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New titles at the Beatles ONLY section.

***HOT RELEASE*** Bob Dylan - Don't Look Back : The Outtakes (2 Real Silver DVD) Over 2 and half hours of never before seen footage of outtakes from "DON'T LOOK BACK". THese rare footages are shown for the first time in best available quality, including back stage footages and rehearsals. 99% has never been seen before and never circulated among even the most ardent collectors. Truly a MUST Have for Dylan fans! This is NTSC format and CODE/REGION Free. Click for info

Bob Dylan - Blood on Your Saddle (2CD) Hollow Horn Series Vol.4. Japan Jewel case version...click for info

Bob Dylan - Where the Monkey Dances (2CD) Hollow Horn Series Vol.5. Japan Jewel case version...click for info

Bob Dylan & the Band - Complete Before the Flood (4CD) Complete afternoon and Evening show from Inglewood Forum, CA, USA. 14th Feb 1974 (SBD+AUD) Seymour...click for info

Bob Dylan & The Band - The Great Resurrection (2CD) Live at Boston Gardens, Boston, MA, USA. 14th January 1974 (SBD+AUD) Mainstream-67A/B....click for info

Bob Dylan - Beginning to Hear Voices (2CD) Live at the Events Center, Turning Stone Casino & Resort, Verona, NY, USA. 20th April 2005 + bonus tracks from Denver 29th March 2005 + Boston 17th April 2005 (AUD) TMR-098/99...click for info

Bob Dylan - Rain Unraveled Tales (2CD) Live at the Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USA. 15th April 2005 + bonus tracks from Boston, MA, USA. 16th March 2005 (AUD) TMR-096/97...click for info

Bob Dylan - Sing Me Back Home (2CD) Live at the Paramount Theatre, Seattle, Washington, USA. 7th March 2005 + bonus tracks from 8th and 9th March 2005 (AUD) TMR-094/95...click for info

Bob Dylan with Tom Pety & the Heartbreakers - Farm AID 1986 Pre-Broadcast Master(2CD) Live at Farm Aid Benefit Concert, Buffalo, New York, USA. 4th July 1986 (SBD) ZION-005...$48...click for info

Beatles - Stereo Get Back Session 27th Jan 1969 (7CD Boxset) TRUE Stereo version of Get Back Sessions 27th Jan 1969 with multi-fold 8page booklet (SBD) BigL Production..$150...click for info

The Beatles - A day In The Life(1CD)  For the first time all 9 RS versions of A Day In The Life Take 6 and 7 together on one disc. Taken from a tape once owned by a famous London DJ. The other songs are from the same tape. Some released before, but  here at least three generations closer to the master tapes. Track 10 was released before as intro to Run For your life. That's probably what it is, but on this tape it was followed by Norwegian Wood. (SBD) YELLOW DOG LABEL...$25...click for info

Beatles - Vanishing in the Denmark (1CD) Copenhagen, 4th June 1964 + Netherlands afternoon show, 6th June 1964 + Netherlands evening show, 6th June 1964. Misterclaudel-035...$25...click for info

Beatles - Gone to the Atlanta 1965 (1CD) Atlanta Stadium, GA, 18th Aug 1965 + Metropolitan stadium, MN, 21st Aug 1965 + Cow Palace San Francisco, CA 31st Aug 1965 + others. Misterclaudel-034...$25...click for info

Beatles - In Italy 1965 (1CD) Live At June Teatre Adriano Rome Italy, 27th June 1965. Misterclaudel...$25..click for info

Beatles - Pacific National Exhibition (1CD) Live at the Empire Stadium, Vancouver, Canada. 22nd Aug 1964 + Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, USA. 21st Aug 1964. Misterclaudel...$25..click for info

Beatles - Sixty-Five (1 Real Silver DVD) Various rare and live promos from '65s in exellent quality. Fabfour Video...click for info

Paul McCartney - Bridge School Benefit (1CD) Live at Mountain View, CA, USA. 24th Oct 2004 (AUD) BS-001...click for info

Paul McCartney - St. Petersburg 2004 (3CD) Complete live and soundcheck - SOUNDBOARD recordings live at the Palace Square, St.Petersburg, Russia. 20th June 2004 (3CD) Piccadilly Circus Label..$70...click for info

