISS - Rochester 1998 (2CD) Rochesster NY, USA. Nov 28, 1998 (AUD) HB-938-1/2
KISS - Wembley Circus (2CD) Wembley Arena London. Mar 25, 1999 (AUD) HB-942-1/2
KISS - Kings of the Night Time World (2CD) Erfurt, Germany. 11th March 1999 (AUD) HB-931-1/2
KISS - Alive in San Francisco (1CD) Live at Cow Palace San Francisco, CA, USA. 16 Aug 1977 (SBD) BONDAGE 228
KISS - The Final Alive (2CD) Gorge, George, Washington, USA July 22, 2000 + Continental Airlines Arena, E.rutherford, NJ. June 27, 2000 (SBD) Bondage 219/220
KISS - Uncut & Completely Unplugged (2CD) Sony Music Studio's New York City, NY. 9th Aug 1995. (SBD) Midnight Beat 071/72 - $50 - 1 copy only
KISS - Vive 'la France (2CD) Paris, France. 27 Sept 1980 (AUD) Gypsy Eye 219/20
KISS - Alive III 1/2 (2CD) Budo-Kan, 31 Jan 1995 (SBD)
KISS - First Gig 96 (1CD) Live in USA 15 Jun 1996. Beth002
KISS - Sweet Home NYC 1993 (2CD) Madison Square Garden, Nov.23.1998 + Bonus tracks 21 July 1996, Pittsburg, PA. (AUD) VD-99001/2
KISS - Beast of Hell 95 (2CD) Complete Live Recording on 24 Jan 1995, Osaka, Japan. WV-54 KSJ1/2
KISS - Crazy Love Maker (1CD) Crazy Night Tour 1988 + Crazy Night demos 1987 (SBD) GE-083
KISS - Creatures & Destroyers (2CD) Civic Center, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on January 15, 1983 (SBD) Bondage 205/206..out of stock
KISS - A Crazy Night with Kiss (2CD) Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 22 April 1988 (SBD) DH-021
KISS - You Can't Break Loose (2CD) 1-17 Albuquerque 1/22/84, 18-23 Nashville 1/11/84, 24-30 Lick It Up Demos And Rehearsals (SBD) FH-003/004
KISS - Detroit Rock 2nd Night (1CD) Live at Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan. USA. January 1976 (SBD) GE-070
KISS - Alive in San Francisco (1CD) Live at Cow Palace San Francisco, CA, USA. 16 Aug 1977 (SBD) BON228
KISS - New Jersey Jews (1CD) Rosevelt New Jersey July 7, 1976 (SBD)
Kiss - Unplugged (2CD) Recorded 'Live' In Melbourne, Australia On 7 Feb 1995. KTS 400/01 
Kiss - Rockin' In Chile (2CD) Recorded 'Live' In Santiago, Chile - 1994. KTS 411/12 
Kiss / Aerosmith - Two Kings In Germany Rock Im Park Festival 5/16/18 + Rock Am Ring Festival,Germany (SBD) BON 116 

KIX - Dirty Boys Of The Underground (2CD) Tour 1989...$20. click for info

KORN - Blind Shot (1CD) Live at Big Day Out Festival, Sydney, Australia. 23rd Jan 1999 (SBD) TRX-006 - $10

KORN - Back in Tokyo (1CD) Live at NK Hall, Chiba, Japan. 5th Feb 1999 (AUD) STTP-015 - $10

Kraftwerk - Die Klassik Werks Vol.3 (1CD) compilation of rarities (SBD) - $15

Kraftwerk - Die Klassik Werks Vol.4 (1CD) compilation of rarities (SBD) - $15

Kraftwerk - Die Klassik Werks Vol.5 (1CD) compilation of rarities (SBD) - $15

Kraftwerk - An Atelier (1CD) all tracks recorded live September 29th, 2002 at the Atelier in Luxembourg + bonus tracks from 3rd July 1981 at the Hammersmith Odeon in London.

Kraftwerk - Heute Abend (2CD) various locations and venues from 1990-1991. (SBD) DR 021
Kraftwerk - Werking Holiday (2CD) Tokyo, Japan 3 Jun 1998 (SBD) STTP 009/10
Kristin Hersh - Sparkle (1CD) Recorded 'Live' On The '94 "Hips And Makers" Promotional Tour. KTS 310 
Kylie Minogue - Australia 2001 (1CD) Recorded Live in Australia, end 2001 (SBD) Digipak. Ganja-029

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