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There are plenty of classes out there for continuing education, training and code up date. I have a few here you can look forward to when available.


I have been an instructor at Gwinnett Tech for almost three years now. The most successful course I've taught is The Masters Electricians Exam Review. Course (CED 0938). This course prepares you to take the State Electrical licenses Exam for restricted and unrestricted classes. Most students ask me what is the average passing in my class and I say 100% of the best. Through my experience as an instructor, I have learned that everyone that comes to class are no where near ready for a licenses. I would ask a simple question like "what article does grounding fall up under", and there reply is "I don't remember, or I'm not sure, is that a new code section?" That's like asking a surgeon what color is blood and he hadn't studied that part yet. So how can you give a true account? I have seen other instructors make statements like, "I have a 95% passing average". How does he know? The only way to know for sure is they call you and tell you they passed, or you find out from the state yourself. Are these instructors boasting rating or just always get the perfect students? Some students can't read, add or subtract and have problems with decimals.

Here is a list of classes being held at Gwinnett Technical College for the Winter/Spring Quarter 2002.

[Course #]---[Course Name]---[Date]---[Day]---[Time]---[Cost]---[Instructor]

[CED 0930]---[Basic Electricity]---[Jan 7 / Mar 6]---[M-W]---[6:00 to 9:00 PM]---[$395.00]---[Unknown]

[CED 0931]---[Residential House Wiring]---[Jan 8 / Mar 5]---[TU-TH]---[6:00 to 9:00 PM]--- [$395.00]---[Unknown]

[CED 0933]---[Commercial Wiring]---[Jan 14 / Mar 13]---[M-W]---[6:00 to 9:30 PM]---[$395.00]--- [Unknown]

[CED 0937]---[National Electric Code Review]---[Apr 9 / Jun 6]---[TU-TH]---[5:00 to 8:30 PM] ---[$395.00]---[Lavern Eller]

[CED 0938]---[Master Electricians Exam Review]---[Apr 8 / Jun 5]---[M-W]---[5:00 to 8:30 PM] ---[$395.00]---[Ed Stubbs]

[CED 0939]---[Low Voltage Contractor License Exam Preparation]---[Jan 28 / Mar 18]---[Mon]--- [6:00 to 10:00 PM]---[$349.00]---[Unknown]

For classes at Gwinnett Tech and seminars go to: Gwinnett Tech


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