Paul McCartney & Neil Young - Together On Stage 2004 (2CD) Live at Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 15th Oct 2004 (AUD) Piccadilly Circus Label...$48...click for info

Beatles, The - Chronology Vol. 1 & 2 (1 Real Double Sided Silver DVD) Picture Perfect Label...$50...click for info

Beatles - Director's Cut Anthology (10DVD boxset) Picture Perfect Label..$340...click for info

Beatles - Day by Day Vol.37 (2CD) Original Yellow Dog Label....click for info

Beatles - Day by Day Vol.38 (2CD) Original Yellow Dog Label...click for info

Beatles - At the Beeb, Discovered Tracks (2CD) newly discovered or better than ever tracks from BBC (SBD) PM-001/002...click for info

Beatles - Day by Day Vol.35 (2CD) Original Yellow Dog Label..click for info

Beatles - Day by Day Vol.36 (2CD) Original Yellow Dog Label..click for info

Beatles - The Paris Concerts 1964 ~ 1965,  Deluxe Edition (2CD+DVD)  (MBE Label) ...Click for info

Paul McCartney - Flowers in the Dirt Sessions (3CD) flowers in the dirt demos, outtakes, rough mixes and alternate mixes from Misterclaudel Label...click for info

Paul McCartney - Midnight Express to Madrid (3CD) live in Madrid, Spain. 30th May 2004 plus bonus tracks from Lisbon, 28th May 2004, Moscow 2003 Abbey Road Studio Rough mix + millenium Dome Rehearsal, May 2004 and dress rehearsal, Gijon, Spain. 24th May 2004. (AUD) NPU-001/2/3..click for info

Beatles - Watching Rainbows (1 Real Silver Double-sided DVD) ....click for info

Beatles - At the Beeb Vol.1 - Vol.12 (12CD Boxset) Original Yellow Dog... $280... Click for info

Beatles - Upgrade Version of Vinyl to the Core (3CD) PDCD-002/3/4...click for info

Beatles - Attack of the Filler Beebs! (1CD) PDCD-001...click for info

Millennium Remasters of 12 US Capitol Version albums.

Beatles - Day by Day Vol.33 (2CD) Original Yellow
 Dog Release

Beatles - Day by Day Vol.34 (2CD) Original Yellow Dog Release

Paul McCartney - Wild Life Demos (1CD) Red Square Label. click for info

Beatles - Rare Tracks (1CD) Red Square Label..click for info

Beatles - White Bookends (1CD) (SBD) Monochrome-03007. NOT silent Sea Label, but exactly the same on real silver cds....click for info

Beatles - Around and Around (2CD) The sessions, rehearsals and final telecast of "Around the Beatles" (SBD) Monochrome-03003/4. NOT silent Sea Label, but exactly the same on real silver cds.... click for info

Beatles, The - Get Back John Barrett's Reel (1CD) Get Back Album from John Barrett's private Reel (SBD) JB-03001..click for info

New Bob Dylan Section

Bob Dylan - Bonnaroo 2004 (2CD) perfect sounding audience recording, like soundboard, show from the Bonnaroo Music Festival 2004, Manchester, TN, USA. 11th June 2004 plus various bonus tracks April/June 2004. (AUD) BD-001/02...click for info

Bob Dylan - Waterbury 1975 (3CD) legendary show now in soundboard quality recorded live at the Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT, USA. 11th November 1975 (SBD) PDCD-014/15/16..click for info

Bob Dylan - Rolling Thunder Video Anthology (Real Silver 2DVD) WatchDog Label...click for info

Bob Dylan - If Dogs Run Free (2CD) Warner Theater, Washington D.C., USA. 4th April 2004 + bonus tracks from Washington D.C. American University, Bender Arena. April 3, 2004 and from the 930 Club, Washington DC. 2nd April 2004 (AUD) TMR-084/85...click for info

Bob Dylan - High Degree Theif (2CD) soundboard souce live from United Center, Chicago, IL, USA. 25th October 1998 + bonus tracks taken from live audience from North Shore Event Centre, Glenfield, New Zealand. September 7, 1998. (SBD) TMR-014/15...click for info

