Taking The State Test

So you want to be a Master Electrical Contractor!
Do you think you are ready to handle the responsibility and challenge of mastering the electrical field, the electrical engineering, or the electrical inspections?

You may be good at bending pipe, pulling cables and even making up panelboards, but do you know how to calculate, size conductors, size raceways, design a service and branch circuits from scratch? Can you size up transformers or completely the layout and install a motor control center? What do you know about health care facilities or hazardous locations? Can you read you code and understand it? Its time to study, study and study. Its time to use your head. You must become the Master Surgeon of the electrical code and other safety requirements.

The test for your Master Electrical Licenses is given every year in every state or local jurisdiction. Check with your state or local jurisdiction to find out dates, times and requirements. I will list the states and information as it becomes available. The test very in all states, so the best way to prepare for the test is to research technical schools and instructors in that state or instructors certified in that state.

If you have a state licenses already, some states will reciprocate your licenses to their state. That's good news for some.

Groegia State Electrical Exams:
Electrical Contractors - National Electrical Code 1999
3/13/2002, 8:00:00 AM Tifton
3/13/2002, 8:00:00 AM Atlanta, GA
7/24/2002, 8:00:00 AM Savannah
7/24/2002, 8:00:00 AM Atlanta, GA
11/13/2002, 8:00:00 AM Atlanta, GA

Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board
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