Bob Dylan - I Get My Sweet Reward (2CD) amazing audience source, could be mistaken as soundboard, recorded live from Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland. 3rd November 2003 + bonus tracks from Le Zénith, Paris, France. 13th November 2003 (AUD) TMR-082/83...click for info

Bob Dylan - Absolutely San Jose (2CD) Live at the Compaq Centre, San Jose, CA, USA. 12th Oct 2001 + bonus track "Cry A While" taken on February 27th 2002, The 44th Annual Grammy Awards, Staples Center, Los Angeles, California (ALD/SBD) TMR 080/081.. Special full color picture disc edition....click for info

Bob Dylan - Romance In Durango (2CD) best available sound quality with "Romance In Durango' - the first performance since 1976. Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK. 24th Nov 2003 (AUD) in TMR-078/79..click for info

Bob Dylan - Complete Isle of Wight 1969 (1CD) Woodside Bay Nr. Ryde, Isle of Wight, England United Kingdom on 31st August 1969 with 6-page press conference dialog/interview, and press account with vintage photos. (SBD+AUD) TMR-007..click for info

Bob Dylan - Melbourne 1992 & the Bromberg sessions (2CD) Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on April 6, 1992 (AUD) + 4 very rare tracks in soundboard quality from the Bromberg sessions recorded with David Bromberg from THE ACME STUDIOS, CHICAGO,  JUNE 1992 (SBD) come with 4-page booklet. TMR-008/9...click for info

Bob Dylan - Revisited Belgium (2CD) Forest National, Brussels, Belgium. 12th Nov 2003 (AUD) TMR-076/77...click for info

Bob Dylan - Hungary Blues (2CD) Budapest, Hungary. 24th October 2003 (AUD) TMR-074/75..click for info

Bob Dylan - Nights in London (3CD) 2 complete show taken from London. 23rd Nov 2003 and 15th Nov 2003. (AUD) MAIN STREAM Label...click for info

BOB DYLAN "GUITAR BOOGIE SHUFFLE" (2CD +1DVDR) Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, USA. August 12, 2003. (AUD) Wildwold Label
Special additional with a DVDR of the complete show from 12th Aug 2003. Audience shot...$50... ...click for info

Bob Dylan - Broken Days (1CD) "Oh Mercy" outtakes remastered! recorded
live at the "Studio-On-The-Move", New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. 7th to 24th March 1989. (SBD) TMR-003.click for info

Bob Dylan - Clap for the Tambourine Man (2CD) Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 20th August 1997 plus bonus tracks from Nov 1997 (AUD) Tambourine Man Records 005/006..click for info

Bob Dylan - New Morning Acetates & Sessions Remastered (1CD) Columbia Recording Studios, New York City, New York, USA in 1970 (SBD) Tambourine Man Records 004..click for info

Bob Dylan - By the Waterfront Docks (4CD) 2 complete shows from Hamburg Dock, Germany in excellent audience sound quality. 17th and 18th October 2003 (AUD) TMR-069/70/72/72..with 5page track by track review booklet..$80..click for info

Bob Dylan - GOING GOING GUAM (4CD) COMPLETE ROLLING THUNDER REHEARSALS LA AND FLORIDA 1976 (SBD) WhiteBear Label. comes with small booklet and poster. Reissued in Fullcolor silkscreen picture discs! excellent stuff!..$88..click for more info

Bob Dylan - The Rundown Rehearsal Tapes (4CD) All of the known recordings from the month and a half 1978 pre-tour rehearsals recorded in a practice studio in Santa Monica known as the "Rundown" (SBD) White Bear 009/010/011/012  Full Color Picture Disc Edition.


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Pink Floyd - At The Stadium 1973 (2CD) Live at Tampa Stadium, Tampa, FL, USA. 29th June 1973 (AUD) Screamer05040/41...click for info

Pink Floyd - Mademoiselle Pink (2CD) LIve at Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA. 4th May 1972 (AUD) Highland-671/72....click for info

Cream - Reunion First Night (2CD) Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK. 2nd May 2005 (AUD) Kensington-01/2..click for info

Cream - Reunion Second Night (2CD) Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK. 3rd May 2005 (AUD) Kensington-03/4..click for info

Cream - Reunion 3rd Night (2CD) Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England 5TH May 2005 (AUD) Whitewood-005/6...click for info

Cream - Reunion Last Night (2CD) Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England 6TH May 2005 (AUD)  Whitewood-007/8...click for info

Bob Dylan - Osaka 1978 2nd Night (2CD) Matsushita Denki Taiikukan, Osaka, Japan. 25th Feb 1978 (AUD) Thinman-009/10...click for info

Bob Dylan & Phil Lesh - Everybody Knows I'm Here (2CD) Civic Centre, Augusta, Maine, USA. 11th Nov 1999 + bonus track from New Haven, 10th November 1999 (AUD) Thinman-007/8...click for info

Bob Dylan - On the Rising Curve (2CD) Teatro Romano Merida, Spain. 12th July 1993 (SBD) Mainstream 63A/B...click for info

Bob Dylan - A Dog That Talks, A Fish That Walks (2CD) Hollow Horn Series Volume 3. Japan Jewel cases version...$44...click for info

Bob Dylan - Now Your Mouth Cries Wolf (2CD) Reissue in Japan on jewel case of Hollow Horn's second installment of various studio recordings from the 1961-1964 period (from BOB DYLAN through to ANOTHER SIDE OF) in one release. HOLLOW HORN Japan Jewel case version...click for info

Bob Dylan & the Band - As I went out One Evening (2CD) Live at the Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada. 10th January 1974 (AUD) BTCD-020/21..click for info

Bob Dylan - Ringo Kid & The Gunfighter (2CD) Les Arenes Frejus France. 13th June 1989. featuring guest Ringo Starr (AUD) Mainstream-107/8

Bob Dylan - The Way to San Jose (1CD) Live at San Jose Arena, San Jose, CA, USA. 19th May 1998 (SBD) Mainstream-61...click for info

Bob Dylan - Bleeding Shadow (2CD) Live from Spain. 10th July 2004 + various bonus tracks (AUD) Crystal Cats...$48...click for info

Bob Dylan - Historical Stockholm '66 (1CD) Live in Stockholm, Sweden. 29th April 1966.  + Bonus tracks and interviews (AUD) click for info

Bob Dylan  - Milk a Cow with a Monkey Wrench (2CD) Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA. 30th October 2004 + bonus tracks from 24th October 2004 (AUD) TMR-090/91...click for info

Bob Dylan - Windshield Vipers (2CD) Messiah College, Grantham, PA, USA. 6th Nov 2004 + bonus tracks from 3rd Nov 2004 (AUD) TMR-92/93...click for info

Bob Dylan - House of Blues (1 Real Silver DVD) Live at the House of Blues, Atlanta, GA, USA. 3rd August 1996 (PRO-SHOT) Tambourine Man Vision-002...click for info

Bob Dylan - One More Cup Of Coffee (2CD) Live from the LA Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA. 15th November 1978 (AUD) TMR-011/12 ...click for info

Bob Dylan - Chicago '74 (1CD) Live at the Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL, USA. 4th Jan 1974 (AUD) TMR-010...click for info

Bob Dylan - The Drifter Did Escape (2CD) Live in CA, USA. 14th Oct 2004 + bonus tracks from 13th Oct 2004 + NPR Interview (AUD) TMR-088/89...click for info

Bob Dylan with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Sukiyaki Party in Budokan (2CD) Live in Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 10th March 1986 (AUD) Mainstream...click for info

Bob Dylan - Deep Beneath The Waves (2CD) Estadio Municipal Escribano Castilla Motril, Spain. July 10, 2004(AUD) + bonus soundboard track "A Change is Gonna Come" from 28th March 2004. TMR-086/87...click for info

Bob Dylan - Pecos Blues (1CD) Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett soundtrack sessions, Mexico City, Mexico January 20 1973 & Burbank, CA February 1973. TMR-010...click for info

Bob Dylan - Fleadh Festival 2004 (2CD) Live with Ronnie Wood, Fleadh Festival, Finsbury Park, London, UK. 20th June 2004 (AUD) Maintream labelclick for info

Bob Dylan - Slow Train to Warfield (2CD) Live at Fox Warfiedl Theatre, San Francisco, CA, USA. 7th November 1979 (AUD) Mainstream Label...click for info

Led Zeppelin - Conspiracy Theory (3CD) Live at San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, USA. 14th March 1975 (SBD) Eelgrass-20117/8/9....click for info

Eric Clapton, SANTANA, JEFF BECK, BB KING  & Various Artist - Crossroads Guitar Festival (3CD) Live at Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas, USA. 4th, 5th and 6th June 2004 (SBD) Slunky-36A/B/C...click for info

Led Zeppelin - Listen to This, Eddie Definitive Edition (3CD) Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 21st June 1977. Wendy Records....click for info

Led Zeppelin - Loreley (2CD) Ein Traum Wird Wahr Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf, Germany (AUD) Moonraker 005/6..click for info

Black Sabbath - First Purposes (2CD) Live at the Sting, New Britian, Connecticut, USA. 8th Feb 1994 (SBD) Bondage 320/21...click for info

Brian Wilson - Good Elaboration (2CD) Royal Festival Hall, London. 24th Feb 2004 (AUD) Moonraker 009/10...click for info

Cream - Live Scream (2CD) Live at Winterland, San Francisco. USA. 10th March 1968 (AUD) Moonraker 001/2...click for info

Led Zeppelin - Loreley (2CD) Ein Traum Wird Wahr Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf, Germany (AUD) Moonraker 005/6..click for info

Clash - Kamikaze Clampdown (2CD) Disc 1: 1-15 + Disc Two 1-7 Live at Shibuya Kohkaido, Shibuya January 24, 1982 Tokyo, Japan Disc 2: 8-21 from Studio Demos & Alt.Mix During 1976-1982 (AUD+SBD) BTZCD...click for info

Damned, The - The Captain's Messed Up (1CD) Tracks 1-12 from Birmingham Rebecca's February 17, 1977 + Tracks 13-23 from Birmingham Odeon March 17, 1977. BTZCD...click for info

Eric Clapton, SANTANA, JEFF BECK, BB KING  & Various Artist - Crossroads Guitar Festival (3CD) Live at Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas, USA. 4th, 5th and 6th June 2004 (SBD) Slunky-36A/B/C...click for info

Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll Bonanza (2CD) Live at Milwaukee Arena, Wisconsin, USA. 10th July 1973 (AUD) Electric Magic-027A/B...click for info

Rolling Stones - Touring History Vol.4 Satisfaction Guaranteed (1 Real DVD)  Rare video collections from 1964 to  1967. Scorpio Archives...$42....click for info

Van Morrison - Irish Troubatour (2CD) RTE TV November 9, 1973, Countdown Ballroom Feb. 17, 1974, Boston Music Hall March 11, 1974, Colerane, Eire April 20, 1988, Troubadour, Los Angeles May 23, 1973, Late Show May 24, 1973. SUPERB VAN EXPERIENCE! (SBD+AUD) Wild Wolf Label...click for info

Clash, The - Friday Night Saturday Morning (1CD)  Snotty Snail...click for info

Clash, The - Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg (2CD) Snotty Snail...click for info

Sex Pistols - The Queen's Speech (1CD) Live at Ivanhoe's Hudderfield. 25th December 1977 (AUD) BTZCD label....click for info

Led Zeppelin - Conquistador (4CD) Live at Earl's Court Arena, London, England. 25th May 1975 (SBD) WaterTank 200297-100. Exact same source as Watchtower label and in laminted gloss artwork...$88...click for info

Led Zeppelin - Bringing the House Down (3CD)  Excellent stereo soundboard show from the same source as Empress Valley Label...click for info

Led Zeppelin - Chasing the Dragon (3CD)  Excellent stereo soundboard show from the same source as Empress Valley Label...click for info

TORONTO ROCKS SARSTOCK 2003! (2DVD - real pressed DVDs) The complete AC/DC, RUSH, and ROLLING STONES performances on 2 silver
pressed DVD's. All pro-shot video with audio direct from the mixing desk. Full menus plus a bonus feature of the Stones touring and recording history in Toronto! All perfect quality in a great clamshell package with doublesided insert plus booklet. This is the only available PRO-SHOT, SOUNDBOARD release!.$80..
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